Easter was coming nearer and I had a special event in my mind that I would start on me. In preparation of that event I looked for an empty bottle that fitted over my penis and I had started masturbating with the bottle over my penis for the last two weeks - twice a day I rubbed after shave on my best thing which felt burning hot and made it grow even bigger and harder.

Instead of using my hands on my penis I used them on the bottle after pushing the penis inside. The sperm that regularly came shot into the bottle and after each orgasm I screwed the top on the bottle and put it into the fridge.

On Easter Monday the bottle was nearly full with my sperm and I had asked a friend to shave my head that day with a shaving knife. My hair should come off without using a clipper. My intention was that we would shampoo my hair with my sperm and I invited my friend to add his own sperm as well which he was pleased to do.

So, we both masturbated again - he, watching me sitting naked in front of him on a chair and grabbing my two inches long hair with my hands. When he was done his sperm landed on my head and worked it all trough my hair. Now he took the bottle with my sperm and emptied it on my head.

While he massed my head now with all the sperm in I started to masturbate my penis with both hands and added my own sperm shooting out after a short while. My hair was dripping wet now and that was the perfect preparation to get my head shaved now.

My friend stoke my hair back with his fingers and took the shaving knife in his hand. I sat upright on my chair seeing my wet head in the mirror and now The knife started shaving the front of my head. My hair fell down on my naked body and that gave me the shivers and my penis got hard again.

After a few minutes the top of my head was shaved and I loved to see the clean skin. Now my hair started falling from the sides down all aver my naked body. With my hands I spread my sperm-wet hair all over my body and my penis grew bigger and harder as my head got cleaner.

Now I felt the hair from the back of my head falling down as well and my friend spread my wet hair across by naked back with his hands. I masturbated continuously now and finally the next shot came out and I washed my shaved head with it.

Our session continued that I went under the shower and rinsed my hair and sperm off from my body. My friend stood masturbating in front of me and when he came I caught his sperm and washed my pubic hair with it

My friend took the shaving knife again and started to shave my whole body now. First he did the arms and my armpits and then the chest and back of my body. Then he went down to my legs and shaved them clean as well.

Now he took my penis in his one hand and masturbated it until it got hard. While doing this he shaved the pubic hair above my penis off. As my penis was thick and hard again he shaved pemis and balls very professional and carefully. It is such a nice getting rid of all my hair on head and body.

I will continue now shaving head and body for the next few weeks regularly and using my sperm on my shaved head and body.



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