Oh the holiday! Joy, joy, joy!

It would be the first Christmas I'd be spending alone since me and Harold broke up. Jesus! The man really wasn't comfortable being in a gay relationship after being stared at and taunted by so called friends; scared him so badly he decided to date a female again.


Sure, I get it. That would be enough to drive someone back into the closet but damn, to totally do a one eighty? Nah, not me. I'm a bonnified man-lover. I'll never go that far. Still, I understood how that could upset someone right away. I recall when I first told all my friends in high school that I liked men a little more than women. They shunned me immediately, called me names, some a little more vile than others but I walked away from all of them and said go fuck yourselves. Not to mention, I was a pretty big kid so I knew no one dared to mess with me.

Besides that I got courage from my parents. When I told them at age fifteen they we're very supportive and told me they'd love me no matter what, especially my dad who shocked me when he hugged me tight. He told me everything would be okay and cried heavy tears. My mom stroked my head afterwards. I really didn't expect that reaction from them. Good thing though because I never would've made it through high school if they didn't. If only cancer hadn't struck and took mom away from me first. Sadly, Dad couldn't handle losing her and died himself just six months later. I was only eighteen when I lost both of them and except for Harold being my temporary live in boyfriend I'd been alone ever since.

Once Harold left, I hadn't had a chance to really date. I don't consider quick screws at the Manhaus as official meetings, only what they are. Quick humps to satisfy the cravings. Purposely, I'd been working long hours, picking up extra shifts for employees that didn't make it in. I only did it to distract me so I wouldn't think about being lonely. Now however, here it is, Christmas Eve and even though I begged my boss to allow me to stay and close, she threatened to fire me if I didn't go home. Unreal. She knows I don't have anyone to come home to and that both my parents are gone. Why did she insist on me leaving? She could've used my help.

"Some holiday," I muttered, and leaned against the door. I blew raspberries and put the packages I bought myself and Buster down on the side. He ran up to me and stood on his hind legs. "Yep just you and me Buster! We'll make the best of it I suppose." Although I loved my dog, that just wasn't very appealing. Oh well, here I am in my North side apartment, dreading being at home alone.

I kneeled down and patted his head before making my way through my place. While I slipped my overcoat off my shoulders, I took a look at my freshly cut pine tree by the window, draped in ornaments of mostly red and white with lights in the same hue. The red tinsel hung nicely from every branch and a few cards were scattered throughout.

Despite being on my own, I decided to decorate anyway because I wouldn't allow loneliness to ruin my Christmas. I still had much to be thankful for and I kept my Christmas spirit.

Under the tree sat gifts I'd been sent from both sides of my family. Even though I'd lost my parents, they still mailed me things which I guess was nice. Still, none of them wanted me to come by and celebrate Christmas at their houses. They couldn't accept Mary and Bill's gay son, Jared into the family even though the two of them were deceased. It's okay because in truth, I wasn't very fond of either one of their sisters or brothers anyway.

The small boxes were nicely wrapped in different colors. As in years past, I'm sure a lot of them were, gift cards or sweaters, gloves, and hats. It's cool though since I could always use any of it. Besides, I'd take receiving presents over visiting them and being made uncomfortable any day. I'd rather have the bible verses on the gift tags instead of the verbal barrage of insults in person.

Why couldn't these people be like my parents? I've longed thought that maybe my folks were adopted or from another planet because of the differences of how they acted from their siblings. Thank God I was born from them and not from anyone else.

Taking a couple more steps, I sighed and turned my attention to the small statue on my mantel sitting in the middle of pictures of my family. It was one of the many things I had left from my Mom; her small Santa Claus that she loved almost as much as my dad. The figure dressed in a red Santa suit. His beety eyes looked to be a light shade of blue. White hair covered his chin and a mop of it under his crimson red hat. Really cute and pudgy just as Santa should be portrayed. I could never figure out what she loved so much about the tiny thing. She had others but she claimed this one was more special than all of them. Too bad I'd never know why.

* * * *

After having my leftover Chinese, I sat on the couch in my satin lounging pants and a wife beater with my feet propped up on the table. My cell phone sat on one side. It had been beeping nonstop with texts from my few friends who were off visiting their folks or boyfriends families wishing me happy holidays. A couple of them had even offered for me to accompany them to their various places but I didn't want to pry. On my right, Buster lay on my leg, snoring because It's a Wonderful Life was on its second run already. I guess I couldn't blame him for falling asleep. Just how many times could you watch this film in a row without getting bored?

I elected to sit through it though since it remained my favorite, along with Scrooge, The Grinch, and Merry Christmas Charlie Brown. Holiday TV for me could never get stale. What an exciting life I have, right? Still, I wouldn't begin to feel sorry for myself. I'd kept that Christmas spirit just as good old mom and dad always told me to. Too much negativity in the world already and I refused to dwell on my misfortune right now. A distraction like work would've made it easier though but hell, I was exhausted anyway. After I've watched this movie the third time, I'm sure I'll be ready to go to bed.

Just as the beginning scene flashed across the screen, another text came through and I picked up the phone. The caller ID displayed a number I didn't notice. "Who is this?" I read it aloud. "To Jared, Merry Christmas and keep the spirit. Love Santa."

Love Santa?

I laughed and shook my head, trying to search my brain to find out who would send me an anonymous text. Not many people had my number, only my few friends, not even my aunts or uncles had it so who could this be. Maybe one of my buddies dialing from someone else's phone, but all of them had messaged me already.

"Ah well." I placed the phone back down and lay my head on the back of the couch cushion. Who knows, maybe I could've been dreaming or perhaps it was a wrong number but how would they know my name? I chalked it up as coincidence and picked up my remote. Suddenly, the movie didn't interest me any longer and I craved sleep. I turned the television to holiday music channel. Right away the sounds of my favorite Christmas tune, "This Christmas," by Donny Hathaway rang through the speakers making me feel all warm and cuddly inside. To cover up, I grabbed my blanket on the side of the couch. Since I'd already warmed this spot up nicely, I decided to stay here instead of going to the cold bed all alone. "Good night world, merry Christmas," I whispered before drifting off into a deep sleep.

Within minutes I felt chilly air whisk through my apartment making me shiver. My teeth chattered and I lifted my lids, catching the lights as they flickered on and off. "What the?" I turned my attention to the window behind my tree that I noticed was open. I could've sworn I saw it closed when I stepped in the apartment. As much as I didn't want to get from under my blanket, I quickly sprinted over there and shut it. "Brrr..." I rubbed my hands together and blew on them to warm them up. Taking a quick glance outside, I frowned at the snow clumps falling from the sky. The sidewalks and streets had disappeared under the white powder and the city looked to be changing into a winter wonderland right before my eyes. "Jesus, I hate snow!" I always had and despite loving this time of year I hated the change of season in Chicago. Cold temps and the white stuff I didn't like one bit. Too bad I didn't live in a place like Hawaii for the winter.

I pulled my curtain closed and just as I turned around to walk back to my sofa, I glanced at the mantle. My eyes widened and throat went dry when I didn't see my Santa statue standing by the pictures. "Wha? Where?" Immediately I ran over and removed the pictures, frantically searching for my miniature Claus. "He was just here!" I yelled so loud, Buster woke up and barked in response.

"Where did he go?" My mind raced and I heaved in some air as I panicked about my mom's most prized possession. While I stood there in shock and tapped my feet I ran my hand over my closely shaven head attempting to calm myself down. "What happened to it? No way did it spring up legs and leave on its own."

"How do you know?" A voice came out of nowhere.

I turned around quickly, looking at the mantel again and then in the direction of my kitchen. "Who said that?" My eyes darted from left to right as I strolled over towards the fireplace to grab the fire poker as a weapon.

"Just Santa, Jared. Don't be afraid." The deep voice laughed. "It's time I fulfilled your Daddy's wish."

"Huh?" Even though this voice intrigued me I trembled in fear. Could I be having a nightmare and how did he know my name.

"I've been watching you since you were a small boy, Jared. Your dad wanted me to take care of you once that no good boyfriend of yours left."

Still holding the poker, I searched the room to figure out where the voice was coming from. I really wanted to move but the fear inside me wouldn't allow it. What could he be saying? Was he really Santa and how had he been watching me since I was a little boy?

"I'll answer all your questions for you, Jared. Seemingly, you've got plenty of them. Just like your dad, very inquisitive and intelligent."

The man's voice got closer. I spun on my toes, still looking for him to pop from behind something. Wherever he'd come from I'd be ready to him.

Before I could turn around the second time, my eyes widened and I gulped hard as I caught sight of a gentleman dressed in a red robe and wearing a Santa's hat. His short black hair peaked from under the cap. He had light blue eyes the same color as Lake Michigan. Strong features outlined his face and fine hairs sat right below his nose, on his jaws, and chin.

"Damn." I couldn't help but be aroused. I should be running at him or at least threatening to do him bodily harm but I just couldn't move a muscle at the moment. "Who are you and how did you get in here?" I moistened my lips but kept my guard up.

"You already know who I am. Don't you notice the eyes?" He pointed to both of them. "The statue Jared. I thought it was about time I finally burst out my shell."

I cocked an eyebrow and glanced back at the empty space on the mantel. No way no how could this hot man be the Santa statue. The eyes did look familiar though. "Um, no...this is crazy. You're trying to tell me you've been that Santa figure I've been keeping for years?"

"Yep." He leaned against the doorway and crossed his arms over his chest.

When he did, I got a peak of a little more of his pale skin from the neck on down. Wow, what a sight.

"You like what you see don't you? Well I'll show you more if you so desire." Santa started to loosen he belt on his housecoat and in seconds it dropped to the floor as a pool around his ankles.

Oh God!

"Damn." I shook my head in disbelief and wiped my chin because I couldn't help but drool. Who knew Santa had been hiding all that under the crimson suit. Slim body, six pack abs, flat stomach to go along with perfectly taut nipples I'd love to kiss and lick. I could lay my head on his body for hours and be real comfortable. After salivating over his chest, my gaze fell to the bulge in his red g-string. Me oh my, I had no idea that Claus had such a nice cock. His long legs only somewhat hairy and thank goodness Santa knew I had a foot fetish. Perfectly manicured and clean.

I'm in love.

"I see you like me a lot, Jared. Now that you are past shocked, we can sit down and talk about your daddy's wish." Santa waived his hand over towards my sofa.

Slowly, I put down the poker and strolled back to the couch. Once I sat, he sat on my left and crossed his long legs. Buster gazed at Santa long and hard just prior to leaning down and placing his paws over his head.

"What did you do to him?" I shot Santa a quick glare and crossed my arms over my chest. Despite the fact this man did more than arouse and intrigue me, I wondered why my poor dog couldn't bear the sight of him.

Mr. Claus slid his arm around my back and gazed at me with those piercing blue eyes. "Ah no worries, just told him not to bite me or I wouldn't be giving him any Christmas gifts this year." Santa's freehand drifted down to his crotch and he gave it a quick tug.

At the sight of that I gulped hard and my eyes widened. God why was this man who claimed to be Santa Claus so sexy? I'm so hot and horny for this figment of my imagination that I don't know whether to remain in my dreams or wake up. I know once I do he'll be gone.

Santa laughed, "Jared, you're not dreaming." He grabbed my leg and squeezed tightly.

I jerked, thinking immediately I'd wake and get up from the couch and move the covers from over me but I didn't. I felt his hand and he hadn't gone anywhere. "This isn't real I'm just in a deep sleep that's all."

"You're already wide awake Jared! I'm your Santa Claus that your dad wished for years ago. Listen," he shifted his body to face me and took both of my hands inside his. Santa planted a kiss on the backside of my palm. "Dad made a wish before he died years ago. When he sat up in bed and gazed at me sitting on the mantel, he asked for me to bring his son a nice man who'd take care of him and make him happy one day. Your father knew you might not find that someone right away especially since you decided to come out so early in life and wanted a partner who did the same. I knew Harold wasn't the one. I wish I could've stopped you from that mistake before it started. He couldn't handle it from the start. Still, I was happy that you didn't because it gave me a chance, Jared. In all honesty, I hoped you'd never have that someone. I wanted to be your man, Jared. I've watched you since birth. Seen you grow into such a handsome man; intelligent, thoughtful, quite the catch. Why no one would want to be with you is beyond me but, their loss is my gain."

Dumbfounded, I could only look at him and not say a word. My dad wished for me to be happy with someone? That wasn't much of a shock since he took it so well when I told them but all of the statements he made afterwards about how he watched me and knew about Harold. This couldn't be happening. What was in that Chinese food I ate?

Mr. Claus laughed again "Nothing, Jared. That was good food you ate. I'm telling you the truth. You're not dreaming or drunk. I'm the man you want and I gave up being Santa just for you."

I cocked an eyebrow and drew up my lips. "There's no way. No one just comes to life after being a statue, claiming to be Santa Claus. I'm not sure how you got in here but..."

"I'm the miniature that's sat on your mantel for years, Jared and I'm not going anywhere. I'm here to be your lover. You notice these eyes, you cannot deny their not the ones you've looked into for most of your life." He brought my hands to his face and rubbed his skin against mine. "I'm real, through and through, babe; a living and breathing being."

"Not human though."

"No, not human. Immortal."

"A demon?" This I had to ask to see whether I should run away screaming or not.

"I'm an angel that's made a deal with the gods to be here with you. We all get this chance, Jared and someday, I'll tell you more about it but now, I wish to fulfill your wish for Christmas this year." Santa smiled and I swear I saw a twinkle in his eye. He moved in closer, gripped my bare shoulders, and massaged them thoroughly. I couldn't help but whimper under his touch. The strong hands were doing a number on me and I just couldn't refuse especially since I'd been so lonely. I closed my eyes and fell completely under his spell. In moments, Santa's soft and pouty lips met mine in a hot embrace. Claus' mouth tasted like Winterfresh gum, I don't think I would've expected otherwise. Instinctively, my hands roamed over his bare chest with my nails tangling in the fine black curls. His tongue forced its way inside my mine and I accepted it, greedily, sucking, biting, and devouring it as if he were my long lost lover. Santa's dropped his palms down to my waist and pulled me into him. Once our hard cocks met through the flimsy material, my breath caught and I gasped from the warm sensation in my boxer briefs. We broke the kiss and instantly he made a trail from the corner of my lips down the side of my neck, planting light nibbles and sucks along the way. I winced a little from his teeth on my skin, still it felt amazing. I didn't want him to stop, I desired more.

"Jared..." He whispered and tossed his red hat to the side. Santa's silky black hair curled under his ears. So lush and gorgeous I couldn't resist running my fingers through it.

"Jesus." Who knew angels behaved like this? His blue eyes met my gaze while he slid my longing pants and boxers from my waist. Santa grabbed my ass and squeezed tightly as I pressed my body into his. "Shi... ooh sorry," I caught myself before swearing.

Claus only smiled, "Its' okay. You were saying exactly what was on my mind. You're highly aroused and so am I." Again, he covered my mouth with his and our tongues tangled in the heated exchange. Damn, what the hell was going on? I'm making out on my sofa with a man who claims to be the statue I've held for years. Am I going crazy? Who would believe this in a million years if I told them? No one, since I can't even fathom it myself. Still, it felt too good to stop it. If it was really a dream, don't let me wake up.

Santa pulled away from me and stared into my eyes while caressing my bald head. "It's not Jared. I'm telling you the truth. Don't worry about anything right now, let's just enjoy one another, m'kay?"

I only nodded in agreement since I didn't want to talk anymore. Once his mouth crushed with mine again, he reached between us and adjusted his g string, revealing his cock. Reluctantly, I moved so I could get a good look at the heaven he hid behind the red material. Of course, with all the perfection of his body, hair, and eyes, his cock didn't disappoint me. The shaft was so thick and veiny in colors of light pink and purple, oozing pre-cum from the tip. Right then I wanted nothing more to take it between my lips and when I tried to bend my head, he grabbed my shoulders, stopping me from moving forward.

"No," he breathed and removed the string from his body. "I wanna be inside you, Jared. Then we'll taste one another." The gleam in his eye proved to me how serious he was about slipping between my thighs. In all honesty, I agreed since I ached for him to penetrate me, especially after our kiss.

"Okay." We shared another kiss and he knelt on the sofa cushions together. Claus pulled my shirt over my head before he leaned in, giving my nipple a gentle lick.

Just that slightest touch made me flinch because my little nub felt so sensitive. The moment his mouth touched me they hardened and a surge of energy travelled from there to my groin. Shit, I wanted him so badly right now I could taste him. Dad, if this is true what he says about him being the wish you wanted to grant me, thank you! I'll never forget this, even if it is just for tonight. It had been such a long time since I felt someone else's touch or their skin. I'd been horny for weeks and the screws at Manhaus weren't anything special.

Gently, he pushed me back on the couch cushions and again, pressed his mouth on top of mine. Santa pulled my legs up, wrapped them around his waist, and placed my ankles on his shoulders. He teased my puckered hole with his tongue, probing it gently while he fisted my hardened muscle. "Ooh God...fuu..." I stopped short once again from saying something naughty. I couldn't help myself though since the feeling of his mouth on me was better than anything I'd experienced in quite a while.

"Mhmm..." he groaned and continued with his affections. Claus fingered the tip of my length, smearing the juices into my skin. He made a trail from there, to my perineum, and the underside of my shaft. Claus sucked on my balls as if they were a sweet candy, languishing in the tastes, not worrying about the small patches of fuzz.

God for an Angel, he sure is a bit dirty.

This wasn't clean angelic love but rather the kind that makes you ache for hours. What a man. Oh my God, I don't think I want to wake up. I grasped his full head of hair and tangled it between my fingers. I closed my eyes tightly and grit my teeth while he push one inch of himself into me.

"Ah we need a little something." He reached into my side table and retrieved the lube.

Dumbfounded, I stared and I couldn't help but ask. "How did you know I kept that in there?"

While he squeezed some onto his hand, "I've been on the mantel watching you Jared. I know where everything is," he grinned and began smoothing some of the cool substance on my tight orifice.

A part of me wanted to believe all this to be true but I like he said, I wouldn't worry about it now. I'd just enjoy this moment for what it was, a delightful wish that my father granted me for Christmas.

Once he finished, he spread my legs and pressed his shaft into my puckered entry. Claus gazed into my eyes and smiled while he broke the barrier that was seemingly sealed for ages. "Yes, Jared, oooh you're so tight, babe. So good." He shook his head to move the stray black curl from his forehead. I noticed the beads of sweat on his brow and immediately I wanted to lick them.

"Mmmphh..." My cock hardened with every thrust. I clenched my buttocks tightly and met his penetration, thrust for thrust. Feeling my shaft read to explode, I started to jerk it slowly to build a rhythm. No way I'd be able to hold on much longer.

"Jared..." Claus repeated and leaned into me to capture my lips in another searing kiss. He smacked my hand away and picked up the pace. Claus began to rock me so hard, the couch started to protest from the weight. "I want you so badly, Jared. I've waited for this for such a long time."

"Ooh God." I couldn't help but cry out since I felt myself cumming quickly. Small spurts of my liquid stained his stomach and my midsection. Santa continued his assault on my anus. He sped up even more and I could tell he was close.

"Jared, you feel amazing. Just like I thought you would." Again, he crushed my mouth with his and he started to writhe uncontrollably. I moved with him and sensed his hot natural juices flood the inside of my thighs. I grasped his ass and pressed his crotch into mine. We shared another embrace and I felt myself weakening by the minute. What a Christmas gift, an unexpected one but nonetheless very enjoyable.

"Merry Christmas, Jared." Claus' blue gaze caught mine. Softly, he stroked my forehead.

"Same to you...Santa..." I was so drained I couldn't finish the words. Damn, I suppose this means I'm waking up. Oh well, fun while it lasted and I've never had this hot of a vision that it made me instantly tired. Merry Christmas to one and all....

And to all...

A good night...

* * * *

When I woke up I noticed I wasn't on the couch anymore but rather in my bed alone. I sighed and rubbed my eyes knowing that as real as last night's dream seemed it was just that.

A real good dream.

Who knew I had such an overactive imagination? Am I that lonely and desperate to be thinking of Santa Claus becoming a hot man and making hot passionate love to me on my sofa? Regardless I couldn't deny the feeling of being in his arms, his large hands roaming every part of my body. Santa's hard cock thrusting inside the tight space between my thighs. Damn, my cock swelled just thinking about it. Maybe I need to get out more. Still, I enjoyed it a lot despite the fact it was all in my head. Perhaps Mr. Claus will come by and visit me again.

I rubbed my neck since it felt as if I had a cramp. "Ooh..." I groaned from the pain of that and, "What the heck?" When I touched it some more I could swear there were small bumps. Quickly, I jumped out of bed and sprinted to my mirror to take a look. Tiny red marks on both sides including a few on my chest. My buttocks felt sore and my skin sticky from the night before. "Damn, some night..."

"Yeah, it was."

Again that voice from my dreams. The man who claimed to be Santa stood at my doorway. I saw his reflection through the glass and turned to meet his gaze. Have I lost my mind? Am I dreaming again?

"Nope, I told you. I'm your Daddy's last wish and I intend to fulfill my duty as your man for the rest of your life." Santa closed the door behind him and strolled over slowly. His hands caressed my shoulders, gripping them tightly. Claus yanked me into him and covered my lips with his. When he finished, he stroked my head again. "I'm real babe and I'm yours. Merry Christmas."

Still stunned I could do nothing but allow him to continue. Just the feel of his body against mine sent shocks of energy to my nipples and groin. I'd never felt this way about anyone so quickly. Besides that, there was still the small matter that this man claims to be my Santa Claus statue that I've kept on my mantle.

Maybe I have gone nuts but for now, I'll just enjoy my Christmas holiday and worry about my sanity later. Merry Christmas to me and thanks Dad for this delicious gift.

Good things come to those who keep the spirit.



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