We had been seeing each other for awhile, had become comfortable with each other but had limited our sex to oral and masturbation, rimming and probing each other with our fingers, prostate milking while giving head, etc.

However this time after I had sucked you hard and as you were about to cum, you reached into your workout bag and pulled out some Astro Glide, you motioned for me to lie on my back and you slathered my ass with lube as you pulled gently on my erect cock.  You moved down and took my balls in your mouth, I could feel your saliva running from your hot mouth down my balls and over my ass.  After pushing one, then two and finally three of your fingers deep inside of me, you pushed my legs apart and mounted me and slowly, gently entered me with your thick cock,  I felt the head of your cock push gently passed my sphincter muscle and then you were in.  You toyed with me like you had done this hundreds of times before.  Was I your bitch?  

You stared into my eyes as you pushed deeper into my wanting body, I contracted my muscles and squeezed your cock and pulled you even deeper.  You pushed and recoiled as I longed for your cock until you were deep inside me.  Suddenly when I was about to cum, you asked that I stop, "please don't move, I don't want to cum yet.  I complied, you relaxed laying your body on mine and kissed my neck and sucked and nibbled on my nipples.  I loved your attention and waited as long as I could before I slowly rocked my hips against you and contracted, squeezing your cock as hard as I could.  I loved the feeling of you completely filling me.  I loved the rim of the head of your cock touching places deep inside of my body.  

You raised up, supporting your weight with your arms and began to make love to me again.  Not frenzied, still controlled and with purpose.  I reached between my spread legs and squeezed the base of your cock to make it become engorged, you immediately felt even thicker inside of me.  You smiled and continued to fuck me with your eyes...  It felt so sexy pleasing you, I just wanted more of you.  

I motioned, without saying a word and you knowingly withdrew slowly.  I rolled over and assumed a position on my knees with my face on my pillow my ass high in the air.  I reached for you between my legs and found your hot wet and hard member.  I guided it into my body which now was relaxed and wet from the lube and your pre cum, my ass, even my balls were soaked the mixture.  You slid easily into me now and as I pushed against your body you were able to reach even deeper inside of me, unlike a woman there was no end to my depth and to your desire.

You masterfully raised yourself supporting your weight with your strong arms on my hips and moving from your knees to your feet you worked every angle first high and pounding deep into me and then you directed your cock low in my ass as though you were trying to find a "G" spot or as though you wanted to push against a clit, it didn't matter, I was in ecstasy.  I cupped my hand over the head of my cock as it leaked pre cum as your cock rubbed back and forth, firmly keeping pressure against my prostate.

It began slowly, deep inside of me.  I felt warm all over, I became wetter I rocked forward further and then back against you pushing hard into your groin, I tried as best I could to hold you firmly but it was beyond that now.  You responded as I said "yes, I need you now" and you quickened your rhythm, then paused, you pulled me back to the edge of the bed and stood upright and began your final efforts to please me.

Deeply inside you now had the control, I moaned and you withdrew bringing the crown of your cock to the edge of my relaxed sphincter then back in, a centimeter at a time until your cock was completely buried.  Again and again you repeated this until it no longer was possible for either of us to be controlled.  
I squirmed and you pumped, I moaned and you grunted, you gradually became the animal I wanted and needed and I had visions that are impossible to explain as you continued now at a frenzied pace to really make love to me for the first time.  

I exploded, cum squirting from me in what seemed an endless load.  In quantities that I had rarely experienced my shuddering shaking body was yours to use.  As I approached the end of my orgasm you noticeably became larger, you were slowing your pace as though you were trying to feel every inch of me with your swollen cock.  

Then your breathing became rapid, I could feel that you were about to finish.  I moved my hips for you, hoping to help you over the edge and you began to grunt like a wild beast as you humped me alternately pulling me against your hips.  Harder and deeper and then you yelled "Fuck, Oh My God" you pushed deep inside of me and stopped.  I could feel your hot cum as you pumped and pumped your cream deep inside of me, over and over your cock pulsed and squirted. I could feel your shooting loads inside my body,  I swooned with satisfaction a form of ecstasy I had not experienced before.  We collapsed beside each other you remained inside of me as we drifted off into a deep sleep.  



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