My Dad’s best friend Mark

by Jollyrancher

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My dad and his drinking buddies were having a party. I was 18.

I was told that I'd be sleeping in my brother's room because my dad's super hot logger friend was gonna crash in my bed.

Well I heard the party break up and everyone went to bed.

I had to go pee so I walked to the bathroom which was next door to my bedroom.

The door to my room was open and as I walked by there was my dad's friend undressing in my room.

He was standing there with his shirt off and trying to unbutton his pants while attempting to stand still.

He saw me looking at him and he said "hey buuuuddy, can you come hold me up while I get undressed?"

I somehow managed to walk to him with out dropping to my knees and pawing at his crotch.

I walk over to him and I can smell his musky scent and he puts an arm around me and proceeds to try and pop the button on his pants. These were thick carhartt jeans that had the button top and button fly.

He's tugging and tugging and can't seem to get them undone so I reach down and grab the button, he slurs "thanks" my hand "accidentally" slides across his furry belly on the way down. I was intoxicated by his scent.

Anyways, I pull down the button and it pops the top button and the following two allowing me to notice two things. 1. He's not wearing undies, 2. He has a GIANT bush.

Anyways he reaches over and pops the rest of the buttons open.

His pants become loose around his waist.

He starts to slide them down and they get about mid thigh before they tighten up because his thighs are like fucking logs covered in dark fur.

He asks if I can help him pull them down.

So I say, "it may be easier to pull them down if you're sitting".

He says "you're riiiiiiggt!" And sits down bare assed on my bed.

I get down on my knees before him and start to move the pants very slowly down his legs.

He's watching me.

Drunken hazed eyes somehow a little clearer as he follows my hands down his furry legs.

I reach down and pop off his boots.

Slide his socks off.

He lets out a deep sigh.

I grab one pant leg and then the other and slide them off.

He's now naked in my bed and I have the hardest erection of my young life.

He pats me on the shoulder and says “thanks bud”.

And just looks at me for a minute, like he's figuring something out.

He then shakes his head and chuckles a bit

and flops back on the bed, legs hanging to the floor.

I sit in awe, afraid to move. Afraid if I do it'll all end and

I want to drink him in as much as I can

My eyes flow down his body starting at his bearded cleft chin, down his unshaven and stubbly neck, and across the dark mat of chest hair. To each of the pink nipples poking out of the hair. Down his fur covered belly. To the little piece of lint in his belly button. His fur mounds up as my eyes scroll to the top of his penis. His cock, flaccid yet plump lays to the right, the underside of the head peeking out.

His full egg shaped balls sagging in his crotch. I see them rise and fall a little with each breath. 

His thick lumber like thighs covered in fur.

He's snoring now. 

Obviously passed out.

Oblivious as to the outside world.

I wonder, could i touch it?

Would he wake up?

Would he be mad? Why was he staring at me?

Did he want me to?

His snores increase as he stirs in his sleep.

His cock twitches, It's my sign.

I slowly raise my hand.

Bringing it closer to his forbidden fruit.

My heart is racing.

My breathe is quick and shallow.

My hand is almost there.

My eyes dart from his cock to his face, searching for any sign that he's waking.

I'm lightheaded, I t feels like I'm gonna pass out

The tips of my fingers are tickled by his pubic hair.

I know I'm almost there............He stirs.

I pull my hand back.

He settles and I approach again.

This time my fingers lightly touch his cock.

I'm amazed at how warm it is to the touch.

I can feel his heart pulsing under it's flesh.

My fingers trail down his cock to the uncircumcised head poking out.

I've never seen one like this before.

I slowly start to slide the skin back from the head. His thick mushroom head has a very defined hood.

I can only imagine how big he is hard. He's about 4 inches soft and very thick.

I've uncovered the head and I lean in a bit to smell his cock.

It smells like man musk and soap.

My fingers go down to his balls and i cautiously pick them up. They have some weight to them and I can only imagine what they'd feel like slapping my ass or my chin.

I'm starting to worry that I'm gonna get caught so begrudgingly I remove my hand and take a final look at this wonderful man. 

I slowly start to stand up. As I do I grab first one leg and then the other and rest his legs on the bed, turning his body into a more comfortable position.

His cock flops to the left, it's gotten bigger.

It pulses with his heartbeat.

I look at his face and his eyes have opened.


He mumble "thanks buddy" and falls back asleep.

I grab my blanket and take one last look at this God-like creature.

Placing the blanket on his body, I say goodnight.

I back out of the room, turn off the light and shut the door.

I go into the bathroom, momentarily forgetting why I came in the first place.

Oh yeah I have to piss!

I have the biggest hard on I've ever had!

No way it's going to be easy pissing in the toilet. I instead piss in the shower and beat my dick off until I'm shooting giant ropes onto the floor.

I go to my brother's room and slide into my sleeping bag on the floor.

I stay up for hours thinking about what happened.

The next morning I'm the last to arrive to breakfast.

Mom's made eggs and bacon, toast and oj.

I sit across the table from Mark. I'm afraid to look at him, but out of the corner of my eye I see him watching me. 

I steal a glance in his direction and he smiles this knowing smile and winks at me.

I forget to breath.

Stop chewing.

I'm slack-jawed, my mom asks me if I'm ok.

I somehow pull myself out of the daze I was in and smile and say "didn't sleep well Mom".

by Jollyrancher

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