In my freshman year of high school, I knew that I was different from the other guys in my school. I wasn't all that interested girls, but totally enjoyed seeing the other boys nude gym class. I would constantly steal glances at their cocks and wonder what they would look like when hard.

As soon as school was over, I'd hurry home and before dad got home from work, I'd visualize the guys nude, I'd jerk off a couple of times, sending my loads out onto my stomach.

I was on the football team and in my senior year, I knew I wanted to experience sex with another male, be it a fellow student or an older man. Our football coach, Jim Davis, was in his early thirties, extremely muscular, and single. His shorts were usually snug but not always, and frequently showed a nice bulge in them.

Another hot guy was Cory Sims, our star quarterback. He was a great layer and everyone knew that he'd probably get a football scholarship to college. He, too, was well built and had a nice tool between his legs.

During our junior year, I noticed that he and Coach Davis were always together in the coach's office after practice.

Our senior year started and their closeness remained. When asked why he and our coach were always together, Cory would simply say that Coach was just helping him get his scholarship to college.

During the third week of school, I decided to work out late in the weight room. Everyone else had left and I thought I was alone. Then I heard their voices coming from the locker room. I stopped and eased over to the door where I could secretly see them.

"You got a few minutes, Cory?" Coach asked, as he stepped up close to Cory, facing him.

"For you, Coach, always," Cory replied, moving forward so that his body was pressed against Coach Davis.

Coach smiled, and leaned his head forward as Cory did the same. Their lips met and I saw them begin to exchange tongues. As the kissed, each began fondling the others crotch. My own cock instantly became rock hard.

I watched as Coach led Cory to his office. Once they had entered, I eased around long the wall, staying out of their view, until I was next to the window looking out from the office into the equipment area.

As I peered into the office, I saw them kissing again as they undressed each other. soon, they were both naked and coach began licking his way down Cory's body. Seconds later, I watched as Coach swallowed Cory's long hard cock and began sucking him. Before long, Coach pulled back and as he stroked Cory's cock he held his mouth open waiting for the load. Cory soon climaxed sending most of his load into coach's mouth and some onto the coach's cheek.

Coach Davis hungrily swallowed Cory's load and as Coach Davis stood up, I was shocked to see Cory lick the remainder of his load off of coach's cheek and swallow it. Cory then knelt and began sucking Coach's impressive hard cock. Then, after a few moments Cory stopped and, as he looked up at Coach Davis, said, "I can't decide if I want to eat your load today or feel it shoot up my ass."

"Your choice stud," Coach Davis told him.

Cory smiled and as he stood up he said, "Today, I think I want your big load up my ass."

He turned around and bent over the coach's desk. Coach Davis got behind him as squatted down and began licking Cory's hole, then deposited a large quantity of spit on it. Standing, he began sliding his cock into Cory's hole as Cory moaned softly saying how great it felt.

Coach fucked Cory in steady pistoning movements and soon climaxed up his ass. I was steadily stroking my cock and soon climaxed, shooting my built up load out in long thick ropes, some onto the window and the rest into a puddle on the floor.

As Coach Davis pulled out of Cory's ass he said, "Next time, I want you to fuck me, but for now we better get going before someone gets suspicious about us being here so late."

I hurried away silently, hiding in a nearby closet. With the door ajar just enough for me to see when they left, I watched, my heart beating rapidly.

The exited the coach's office and suddenly coach froze in his tracks and began looking around.

"Cory, we got problems."

"What's wrong, Coach?"

"Look. Someone was here watching us," he said, pointing out my cum on the window and the puddle on the floor. "We better cool it for a while."

They left and when I was sure they were out of the gym, I came out and waited another hour before easing out of the gym through the door that led into the hallway. I made my way to the front entrance and out the front doors. I went to the student parking area and left the campus, passing the teacher's lot. Off in the distance, I could see the coach sitting in his car watching the gym door.

The rest of the week, I watched Cory and Coach Davis more closely and saw the way they looked at each other. It was obvious that they were both nervous as hell. If their activities were known, it could mean the end of coach's career and the end of Cory's chance at a scholarship.

Back during the summer just before the school year started, Dad would come and watch our practices. I noticed that he and Coach Davis had become somewhat friendly, but never any closeness. Dad wasn't that way. Dad said to me that he had talked to Coach Davis about me playing football in college and would I be good at it. I knew then that that was as far as their relationship went.

I continued to stay late, hiding in the gym, hoping to catch them again. Nothing happened.

I wanted desperately to experience sex with Coach Davis and Cory. I decided to make my move.

I stayed late and Coach Davis saw me working out in the weights.

"Mark, you know the rules. You're always supposed to have someone with you as a spotter."

"Sorry, coach," I said. "I wasn't going to over do it."

"Rules are rules, Mark."

"Well, if you have time, would you be my spotter?"

"Yea, I guess I can. I have nothing planned this afternoon."

When his back was turned, I quickly reached up the legs of my shorts and quickly shoved my jock aside, allowing my cock and balls total freedom under my shorts.

I lay on the bench and as I started my work out, coach Davis stood at my head where I could clearly see up the legs of his shorts. As I worked out and looked up at his jock, my cock began to slowly stiffen. I could tell that he was watching it and that his own cock was stiffening also.

I paused in my workout and before he could step back, I quickly slid my hand up the leg of his shorts and felt his hard cock.

"What are you doing, Mark?" he asked stepping back out of reach.

"Just checking. Your in the same shape I'm in."

"That's none of your business. I'm your coach and your my student. That's the way it has to be."

"No it doesn't," I said as I got up and walked up to him. I could see desire yet hesitation in his eyes. "No one else is around," I said, quickly leaning forward and pressing my lips to his in my first man kiss. I offered my tongue and he slowly responded for a second then pulled back.

"Mark, we can't do this," he said as I began rubbing his hard cock.

"Why not. You know you want it. So do I."

"It's just not right."

"Let,s go to your office," I said.

He reluctantly followed and as soon as we entered, I immediately jerked off my tee shirt then pushed my shorts and jock to the floor stepping out of them, my hard cock pointing forward.

"Oh shit!' he exclaimed.

I stepped up to him and again kissed him and as I did, I quickly pulled his shorts and jock down. He didn't resist and I knew I had him. Seconds later he was totally nude also.

"Mark, you know this has to be kept just between us."

"It will be," I said, "but I have a confession."

"What kind of confession?"

"I've wanted sex with another guy since I was a freshman but never had the chance. Today, I couldn't resist myself. Please let me see what it's like."

With that, I knelt in front of him and took his hard cock into my mouth. I loved the feeling and began sucking him as he moaned softly. I soon brought him to his climax and as his cock exploded into my mouth, I gagged slightly then began swallowing it all. I knew that instant that I was hooked on sucking cock.

I stood and we kissed again before I said, "Please do me."

He dropped to his knees and swallowed my cock and sucked me to a roaring climax. It was the most awesome climax I had ever had. After swallowing, he stood and said, "Was that really your first time sucking a guy?"

"Yes, it was and my first time being sucked."

"What made you think I'd go along with it?"

"You and Cory do it, so why shouldn't you do it with me also."

"What makes you think Cory and I do it?" he asked nervously.

"You remember the cum you saw on the window and on the floor? It was mine."

"Mother fuck! You saw us?"

"I saw it all. I wanted to join you then."

"Hole shit! I'm not believing this."

"Coach, you and Cory have nothing to worry about. I have no plans on saying anything to anyone, but I would like to join you and Cory sometime."

"Let me think it over," he said.

"And I definitely want to do it again with you?"

"Maybe," he said. Then after a moment, he asked, "Mark, does your dad know anything about your desires?"

"Hell no. He would probably disown me."

"I just wondered," he said.

"Coach, thanks for showing me what it's like."

"Well, I have to admit that I sure enjoyed it. Let's wait and see what happens in the future."

"Okay," I said before kissing him again. this time the kiss was much more passionate and I loved it. We dressed and left the gym.

A couple of days later, Cory came up to me and began chatting, saying we needed to get to know each other better and become close friends. I knew coach had told him about what had happened.

That Friday, coach pulled me aside in the gym and asked, "Would you like to come to my place tomorrow afternoon and watch the ball game on TV?"

"Sure," I said.

"Here's my address," he said handing me a piece of paper, "but don't tell anyone, including your dad, where your going. Just having you at my place could get us both in trouble."

"Understood," I said. "What time?"


I nodded and left and the next day I just told dad that I was going to meet some buds from school and watch the game.

I arrived at Coach's house and saw Cory's car in the drive. My heart began racing.

I knocked and Coach let me in. Cory was on the sofa and seeing me said, "Hey Mark. Glad you could make it."

I sat on the sofa down from Cory. Coach told us that when we were alone we could call him Jim.

He got the three of us a soda and as we sat talking, Cory stood and began stripping. A second later Jim did the same. I picked up on it and began stripping also. I knew we weren't there to watch football.

Soon we were all nude and Cory moved over closer to me and as he began fondling my stiffening cock, he leaned over and we began kissing. As we kissed, Jim dropped to the floor between us and began sucking on our cocks, alternating between mine and Cory's.

After the kiss, Cory said, "I understand your new to al this."

"Yes, I am. When I was with Jim a few days ago, that was my one and only time with another male."

"Well, we're willing to let you try anything you want. Just let us know."

I leaned over as Jim sucked on my cock and began sucking Cory. He moaned softly and said, "Damn nice for a beginner." Then he stopped Jim and he and i got into a sixty-nine and as we sucked each other Jim began eating my ass. I was in heaven.

Cory and I both soon climaxed and after swallowing, I began sucking Jim as Cory ate his ass. After taking Jim's load i wanted to see what it was like to eat a man's ass so I dove into Cory's and it was awesome.

Later, Jim said he wanted us to fuck him. Cory told me to go first and as Jim lay on his back with his legs pulled up I got into position and began sliding my cock into his ass. I loved it and soon was fucking his ass in deep steady thrust as Cory and I kissed. After I filled Jim's ass with my load, Cory took over and deposited his up Jim's ass.

Afterward, I asked Cory when and how he started with guys. He said he was thirteen when he and a bud were caught jerking together by his buds older brother who had them both suck him off. He said it became a regular thing and the brother soon started fucking them. he said he and his bud would both fuck the brother and the brother would suck them.

"How did you and Jim start?" I asked.

"It was at the end of my sophomore year. I had left some things in the gym one day after school and when i went back to get them I caught him nude in his office jerking off to a gay porn magazine. i made the advances and soon was sucking him off after which he sucked me off. It went from there."

I asked about getting fucked and was told that the first few times the entry would hurt like hell but that the pain would turn to pleasure. I said I wanted to try it and Jim suggested Cory go first since his cock was slimmer.

Jim got some lube and moments later Cory was beginning his entry. It did indeed hurt like hell but I was determined to go all the way. Cory went slow and took his time, letting me adjust. After a while the pain left and sure enough, it was all pleasure. After Cory shot his load up me I told Jim to fuck me. I soon had Jim up my ass and before long I felt his nice thick load exploding deep into me.

I finally left Jim's at almost seven after sucking both a few times, them sucking me and us all fucking each other. At one point, as I fucked Jim, Cory was fucking me.

After that, almost every Saturday, Cory and I would meet at Jim's and we'd have a hot three-way. And on many Wednesdays we'd have sex in Jim's office after school.

I was now totally gay and when I could I was finding sex with other guys at a local park. I couldn't get enough cock to suck.

One weekend Cory had invited me to go camping with him on some property his parents owned. We left on Friday afternoon but mid morning on Saturday sudden unexpected storms moved in and we decided to return home. Friday night had been fun with lots of sucking and fucking but with the downpours, we gave up and returned home.

I pulled into the drive at home and saw Jim's car in the drive. I was curious but didn't think much of it. At least not until I walked into the house.

I heard moans coming from dad's bedroom and knew immediately they were moans of pleasure. I eased to the door and found dad and Jim in a sixty-nine while one of dads co-workers was fucking dad in the ass.

I watched a few seconds in stunned amazement before easing back into the living room. Then and there I made my decision to come out to dad.

I stripped totally nude and with my hard cock pointing the way I went directly into dad's room and was half way to the bed before I said, "May I join the fun?"

Everyone froze is shocked terror. Dad looked at me like a deer caught in a car's headlights, not knowing what to do.

The guy pulled out of dad's ass as he and Jim separated. Looking at dad, I said, "May I take over?"

I immediately swallowed dad's thick now semi-hard cock and began sucking it. As I sucked, I got into a sixty-nine and shoved my cock into my dads face. He soon swallowed it and I paused to tell the man to continue fucking dad and for Jim to fuck me. we all soon climaxed just moments apart. It was awesome eating my dad's huge load and knowing he was eating mine.

After we all climaxed, Jim and Tom, dad's co-worker, excused themselves and went to the living room. Dad and I talked and told each other about how and when we started with guys. Dad and Tom had been at it for almost five years a few times a month. Tom was married but enjoyed the pleasures of another man on occasion. And Jim and dad had been at it for almost two years after running into each other at a local adult video store.

Dad and I went out to the living room and joined Tom and Jim. Dad said he wanted to watch me in action so as I sucked Jim, Tom fucked my ass. Later I watched dad suck them both.

After that day, dad and I had sex daily with either Jim or Tom joining us on weekends. When Jim would come over I usually invited Cory.

Cory and I graduated and Cory got his scholarship and we were room mates in college, continuing our sexual pleasures daily. Jim and dad became lovers, with Jim moving in with dad. Cory was drafted to play pro football and since I had my degree in finance, I became his financial advisor as well as his lover. Of course, no one knew he was gay. It would have ruined his career.

When Jim and Dad visit us we have wild four-ways and relish in talking about our school days and the fun we had in the gym.




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