I was just fifteen when my sister, Carol, married Josh. She was eighteen and he was nineteen. I always thought he was hot and envied her because she was getting his cock and I wasn't.

The marriage lasted just short of one year. They divorced on friendly terms both agreeing that they were too young.

Josh and I had become close buddies during their marriage, going to sports events and fishing together. When they divorced, Josh assured me that we would still get together. It didn't happen.

I finished high school and entered college. I was eighteen and away from home at the state university. Carol had remarried and although I liked her new husband, he just didn't do anything for me like Josh did.

On Fridays, my classes ended at noon and I was free until Monday morning. After my last class one Friday, as I approached the dorm, I heard a voice call my name.

"Hey, Mark" the voice called out. Turning toward it, I spotted Josh leaning against his car, a hot red Mustang convertable. He was now twenty-two and looked even hotter that he had in the past. It was obvious that he had been working out.

"Josh?" I asked. "I haven't heard from you like you said I would. I wondered if you were still alive."

"I'm sorry, Mark. Things were a little crazy for me after the divorce. I went through a lot emotionally and made some life changing decisions. I hope I can make it up to you."

"I'll forgive you," I replied as I went up and gave him a casual hello hug.

"What you got planned for today?" he asked.

"Nothing. I just finished my last class for today and I'm free until Monday morning. I do need to do some studying, though."

"Can that wait until Sunday evening?"

"Sure, why?"

"I just thought we could spend the weekend together. I just started a new job here a week ago and thought you might show me around some."

"Sure," I replied. I just wanted to be close to him again. I could feel my cock stiffening and hoped he didn't notice. Josh didn't know I was gay. None of my family did.

He came up to my room with me and I introduced him to my room mate, Carl, just as he was leaving for one of his classes.

Carl shook hands with him and as Josh turned back toward the room, Carl smiled and mouthed 'Wow'. I smiled back and mouthed 'straight' and Carl frowned.

Carl was gay also and we got it on a couple times a week but it was just sex between friends. We did our own thing separately on weekends.

Carl left and Josh and I talked a while while I put my books away. Soon, it was as if we had been in contact for the past few years.

I told him about my high school years and graduation. He told me about his time in the Army in the middle east and that he was not working for a security firm in town.

"Josh, I have an apartment near the lake. Why don't you pack a few things and spend the weekend with me. I'll bring you back Sunday afternoon so you can study."

"Sounds good to me," I replied, hoping to possibly get to see him nude.

I threw a couple of changes of clothes in a bag and as I did he said to make sure I got my swim suit. I grabbed my Speedo and as I shoved it in the bag, he laughed and said, "That thing looks too small."

"It serves the purpose," I said.

We left the room, locking the door then going to the elevator. As we exited the lobby of the dorm, he asked, "You got your driver's license with you?"

"Yea, why?" I asked as we reached his car. After I tossed my bag on the back seat, he tossed me the keys to his Mustang and said, "You drive."

"Really," I asked excitedly.

"Yea, you know the area better than I do."

I got behind the wheel, and with the top down, I thought I was 'hot shit'.

We drove around town for a few minutes before he suggested we stop and get some lunch. I pulled into the local college hang out which had car hops, and parked. All eyes were on us, mainly looking at the car. We ordered and ate then headed for his apartment.

His apartment wasn't near the lake as he said. It was ON the lake with it's own private beach. And his apartment was on the top floor whit a balcony overlooking the beach.

"Fucking nice! I exclaimed.

"The public beach is just a hundred yards to the right. I have easy access to it from here."

"I'd love living here," I said. "The view across the lake is spectacular."

"It cost more but that's why I chose this apartment."

It was a two bedroom two bath apartment, with the living room and master bedroom looking out toward the lake. There was a door to the balcony from both the living room and master bedroom. It was the largest two bedroom apartment they had and covered the entire end of the building. Smaller apartments were along both sides of the hallway leading to his door.

"Make yourself at home," he said, showing me to the spare bedroom. It had bed and dresser and nightstand, but it also contained his computer and desk.

I tossed my bag on the bed and returned to the kitchen where he was.

"I know you're underage, but since you won't be driving any more today, would you like a beer?"

"Hell yea," I replied. He handed me a cold one and got one for himself. We went to the balcony and relaxed. After finishing our beer, he suggested a swim.

I agreed and he asked, "Pool or beach?"

"Hell, the beach," I responded.

He smiled and headed for his bedroom, as i headed for mine. I began looking for my Speedo and after finding it, I stripped down. Just as I began to step into it he came to the door, wearing a bikini style swim suit,larger than my Speedo.

"Damn, you going to get all that in that little thing?"

"Do it all the time," I replied, looking over his hot very muscular hairy chested body. He was hotter that I had imagined.

With towels in hand, we headed for the beach. I quickly noticed that the majority of the people on the private beach were males and commented about it to Josh.

"Most of the residents are men although we do have some females living here."

"I just wondered," I said as I cruised the other hot males there on the beach. He introduced me to several who he was friends with.

Later, we went to dinner then drove around before returning to his apartment. Back at the apartment, he came out of his room in just a pair of thin white bikini briefs.

"I believe in being comfortable," he said.

"So do I," I replied before going to my bedroom. When I returned I was in briefs also.

Saturday we went to the public beach for a while, then he let me drive us around town as I pointed out the clubs the college students were allowed into and which ones we couldn't get into.

"They let underage in some of them?" he asked.

"Yea, but we have to wear a red wristband to indicate we're under twenty-one."

"Interesting," he said.

I didn't tell him that one that let in under twenty-one catered to the gay crowd.

Saturday night, we again went to the apartment beach. There were just a few others there. It was dark and after they left he and I were there alone.

Looking around, he said, "Grab your towel and come with me." I did and he went to the far end where there were some bushes hiding part of the beach.

"I come down here a lot at night. It's private when when no one else is out, I can go skinny dipping. You care to join me?"

"For real?"

"Yea, I do it all the time."

Soon, we were both naked as the day we were born, heading to the water. The moon was full and in the moonlight, I could see his long thick cock. It was beautiful.

We swam nude for a while before going back to the beach and dressing. As we did, I noticed him glance my way a couple of times.

Sunday, we fixed breakfast, visited then he took me back to the dorm. As we drove back he said, "Mark, I'm glad we reconnected. I enjoy being with you."

"Same here," I said.

Pulling into the dorm parking lot he asked, "Would you like to join me for dinner Wednesday night?"


We agreed that he would pick me up at six on Wednesday.

He was right on time and we went to a seafood restaurant out by the lake. As we drove back to the dorm, he asked if I'd like to spend the following weekend with him again.

"Hell yea!" I quickly replied.

"Great. I'll pick you up at one."

He did and we went to his apartment. He said I was welcome to leave some clothes there if I wanted to. Friday night he asked if I would like to go skinny dipping again. I quickly agreed and we headed out.

Once nude, we hit the water and began to clown around. My cock quickly got hard and at one point my hand brushed against him and I could tell he was boned also.

Our eyes met momentarily and we both smiled. I quickly said I was getting out. I wanted to get to our clothes before he did and cover my erect cock. It didn't work out that way. He was right behind me and as we neared the shore he saw my boner.

"You're in the same shape I am," he said.

"Well, it happens sometimes," I said as I reached for my towel to wrap around me.

Stepping up to me, he said, "You don't need to hide it. I'm in the same condition. So what's the big deal?"

"Nothing, I guess," I replied, dropping my towel.

He looked me over closely, then said, "Mark, that is too nice to hide."

I looked at him and as our eyes met I knew what was next.

We leaned toward each other and our lips met. Soon, our tongues were exploring each others mouth. We kissed passionately for several moments, our hands exploring each others nude body, finally stopping on each others hard cock.

When the kiss ended,Josh looked at me and said, "I assume with a kiss like that, that you are gay."

"Yes, but are you?"


"Damn, Josh, I was wanting you when you were dating Carol and more after you were married."

"Mark, I was straight then. During that first few months of marriage a guy at work came on to me. I ended up letting him blow me. He talked me into doing him. I did and I enjoyed it. We started doing oral regularly. Then he had me fuck him and he fucked me. The more I had sex with him the more I wanted it with men. He was transferred and I started finding other guys to have sex with. Soon, Carol didn't turn me on at all. We agreed that we were too young to marry. I never told her that I had realized that I was gay."

"None of the family knows about me either," I said.

Looking at me he asked, "Shall we return to the apartment to continue our conversation?"

"I think that would be best."

With only our towels around us and the rest of our clothes in hand,we hurried to his apartment. Once entering, we dropped our clothes and towels and went into another passionate kiss. Soon, we were on his sofa, kissing and caressing each other.

I pulled away and said, "I'm going to do something I've wanted to do for years."

I slid to the floor and began licking his cock and balls. As the clear sweet precum began to flow from the slit, I quickly licked it off then swallowed his cos in it's entirity. He moaned loudly as I began working my mouth up and down his cock. It didn't take long to bring him to his climax. I collected every drop then hungrily swallowed.

Looking at me he smiled and said, "Mark, that was awesome. If you had tried that before, I'd have stopped you. Now it's my turn."

He pulled me back up onto the sofa, kissed me, then went to the floor and sucked me slowly and lovingly,soon bringing me to my climax. I watched as he collected it then swallowed.

"Fucking delicious," he said smiling.

After another kiss, he said, "Back when Carol and I were married, if anyone had said I'd be sucking your hot cock, I'd have punched them in the mouth."

We later went to his bedroom and fucked each other and it was fantastic. All barriers were now down and we could be ourselves with each other. The rest of that weekend we spent nude in his apartment, dressing only to go out to dinner.

Sex was whenever we felt like it which was several times a day.

After that, I spent every weekend with him and it was filled with hot passionate sex. At mid term, he asked me to move in with him. I did.

I had told my parents that we had 'run into each other' and renewed our friendship and he had asked me to move in, since sharing rent with him would be cheaper than living in the dorm. They agreed.

However, it soon grew to more than a friendship. I fell in love with him, but didn't tell him. I had taken him to the gay bar that let under twenty-one in and we would find a guy and three way with him. One of them was Carl, my former room mate.

At the end of that semester, he confessed his love for me and we became a couple. I decided it was time to come out to my parents.

Josh and I drove home and my parents openly welcomed him as a friend. After dinner that night we sat them down and I came out to them.

They were both shocked, to say the least. Josh professed his love for me and promised that he'd never hurt me in any way.

during that weekend, they saw our love for each other and before we left accepted my being gay and welcomed Josh back into the family. Carol was not as accepting as my parents but eventually came around.

Josh and I are now openly welcome in both households. Josh has started his own security company and is doing well. I'll soon graduate in business administration and will be running his office.




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