My name is Mark. I'm a twenty-three year old male and my identical twin brother, Mike, is a Marine. After our mother's death when we were thirteen, we were raised by our father, the greatest man we ever knew. He was loving and generous but strict when necessary.

Like most brothers, I believe, as we reached puberty, we began experimenting, discovering our bodies. We started jerking together and eventually went further with our playing by sucking each other and fucking each other.

However, by the age of sixteen, things changed. We both 'discovered' girls and Mike decided that he preferred sex with them over me. I, however, knew that my preference was males. Mike turned totally straight and when I suggested we mess around he would say he wasn't into it any more and that he was getting al he wanted from his girl friends.

In order to hide my desire for males, I dated and had sex with girls also and Mike and I would often double date and screw our dates side by side on a blanket out by the lake. Mike believed that I was into it but never knew the truth.

After high school, I entered college and Mike joined the Marines, saying he was going to make a career of it. We were all proud of him and wished him well.

I graduated college with a degree in business management and went to work in our family hardware business. Dad ran one of the stores and put me as manager of the second. I was twenty-one then and really had to prove myself to the employees.

Just six months later, we lost dad to a massive heart attack. Mike got emergency leave and came home for the funeral and settlement of the estate.

Everything dad owned was left to Mike and I equally. As we met with the lawyer, Mike signed over his half of the house to me. He agreed that I should run the business and share the profits equally.

Mike still had two years left on his current enlistment and said he would decide later if he wanted to stay in or get out and join me in the business.

Things went well with the stores, and a year later, Mike came home on leave bringing his best buddy with him.

Oh course, I had moved into the master bedroom at the house and Mike still had his room. My old room was now a guest room.

When Mike said he was coming home on leave, I contacted my local friends that I had sex with and put everything on 'hold' until he left. In order to protect the families reputation, I would go out of town some weekends for sex.

Mike arrived and introduced me to Greg, his buddy. Greg had just finished his enlistment and had no family. He was twenty-two, extremely muscular, and good looking. His skin was fair and his hair a strawberry blond. I immediately had the hots for him and wondered if the hair elsewhere on his body was red also.

On his first night home, Mike suggested that we all go out to dinner. As we ate and had drinks, Mike said, "Mark, I was wondering if there was some position at one of the stores for Greg. He was in supply in the Marines and would do great in receiving or inventory control."

I thought for a moment and said, "I think I can work something out for him. Then looking at Greg, I asked, "How are you with computers?"

"Great. All our supply inventory was on computer and I had to keep it updated then issue requisitions for what was needed."

"Perfect. I just had a new system installed to keep track of our inventory for both stores. You think you could handle it?"

"I know I could," he replied.

"Well, then, while Mike is home we'll relax then when he leaves, we'll get you started. We'll shut down for a couple of days for inventory and once we're done, you can go to work updating everything."

We had a great visit and two weeks later Mike left. I had already told Greg that he was welcome to live with me in the spare room as long as he wanted.

We did the inventory and Greg worked until late at night updating everything. He was a whiz on the computer, working faster that anyone I had seen, and by the end of the week, he was completely finished. Sales were automatically deducted from inventory, and we set up minimum amounts of inventory, so that when those minimum amounts were reached, we'd get notification to reorder.

I was greatly impressed with Greg and his work and told him so.

In appreciation for his hard work, I decided to treat him to a weekend at the beach. I told my two managers that I would be gone for the weekend and to handle things while I was gone.

On Friday about noon, I told Greg that we were done for the day. I drove us home and had him pack a bag, not telling him where we were going. I had reserved a small suite at a beach side resort and when we arrived he was in awe.

"What's going on?" he asked.

"I just want to show my appreciation for all your hard work. This weekend is on me."

Our suite was beach side, with a nice large patio facing the beach. After we entered, he immediately suggested we change and hit the beach. I quickly agreed.

The suite had just one bedroom with two queen size beds. We threw our bags on the bed and began changing. Greg had no reservations about changing in front of me so I followed his lead and changed in front of him.

As he stripped down, I couldn't help but checkout his body. His chest was fantastic, covered in a medium thick coating of red-blond hair. His pecs and abs were something to die for. As he removed his jeans and briefs, his thick bush came into view and it was a bright red-orange. Red bushes had always turned me on and I had to seriously control myself to avoid getting a boner.

Just below the bush,was a slim long cock with a beautiful light pink head. My mouth instantly began watering.

As I stripped and changed, I also noticed him checking me out. I wondered if it was a normal curiosity or if there was something more to it.

We hit the beach until dusk, then returned to the room. After entering, I suggested we go to dinner and he began stripping, tossing his small swim suit into the bath.

Suddenly, he seemed embarrassed and said, "Mark, I'm sorry for being so inconsiderate."

"What are you talking about?" I asked.

"I should have changed in private and not been so open with being nude. It's just that in the Marines, we all changed in front of each other. There was no such thing as being modest."

"Hey, it was cool with me. You seem to forget that I have a brother. We have seen each other nude all our lives. I personally see nothing wrong with being nude."

"Neither do I, especially if the others around feel the same way. Besides, I normally sleep nude."

"Fuck man, my sentiments exactly. I do the same."


"Fuck yea," I replied. Wanting to see him nude more, I suggested, "Look, while we're here, and even after we get home, why don't we both go nude whenever we feel like it? We both enjoy it and we've already seen each other nude, so why not be comfortable?"

"Damn, are you serious?"

"Hell yea. You for it?"

"Fuck yea, but I'll warn you now. As soon as we get home from work, the first thing I'll be doing is getting out of my clothes."

"That's fine," I replied. "I'll be doing the same."

We went to dinner then hit a bar for a few drinks before returning to the room. Immediately, he closed the drapes in front of the door leading to the patio and began stripping. I did the same.

Soon, we were both nude, laying on our separate beds, watching TV and drinking a beer. I continued to steal glances of his beautiful body and cock. When he'd get up, I'd also check out his firm round hot ass.

That weekend we stayed nude whenever in the room and it was awesome. We both slept nude also. The weekend was relaxful and we really got to know each other better. I wish it had been sexual but it didn't turn out that way.

After returning home, each day after work, when we arrived home, we'd strip and together we'd prepare dinner. We became totally comfortable being nude around each other.

Abut two weeks later, greg and I took another weekend off, this time staying home. On Saturday, I had some errands to run and asked if he would like to join me.

"Nah," he said. "If you don't mind, i think I'll just stay here and relax."

"Hey, no problem," I replied. "I should be back in a couple of hours."

"See you then," he said.

I left and after my first stop, I remembered that I had left a grocery list at home. I returned to get it and pulled into the drive. Knowing the list was in the kitchen, I entered through the back door.

Upon entering, I heard moaning coming from the back of the house. As I eased down the hall, I could tell that it was coming from Greg's room. Silently, I made my way to his door and peeked in.

I could see his TV. He was watching a hot gay video of one guy getting fucked by a hot hairy stud while sucking another stud. The guy had a cock in each hole. Moving slightly forward, I could see Greg on his bed, slowly jerking his cock while using a nice size life-like dildo in his ass. It was at least eight to nine inches long and he was burying it in his ass. My cock became instantly hard as I watched. After a moment, I watched as he fired rope after thick rope of cum out onto his chest and face. What hit his face he carefully used his finger and scraped it into his own mouth.

I quickly left and eased back to the car and drove away. Finding a deserted spot, I stopped and jerked my own cock to a roaring climax, eating my own load.

I completed my errands and as I did, I devised a plan for later that evening. I stopped and rented the latest action movie to come out.

When I arrived home, I unloaded the car and as he put away the groceries, I took the video to my room, laying it on my dresser. I then slightly opened the bottom drawer, exposing several of the dildo's and 'toys' I had as well as my collection of gay pron videos. I stripped then returned to the kitchen and assisted him in putting things away.

"What did you do while I was gone?" I asked casually.

"Not much. Just took it easy and relaxed."

"It's great to do just that sometimes," I said.

Later we prepared dinner and afterward as we were cleaning up I told him about the movie I rented.

"Sounds good," He said. "Where is it?"

"Damn, I forgot it on my dresser. Would you mind getting it while I finish up in here? We can grab a beer and pop it in the player."

"Sure thing," he said and left the kitchen.

When he returned, I noticed a slight smile on his face and his cock was ever so slightly stiffer than normal.

"You find it?" I asked.

"Oh yea, sure did," he replied in a slightly devilish tone.

We put in the movie and he retrieved chips and dip to snack on.

Usually, we'd sit on the sofa with the snacks between us however this time he sat the snacks on the coffee table and sat next to me. I knew he had seen what I wanted him to see and wondered if he had his own plan.

We began watching the movie and snacking. After half an hour or so, I reached for the dip and as the chip broke, my finger went into the dip. When I lifted my hand he smiled and said, "Can't let it go to waste." He grabbed my hand and quickly brought it to his face and began sucking the finger with the dip on it.

I looked at him and smiled and as I did he pulled my finger out of his mouth and said, "Is there anything else you might like me to suck on?"

"Damn, I can think of several. Take your pick."

"My pleasure," he said and quickly leaned over and sucked my soft cock into his mouth. It quickly stiffened and as it did he began sucking me, swallowing the entire shaft. His own cock quickly stiffened and as it did,I reached over his hip and began stroking him. He moaned softly.

After a moment, I stopped him and eased him to the floor on his back. I quickly joined him and we began a hot sixty-nine. Before long we were swallowing each others hot huge thick creamy loads. Once we were finished we sat up and had a hot wet tongue kiss.

After the kiss, he looked at me and said, "I assume you left that bottom drawer open on purpose. How did you know?"

I told him about coming back by the house and what I'd seen.

"So you had this all planned."

"I sure did and it worked," I answered.

"I just wish we had known about each other sooner. Does Mike know about you?"

"No," I said and told him about us growing up and how he switched to women. "Does he know about you?" I asked.

"Uh, no," he replied but the way he said it made me wonder.

We cuddled together and later we fucked each other like dogs in heat. His ass was delicious and tight as I had expected. We soon found out that we both loved rimming a hot ass, both before and after it had been fucked.

From that night on, Greg shared my bed with me. Not every night involved sex but every night did involved cuddling and kissing.

I began inviting some of my local friends over to join us in sex on the weekends and Greg and i would g out of town to gay bars and pick up guys for play in our motel room.

Greg and i became super close and before we knew it Mike called and said he wasn't going to re-enlist and would be coming home.

The day before Mike arrived, Greg moved back into his room. We greeted Mike upon his arrival and I noticed something between he and Greg that I hadn't noticed before. It was a closeness.

I was curious and the next day, I made an excuse to leave saying I'd be gone for a few hours. I made sure that the door from my bedroom to my small patio outside was unlocked.

I left and an hour later I returned, parking down the street and walking to the house. I eased through the side gate and went to my patio. Slipping into my room, I eased to the door and listened. I could hear them talking in Mike's room.

"Damn, I've missed you," I heard Mike say. "It was hard finding others into sex."

"Did you manage?" Greg asked.

I eased closer to the door so that I could see in. When I peeked into the room I was shocked to see them both in bed totally nude and both boned.

"Yea, I found a couple of guys," Mike said. "How about you?"

"I found one hot one," Greg said as I watched Mike swallow Greg's cock. Greg moaned softly as Mike sucked him. Greg soon climaxed and filled my brother's mouth with his cum. Mike hungrily swallowed the load, which he had never done when we sucked each other.

"Does he suck you as good as I do?" Mike asked.

"I'd say you were identical," Greg replied.

"Well, I can't wait for you to reload. I bet his ass isn't as good as mine. I've missed you fucking me."

"Well, my friend also loves me fucking him," Greg told Mike.

"I'd like to meet him," Mike said.

Greg happened to look toward the door and saw me. I motioned for him to remain silent.

"I'll see what I can do," Greg told him.

I eased away and back out of the house.

I had suspicions about my brother the way Greg had answered me when I asked if Mike knew about him, but I had no idea that Mike was so into it all.

I returned and both were dressed. Greg and I had decided that it would be best if we refrained from going nude. They both acted as if nothing had happened.

That was a Saturday and on Monday as Greg and I drove to the store, I asked, "Why didn't you tell me abut Mike?"

"Mark, he asked me not too. You said he didn't know you ere still into it so I never mentioned having sex with you."

"I have to respect you for that. You kept your promise to him, but we need to get this all out into the open."

"How are we going to do it?" Greg asked.

"I have an idea. I'll call Greg later and tell him I have an appointment with a customer for a big order and ask him to pick you up after work.

You can tell him that you talked to your friend and that he wants to meet you and will get a room at the Marriott if you can make it tonight. If he says yes let me know and I'll leave early and get a room. I'll text you the room number and leave word at the desk to give you a key. Tell Mike that you were told that if he was in the shower fur you and Mike to go ahead and get naked and in bed and he'd be out shortly. Get Mike boned and I'll make my entrance."

"Consider it done. I can't wait to see his face."

"Neither can I," I said.

I called Mike and said I had an appointment. He agreed to pick Greg up. Greg did what he was to do and it was all set.

I arrived at the Marriott and checked in, leaving Greg's name at the desk for a key.

aai knew what time they should be there and went into the bath and showered then dried off, eaving the shower running. They entered and I heard Greg's voice say that they were there. I mumbled okay. After a few moments, I turned off the shower and prepared to make my entrance. My cock was rock hard and sticking straight out in anticipation.

I exited the bathroom saying, "You two ready for some fun?"

Mark turned to me and his mouth fell open. He looked from me to Greg then back to me.

"What the fuck is going on?" he asked.

"Relax, brother. We all like the same thing."

I sat on the bed between them and as I began fondling both their hard cocks, I told Mike about seeing them the day before and how badly I wanted to join them.

I leaned down and began sucking my brothers cock. He moaned softly. Greg smiled and said, "You're identical twins, so you see why I said that he sucked identical to you."

I then sucked Greg's cock as Greg encouraged Mike to suck me. Once Mike had my cock in his mouth, Gregpulled out of my mouth and had me start a sixty-nine with my own brother. It had bee so ong since we had sucked each other and it was fantastic. We soon brought each other to a roaring climax and swallowed each others loads.

Greg smiled and said, "Man that was so hot to watch. For a while I wasn't sure which was which. Now, I'd love to watch you two take turns on me. The thought of identical twins sucking my cock has me so fucking turned on.

We sucked Greg off and after kissing and sharing his load, I asked, "Mike, why didn't you tell me you were into guys? I thought you went straight."

"I did, for a while. But after getting into the Marines and seeing all those hot nude bodies in the showers, I knew I was still gay and wanted cock. I found a guy to play with and he introduced me to a few others including Greg. We were in the same unit and became close. I didn't say anything because I thought you were straight also."

"Fuck, I fucked girls just to hide the fact that I preferred cock. As soon as you left for the Marines, I went back to sucking cock."

We allhad a good laugh over it and since the room was already paid for we had wild sex. I found out that Mike could do something I hadn't tried, at least not yet.

I was shocked when he later had me lay on my back and he sat on my hard cock. Once it was completely in, he leaned forward and as he kissed me he had Greg slide his cock into his ass along with mine. My brother now had both our cock buried in his ass. As we fucked him he moaned continuously. Greg and I climaxed simultaniously, filling Mike's ass with our hot cum. Mike loved it. We then shocked Mike when we both began eating our loads out of his ass. we collected it all and had a three-way cum kiss.

Mike and I made up for lost time over the next few weeks. Greg fully understood but we would often include him.

I, as well as Greg, was soon getting double fucked and it was awesome. There wasn't much we didn't do sexually.

Mike came to work in the business and we remodeled the house, enlarging the master bedroom. We special ordered a super size king bed and the three of us shared it nightly. With Mike joining in, Greg and I resumed going nude at home.

When the three of us went out of town, Mike and I had great fun with other guys. We'd let one suck one of us off without them knowing that there was two of us. Then we'd trade off and the other would say he needed to get sucked off again. All the guys thought they were sucking the same guy again and couldn't believe he could cum again so soon. We eventually would let them know that there were two of us.

It's been a year since Mike came home and the three of us are lovers. Business is good and we're making lots of money, enough so that we're about to open our third store.

I love my brother and my brother'sbest friend.



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