I lay there in the bed exhausted, his full weight now laying on me, his cock still deep inside me. The burning fire of his explosion of cum still sending its flames into my body. My thoughts raced through my mind, wondering how this had happened, how I could let another man penetrate me like this, how I allowed myself to be used in such a way.

I remembered screaming as he entered me, crying out in terrible pain as the head of his cock pushed past the muscles of my virgin ass, as he held onto me by the hair of my head and grunted and pushed into me, his huge cock breaking into me by the force of his brute strength, and then I recalled how I cried out for more as he worked his way into my deepest parts and into my very soul, ramming and pounding into me until I was pushing back in a frenzy of passion seeking everything he had promised me.

The explosion of his cum, as it blasted into my bowels set me in a different place, a place I had never been before. Somehow in all this, I had my own explosion of love juices and I lay in a pool of my own cum, spread over my belly as I writhed about under his assault.

We lay like that for what seemed like an hour. I slept in little quick naps, waking to his body movements as he slept in a deep slumber of peace...

Now he was awake and I felt that hardness again growing inside me, the silence only broken by the ocean waves crashing into the rocks outside the bungalow windows. He slowly lifted himself up on his elbows and surveyed my broken body under him. Her gave a push against my ass and I felt the strength, the power of his body as he ground against me with a grunt of pleasure...no words just his animal instincts taking hold again as he pulled my hips up to him and held me there by my hips, impaled on his 10 inch cock, this instrument of my destruction.

It was easier now, my slot filled to overflowing with the fruit of his power, his cum seeping out and running down my legs.

I grunted with each slam of his body into me, falling into a rhythm as he took his time now, taking long, smooth strokes, burying each thrust deep into me, his balls slapping in time with the cadence of his lovemaking.

I fell into some sort of a trance, again allowing myself to be exactly what he wanted me to be, nothing more, nothing less....I wanted this now more than I ever wanted anything before.. I cried and mewed in rhythm with each stroke...

It started earlier that morning when I was running on the beach, relaxing after a long trip down to this hidden Caribbean paradise. The sun was just coming up over the horizon and I was in just the shortest of shorts, not quite ready to go nude just yet, as was the custom here.... He came trotting up along side of me, his body like a sculpture of the perfect man , lean, muscles in perfect union with his lean body, his long hair flying loose, his nude body fully tanned and beaded with sweat like a morning dew..

He smiled at me and I smiled back... "Good to have a running partner,"

He said, his deep voice stirred something in me. "Haven't seen you before."

"No, I just arrived last night." I replied. "You could tell that by indoor tan."

He laughed and kept at my side until we reached the great rock barrier at the end of the beach. We sat down in the sand at the edge of the ocean, letting its waters run over our lower bodies. There was almost surreal warmth enveloping us as we sat there, getting to know each other.

Bret was a stock broker from Chicago, here on a month's vacation; here to unwind in solitude and peace, a blood brother to my very own feelings ...I was on a two week break from my job as a web designer in New York, a Phoenix transplant.

I kept taking quick looks at his body, so perfectly formed. Even with my daily runs and my 4 times a week workouts, my own body looked like a child next to his. His cock was large and thick, even as soft as it was and he carried a full ball sac. I wondered what that looked like hard and at attention.... He smiled as he caught me looking and lay back against the sand, the waves running across his body. I thought.

"Wow, if I were gay, I'd never let this guy go..."

I was here on the island because I was trying to make up my mind about getting marrying and gay was not who I was...ever..... Yet, there was such an innocent openness about Bret, a sensuality that caused a stirring even in me... It was experiencing fine art in a private gallery.

"You're going to have to loose those shorts, partner," he said with a grin. "They won't do out on this beach." Everyone will think you are a sissy."

I stripped out them and tossed them to the sea. "What the hell, When in Rome, "I laughed. It felt good to be naked, my own cock hanging out my balls loosed from their tight imprisonment.

We began a slow walk back down the beach, in the water to our waists, the waves rocking us back and forth, falling against each other more than a few times... Each time, I felt something like an electric charge hit me down into my groin. I walked closer, wanting that feeling to continue.... Confused at what I was feeling, but enjoying it so very much.

We stopped in front of my bungalow, agreeing to have dinner together and he trotted out of my sight, as I watched the powerful muscles of his body move with each thrust forward...

I dressed in White slacks with a light blue pullover short sleeved shirt, open at the neck, white bikini under shorts and wore white sandals, no socks. He met me at Barney's Lighthouse in an almost matching outfit, except that his shirt was sleeveless and his muscles gleamed against the lighting. We ate and laughed and finished off several bottles of wine, along with lobster tails and giant fried shrimp. We walked back to my place, laughing at the smallest things.

I invited him in and opened afresh bottle of wine, pouring liberally into our glasses. We sat on the edge of the deck, our feet hanging over almost touching the warm sand. Listening to the roar of the ocean, the sky full of stars... We lay back on the deck, looking up and talking about the universe...I somehow closed my eyes and must have dozed for a moment. When I awoke, he was right next to me, one leg was over mine and his arm lay over my chest, his mouth close to mine.

I opened my eyes and looked into the depth of his soul, almost frightened by the passion I saw there. His lips came to mine and I was too slow, too confused to stop him. His tongue opened my mouth for him and it found its way into my mouth searching and seeking until something rose up in me and I began to respond, the wine and the mood overcoming my normal response.

His hand found its way under my top and he caressed my body, my breasts and I gasped as it moved down my belly ever caressing, ever searching, until he held my cock in his hand, making our kissing become wilder, deeper and I groaned as my cock grew in his hand...then his lips were on my ear, my neck and I went into some other world as he pulled my shirt from my body and began to lick my breasts sucking on my now hardened nipples.... Ever stroking my cock...his lips moved down my belly, following the path of his fingers and then I was lifted up, my slacks and my under shorts pulled from me...

Then silence and the feel of him exploring my body, touching me, massaging me as I moaned softy to his feel.

Nothing for a moment.. His was standing, stripping his clothes off, I could see his huge cock erect and hard over me... then he knelt down and took my cock into his hands again, stroking me and cupping my balls up, holding me, studying me.. His lips softly encased my cock taking in the swollen head and I lurched against him, crying out...his tongue ran laps around my cock head as he sucked the bounty of the precum that always formed when I was horny..

I rolled about as he took my cock deep into his mouth, his other hand busy with other parts of my body.. As I writhed against his mouth, I felt a finger push into the tightness of my ass and I cried out as I tried to loose myself, but my body wouldn't obey me and I could only lay there as he took charge of my very being...soon I felt the power of my orgasm building up and I began to fuck against his mouth pounding into him with an abandon I never knew. I felt fingers working inside me and I arched up off the deck and screamed as I shot my hot juices into him, pumping out greater steams, long ropes of hot cum into him.

I fell back to the deck exhausted and he finally pulled off my softening cock, only to lay across me taking my mouth in his, sharing the spoils of his sucking, giving m back some of the fire hot cum I had given him.

We lay entwined for a little while, as he made my mouth his own, until he finally stood up and took me by the hand, leading into my bungalow, to the bed where I sat with him in front of my his cock in my face.

"Suck it, baby, Suck my cock for me," he whispered, as he took my head in his hands and brought his wet and cummy cock to my lips... I had never sucked cock before in my life, but I opened my mouth for his...

Moments later he was fucking my face, giving more no potion but to take what he had and suck.... I started to gag as he penetrated deeper, but he held me there, impaled on cock, holding me with his cock in my throat until the spasms stopped, then forcing it deeper into me... I could only get about 7 inches of cock in me...he was just too big...yet he kept pumping into me, holding me by the head, giving me no options, just working my mouth like his personal pussy..

I felt his strength building up and grabbed him by the cheeks of his ass, pulling him, working with him, wanting his cum now, wanting his cock to break me down to his slave his slut his lover...then the explosion of cum hit me.. At first it was right down my throat but then he pulled out so that just the head of his cock with in my mouth and great gushes of cum filled me, splashing out as he continued to fuck my mouth.....

He pulled out with a popping sound and shot several strings of cum in my face and hair. Laughing, "Oh my baby cocksucker, you are so sweet."

He pushed me back on the bed and walked into the living room, his cock still up and hard and picked up the wine bottle, taking a long swig from it. He came to the side of the bed and lifted my head up and poured wine into my mouth. I swallowed as much as possible, but much ran down my chin and neck and soaked the sheets.

He flopped me over on my belly and poured the wine down the crack of my ass and worked the neck of the bottle into my pink hole, filling me with the rest of the wine, working the bottle into me, fucking me with it. I cried out and tried to fight him, but was slammed back into the bed. Then the bottle was out and tossed aside and silence for a moment.

I lay still waiting for what I thought might happen.

I felt him spread my legs as he wedged between them, his strong powerful hands lifted me at the hips like a doll and then his cock was there pushing against my battered, injured hole. I fought to break away, but he held me down as he positioned himself for the onslaught, working the head of his cock against the muscles of my hole... Then he tightly gripped me by the hips and powered his cock head into me. I screamed in pain as it popped through and split my asshole....Blood ran down my legs onto the bedding. He held it there and told me to be silent, no more screaming or it would be bad for me. He moved slightly and I screamed again... His hand came down on my ass cheek with a crashing stinging slap...again and again he slapped me, until I could only whimper.

Somehow, in the middle of all the slapping, his cock was already halfway inside me...and he began to slowly rotate it, working my hole open to more cock and each time he would push just a little more into me....Now he picked up a rhythm and began to fuck me with his full strength, plowing me into the bed with each thrust, until his balls were slamming into me with each thrust....

I began to go wild again, into that other world and was startled by my own voice, crooning in time with his lunges..."Oh fuck me, fuck, give it to me, fuck me."

I had never had this done to me in my life and I was going crazy for his hard cock to fuck me into the bed... He began to groan now; he was pounding into me with a fury, crying out as he slammed each rocket of cock into me... Now, pulling out to my ass lips with each pull and ramming his cock all the way to the balls with each thrust... we became one as he went over the edge of his control and we were making animal sounds now as he arched into me and the hot fluid of his cock began to flood my inner being.. Again and again, as though his cock was the center of all the worlds.

I wept and cried out as he pumped his cum into me, knowing this man now owned me....He finally stopped his spasms and lay down on me...we fell asleep, his cock still deep inside me, the way I wanted it to be... I knew the answer to my quest would not be marriage, at least not the one I had planned...

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