My close friend Terry and I were in his basement playing cards and watching TV when he suddenly reached over and put my hand on his groin, "Touch my crotch," he said.

The truth was I could only have dreamt of a moment like this happening. I had been wanking for weeks before that to a dick pic Terry posted jokingly to his Twitter account. I knew how hung Terry was before that though, because I'd see him packing a huge bulge in his sweatpants when we'd play sport. So the pic he'd posted turned me on even more.

"Touch your crotch, Terry? Why do you want me to touch your crotch?" I said, acting shocked.

"I want to shave my pubes off. I think they're too bushy. I've shaved them off completely once before, and I liked it better when I was smooth down there," he said.

"That's why you want me to feel your crotch? You want my advice? Are you serious?" I added.

I could tell by the way Terry reacted half smiling, that he meant more by asking the question because I could feel his cock go hard under my hand. Terry didn't just have an amazingly beautiful dick, he was also really handsome: curly hair, extremely tall, with a nice face. Lightly tanned with a strong, lean and toned body most guys envy. Terry was also straight and a well-known ladies man so the question came as a shock but before I could say anything, Terry he used my hand to help his pants down and he pulled his dick out.

"What do you think? To bushy?" he questioned as we both started laughing.

"Not too bushy," I said, pausing for a second. "I wish I had more to say, man, but I think your pubes are fine," I said after a moment of awkward silence fell over the room.

"I know that I don't need to shave, man. I was just joking," he said, and then lay back on the couch, put his hands behind his head and spread his legs apart. He pulled his pants off completely and started playing with himself as I started to run my fingers along his asscrack and rim his hole with my tongue, eventually burying my face deep between his cheeks.

After a few minutes of rimming and him jacking himself off, he said, "Ah, fuck that feels good! I think I'm going to cum!" as his body began to spasm and he eventually came on his tummy.

Makes me smile each time I think back on that day. I imagine how much fun it would have been to have the chance to fuck Terry that day. I imagine what it would have been like to bury my cock deep inside his hole . The thought of it gets me rock hard just thinking about it.




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