It all started like this:

I'm Nick. I was about sixteen years old when out-of-state relatives came for a

family visit. My family didn't believe in staying at hotels when visiting

relatives. So even though we have a large family and an already packed

house they stayed with us. To make room for everyone I had to share a bed

with my eighteen year old brother Matt. Matt slept in the nude. Me in my

little tightie whities.

Now I was not one to sleep in just one spot all night. I rolled around a

lot. So sleeping proved difficult while sharing a twin bed with Matt.

Finally I did doze off. Or so it seemed. I made one last roll to my side

and sort of flung my arm outward when my hand landed directly on my

brothers big dick as he laid on his back. Matt was very well hung. Well at

first it seemed like a dream. But then I realized that the warm fleshy dick

in my hand was very real and not a dream. I panicked and quickly removed my

hand at that point. Hoping he hadn't awakened. He seemed to still be asleep

and I remember feeling extremely relieved. After all I didn't want my older

brother to think I was a little faggot or something.

What happened next was very confusing to me. It seems I couldn't quite get

how wonderful his dick felt in my hand out of my mind. I found

myself wanting badly to feel it again. I tried to forget about it and just

go to sleep but to no avail. The urge eventually became overpowering.

Finally I decided I just had to feel it again. I would 're-inact' the

original accident. As if asleep I would roll again and my hand would

'accidently' come to rest on his big dick.

First I lifted the thin bed cover just enough to let some moonlight fall on

his naked body. Afterall I needed to know exactly where his dick was if I

were going to hit my intended mark. He was still lying on his back and his

dick was leaning toward me. The dim lighting fell almost like a spotlight

on his beautiful dick. My brother is a redhead. His pale skinned dick

accented by his red pubes, red dickhead and enormous red balls

was a sight to behold. I had seen him naked before but never was I so

stricken by his nakedness. His giant balls were full and tight. And his

dickhead appeared to be looking right at me. And calling me!

After taking my aim I nervously carried through with my plan. I did my

pretend sleep roll. I moved my arm and came in for a landing. My aim was

perfect. My hand was once again on my brother's dick. I remember my heart

racing like crazy as I prepared my story for his possible awakening. I

would pretend it was all a big 'sleep accident.' And act all discusted that

my hand was just on his dick. Well to my good fortune he didn't wake up.

My plan was working perfectly!

His big dick felt so warm in my hand. Almost hot. Here I was feeling

someone else's dick for the first time and it felt awesome. I got a little

bolder and wrapped my hand around his shaft. That felt even better. Shortly

after doing this I was surprised and delighted to feel it start to swell in

my hand. I was actually turning my brother on. I was both excited and

fearful that his arousal would waken him. But I just couldn't seem to take

my hand away. My own dick was as hard as a nail at this point. And

it started doing all the thinking. I was getting careless. My hand was all

over his growing dick. I also felt his big balls and couldn't believe how

tight they had gotten.

Suddenly I wanted to taste his dick! I wanted to know what it felt like to

have his big warm dick in my mouth. I reasoned that if he hadn't awakened

yet he was in a deep enough sleep not to feel my mouth on his dick

either. His once soft dick was now a full blown straight standing cock and

I was so proud knowing that it was all my doing. I just had to taste it. I

delicately slid myself down to the foot of the bed. Still trying to be

careful I put my face close to his meat. So close I could feel the heat

eminating from his loins. I let the smooth head gently touch my lips. It

was so warm and silky. Then I stuck out my tongue and lightly ran it across

his slit. I got a nice big drop of sweet nectar when I did. I found out

later this was pre-cum. And I loved the taste of it.

I slowly moved my mouth onto his spongy dickhead. I had no

idea what I was doing so I just did what felt right. I licked at and lapped

the head of his engorged cock. Then worked my way down his thick shaft.

For the first time in my life my mouth was now full of cock. And

Ioved it! I think it was at that point that I realized I was going to be a

dicksucker for life. I was hooked. I was sucking my brother's dick and

loving every minute of it. I no longer cared if he woke up as long as he

kept feeding me dick. He started to move his hips and fucking my hungry

little mouth. He put his hands on the back of my head as he did. Even at

this point I couldn't tell if he was really awake or if he had somehow

incorporated all this into his dream. He never let on. His breathing

quickened and soon I had more of his cock in my mouth than I could

handle. Suddenly he exploded in my mouth. Some seemed to shoot right down

my throat and some escaped down the side of my mouth. He continued

thrusting awhile then I felt him getting softer. I reluctantly removed my

mouth and gathered some cum off my chin with my finger. I hardly got to

taste the cum that he shot down my throat as I was too busy trying not to

gag. I licked the warm gooey cream off my finger and to my surprise I love


My brother laid there as if asleep while his dick went into a semi-erect

state. I could see the glistening of cum on his leg, cock and balls and I

wasn't about to let it go to waste. I Iapped every last drop of it up like

a hungry dog. Running my tongue all over his cock and balls in the

process. From the very start I absolutely loved the taste of cum. Just like

I absolutely loved sucking cock. And I knew this was just the beginning!


ANDREW (bigtool4u89)

[email protected]


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