My name is Bo. Several months ago at a Saturday collegiate swimming meet, I took first place defeating the two-year champion in the very competitive springboard finals. It was a major upset as the current champion was a heavy favorite to repeat. The excitement and thrill of the victory so overtook my coach that when I exited the pool he grabbed me and hugged me with such force that his huge cock drove straight into my crotch and big cock. As we stood behind a wall and without any warning, Coach Anton slid his hand inside my tight fitting swimming trunks and grabbed hold of my growing wet cock as both our cocks became erect. The feeling was so awesome and titillating that we could not break the embrace for an uncomfortable amount of time with the risk of getting caught. We were fortunate that we were standing behind a large swimming structure out of view of the other swimmers and the audience. I never wanted Coach Anton to take his hands off my cock or out of my trunks. His hand was so soft and sexy. My oozing pre-cum mixed with my wet swim trunks.No one saw our huge bulges when we broke the embrace.

Pure animal lust gripped us and we were no longer capable of controlling our horny need for each others' body. We had to escape the scene and find a place to make wild hot man on man sex. I sucked on Coach's fingers to taste my pre-cum.

Without changing out of my swimming trunks, I gathered up my street clothes and jumped into Coach Anton's van. We went directly to his hotel room. We needed each others' body as our libidos were raging. I had never been more horny or lustful of a man's body and yea it was my coach.

As we entered the hotel room, Coach Anton glared at me, his 22-year-old college senior, who stood 5' and 10", weighed a slim 150 pounds, tanned hairless body, rigged muscled frame, light brown hair, brown eyes, great swimmer's body, nice hard biceps, long legs and a huge 8-inch bulge in my trunks trying to escape the tight fit. I was a hot athlete.

Coach Anton, still a very great and active swimmer, stood 6-feet, weighed a slim 165 pounds, hairless body, blond hair, blue eyes, and as I would learn had a hard 9-inch cock with a big cock shaft and low hanging big balls. I had seen him naked in the locker room at the college. The rumor on campus was that he had fucked a number of the athletes on several sports teams (especially some of the studs on the wrestling and football teams) at the college. But no one was admitting to having been bred by this hunk. The rumor was that he had a special liking for the hard bodies and cocks of wrestlers. But it was about to be his bitch tonight---I guess he liked swimmers also.

With lust driving us crazy, I got out of my trunks while the Coach in record time took off all his clothes. We then stood there in our birthday suits glaring at each others over-heating bodies and lust for each other. Any gay man or maybe even some straight dudes would crave such perfect specimens of the male sex. We had hot cocks and gorgeous asses. Dream on you hot readers for our bodies. I bet you are horny as hell and wanking that rock hard leaking cock right now. Are you? We would know how to make you see stars and shoot the biggest load of your life.

The Coach put his hands behind my strong neck and drew my face and lips up against his sexy juicy pink lips. The smell of his breath as he plunged his tongue inside my mouth caused my carnal desires to overtake me. We took turns kissing and sucking on each others' hot tongues as our rock hard cocks pressed against our bodies. The feel of the hot cocks was intoxicating. The pre-cum began to leak over our abs and pubic hair. We violently kissed and humped for several minutes as we moved over to the bed.

Coach Anton took charge and sat down on the edge of the bed and in a sexy voice said: " Bo, let me examine that gorgeous cock, nuts and finally that rose bud of yours. Wow, glamour boy, look at that V-shaped pulsating vein running down your hot thick cock shaft. Hell, your cock head and half of your shaft are totally white and the lower half of your cock is a beautiful brown. Your balls are so tight up against your smooth body. Man, I can hardly wait to suck that huge cock and have us fuck. Now turn around and let me see that gorgeous bubble ass. Gee it is so smooth and hairless. Look, it is covered with a large ring of pink flesh at the entrance. Has any cock ever broke that ring for you? Oh shit, look at that tattoo of a small butterfly just above your man pussy. I'm about to come just examining your crotch. It is the best one I've ever seen."

"Oh Coach, I must admit that no cock has been in my man pussy or broken that ass ring. I've sucked cock and been sucked but I have a virgin ass. Do you want your cock to be the first one to split my ass ring? Oh Coach, I want you to suck my cock and fuck me. I've never been so horny and lustful for a man. I'm in a state of homoerotic euphoria."

"Yea, my peach, my hot athlete, I want to fuck that virgin pussy."

Anton got off the bed and had me to stand with my back up against the bedroom wall. He got down on his knees and began to slide one sweaty hand up and down on my rock hard cock shaft as he used his other hand to fondle my red hot balls.. Soon he took the tip of my wet cock into his mouth and began a series of licking and sucking it. My cock just experienced a flood of more blood rushing into the shaft as I became stone hard. Then he slowly took my 8-icnh rod down his throat until he had the monstrous tool deep in his throat. He spent the next several minutes thrusting, bobbing and spitting all over my cock. The blowjob was noisy and sloppy that had ever nerve ending in my cock spasming.

"Oh my god, Coach, you're a terrific cock sucker. Do you like my big cock down your throat? How does my pre-cum taste? Does it taste good?"

The Coach could only grunt and hum as his mouth was filled to the brim with my red hot pulsating cock stuffed deep into his throat. I was oozing pre-cum like crazy. I felt him swallowing my seed. I violently thrust my hips forward to drive my cock deeper into his throat. The arousal became so strong for the Coach that he began spanking my ass cheeks out of pure lust. Soon my ass cheeks were blood red from the erotic spanking from his hands.

"Coach stop or I'm going to come. I want you to fuck my virgin ass."

The Coach had me face the wall and I felt his fingers enter my pulsating ass. He finger fucked my tight ass using lube to pry open the ass ring preparing my ass for his 9-inch snake. Before long, he began to use his sharp long tongue to lick up and down my ass crack. He rotated between licking my ass crack and sucking on my hard nuts. Soon he was so horny that he stood up, spread his legs and began inserting his rock hard cock inch by inch into my ass channel after breaking loose my ass ring at the entrance to my pussy. This drove me crazy with lust as no cock had ever been in this dark private hole of mine. My first fuck with my handsome experienced fucking Coach, wow was this great. I spread my legs far apart and stuck my ass out to make his cock move in and out.

He placed his hands on my shoulders as he speed up thrusting his cock in and out of his new found virgin ass and fuck buddy. I felt his hot breath on my neck making me even more horny. I felt hm use his tongue to suck on my earlobes.

From time to time, I turned my face around to face him as our lips and tongues mingled in hot sloppy kissing as he continued to pile drive his big wood deep into my insides. He fucked me for the longest time. After awhile, I felt his cock head swell, his thrusts became more rapid, his breathing became more intense, with his chest pressed against my back, then I felt his heart beat become rapid thus I knew he was ready for an oncoming orgasm. Soon he ejaculated with a mother load of sticky thick cum inside my man pussy. WOW, it felt and smelt so awesome.

The Coach pulled out his still semi-hard cock out of my ass, had me turn around, face him, get down on my knees, take his cum covered cock in my mouth and suck it clean. His cum tasted warm, thick and salty on my tongue. He had been a producer of a major supply of man seed (protein).

It was now my turn to fuck him.

I had him get on the bed on his back, spread his sexy legs far apart and I got between his beautiful hard thighs and I began to kiss and lick up and down his ass crack. He had a very smooth ass with a pinkish ass ring. I put his legs and feet up on my shoulders, put a pillow under his ass, used a strawberry tasting lube for his ass chute and my cock. I slowly entered his ass with my throbbing cock with his ass puckering with pleasure for my cock. The feel of all the contractions in the flesh caused me to drive all the way into his man pussy. Soon I was pile driving my cock deeper and deeper into his private ass.

As an experienced bottom and also top, the Coach used his muscles to massage my cock in his pussy. Soon his muscles squeezed hard on my cock making me ready to come. But I wanted to fuck him from a different position. I pulled out and got ready for another position.

I rested to let my cock stabilize from a near orgasm and calm down. I used the time to rim his ass with my tongue and also finger his wide open experienced ass.

I prepared the Coach to get in an unusual fucking position only possible by a well-trained athlete like myself or Coach Anton. He got on his back on the bed, lifted his legs and feet up over his head, placed his feet at the top of the headboard and I put a huge set of pillows under his upper back. His ass was then so high in the air that his ass was vertical to the ceiling. I stood up over his ass with my now raging hard cock ready to enter his ass from above. I placed my feet on each side of his ass as I stood on the bed. I began to drive my cock downward into the waiting exposed ass. I furiously drove in and out in a pile driving or jack hammering set of piston motions. He was at my mercy. The fucking position caused my cock to go so deep into his guts where no cock had ever been before although he had been fucked many times by other athletes. He began to moan and grunt and yell. We both were on fire.

I was so hot that I said: "You whore, take my cock. Be a man and ask me to fuck you harder. Do you like my python deep in your ass? Tell me you like it, you slut."

Hell yes, fuck me, harder and harder, give me all you have. Come in my ass. I want your warm semen in me. Climax in my man pussy. Give me all your big load, you fucking bitch. I love your big cock in me."

The exchange of dirty talk put me over the edge. I erupted with a flood of a week's built up salty cum down his ass chute. I counted six big bursts and several smaller drops before I was spent. I pulled out, lowered his body onto the bed on his back, put my cock to the entrance to his lips, parted his lips with my cock and squeezed hard on my cock providing him so last drops from my cock. I kissed him as he spit into my mouth. We weer now fuck buddies but would he be satisfied with one man. I don't think so.

We showered and went to bed. I was dead tired from the swim meet and all the fucking. I was asleep in a couple of minutes.

About 6 AM I was awaken from the feel of a cock spooning my behind.

"Coach, do you want more cock and ass. Man, you must be the horniest guy on campus. I'd love more fucking before breakfast. Maybe we can break some type of record fucking, sucking cock and coming today? What do you think?"

"Hell yea Bo, get on your back and let me fuck you doggie style."

As I felt his now stone hard cock enter my sore ass, I said: "Gee Coach, give me that big cock. Feed me some more protein for energy today."

We spent the entire day sucking and fucking. I think we fucked one another five times that day and had lots of sucking cock. This was the best sex and great supply of cum. Yea, two cum sluts.


Naughty Eric


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