Zak Wolfe: 'natural born juvenile delinquent' - a truism his aging parents were quick to rattle off when confronted with the latest Zak mini-crime wave.

Alice and Calvin Wolfe were comfortably into middle age when Alice began having problems. She was sure that she had uterine cancer or something equally dreadful and delayed going to her doctor for months fearful of the truth. Finally her husband Calvin persuaded her to have a medical exam. The doctor knocked their socks off when he told them that Alice was five months pregnant. They were dumbfounded: 'How could this happen to them, and at their age?' Neither had ever considered children, in fact they both hated children, sighting Calvin's baby-factory sister, Valeria, as reason alone, never to produce rug-rats of their own.

Zak came into the world a healthy blue-eyed, towheaded baby boy with a powerful set of lungs. Alice turned forty-one the week before he was born. Calvin was fifty-three and already planning his retirement.


Prior to Zak's eighteenth birthday his run-ins with law enforcement were relatively low key problems and quietly buried in police reports that were conveniently lost as a favor to the Wolfe family - highly respected members of the upscale Tacoma suburb.

Zak's lifestyle reached a pivotal moment on his eighteenth birthday when his friends took him to a RAVE. The boy went wild over Ecstasy and from that night onward, his party level was ratcheted up to intensive.

During the following months Zak and his friends became regular faces on the rave scene - dancing all night to the techno-beat music and tripping over the light show. He also perfected his knack for scoring drugs. Using his good looks and winning personality he teased gays and fag-hags, suggesting that he might putout for them if they shared their drugs with him and his friends.

They usually scored while waiting in line for the rave to begin, so that when the doors opened they were already high on Ecstasy. To heighten and retained that euphoric rush they sucked on pacifiers.


The party atmosphere came to a crashing halt. The music ended and the laser-lights were turned off. Intense overhead lights beamed down on their disoriented faces, detailed the excessive of the evening.

Zak looked around for Pete; his head was still throbbing from the party drugs earlier that night. Finally he asked some girls that he had danced with earlier. 'Hey Liz, I can't find Pete. He's got the car keys... any of you see where he went?'

Liz looked at her friend Sherry who was struggling to keep upright. 'Girl, you shit-faced! Say you and Pete were doing it earlier, where'd he go?'

Sherry's lipstick was smeared all over her chin and mouth. 'Some guys offered us some coke and we followed them upstairs. They took us to a men's room that had an out-of- order sign on the door... I could see right off that something wasn't right, it weren't fucking-coke they wanted to give us, so I passed... turned out to be Special K. They broke out some dynamite weed ...real good shit... supreme stuff man, from Thailand!'

Zak was getting pissed. 'Tell us where-the-fuck is Pete!'

Sherry tried to pull herself together and remember where Pete had gone. 'Oh yeah. While I was giving head, Pete was pulling a train.'

Zak looked at his best bud Jake and they both burst out in laughter. 'Fuck! Macho-man Pete getting dicked like a bitch... God I would love to see that!'

Sherry saw her opportunity to connect with them. 'You probably could see Pete in action... they used two professional cameras to record the action. Pete was stripped and on his hands and knees getting it from both ends. Eight guys and each took a turn in the mouth and ass.'

Jake was hurting from laughing so hard. He had been Pete's whipping boy since junior high school. 'You know, if they used professional equipment, I bet they recorded sound. God I would love to hear old Pete pleading with those guys.'

Sherry spoke up. 'In between cocks fucking his face, he begged them to stop... 'Take it out you're ripping my ass!' That just made the guys pile drive him even more. I heard one of the dudes say that he loved to fuck straight macho types like Pete and hear them beg.'

'So you think he's still upstairs? We got to get that car key man, it's our only way out of this place.' Walking through the old warehouse district was dangerous and they didn't want to wind up like Pete.

Sherry liked being the center of attention. 'Forget about Pete. After they finished the train they dragged him over to a urinal and laid him out so that his head was in the drain. All the guys started pissing in his face. Pete tried to put his hands up, but two guys stretched his arms out and held them to the floor with their feet.'

'Think old Pete is still upstairs, with his head in the john covered in piss?' Jake chuckled.

'No way, I heard them talking about selling his ass to somebody. Pete was coming down from the Special K and started fighting them. They held him down while this big dude give him another hit of K. Then they hauled Pete over to the sink and stretched out on the counter. They doused him with a pail of water. Even after pissing on his head he still had globs of dried cum on his face and in his hair.' Sherry took a drag off Zak's cigarette and asked if anybody had something to drink. Pete was not the only one who would have a sore throat tomorrow.

Jake and Zak were really getting into the deflowering of Pete. 'So Sherry, what happened next?'

'They used liquid soap and paper towels to clean Pete's front side and then flipped him over. After cleaning and drying his backside, one guy said, 'Shit, his ass is leaking cum like a sieve! I'll be damn if I get that shit all over my car.' They started rolling up paper towels to cram in his ass. I dug in my bag and found a tampon and tossed it to them. They loved the idea of using a feminine hygiene product on their newly created bitch. I had to show them how to insert it. They dressed Pete, all but his white Hanes briefs, which they kept for a souvenir. As they carried him out, one of the guys leaned in and shouted in Pete's ear, 'Yo Pete! Don't crash, you gonna be the star of the show! Come Monday morning we going to have a new name for you, Pete is just too butch ...think maybe I'll call you, Puss-in-boots! You like that pussyboy?''

A voice came over the PA system: 'Everyone please walk to the front of the building, the party is over carefully kids.'

Sherry and Liz still had hopes of the guys finding a ride out of the area. A small crowd of ravers started walking in the direction of the CBD. The skyline sparkled on the horizon like the Emerald City and sparked Liz's imagination. She began to skip and sing: 'We're off to see the wizard... the wonderful wizard of OZ...'

In an instant the entire band of ravers started singing and skipping along, waving their glow sticks. They were like a flock of penguins racing through ice flows, with the fallacious assumption of safety in numbers.

The group began to thin out and finally only Zak and his friends were walking down the deserted street. They had not been paying attention, both guys had been occupied trying to get the girls to turn down a side street and give them head.

They stopped in front of a vintage car dealer and peered into the dark show window. The streetlight provided just enough light to show off the old Packard. It had been fully restored; the highly polished back enamel finish reflected shards of light from the street. Everyone thought the 1925 Packard was cool looking, straight out of Elliot Ness's Untouchables.

Jake kicked in the side door and called for the others to follow him. They raced to the old car and pilled in; Zak got behind the wheel, Jake yelled shotgun and took the passenger side. They pretended to be Capone's guys chased by Ness, firing imaginary machine guns.

Liz suggested that they go for a joy ride and Sherry jumped in telling the guys that they would get lucky if they took them for a ride in the old car. Before anyone realized what happened, Zak hot-wired the car and drove through the plate glass window.

Jake wasted no time; he had Liz going down on him in the backseat. Zak looked in the rearview mirror at Jake's face and he knew Liz was working him good. He grabbed a hand full of Sherry's red hair and pulled her head to his crotch. 'Time to put out bitch!'

Sherry unzipped Zak's pants and took out his rock hard cock. She was amazed at the size, she tried to put the cock-head in her mouth, but couldn't open wide enough. 'It's too damn big ...all I can do is give you a hand job.'

'Fuck that shit! Suck it bitch! You said you'd put out, and I don't mean no fucking hand job.' He held her head and forced it down on his cock. Her teeth scraped the tender area and he yelled in pain. 'You fucking whore! No teeth! Suck it cunt or I'll put you out right here!'

Zak forced Sherry's head all the way down on his cock, pushing all nine inches of thick meat down her throat. She was fighting him, trying to raise her head off the big dick so she could breath. He was ready to cum and started fucking her face as fast as he could move her head. Sherry made a fist and slammed it into his tight balls. He screamed in pain just as he started shooting his wad. Sherry pulled away from him and he shot cum all over the dashboard.

He wasn't paying attention to his driving and looked up just in time to see the big yellow sign: Right Turn. He applied the brakes but could not stop the heavy car and hit a brick wall. Everyone escaped injuries, but the antique car was totaled.

The price tag from the joy ride climbed pass 50k and it was decided that Zak needed to do time for this latest caper. He was sent to Camp Pike, a minimum-security facility for young men deemed to be socially salvageable. The facility and the experimental program were new, run by a private penal institute.

The camp was located about a three-hour drive from Tacoma; a distance that guaranteed few family visitors to monitor the unorthodox disciplinary measures carried out at the facility.


Tyler Jannson: [email protected]

Story: 'My Dick Has Your Name on it' Part 2


Zak stepped off the prison bus dressed in his baggy street clothes. A gauntlet of inmates lined up to check out the new recruits and jeer at them. Five guys stood at the front of the line, they all excelled in the looks department - unmistakable the A-team. Their posturing and snide comments made most of the newly arrived prisoners uneasy. Zak however, made eye contact with the five guys and nodded as he walked down the double line of inmates to show that they could not intimidate him.

The five guys slowly walked to the processing area where the new inmates stripped down and were checked by the prison doctors. A crowd of inmates had already gathered; when they saw the A-team they parted and cleared an area front row center for them.

All eyes were on Zak as he stripped off his clothing. He was taller than most of the other guys were. His buff body was nicely developed, with the start of a nice six pack. His sun-bleached hair was almost white and he had a deep tan from hours spent in the family pool. His eyes were deep blue, like lapis lazuli and half-covered by his shaggy hair.

He knew that most of the eyes were trained on his big cock. It was something he had encountered the first day he went out for sports in junior high; guys just checking out the competition. Most of the new inmates were covering their privates, but not Zak, he was proud of what he had hanging.

The five guys looked on and nudged each other. The leader was a Hispanic looking guy. He was built like a tough street fighter, but his handsome face was flawless, minus the usual scars and blemishes that would go with the territory of street fighting. Zak heard the other members of his gang call him Juan; he smiled at Zak and gave him a slight nod, something the others quickly noted.

After the new inmates were finished being processed, they were allowed to dress in gray sweats. The regulars followed a few yards behind Juan and his gang. Zak checked the number above the door against the number on the packed of information he had been given, it was a match.

Two guys laid on the top bunk beds and watching every move Zak made. As he dumped his stuff on a lower bunk. He looked up at the dark eyes that had followed him around the room. 'Hey, I'm Zak.' He reached out and took the black guy's hand.

'Yeah, I'm Jo-Jo and that ugly bastard over there is Sam.' He jumped off his bunk and stood next to Zak. 'You a big dude that's for sure... me and Sam checked you out earlier.'

Sam started to say something when he looked up and saw Juan and his gang standing in the doorway grinning at him. He and Jo-Jo jumped up and ran out the door.

Juan walked over and stood facing Zak. 'Welcome to Camp Pike... my name's Juan and this redhead peckerwood is Sean, he's second in command. The others you'll meet later. Tell me something, everybody treating you with respect?'

'Yeah, got no complaints so far, guys around here are alright.' A snigger was heard and Zak looked over at Sean who had sort of an elfish grin on his face.

Juan leaned into Zak's face. 'Yeah, I had my boys put the word out that you a stand up guy... man of his word and I would personally be involved if anybody messed with y'a.'

Zak stammered. 'Thanks Juan ...I appreciate that.' He broke off eye contact and looked at his new white sneakers.

Juan put an arm around Zak and pulled him close. His warm breath tickled the fine hairs on Zak's neck. 'You a sporting man Zakie?'

'I guess so, I've bet a few times... nothing big time.' He pulled away from Juan.

'Well Zakie, I bet all the time... hell, half the time I loose, but I just can't help myself when it comes to betting.' Juan shot a glance at the muscular young man with fire-red buzz cut hair. 'Sean, tell Zakie about the tit-tat-toe bet.'

Sean laughed; it was a deep sound like an older guy's laugh. 'Juan bet me he could win at tit-tat-toe if he could go first.' Another deep laugh rumbled from Sean's chest. 'Hell, everybody knows it's a no win game!'

Juan had a sinister smile. 'Sean got to order me around for the day. I did everything he ask me to do... I'm a man of my word.'

The five guys began to form a circle around Zak. A handsome Vietnamese boy called Thaun made lighting quick karate moves in front of him, then punched his index finger into Zak's rippling abdomen and said. 'No body ever reneges on a bet. Best remember that Zakie.'

Juan was all smiles now, showing of his pearly white teeth. 'Zak, I got a bet for you. It's a yes or no answer. If you guess correctly, I'm your slave for a day. But if you're wrong, you're mine for a day. You game?'

Zak was suspicious, but felt he could not go wrong on a yes or no answer. 'Yeah, I'm in. So lets hear it Juan.'

'Okay my friend, I bet I got 'your name' tattooed on my dick: yes or no?'

Zak was stunned. 'What-the-fuck! That ain't no betting thing man... its stupid.'

'So big shot, if it's so stupid y'got nothing to worry about... so how's Zakie gonna call it: 'yes' I have your name tattooed on my dick; or 'no' I don't have your name tattooed on my dick. Simple as shit man, now call it!'

Juan spread his legs and put his hands on his hips. Thaun jumped down to his knees and pulled the white drawstring on Juan's gray jersey pants. He slowly pulled down the pants revealing the baggie white boxer shorts.

Zak was feeling panicky and started backing away when he felt two sets of strong-arms holding him firmly in place.

Zak twisted nerveless. 'Look man, this ain't cool, I'm out. Find some fag to play your game.'

Sean and Luke tightened their grip on Zak and forced him to his knees. Luke was the epitome of sexy, a tall rock hard skinhead, with homemade tats all over his body. His mouth was almost touching Zak's ear. 'Zakie baby, you gonna play alright, no worming-out allowed. Now call it man!' Luke slapped the back of Zak's head and it made a loud pop.

'Damn! What the fuck y'a do that for?' Zak tried to rub the back of his head but Luke and Sean pulled his arms behind his back. 'Okay, fuck I'll play!' He tried to approach the bet with logic; he had just arrived at the camp so Juan could not have had time to get a tat. 'No!'

Juan cocked his head and said. 'So Zakie, that's going to be your final answer?'

Zak impatient and trying not to show how frightened he was shook his head yes and answered. 'Yeah... that's my final answer!'

Thaun slowly pulled the boxer shorts halfway down revealing Juan's thick black pubic hair. With one final jerk he pulled the boxers all the way down, showing Juan's half-aroused cock. Thaun lifted the big tool and pulled the heavy foreskin back revealing the tattoo lettering: 'Your name.'

Zak's eyes were bulging as he looked at the big cock. It was longer than his was, but not as thick. 'Alright! I won! It doesn't have my name on it!' he was jubilant.

Juan just smiled, his hand replaced Thaun's and he slowly jerked his big meat stick, inching his way to Zak. 'I said my dick had 'your name' tattooed on it and it does... you loose Zakie Baby! You're mine for a day and a day is 24 hours.'

Tim, a slight boy with a wiry built and the start of a bad-boy mustache reached down and ran his hand down the front of Zak's pants. He gave Zak a good feel before he clamped down on his balls with such force that Zak screamed and begged for him to stop.

Juan moved his hard cock to Zak's clinched lips and rubbed them with the pre cum that oozed from his plum size cock-head. 'Look, this is the way it's going down. You're going to suck my cock and swallow. If you don't, Tim will be only to happy to put the hurt on your balls... you might not ever have an erection again. For damn sure, you ain't gonna ever knock up a bitch!'

Tim gave his balls a twist, causing Zak to wince in pain. Then he released his balls and moved his hand to Zak's ample cock and slowly jacked him off.

'Okay I'll do it! God, please tell him to take his hands out of my pants!' Zak's voice was cracking he was so frightened.

Juan moved his cock to Zak's lips. 'His hand stays so you better give good head or you nuts belong to Tim.' Juan's cock slipped into Zak's mouth and made him gag. It was the first time he had ever had a dick in his mouth and it was freaking him out.

Tim intently watched Zak's head bob up and down on Juan's cock, waiting for the slightest hint of rebellion - ready to commence his merciless assault on his balls.

Juan put one hand behind Zak's head and jacked his dick with the other. 'Suck hard bitch, I'm ready to cum... fuck! Take my load cocksucker! Swallow every drop... Oh fuck...' Juan's body became ridge and he shot his first wad of hot cum in Zak's mouth. Zak began to gag, but forced himself to suck and swallow so Tim would not crush his nuts.

Juan pulled his big cock out of Zak's mouth with a pop. He jacked it hard and managed to cum a second time, shooting cum all over Zak's handsome face. Cum ran down his cheeks and dripped from his chin.

Zak had not had time to close his gaping mouth, when Sean grabbed his head and held it like a vice and rammed his 8' thick dick down his throat. He began face fucking him like a pile driver.

He knew better than to show any objection, Tim had stopped jacking his hard cock and moved his hand back to his scrotum, rolling his balls back and forth, all the time intently watching Sean's dick assault his stretched mouth.

Sean screamed. 'Fuck this feels good! Damn I'm cumming... eat it punk! Drink my cum!' Sean filled Zak's throat with globs of boy cum.

Next it was Luke's turn and he did not waste a second ramming his long horse dick all the way down Zak's throat. He pulled Zak's arms around his trim waistline and told him to knead his buns. Luke started to cum in less than a minute; he pulled his cock out of his mouth and finished shooting his load all over Zak's stunned face.

Zak was in a daze and throat was so raw he could not make a sound. They pulled him up from his knees and stripped him. His body was better developed than many older guys were. Zak's cock, thanks to Tim, stood straight out at full mast. Nine inches of thick, cut and perfectly round like a bullet.

They dragged him over to the bed and laid him across the lower bunk bed. His big dick standing like a flagpole. His ass hung over the edge of the bed and his long legs draped over the side touching the floor. Thaun and Tim were all over him. Licking, kissing and jacking his big tool.

Zak had real terror in his eyes as he wondered what they were going to do to him. Tim licked cum from his face, while Thaun held his legs up and finger fucked his ass.

Tim smiled as he stroked the big stud's handsome face. 'Zakie, you're about to get a trip-around-the-world... Thaun and my specialty.'

Juan and the other onlookers were stroking their hard dicks. 'Zakie, you'll love what's going to happen and you'll be begging for more, and who knows, if you pay ball, I'll let them take care of you again. Go get it boys!'

Thaun pulled Zaks legs up and tied his ankles to the top bunk. He got on his knees and began rimming him. Tim started working on his cock and balls, licking blowing on the sensitive areas. Zak moaned from pleasure as Tim and Thaun worked their magic on him.

They abruptly stopped working on Zak and he looked at them for answers. Tim straddled his face and shoved his 6' cock in his mouth and told him suck it down to the shaft and fuck his cock with his mouth. Zak tried it and found it to be much easier than having a dick fuck his throat.

Juan and the others moved in to watch Thaun do his thing. 'Man this has got to be the coolest dude ever when it comes to mounting his fuck.'

Thaun stood behind Zak, with his hands firmly planted on Zak's hips; he leaned forward and took Zak's big dick in his mouth and deep throated it, causing Zak to moan and suck harder on Tim as he mouth fucked his dick.

Thaun stopped sucking and positioned his cock at Zak's virgin hole. His foreskin was very long and he used his little finger to stuff the long skin into Zak's puckered hole. After the entire foreskin had been forced in the hole, he reached up and gripped Zak's shoulders and in one lighting move popped his 8' uncut cock up Zak's ass.

Zak was tense for a moment but quickly relaxed when Thaun's dick stroked his prostate. Thaun took Zak's cock in his mouth and sucked him as he fucked his tight ass.

Luke grabbed Juan's rock hard cock and slowly jerked it off. 'Why didn't you use that method when you busted my cherry... Huh?'

Sean reached for Juan's big balls and rolled them around in his hand and said. 'Cause Juan likes to play rough. Likes to hear his boys beg him to take it out and later to keep it in... he watches their eyes to catch the exact moment they cross over the line and become his personal cum dump.'

To be continued...



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