I'm 19 years old, My 20th is just around the corner and I'm horny as hell, yet I don't want my first time to be just a fuck, I want it to mean somethin', I want it to be special. I spend a lotta time on the Net, lookin' at hot guys, many i c'll never reach cuz they live so far. The only time I feel any peace is when I go to sleep, often early in the morning, and that's when I dream of my Dream Man.

He stands bout 6'1' He's athletic built Football player style and hairy wit a beard I can justpull at all night. Even though I'm large and fat and everything else that turns most guys off, he don't care. He don't care that I'm fat or my dick isn't as large as everyone I know, he just likes the fact I'm up front and straightforward. Just me being around him makes me even hornier than hell and he always wants to listen to everything i have to say.

Sometimes he brung his friends who loved me just as much as him. But mostly he's alone and naked, exposing all of his assets to me and me only. He has a little bit of a kinky side that me and a close friend of his knew. And he was up for anything. He enjoyed being handcuffed to his bed, or just him being tied up and I'm around jackin' him off. Then when he's free, he'll hold me tight and the smell of his hot breath turns me on even more. He layme on his bed and he slowly fucks me. I always thought it better when a guy fucks you and he's takin' his time then him poundin' the hell outta ya until he cums. When he gets close, he pulls out and rubs my beard and kiss. I like most is when he gives me a beard message, that's when he uses his facial hair and rubs down your back or chest. It's a great, erotic feeling and there's none better in the world. Then he resume fucking me until he can't hold out any longer. That's when he cums. Then he jacks me off till I cum.

That's when I usually wake up, most times before I cum. I sigh infrustration that's it's just a dream and not reality. Maybe one day my dream will come true. I hope so. I want this man to find me. Maybe someday soon. I just hope and pray that my Dream Hunk comes my way...



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