We sat around talking about our first times. I still thought about mine a lot, but had never really talked about it. I had been senior in high school. On the outside, just a normal, average kid. I had a father I despised, who hated me because I didn't play football. I lettered in track, but that wasn't good enough. He took it out on my mother, who had 'ruined' me with piano lessons and other 'shit'...like loving me. The other boys my age had called me names for as long as I could remember. I didn't know why at first, and even when I found out what the names meant, I still didn't know why.

One day in the locker room, a big asshole named (I swear) Butch came over and told me to suck his cock. I stood up, and calmly said if he'd get on his hands and knees I'd be happy to make him my bitch. There was a scattering of laughter, and Butch's fist came right for my face. It never landed. Coach Dennison was there suddenly, his big hand closed around Butch's wrist. Butch had to run laps until he was an old man, I think, and the Coach drove me home to prevent me from getting jumped by any of the asshole's friends.

I invited him in for coffee or something. Dennison had always been kind of an odd guy. Quiet, always fair, dedicated to his job, but separate somehow. I got him settled in the kitchen and we sipped coffee. He looked around, admiring the kitchen. 'Your parents should be home soon,' he said suddenly. I shook my head. 'Out of town for the next two days,' I said. He looked pained, then slowly turned his head to meet my eyes. I swear, I could see into his soul. 'I'm 18,' I said quietly. He shook his head. 'Don't,' he said, his voice cracking. I stood up and walked around the table. He looked up at my eyes, then down at the bulge in my jeans. He moaned, then bent to rub his mouth on the outside of my jeans. He ran it along the bulge as I stood and played with his hair.

He managed to pull his mouth away and stood. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him, thrusting my tongue in deep. He held back at first, but I ground my hips against him and his cock became as hard as a rock. He started to tremble. 'It's been so long,' he whispered. 'So fucking long.' I took off my shirt and shoes and socks, and opened the button of my jeans. He ran his hands over my smooth body, his breathing harsh. I pulled off his shirt, then knelt and took off his shoes and socks. He had a hard, muscular hairy body. I ran my fingers through his chest hair and his nipples hardened. I kept my eyes on his face as I lowered my mouth to his nipple and sucked. He closed his eyes and groaned, and I could feel his big cock twitch. I worked on both nipples, going from one to the other and back again, until he pulled my head away. He kissed me, hard and deep, and one hand worked my jeans open. I wiggled my hips and they slid down. He knelt and worked my briefs over my cock and slid them down. When I was naked, he knelt before me. He stared at my cock, touched it gently with his fingers, then took it in his mouth and sucked so damned hard I exploded cum in him in minutes. He swallowed what he could, then licked me clean, searching my thighs for every drop. He stood licking his lips. 'I needed that,' he said quietly.

I kissed him and sucked his tongue. He picked me up as if I were weightless, and carried me to my bedroom. He put me down on my bed and took off his shorts. I looked at his thick, curly pubic hair and the huge fucking rod he was pointing at me. He had the biggest fucking cock I'd ever heard of. His balls were huge, too, and hairy. I didn't know what I felt looking at him, until I realized my own cock was getting hard again, and I figured that answered any question I might have. I slid off the bed and knelt before him. I looked up at him, asking his permission with my eyes. He let out a sharp breath and the huge swollen cockhead seemed to throb. I used both hands on him, licking and nibbling on it until I got it wet enough to take some of it in my mouth and suck it. There was no way I could take all of it. I sucked it, relaxing, letting as much of it slide in as I could. He wouldn't let me take it too deep. I closed my eyes and sucked dreamily, stroking him, listening to him breathe. I fingered his huge balls, and slid an hand around to rub his ass. He had two huge fists resting on my head as he tried to hold off his orgasm for as long as he could. It had been a long time for him, and he couldn't hold off for long. His balls were so full and ready to burst. He came in silence, spurting long pulses of cum into my mouth. My mouth filled and overflowed. I swallowed what I could but most leaked out, streaming down my chin and dripping on my chest.

He fell back to the bed with a thud and lay still, smiling up at the ceiling. He threw a hand out and touched me. I sat beside him, rubbing his cum over my face and chest with gentle circles of my fingertips. He looked at me finally and smiled. His face was relaxed, and he looked young and happy. 'You're a disgrace,' he said. 'Look at you. All covered with cum.' He sat up and started to run his tongue all over my body, lapping up his own cum. He licked me clean, and into a hot, nasty state of arousal. He kissed me, then bit on my neck, gently but enough to leave a mark, sliding his mouth down to my nipples. He sucked and pinched until my back arched and I begged him to fuck me. He liked that, so I kept it up. I begged him to fuck me, to pop my cherry, to be the first one to pound his huge cock in my tight ass. I wanted him to fuck me, to cum in me, to pour all his hot cream up my hole.

He flipped me over and massaged my ass with his strong hands. I felt small and helpless at that point, and the feeling thrilled me. I lay on my stomach with my legs spread wide, and told him my ass was his...he could do anything to it he wanted. Anything. He laid his entire muscular body on me and held my wrists down. I could feel his huge balls between my legs, and his hard cock along the crack of my ass. 'Yes,' he said calmly. 'I can do anything I want to you.' I was on fire and wiggled my ass against his cock and balls, wanting whatever he chose to do to me more than I've ever wanted anything.

He weight disappeared, and I felt his mouth on my ass, licking and nibbling, then parting my cheeks and tongue fucking my hole. I rose up on my hands and knees, begging him to fuck me. He kept one hand on my ass, dragging his fingernails along my skin, making me quiver as the other hand opened and searched the drawers in my nightstand. He found what he knew would be there, and squeezed lubricant on his index finger. He rubbed it against my hole, gently at first, around the outside, then slowly penetrated. He pushed it all the way in, then drew it out. He finger fucked my ass until I was shaking and begging. He added another finger and kept pumping me. It was ecstasy and I thrust back against him to take his big hand as deep as possible. My balls felt heavy and full.

I could feel him pumping his cock with his other hand. It sounded so slippery. I ached for him to penetrate me. His fingers withdrew carefully and I felt the huge swollen head against my hole. Part of me said my little cherry opening couldn't take him, he was too fucking big. The rest of me howled 'Do it!' at the top of my lungs. As careful as he was, it hurt like hell having that monster of a cock put in my ass. I had the odd thought that my cherry wasn't being popped...it was being squashed. I started to laugh helplessly, and that probably saved me from permanent injury. He began to laugh, too, and our shaking bodies managed to work into some serious fucking as our brains went from funny to hot and nasty.

He fucked me deep and slow, and I could hardly believe it when his damn fuckstick began to swell. I was about to tell him I couldn't take anymore when he grabbed my hips and pulled me close, thrusting deep and holding it. He flooded me, pulse after pulse that I took deep. I filled, and overflowed, feeling it drip down my thighs. I was so startled that I shot my own cum all over the sheets. He was still cumming as I began, and I said a lot of things to him, and he responded in kind. We collapsed together.

After I told the story, I poured myself some more wine and looked across the room 'Did I get it right?' I asked. Dennison grinned at me and nodded.


Morgan Grayson

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