My wife and I were married for 3 years at the time, We had purchased a townhouse about 6 months before this incident. We installed hardwood floors, painted, added some light fixtures to name a few things. We started painting before we moved in, the walls were in dire need of refreshment. That is when we met our new next door neighbor. He was from Thailand but he had lived in America since he was still crawling. His name was Timmy. He was a very nice guy and we became friends with him. Well me more so than her. He would come over or I would go to his place and hang out every now and then. It isn't that we became instant best friends, it's just that we lived next door to each other and he was cool to hang around with is all.

It was a Friday and my work crew and I decided to take a nooner and leave early. I couldn't wait for my wife to get home later and I can surprise her with a dozen roses. I stopped on the way home to pick up the roses and a bottle of red wine. My wife must have left work early too because as I pulled into the driveway at home I see my wife and Timmy making out at the front door. I blasted the horn and I caught them by surprise,my wife pushed him away and he went back to his place in a hurry. My wife met me halfway to the car to explain, I just told her I don't care, you are the cheater and you are the one who is going to leave until I can figure this all out. Go stay with your sister, your mother anywhere but here. I have a lot of thinking to do

My wife was on her lunch break then, she went back to work but she asked if she can come back later and get some clothes. I agreed. Anyway after she left to go to work and about 20 minutes later Timmy knocks on my door. I told him to get the F out unless he knows what's good for him. He asked me to please let him explain this. I don't know why but I said ok but it better be really good or I am going to throw you off this 2nd floor balcony. He said it's all your wifes doing, she caused all this to happen. He also said you don't know this but I am gay. I told him it sure didn't look like it from my viewing angle. I told him I don't believe him, he is just saying that to ease the tension and to get out now. As he was leaving he said his wife caught me peeping into the bathroom window watching me take a shower one day. Timmy told me that's when she started blackmailing me. He was all the sudden sounding like he was telling the truth because it was in my wifes nature to blackmail people. Timmy said that my wife was going to tell me and that I am going to kick Timmys butt if he didn't follow through with my wifes orders, one of them being sex. I was so furious with my wife I wasn't even worried about being peeped on by a gay guy. I asked Timmy if he would like to share some wine with me.

I told Timmy that he is off the hook and not to worry about retaliation from me. I told him about my wifes history of blackmailing people. Then all the sudden the fascination of finding out Timmy is gay struck me. I told him I had no idea he is gay, I have been over to his place and it looked like any other straight guys place. He told me he is straight acting so no one really knew except his ex boyfriends. Timmy told me that he couldn't stand being with my wife and did all he can to think about me while having sex. The weirdest thing happened to me after he said that, my cock became rock solid. This was a new feeling for me. A guy tells me he thinks about me sexually and I get a hard on. I told him that and he blushed. I told him that I had never thought of guys sexually and asked why am I getting a hard on. He said because you are turned on, silly. We stared at each other for what seemed like hours wondering what to do next. He finally pulled me closer and said it looks like he was going to have to break the ice and then he kissed me

Kissing Timmy was probably the single most hottest encounter with anyone to that point. We made out on the couch for a couple hours. It was starting to get hot so I suggested we get naked. I couldn't believe it was me who suggested that. He was naked in no time and he started helping me rip my clothes off. We were now naked. We stood in the middle of the living room making out all naked and our hands were all over each other. He took my hand and led me to my bedroom. We kissed and felt each other then he pulled a 180 and slipped us into a 69. For the first time in my life and with out ever knowing it would happen I had a cock in my mouth and I loved it. I don't know why but it was like I have been doing this my whole life. I was a natural. After a few minutes I can feel his cock pulsate and swell up then... bam! I took a shot of some hot cum in my mouth. It was so hot, and it is the best thing on earth I have ever tasted or felt in my mouth. He apologized and said it happened so fast he had no time to warn me to pull away. I told him I would have let him do it anyway. We continued 69ing all of the sudden I was about to explode. He knew it so he told me to cum in his mouth which I did. We then got back to kissing, sharing eachothers cum while doing so. Very very hot!.

Timmy out of the blue said let's fuck, I told him I was ready but please take it slow at first. He told me he was going to lay down on his back and for me to get on top and control whats going on. I told him my wifes lube is in the night stand so he grabbed it and put some on his cock and my butt. He told me to sit on his cock and go down slowly until you feel comfortable and then go to town. At first it was painful but then the pain subsided and became sheer pleasure. After about 5 minutes I waas in control, going all the way down on his 7 inch cock. In and out in circular motions too. Again it was like I have been doing this all my life. It must have been about 5 hours later since the incedent and I have a hot cock in my ass. Like I can feel it in my mouth, I can feel the same pulsation and his cock swelled up. I told him to cum inside me and empty your love inside me. As he is about to blast his load inside me my wife walks in unannounced. He came inside me hard and I can see my wifes expression in the mirror. She saw it. His cum squirt out of my ass, she gasped, he didn't realize she was there until she gasped. I saw her walk in from the other mirror and I wanted her to see her boyfriend cumming inside me. Then she walked out. Timmy asked why I'm not stopping. I said she is here to get her stuff so she can wait. Timmy finished inside me and I fell into his arms and we made out for another 5 minutes. Timmy told me that we can stay at his place until the wife is done getting her stuff out of there. We got dressed and went out to the living room where my wife was crying. I told her she made it so she has to deal with the circumstance. All the while Timmy has this big smile. I thanked her for her actions. I told her that Timmy and I would have never gotten together had she not done that. I called her an evil, cruel person for treating people that way. I looked a Timmy and we gave each other a deep kiss right there in front of her. I said she can take her time getting her stuff. I will stay with Timmy. Timmy and I went to his place and made love all night and into the morning. My ex wife?... she is already getting another divorce from another guy. Me?... I am still with Timmy.



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