I had a really happy childhood. My parents adored me but they never over indulged me. I was popular in school, and since I was a star athlete, I had plenty of friends, false ones and real ones. To my credit, I learned early to discern the difference. My father owned a large independently owned appliance store, and he provided well for us. My mother taught first grade.

By the time I was twelve, I realized that I was gay. In high school I played football and baseball. Mr. Fellows was the coach of both teams and I had a tremendous crush on him, but by the time he began to coach me, I had become an expert at hiding my feelings toward other men and boys. I did nothing to give Mr. Fellows cause to suspect how I felt about him. Of course there were awkward moments. Sometimes Mr. Fellows would shower with us after a game. He would playfully swat our behinds with a towel, and occasionally he would soap a guy's back. Once, and only once, he asked me to soap his back. I had to think of something really disgusting in order not to get a whopping hard boner. It was painful torture. How I remained flaccid in the showers with all those naked hunks is a testament to my great will power. I would gladly have taken any one of them into my mouth or my ass.

I dated girls. As a BMOC most of them wanted to get into my pants, so they could brag about it. I had no cause to deny them their pleasures. I gladly fucked them, fantasizing all the time that I was in Mr. Fellow's asshole.

At home, it was easy to be macho straight. I never saw either of my parents naked. My dad was fastidious about not exposing himself to me. I never even saw him in underwear. The least I ever saw him in was in shorts or a bathing suit. But when I was just past my sixteenth birthday, things changed drastically in our house. My mother was diagnosed with both breast and cervical cancer. Needless to say, Dad and I were devastated.

We had her for two more years. Mom died on my eighteenth birthday. During those two years, she spent more time in the hospital than she did at home. When my father and I were home alone all those days and weeks, he thought nothing about sleeping with his bedroom door open and often I could see him getting ready for bed. He slept naked. Once walking to the bathroom during the night, I heard him groaning. I thought something was wrong and rushed to his bedroom. By the moonlight coming into his room, I clearly saw him whacking off. Strangely, I was not aroused by this sight. I felt so sorry for my father at that moment. I wanted to hold him chastely in my arms and comfort him, but I knew he would be too embarrassed if he knew that I had caught him in so intimate an act. His hand covered his cock so that I could not even discern how well my dad was endowed. At that time, I didn't even wonder about it. I went to the bathroom, and did my thing. I returned to my bedroom and took off my boxers. For some reason I always slept naked after that night.

On the night my mother died, I could hear my father sobbing in his bed. I went into his room. He was lying on his back, naked as usual. I climbed into bed with him and lifted his head. I slid my arm under him so that his head rested on my arm. No other part of our bodies touched, but somehow that was all we both needed to fall asleep that night.

At the time my mother died, I was getting ready to go to college out of town, but now I could not bear to leave my father alone. I applied to a local school so that I could live at home. Dad did not want me to do this, but I think secretly he was pleased. At first he went out very little. He spent most of his evening hours reading and watching television. Occasionally we went to dinner together and even more rarely, we would go to a movie together. Since neither of us closed our bedroom doors at night, I continued to hear him masturbating quite often. I wonder if he heard me too.

About nine months after my mother died, my dad started coming home late two or three nights a week, and one time he reached me on my cell phone at school and told me that he would not be home that night at all. When all these things began to manifest, I also noted that I rarely heard him masturbating any more. I concluded that he had a girl friend and I was thrilled for him. I also had a secret reason for being happy for him. If Dad had a companion, I could transfer the following semester to the out of town university that had previously accepted me. I wanted desperately to get away from my small home town. I was still very much in the closet, and I thought if I could go where nobody knew me, I could come out of the closet and perhaps I might meet a great guy. I made up my mind to find out if my father was dating someone and to tell him I was gay. If he was seriously dating, I also vowed to tell him that I'd like to transfer schools. But in the end I was scared to talk to him, and I found every reason to delay.

Finally one evening after dinner, we were in the living room together. Dad was reading a book and I was trying to study something or other. I screwed up my courage, and said, 'Dad I need to talk to you about some serious stuff.'

'Sure,' he said and he laid down his book on the coffee table. 'Shoot!'

I sat down on the sofa next to him.

'I'm waiting,' he said.

'You're spending a lot of time away from home. Are you dating someone?' I asked.


I grinned and put an arm around his shoulder. 'I'm really happy for you,' I said in such a manner that he would know that I really meant it.

'Now that I know that you are not alone,' I continued, 'what would you think about my transferring to an out of town school?'

'I think it would be good for both of us. I love you, son,' he said, 'but I don't want you to be tied to me. You have to make a life for yourself.' He grabbed me and hugged me tightly. 'You're my whole world,' he whispered in my ear.

'Dad,' I whispered back. 'There's something else I have to tell you. It's the main reason I'd like to get away.'

'Sounds serious,' he murmured back.

'That will depend on how you react to what I have to tell you.' I braced myself, made two fists and hardly above a whisper, I said, 'Dad, I'm gay.'

My father's reaction stupefied me. He started to laugh. 'I know,' he said. 'I've known for years. I wondered when you would tell me.'

'You knew? But how?'

'I don't know. A parent just knows. What took you so long to get around to telling me such big news? Did you think I would love you less?'

'Yes, I was so afraid!'

Dad held me tighter and I was comforted by the warmth of him. I was grateful we were both dressed. I was more grateful that he still loved me and didn't seem put off by what I had just revealed. Dad unwrapped himself from me and said, 'I was waiting for you to get up your courage so that I could get mine up also. I too have some extraordinary news. I think you'll need to brace yourself.'

'This is turning into quite a night,' I said. I was frightened at what my father might be about to tell me, but I said rather coolly, 'Shoot!'

'You know 'Donovan's Bar' a couple of blocks from here?' I nodded.

'After Mom died, I took to stopping off there for a drink or two on the way home from work. I needed a drink so I could face coming into this house knowing that she wouldn't be here. One day I met someone there and we really hit it off. We started to have dinner together a couple of times a week. Those were the days I came home late. After dinner one night we went to my friend's apartment. I don't know how it happened. Neither of us had been drinking, but we made love that night, and I knew from the start that we were meant to be together.'

Dad stopped talking. He looked around uncomfortably, not quite knowing how to continue. He appeared to be in great pain. I needed to prod him.

'It's OK, Dad. Whatever you need to tell me, it's OK. You know I love you unconditionally too. Tell me all about her. I just know you couldn't fall in love with anyone that I wouldn't approve of.'

He smiled. 'Well then, here goes,' he said. 'Vince is not a woman. He's a man and I love him. I'm pretty sure he loves me too.'

Dad stopped talking to let it all sink into me. Finally it did. All I could manage to say is, Wow!' We hugged each other for a long time. No words were spoken. At last I asked, 'How long have you known that you were gay?'

'I fell in love with Vince when we first met. I never felt that way about a man before. I don't know if I could feel that way about any other man. I'm not sure that wanting a man, only one man, even makes me gay. Let's agree to skip the labels.' I nodded in agreement.

'I'd like to meet him,' I said.

'How about I ask him to dinner tomorrow evening?'


Somehow I got to school the next day, but I never heard a word any of the professors said. All I kept thinking about was the news that my father had a boy friend and I was going to meet him tonight. I had mixed thoughts about my father being gay, but I couldn't help thinking that his being gay made it easier for me.

When I got home, Dad was already there. He had left work early to start cooking a fabulous meal for me and his lover. I asked if I could help, but Dad declined my offer. I was glad about that because I ran upstairs to shower, and shave. I dressed in my sexiest clothes, tight jeans and a tank top shirt. I applied too much after shave and I know I smelled like a whore. Somehow I thought that all of that was appropriate for a meeting of three gay men.

When I got downstairs, I found the table set and Dad was almost finished with the cooking. He was taking some bottles out of the bar. Obviously he was going to make a toast. We rarely ever drank hard liquor in our house. The time went interminably slow. I began to fidget, but finally the doorbell rang.

'I'll get it,' I yelled to my father who was back in the kitchen. I ran to the front door. I hesitated a moment before opening the door. When finally I did, my mouth dropped open. There stood Coach Fellows.

'My God!' he said. 'Ronnie Jergens. I never connected you to your dad, Herb Jergens. How foolish of me.'

I wanted to speak, but nothing came out.

'Are you going to let me in?' the coach asked.

I stepped aside and he went into the house. After I shut the door, he handed me a bottle of wine. He smiled at me and we went into the living room. Dad came flying out of the kitchen and the two of them kissed each other on the lips, while they embraced warmly.

'I'm not quite finished yet,' Dad said. 'Why don't you two get acquainted and I'll be right back.' He was gone instantly. I motioned to a large easy chair and Coach Fellows sat down. I sat down on the sofa still speechless. Bless the coach for breaking the ice.

'You know,' he said to me. 'I love your father very much and I'm pretty sure he loves me back.'

'Yes, you're right,' I managed to mumble.

'So please start calling me Bob. I'm part of the family now.' All I could do was nod. Just looking at Bob, I was getting hard. All my old feelings were returning to me. I knew I was going to make a fool of myself. I willed my erection to go away, bit it was not responding.

He continued. 'I know we can count on you to keep our little secret. As a sports coach, I need to remain in the closet, and it's best your father does also.'

'Oh sure,' I said. 'Did Dad tell you about me?

'Yes. We talked about it weeks before you came out to him, and I kind of suspected back in high school.'


'It was the way you looked at me in the showers. You always looked away when our eyes met, but I saw you.'

'Shit,' I said, 'and I thought I was so good at hiding it.

'To tell the truth,' Bob added, 'if you weren't a minor, I would have made a move on you. Of all the guys in the shower, I was most attracted to you. I will tell your father how I felt about you, so there will be no awkwardness. You can tell him how you felt about me. Let's put it all on the table and we can become a family.'

That having been said, he stood up, approached me and put his arms around me. I immediately put my arms around him and was surprised when he kissed me on the lips. I got lost in that embrace. While my head was spinning I heard my dad's voice.

'You two are really getting to know each other. I'm so glad,' he said.

I disentangled from Bob, and as casually as I could, I said, 'Dad, Mr. Fellows, Bob, was my coach in high school, and I had a huge crush on him.' This caught my new step dad off guard and he added, 'Ronnie was the hottest student in the showers and I had my eyes on him too. It's a shame he was a minor then.'

My dad laughed and put one arm around my shoulder and his other arm around Bob. He pulled us close and said, 'Thank you, God, for blessing me with the two greatest guys in the world.' I swear he started to cry. I let go of him and he fell into Bob's arms.

That night was the first of many firsts. After that night the three of us had dinner together at least once a week. Sometimes we hosted and sometimes Bob hosted. My dad slept over often at Bob's place, but when I told him they were welcome to stay over at our place so nobody had to be alone, they began to sleep in our house also. Of course, Dad closed the bedroom door again, but they were much noisier than Mom and Dad had been and I could hear them making love as I whacked off in my bed. We had all seen each other naked and we had no hang ups about walking around naked.

My problem was that I still ached to make love to Mr. Fellows. It became a burning desire. When I received notice that I could transfer to a college upstate, I was more than relieved to be getting away from so much sexual tension. My relief did not last long.

When the spring semester ended, Dad gave me a part time job in his store. I worked from 1 PM to 8 PM. Dad opened at 9 AM and usually left about 4 PM, leaving the night manager to close the store with me at 8 PM. Bob was off for the summer so when he slept over, which was often, I was alone in the house with him every morning.

One morning, we were having breakfast together. We were each wearing boxer shorts and nothing else. Bob was preparing the eggs and I was buttering the toast when suddenly he asked, 'You're still a virgin aren't you?'

I was stunned at the question, but I reluctantly nodded my head. 'I haven't met any other gay guys in this town,' I muttered.

'I could give you a list a mile long. I know from the way they look at me in the showers. Unfortunately they are all jail bait. I just know you'll meet plenty of gays in your new college.'

'Bob, can I ask a very personal question? I'd like to ask my dad, but it's tough for a son to ask this.'

We were now seated at the kitchen table and Bob surprised me by putting his hand on mine. 'Sure,' he said. 'Fire away.'

'Has my dad ever expressed to you whether he prefers straight sex to gay sex or the other way around?'

Bob broke out laughing. 'You bet he has. He loves the sex we have together. He's like an animal and he can't get enough. He tells me constantly that he didn't know how good sex could be until we made love for the first time. He says it's a country mile more intense and satisfying than with a woman. So Ronnie, my boy, you just stick to guys and don't consider switching teams.' Once again he roared with laughter. Suddenly he stopped. His face got very serious and he said to me.

'Ronnie, your dad and I have suspected that you are still a virgin and we have had long discussions about it. We are hoping that your first experience will be a good one. We hope that it won't be a quickie that will leave you disappointed and unsatisfied. That's why he asked me to give you your first experience so you'll know how great it can be and also to help you appreciate the love I share with your father.'

I was flabbergasted and also my cock suddenly rose to its full length and girth. Bob certainly saw it through my skimpy boxers. He jumped up, grabbed my arm and we bounded upstairs to my bedroom.

Once inside the room we stood facing each other. Bob stepped out of his boxers. His uncut cock was at full attention, jutting out a good seven inches. I dropped my skivvies and out came my seven and a half inch circumcised organ. We smiled at each other as Bob encircled my cock with his fist and led me to the bed.

He laid me on my back and gently lowered himself on top of me. To my surprise, he didn't seem too heavy at all. He began to kiss me gently and he forced my mouth open with his tongue. How often I had done this with the high school girls and dreamed that it was his tongue inside of me. I couldn't believe this was real and happening to me. My cock was throbbing. I was afraid I would cum prematurely.

Bob began to work his way down my body, kissing and caressing me all over. He paid particular attention to my nipples as I began to moan in pleasure. For what seemed like hours, he kept kissing me all over. He put me on my stomach and worked on my backside. He licked my crack delicately and I could feel his tongue entering my hole. My moaning grew louder. At long last, he laid me on my back again and took my cock into his mouth. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I felt my orgasm coming and Bob stopped sucking me. I wanted to scream at him. I was in anguish.

'Not yet,' he said. 'I need you to fuck me and fill me up with your cum.

It was my turn to say, 'Not yet. I need to taste your cock first.' Bob smiled and rolled over on his back. I climbed on top of him and retraced the route he had taken on me. I was too anxious in my desire to taste my prey, and I didn't linger anywhere as long as he did, except perhaps when I suckled his nipples. I did my best to imitate him and I must have succeeded based upon the sound of his moans and groans. When at last I took his cock inside of me, I nearly fainted with joy. It felt so hard and yet so soft. His precum was sweet and yet salty. I was so happy, but suddenly he stopped me.

'I don't want to cum yet,' he stated simply. 'Do you have any lubricant that you use when you jerk off?' he asked as once again he turned me on my back.

'Yes.' I reached into my night table and handed him a tube of KY Jelly. He put some on a finger and inserted it into my waiting ass hole. It felt so good, but when he inserted a second finger, it hurt a little. He worked his fingers in a circular motion, stretching me until I felt only pleasure. Then a third finger went in. The pain was minimal and I begged him to drive home the real thing. When his fingers come out, I felt an emptiness in me. Then I felt his cock head against my opening. Slowly he pushed in until he reached my sphincter. He stopped for a moment and I urged him to continue. He pushed slowly past the sphincter. The pain was excruciating, but I did not ask him to stop. When he was fully inside of me, he rested. Little by little the pain left me and I was filled with lust and pleasure.

'Fuck me,' I said. 'Fuck me now. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he began to pull in and out, but never coming out fully. I could tell from his breathing and his groans that he was close and I yelled, 'Cum inside of me, please. Don't pull out like in the pornos.' With one final push, he came inside of me, wailing like a banshee. I knew that I had pleasured him and I was pleased. We lay still, kissing madly, until his cock fell out of me.

'It's my turn,' he said as he handed me the lube. I stretched his ass as he had stretched mine, and when finally I entered him (more easily than he had entered me) I was overwhelmed at how good and tight it felt. Dad was right. This beat pussy by a country mile. I asked permission to cum inside him and he granted it with joy.

After the love making we lay side by side, fondling each other and recovering. We were silent until at last Bob said, 'Your father and I have been tested and we are exclusive with one another. You are, were, a virgin, so we didn't use condoms. I beg you, when you start meeting boys at school, never go without a condom, no matter what the guy tells you. There are men out there who hate to wear a condom and will lie to avoid it.'

'I promise,' I said and leaned over to kiss him. Reluctantly we got out of bed and showered together in the master bath. I had never showered with my father when I was little like most boys do, so this was another first for me.

That day, as I left for work, Bob kissed me goodbye and said, 'Your father will be happy for you, Ronnie. When you get to work, just say 'yes' to him, and he'll know that everything went just fine and according to plan.' I was sorry now that I was transferring out of town, but I looked forward to the exciting life ahead of me.



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