By Mighty Mouth

            Steve was my best buddy in college. We had classes together, hung around after school, and had many great times. My name is Bobby, by the way, and I am now 40 years old. Steven didn’t know that I was gay.  When he asked me about girls, I told him that I wanted to concentrate on my studies and not bother with girls till later. I also reminded him that I had a very limited budget, and couldn’t afford to wine and dine girls.

            When we graduated, we parted ways. He went to live in a city some 500 miles distant, and I got a good job offer in our home town. He married soon after getting his new job, and had a girl and a boy. The girl was older. I don’t travel much except on my vacations, and I usually like to go abroad. The last time I saw Steve was eight years ago, when he came back to visit, and brought his entire family. His son, Richard, was ten years old. Needless to say, I didn’t even give the boy a second glance, other than to be formal. Fortunately Steve has stopped asking me questions about my girl-dating. Whether he suspected anything, he didn’t let on.

            One evening recently I got a phone call from Steve. He said, “Richard wants to return to his Dad’s home town and go to the same college we went to.” I replied that I thought that great news.  I asked if Richard already had a place to stay. The answer was no, and that was the main purpose of his phone call to me.

            “Can he stay with you until he finds a place and a job?” Steve asked.

            “That’s OK by me, but you know that I have a small apartment and only one bed, which is a double one.”

            “I don’t see any problem with that,” Steve replied.

            “I don’t either,” I answered, as I chuckled under my breath.

            A couple days later Richard phoned me to say that he would arrive the next day in the evening, after along day’s drive. He had a strong masculine voice, obviously a boy no longer.  I assured him that it was fine, and if he arrived late, I’d wait up for him.

            At ten p.m. the next day, my apartment bell rang, and I buzzed Richard in. When I opened my apartment door, I was totally unprepared for what I saw, and almost passed out. What was in front of me was a very handsome youth, some six feet tall, with a muscular body, carrying two heavy suitcases. But I quickly regained my composure, and welcomed Richard in. He seemed to be a self-assured person, but obviously a bit shy arriving at the home of an older man he hardly remembered.

            “This my humble abode.  I hope you realize that I have only bed,” I apologized.

            “That’s fine with me. I’m dead tired from driving all day.”

            “Can I feed you?” I asked

            “No, I stopped about two hours ago to eat, and so I’m OK” was his reply.

            “Then I hope you won’t mind if we turn in already. It’s already after my bedtime. As you see the air conditioner is on because it’s hot, but I also I like to sleep under a blanket year-round. I just sleep in my shorts,” I explained.

            Smiling broadly, he answered, “No problem, I do the same.”

            I stripped and got onto the right side of the bed, which is where I usually sleep. Then he turned his back and off came his t-shirt. “What a beautiful back,” I thought. I love men’s backs as much as I admire their pecs and washboard stomachs. Next the pants came off, revealing gorgeous muscular thighs and calves.

            Then he turned around, and all he had on were bikini-like shorts that seemed to have a coiled-up snake in them. Of course I knew his snake wouldn’t bite me, nor would I bite it if I could get it into my mouth.

            He crawled into bed, but I wasn’t about to let him go to sleep quickly. So I began pumping him with questions. “Do you have a girl friend?” I asked

            “Well, yes sorta, but it’s not real serious,” came the reply.

            “If I may be so bold to ask, do you get to make it with her?” I “queeried.”

            “Oh, no. She wouldn’t hold still for that”

            Then I said, with some sympathy in my voice, “So what do you do for sex?”

            He hesitated a bit then kinda almost whispered, “I use my hand a lot.”

            “Well, there’s nothing wrong with that.  It’s normal. But I’ll bet you wish you could use a friendly pussy or even a mouth for your pleasure.”

            “Yeah, that would be great. I haven’t had much of either.

            “Well, have you ever had a blow job,” I asked cautiously.

            “No, to be honest with you, I haven’t,” he sighed.

            “Wow, you don’t know what you’re missing,” I assured him.

            “Yeah, I hear other guys say that too, but I just don’t have many chances.”

            “Did you know that a guy can suck dick better than a woman? Some guys can even swallow entirely the biggest dicks, “I offered.

            “Well, in my case I don’t think that would be possible.  I’m pretty big down there.”

            I asked curiously, “Would you let a guy do it?”

            “I never thought about it before. I guess if I was really horned up, I would. I’m a liberal guy,” he said a little proudly.

            I couldn’t resist asking, “I’ll bet you are getting a hard on with all of this sex talk.”

            “Yeah, somewhat.”

            I told him, “I’ve got an idea, why don’t you take your shorts off and free that big guy from prison?”

            “Well, I’m kinda embarrassed an’ all. We hardly know each other, and you are a friend of my Dad.”

            I quickly assured him, “Your Dad doesn’t need to know anything about this. I’m certainly not going to tell him, and I doubt if you will either.”

            “You can bet on that,” he answered. With that, he reached under the cover, pulled off his shorts and threw them on the floor. Maybe he was expecting or hoping something might happen. I knew that I had a captive.

            Then I did what any hungry cocksucker would do.  I reached over and grabbed his growing prick. He seemed stunned.

            “You?” he exclaimed loudly and incredulously.

            “Yes, me, I’m a great cocksucker and would love to give you a blow job.”

            He pretended to push my hand away from his dick, but it was just a gesture, as I gently began masturbating him. When his dick got rock-hard, I said, I’m gonna throw back the cover and slide down on the bed until my head is at your cock level. Then you turn over on your side. Little did he know that he would receive a gum job, as I have full dentures, which I had slyly removed before going to bed.

            We threw back the covers, and I slid down to his now-hard cock-level. Instead of devouring my prey like a hungry lion, I decided to take it a little at a time. I took just the mushroom head in my mouth and gently sucked on it. He didn’t give any reaction. Then slowly, stroke by stroke, I went a little further down on his dick until I finally reached bottom.

            He yelled out, “Holt shit! I don’t believe you did that. I thought that would be impossible.”

            “Not with me,” I replied,”I’ve had lots of experience.” Then I grabbed one of his pretty ass cheeks and pulled him deep into my throat. He quickly got caught into the rhythm and began to push my head onto his prick.

            “Jesus,” he explained. “I never dreamed a blow job could be this good. I’m not gonna last very long. This is so much better than jerking off.”

            And sure enough, within at the most four minutes, he filled my throat with his warm milk, sighing heavily as he came.

            Then I pulled up the cover, and we both fell fast asleep.

To be continued....





Mighty Mouth


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