I grew up in an isolated place in the South Eastern desert of California,

the population of my town was 155, and the closest other place was 50

miles away. Being isolated in my youth, I was naive about sex, but I knew

by age 13 that I liked men, therefore I was different and I once thought

that I was the only homosexual for miles. I didn't tell anyone, but

fantasizied about guys from school that I had seen in the locker room, or

any good looking man that struck my fancy. Feeling alone, I would tell

myself that someday I would actually feel another guys hard dick in my

hands. I waited until I was 18 to do so, but not at my behest, at my

brothers' demand.

By the time I was 18, I had moved away from my parents house, but would

visit sometimes. My brother had just been released from jail and was

hiding out at my parents house. On one of my visits, my brother suggested

that we drive to Palm Springs (two hours away) to see the newest Mel

Brookes movie 'High Anxiety.' He drove my dads' pickup truck as we both

drank lots of beer on the way to and the way back from the movie.

We were about 15 minutes from home, around midnight, when my brother

slowed to turn off of the highway. To take a piss I thought, but I

wondered why he had picked this spot, it wasn't the usual place we stopped

at. He also drove down a dirt road way off of the highway which was odd,

but I thought nothing of it. He got out, pissed and when he returned to

the cab, he said 'Let's get in the back, cause I'm gonna fuck you.' And

added 'You can do it nice if you want, if not I'm gonna rape your ass.'

I was speachless, but aggreed as my dick was instantly hard at the mere

thought of feeling, sucking, and fucking a hard dick. I got out, went to

the back of the truck, where he pulled down the tail-gate and said to me

'Let's get naked.' We did just that to stand face to face in the half-lit

moon. Our erect dicks stood out at each other as my brother grabbed my 6'

dick and said 'Got the ole' crooked dick, huh?' 'Been beatin it that way I


I grabbed his dick then and almost got weak kneed at the pleasure I felt

having my dick massaged and feeling a hard prick in my hand for the first

time. His cock was fatter then mine, about seven inches long, with a huge

mushroom head on top of his shaft.

He said 'Bend over and I'll fuck ya.' I asked for something to lubricate

my hole, but only got some water. As he got behind me, I guided him into

me he said 'You've been practicing this, huh?'

And he started to shove that monster dickhead into my asshole. He grabbed

my hips and pulled as he pushed his cock in deeper until he had all of his

meat inside me. The pain was excruciating, yet wonderful. I grabbed my

ankles as he pumped in and out of hole.

I was getting butt-fucked at long last!

He fell out of my tight hole a few times until I asked him if I could suck

him off. 'Sure. Let's get in the back of the truck.'

He slid in backwards to offer me his male dick and balls between his fat

legs. I slid up between his thighs, grabbed his still hard cock and licked

at that huge head, licking all around it savoring the soft underside, then

I went for his nuts. I slobbered all over them and let my tongue fall to

his spincter, as I stuck my tongue up his asshole, he yelped 'Stop That.

Get up here and suck me.'

I positioned my mouth over his prick and headed to the bottom of his

shaft, gagging at first, but getting hang of cock-sucking. His right hand

pumped the base of his shaft until he shot gobs of his sperm into my

awaiting mouth. Of course some of his jism flew all over, so he invited me

to 'Lick that shit up if I wanted to.' And I surely did, lapping up as

much cum as I could as I beat my own dick to orgasm.

We both got out of the back of the truck, and in silence dressed and drove

home. I only brought up this experience to him once after, but he didn't

want to talk about it, so I don't to him.

Since then, he has been in jail in four counties around the Southwest, and

is doing time in prison here in California. I've resolved to asking him to

relate to me in detail some sex experiences he had, or knows of from his

time inside. Maybe I'll even write them down and share...


ANDREW (bigtool4u89)

[email protected]


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