Written by: Bill Hudley

Finally, it is time for my sister's wedding. Our little family has spent the last six months working for and waiting on this event. Don't get me wrong, there's no sour grapes here from me. I love my Sister and I'm happy for her and Brian, her husband to be, they are truly in love, so much so that I'm jealous and fear I'll never find the person I long for. Just be around Ariel and Brian for a few minutes and it's very plain that these two are meant for each other.

I'll be walking Ariel down the aisle to give her away, our Dad was killed in Action in Iraq in the last six months of Operation Desert Storm, in 1998, he died on his birthday, he was only 26 years old, the same age as I am now.   I was 10 and Ariel was 11 when our Dad died.  There's only the three of us now, Mom, Ariel and me.   I worry about Mom being alone for the first time, but now I live two states away from our childhood home in Florida.  Mom worked two jobs once we were in High School to pay for the things that two teenagers thought they had to have to survive the peer pressure of their classmates. Ariel and I pitched in too, once we were of working age, by getting part time jobs and helping Mom so that she could cut back to just one job.

Ariel and I have tried to get Mom to date or at least go out with her friends and enjoy life, but so far an occasional game of Bridge, and Church functions are the highlight of her social activities outside our home. From the time Dad was buried we would make the 163 mile round trip to his grave on the first Saturday of each month.  I can close my eyes and see his tombstone to this day.

                               Jacob Alexander Westlake, Sr.

        July 4, 1972 - July 4 1998 Husband - Father - Soldier - Friend

     "Fear not, My presence will go with you and I will give you rest."

I moved away two years after High School when the company I worked for offered me a better paying position in South Carolina. I took the job because I could work there and go to school to get my college degree.  I graduated last September with a Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry and  I'm currently working on Master of Science Degree.  My Employer, has been great, they pay me for good grades and pay my tuition as long as I maintain a 3.0 GPA.  I was promoted and given a salary increase after earning my BS Degree.  Once I've earned my Masters in Chemistry, I'll be invited to join the companies management training program.

Back to the matter at hand, Ariel's wedding.   My wedding gift to her was to buy her the wedding dress she wanted, but knew she couldn't have. Brian, her fiance offered to pay for everything by Mom wouldn't hear of it.  She and I had saved money for Ariel's wedding since I left home. Our little family church never looked so pretty, filled with yellow candles and Daisies with yellow Tulle ribbons, all Ariel's favorites.  Every window, pew and the altar were all adorned with Daisies and yellow Tulle ribbons and candles, I'm convinced that there couldn't be a Daisy left in the entire state of Florida.  I've never seen so many flowers and ribbons ever.

My job was the logistics, Hotel rooms, party rooms, transportation, food and drink.   I did just fine until the night of the wedding rehearsal; all of Brian's family, the Brownings, live in California except Brian himself.  He and Ariel will be living in Gainesville, Florida where Brian is a Professor of Biology.  Brian's best man will be his Father, he will meet his family at the airport in the hotel limo this afternoon and get them settled in to the hotel a few hours before time for rehearsal dinner which will be in one of the private dining rooms of our local Hilton Hotel.

I was at the hotel making sure everything was going as planned for our dinner, to be later after the rehearsal run-through at the church.  I heard Brian call out for me to come and meet his folks who were just arriving at the hotel.  I was meeting Brian's family for the first time, shaking hands with his Father, Mother and sister Amanda.  When I took his brother's hand a static electricity charge zapped us just as our hands were about to touch, we both recoiled from the mild shock, and we were wide eyed and laughing.     Then I looked up into the most startling blue eyes I've ever seen.   Blue as Sapphires and I felt as if they pierced through me to bare my soul.   I felt that 'punch in the gut' feeling looking at Christian's face.  He smiled at me and asked if I was okay.   I know I stood there looking like the village idiot with my mouth agape, staring at the most handsome man I could imagine.   He spoke again.

"Is everything alright, you're not injured are you."

Snapping back to reality, I stuttered and stammered, cementing his impression that I was in fact, the village idiot, I was certain.

"No! No, I'm fine, just surprised at that bit of a shock.   I'm Justin Westlake, Ariel's brother.  Welcome to Florida, our family is so very glad that you've flown across the country to be here for this happy occasion.   If there is anything you need or want, please just ask for me, I'm here to make certain that you enjoy your stay and have a wonderful time."

Christian was still smiling and still holding my hand after I had finished talking.  I saw him look down to our hands, blush a bit, then he released our grip with an extra little bit of pressure exerted just as he let go.  That little extra squeeze of my hand went straight to my crotch where I felt a surge of expansion.  Horrified that I would get a stiffy if front of Brian's family, I excused myself and went to the Hotel desk and collected the Browning's room keys. I took just a few deep breaths to collect myself and regain my composure. I had not expected Brian's brother to be so devastatingly handsome as well as charming.

Brian led his family to a private reception room off the lounge area where Ariel and Mom greeted them.  We we had arranged the reception room with drinks and light Hors d'oeuvres and of course yellow candles with Daisies and Yellow Tulle, were everywhere here too.   Brian made all the introductions while I excused myself once again to check with the restaurant's Maitre d to be sure that everything was on track for tonight's dinner after we returned from the rehearsal.

The Hotel provided Limos for the wedding party to the Church for the rehearsal and ceremony and the return to the hotel afterwards.  The rehearsal went well with lots of laughter and fun as the two families began to be familiar with each other.  I was very aware of Christian, Brian's younger brother.   He's tall, slim, a full shock of surfer blonde hair, a California natural tan, and with a face that could make the Angels weep.   Looking at him literally took my breath away, I hyperventilated as he walked away after our first meeting.   All evening I found myself checking to see where he was in the room and I was unnerved to find him staring back at me every time.  The Head Waiter announced that dinner would be served once everyone is seated at the table in the next room and the movement toward the dining room began.

Place cards were on the table, to my delight I found myself seated across the table from Christian only one seat away from being face to face with him, when I took my seat at the table.  He smiled as I sat down and gave me the slightest little nod of his head.  I smiled back and watched as he batted his long eyelashes a couple of times and his skin tinged pink with a slight blush rising above his collar.  With everyone in their place I stood and at my Mom's request, I said Grace, asking for God's blessings for my Sister, her husband to be, our families and friends and their marriage.

When I finished and sat down, six Tuxedo clad, white gloved servers with their trays held high, marched into the room in a line from the kitchen to serve our meal.   I smiled as I saw the Brian's parents look to one another in surprise and then a nod and a look of approval to Brian.   His parents were impressed.

Ariel had told me about the Brownings, after Brian had taken her there to meet his family when they announced their engagement. She raved about their elegant home, they have a household staff including maids and a full time cook.   Not wanting the Brownings to think us Southern rubes, I called on some of my gay friends in town to inquire which hotel and staff could give us the biggest show for the money we had to spend. The day of the rehearsal dinner I was shocked when I met up with the Maitre 'd, the last time I had seen him was at a club in Charleston' he had been dressed in leather chaps and harness, and was sporting  two very recently reddened butt cheeks.

I watched with pleasure as the servers delivered impeccable service, two of the servers were friends, uh, well not exactly friends but we had shared a bed and night together a while back (separately, of course.)  One of them winked at me across the table as he sat Christian's plate before him.

Each time I looked up, Christian's sapphire blue eyes were watching me. I managed to tilt my head downward enough that I could raise my eyes and look at him secretly for a few moments without him realizing that I was looking at him.   Before we finished our meal, I was fairly certain that Christian is gay.  How much of that is my gaydar and how much is my wishful thinking is the part I'm not certain of.  Regardless of my being right or wrong, we live 3,000 miles apart, him on the west coast, me on the east ,  so I tried to burn his image into my memory, as it is very likely that these two days at the wedding will be the only time we ever see each other.

After dinner the hotel staff opened a partition and the wedding party gravitated to the adjacent room where a small group of musicians were assembled. The hotel staff then closed the partition to clear away the dining room.  At Mom's request, the band would play a few pieces of 'Grown folks Music' first and then a few popular with the younger crowd. For their first dance, Brian and Ariel danced to Glenn Miller's Moonlight Serenade.   It was the song My Dad and Mom first danced to at their wedding.  Mom and I were both blubbering before it was over.

For the second dance Christian went to my Mom and got her out on the dance floor, winning him big points from me. I danced first with the mother of the groom, Brian's sister Amanda, my Mom and lastly my sister Ariel, the bride.

I got a fresh drink from the bar and walked out to the patio garden alone. I needed the air, my dance with Ariel became very emotional for both of us, we are closer than most siblings, losing our Dad so young had much to do with that.   I knew that his spirit would be going down the aisle with us tomorrow.  Thinking about him got me very emotional and I sought out a corner of the patio garden out of sight to those still dancing.   I was sitting on a bench, my head leaned back against a wall, my eyes were closed but tears were streaming down my face.   I felt a piece of cloth against my hand. Opening my eyes I saw a handkerchief on my hand and Christian standing in front of me looking very concerned.

"Justin?  Is there anything I can do to help."

"Thank you, but no, I was just thinking about our Dad and how proud he would be of his little girl.  Ariel was 11 and I was 10 when he died in the Gulf War in Iraq.  We've kept his memory close all our lives and in turn, he has kept Ariel and I close too."

Christian sat beside me, still with a furrowed brow and concern showing in his face.

"I can only imagine the pain his loss caused the three of you, I noticed that your Mom still wears her wedding rings.  You have to believe that he will be with all of us tomorrow." Christian said softly.

"I know, he'll be there walking her down that aisle with me, I know that."

"I envy your closeness with you sister, I've not had that with Amanda.   I suppose that I'm the black sheep of the family, Brian has always been the favored child but oddly, he's also been the only one of my family that shows any care or concern for me.  To my parents and sister I'm the family shame, the oddball son and brother.  With Brian it makes no difference to him at all.  He always took my side and resented our parents for the ways they neglected me.  He was my protector all through my High School years.   I've struggled for years with feelings of resentment and not being a welcomed part of my own family.  You're very lucky Justin, to have the love and support of your family.

Even though we are in the same city, I seldom hear from my parents. I get a birthday card with a check and a Christmas Card with a check and that's it, unless someone dies or becomes ill, or gets married.  I'm certain that I'm here at this wedding at Brian's insistence, although I am invited to family events, where it would be an embarrassment to my parents to explain my absence.   I never cash their checks, they're all pinned to the bulletin board in my kitchen.  I'm never asked to come home for a visit. Luckily for me, I do have a few good friends, they keep me sane.  Maybe someday it'll be my turn and I'll meet my soulmate and life partner"

BINGO!  Christian said the magic words 'life partner,' he is gay!   I felt a rush of exhilaration for some reason, maybe it's just knowing I've a kindred spirit here.  At any rate, I'm glad to know he is gay.  It would be a shame if such a beautiful man were straight.  Christian is the most delicious eye candy I've ever seen.

"I keep looking for that miracle too, Christian."

"I was hoping that was the case, Justin."

"We had better go back in Christian, but thank you for checking up on me, and for bringing me out of my little 'pity party'.   I hope we have the chance to talk more before you fly home to California.  Oh by the way, I live on the Coast also, I'm in Georgetown, SC. between Charleston and Pawley's Island."

On our way back to the party, Christian put an arm around my shoulder and pulled us together a bit, sort of a man hug while walking.   I felt closer to him and thought we could become friends, computer friends anyway with 3,000 miles between us.  The party lasted well into the wee hours, the families were gone and the Bride and Groom and their friends were left to party on.

I woke early the next morning oddly calm, everything had been done, all that was left was walking Ariel down the aisle to her soon to be husband. The service will take place at 2:00 pm.   There isn't much for me to do today, the Church is decorated with yellow Tulle Bows and what seems to be every yellow and white Daisy in the State of Florida, all here in our little home town church.  I did reconfirm the Limos, One for Ariel and Mom, One for Brian's Family and Brian and I drove to the Church in my Mini convertible.

The wedding party, families and out of town guests stayed at the hotel last night and I was up and about before sunrise, I find it hard to sleep soundly when I'm away from my bed and home.  I made horrible coffee in that dinky little 2 cup pot in the hotel room, showered and put on my running clothes.  I set out for the beach to do my daily run.  I ran a mile down the beach, turned and ran a mile past our hotel. I did this four times to get in my eight miles a day. I was walking about on the beach behind our hotel, doing my cool-down, when I heard someone call my name.   I looked up the beach to my left and Christian Browning was jogging to a halt near me.  I saw now that Christian has the body of a track and field athlete, he's thin and lean, with wiry muscles showing in his outrageous white running shorts, with side vents split to barely two inches from the waistband and a red Stanford University tee shirt,  with each step he took the one could see his white jockstrap caressing his hard, round butt cheek.  Delicious eye candy indeed!

"Good Morning, what a fine day to get married." Christian said laughing.

Once I recovered from seeing him so close to being naked, I finally managed to string a few coherent sentences together.

"I look forward to the ceremony, but honestly, I'll be so glad when it is over.  This wedding has enslaved our family for months on end.  Today it is over."  I said.

"How far is your home from, here Justin, I don't recall ever hearing of Georgetown, South Carolina."

"Georgetown is the third oldest city in South Carolina and it's about 400 miles from here and a six hour plus drive.  It's only 61 miles north of Charleston.   The city is small with only about 10,000 residents and it sits on the coast protected a bit by a barrier island.  The City is more than 275 years old and the historic district is the big tourist attraction, with beautiful homes more than 200 years old.  Spanish moss hangs in the trees, it is a lovely little town."

"Oh well, it's too far to go today, I was hoping to get to see you in your element, where you live.  This is my first time to the East Coast, I wish I had more time to visit here, there's a lot I'd love to see.  Of course I'd need a guide to make sure I saw the right places and didn't get lost."

I turned to look at him and saw his smile, I figured that he was either just joking around or he wanted an invitation to stay a while.  What the hell, I thought, take a chance.

"I spent the first 20 years of my life in Ocala Florida, I'll be happy to be your East Coast tour guide any time you like Christian.  There is lots of South Carolina I haven't seen as yet too.  Stay over for a few days with me and I'll show you the sights"

When he looked my way, I smiled and wiggled my eyebrows a bit, which made him laugh out loud.

"Be careful there Justin, the more I'm around you the more tempting your tour idea sounds.   Right now I'll settle for your telling me what you do...uh, your occupation I mean."

"You'll be bored, I'm a Chemical Engineer.  My company produces a variety of Chemical products sold and used around the world.  At present, I'm second in command in the quality control department.   I'm also working on my Master's Degree and hope to have it completed in about 18 months.  What do you do Christian?"

"I'm a student at present, I graduated from the Academy of Art in San Francisco and I'm working on my Master's Degree too, studying Architecture. I've 2 years yet before I get my Master's requirements completed. However, this is our Semester break and I could stay over a few days if you are truly serious in your offer."

I was stunned, having Christian visit with me was only a pipe dream moments ago and now it could really happen.

"YES!  Please stay, our coast isn't as lovely as yours, the Atlantic can't rival the Blue of the Pacific, but our culture and heritage are second to none. Are you serious about staying over?"

"I am now, the way you said yes lets me know that we could have a good time together, no matter what we're doing."  This time it was Christian who wiggled his eyebrows and this time and I blushed.

In the lobby we separated, him to his room and me to mine to shower and dress.  In my room I did a little happy dance, excited beyond reason that Christian might be interested in me.   I wondered if he felt that same 'hit in the gut' feeling I felt when we first met.

I stopped dancing and was taking off my running shorts when the phone rang, it was Christian.   My heart rate amped up just hearing his voice on the phone. I stood there, phone in hand, running shorts around my ankles, wearing only a drying, sweat soaked tank top and a hard cock pointed to the ceiling.  Just hearing him on the phone boned me up.

"I just wanted to say thanks and that I look forward to a week or more with you as my tour guide; or to give you the chance to back out if you want.   I'll tell my parents that I won't be flying back with them, I tell them I'm going to explore this part of our country since I haven't been here before.   I think they will be relieved that I won't be with them."

"Yes I want you to stay.  I can't begin to tell you how much I will like showing you my little part of the world.  Stay Christian, stay with me."

"That is music to my ears, Justin. Wonderful. So,  I'm sure you'll be really busy for the next few hours, we'll meet up again at the reception. Ta Justin."

WOOHOO! I did my happy dance again!   I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I had danced free of my running shorts and had on only the tank top and my hard cock bouncing about as I danced.  I stopped then stood in front of the mirror. I took stock of my image.  I'm soon to be twenty seven, I'm just a couple of inches shy of being six feet tall, my body is in good shape, I run daily and go to the gym when I'm horny. (I get images to take home for my jack off sessions there.  When necessary, I drive to Charleston to find sexual release, I'm not ugly but beside Christian Browning I feel painfully plain, yet despite those negatives, he still wants to spend time with me!

Looking at my phone for the time, I knew I had to get ready for the main event.   I hopped into the shower and actually whistled while I bathed.  In twenty minutes I was in the elevator going to the lobby when it stopped on the 12th floor, the door opened and there stood Christian, looking like a GQ model in a navy Armani suit and a red, green,orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet striped tie.  I smiled at his rainbow tie, putting my hands on the handrail to steady myself.  This man is an absolute knockout, looks wise. .

"Perfect!  My wish come true,  there's only one person in this entire state that I wanted to see when the elevator opened, and here you are" Christian said as he entered the elevator.  I felt as if I were melting when he said that to me.

"How do I look?" Christian asked.

"As if you'd stepped off the pages of Gentlemen's Quarterly!   You are quite perfect, you know." I said smiling at him.

"Hmm, exactly what I was thinking of you. Perfect! You look good enough to, uh, to be the groom, Justin."

For a fleeting moment I thought he was going to say I looked good enough to eat.

"As do you." I said.

It took a moment for each of us to process what had just transpired, there seemed to be a lot left unsaid with that exchange between us. When the door opened he turned and extended his arm in an 'after you' gesture, letting me exit first.

"After you, handsome." He said, making me smile from ear to ear.

Jeez! he thinks I'm handsome!  That alone was enough to distract me the rest of the day.  The remainder of the afternoon will be a whirlwind of activity, it seemed that I had hardly sat down beside Mom when I heard the minister say 'Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Mr. and Mrs. Brian Browning.'   Mom looked up to the ceiling and smiled, I saw her lips move silently, I knew she was talking to our Dad, she gave the slightest nod of her head, took my arm then looked up to me and said.

'We did it Justin, I don't think it could have been any lovelier.'

Both families remained for pictures which started even before the Church was emptied.   Pictures were made with every conceivable combination of Bride, Groom and family members, friends and several with all the bride and Grooms attendants.  After the photography session Mom went with Ariel to her dressing room and the remaining family and guests made their way to the hotel for the reception. The guests all applauded when Ariel and Brian made their entrance and I finally relaxed, my job was done.   I headed straight to the bar for a good stiff drink.

Knowing there was nothing left that I had to do, I tossed down a Gin on the rocks and ordered a second which I wisely nursed for the remainder of the afternoon.  The music was much the same as what we danced to last night, a good mix of old standards and the newer stuff that appealed to the younger generation.  Wait, that's supposed to be my age group but I much prefer the big bands from the 1940's the Dorsey Brothers, Benny Goodman and my favorite, Glenn Miller.  Our sweet Grandmother Westlake played that music every day; she taught me to dance when I was eight years old, we danced every time I went to visit with her, even if I was only staying a few hours, she insisted that we dance.

I turned my back to the bar and leaned against it a bit, then I closed my eyes and swayed to the sweet musical sounds of the past. I remembered dancing with Gran to this song,  oh how she would have loved Ariel's wedding and this party after.   I was lost to the music, thinking of her, enjoying every note when I heard Christian's voice at my ear.

"I would love to dance with you to this song." He said. "I don't mean now, just later when we're not around family."

Christian is a few inches taller than me, I figure we should spoon up just about perfectly on the sofa watching TV or sleeping in bed.   I looked up into his mesmerising blue eyes and I wanted so badly to kiss him.  I just smiled and told him.

"We will, Christian, we'll dance to Moonlight Serenade before you go back to California."

He stood close, our shoulders touching and his hand on the bar rail behind me, I leaned against his arm behind me and he moved his thumb and forefinger touching and rubbing at my side, just above my belt.  It wasn't obvious, only the barman behind us could see Christian's fingers move, touching me, but it was an unexpected intimacy that made me like him even more.

I told him that I was sorry, I'd really like to stand here with you but I must do my duty and dance with his Mom, My Mom, his sister and the bride, my sister. Christian agreed saying he must do the same and that perhaps we could share a drink or late night snack after the party is over...or when we can finally sneak away unobserved.

Jeez...I am hopeless! I've only known the man for less than 48 hours and I'm already hooked on him.  I want to run off and disappear for a week or two with Christian, but by the time that he had to leave for his home, I'd be in much worse shape than I am now.

At 11:30 pm the Bride and Groom said their goodnights and retired to the Honeymoon Suite on the top floor of the hotel.  Holding my arm at the elbow Christian led me out to the parking lot and asked where my car was parked.  It was nearby and he asked for my keys and we started driving, he found an all night diner and we pulled in for hot coffee and breakfast. I had forgotten that the rehearsal dinner was the last meal I had eaten. Christian and I both ordered fried eggs over medium, bacon, toast and grits. When I saw the grits on his plate my eyebrows went up. "Grits? For you?"

I've heard about them most of my life, mostly in a derogatory fashion, but I want to try them just so I can comment on them when the subject comes up back in the land of fruits and nuts."

To the surprise of both of us, Christian liked Grits!   I razzed him about it, calling him a closet Southerner. He laughed and then looked at me, his smile fading away to a serious look.

"Being with you makes me wish I were a Southerner, out or closeted. I really like you Justin Westlake and I'm glad that my brother has married your sister.   Maybe we can have joint family reunions in Chicago or any city near halfway for each family."

"I'm glad Ariel and Brian are married too but I'm much more interested in my Brother-In-Law's Brother, to tell the truth Christian.   Interested to the point of near total distraction I fear."

"Justin, I told my parents that I'd be staying here on the East Coast for a few days, my Mom did ask where and I told her I wasn't sure as yet, I will play it by ear and explore this part of our country; I need to see what has been and what can yet be, Architecturally speaking. That part isn't a ruse either, I want to see the historic along with the new while I'm here."

We finished our food and had a coffee refill to let us keep talking. Finally, a bit after one o'clock we drove back to the hotel.  We were still in our wedding attire, but the ties and jackets were off.  Christian in an open necked white shirt, with sleeves roll up to mid forearm, was sexual beyond belief.  Back at the Hilton He walked us past the elevators and past the pool and onto the boardwalk that led through the dunes to a huge man made lake.  About halfway along the boardwalk he stopped, leaned against the handrail and pulled me into a kiss.   I opened my mouth and my arms went around his neck. Fireworks played on the inside of my closed eyelids as Christian's kiss made me weak.   I don't know how long we kissed, I do remember feeling his body tremble while we were locked in that kiss, and I remember us parting and our foreheads touching as we leaned against each other.

"Mmm, better than I had hoped.   Your a fantastic kisser Justin, and kissing is just about my most favorite thing to do."

"I, uh, me too. The kissing, mmm, more, kiss me please." I barely managed to mumble.

This time Christian was more forceful, his tongue probed deep and mine fought back probing deep into his throat.   In mid kiss, his hands at my waist pulled me hard against him. I felt his manhood against my groin, hard and throbbing.   My own cock was trapped in the black jockstrap I wore because I knew looking at Christian or just being near him would make me hard at some point during the night.  Good Grief! I can't get enough of his mouth, his lips, that face, those sapphire blue eyes.

We heard laughter, then footsteps on the boardwalk, someone was coming our way.   We headed back to the hotel, passing a young couple who were there to do just what we had done.  Before we entered the hotel Christian stopped,  before he could ask the question I took his hand, yes your room or my room, it doesn't matter as long as we are together tonight.

'Does your room adjoin your family?" Christian asked.

"No, I have two really, one here to change and rest during the day but for sleeping I have a room in the Hotel across the street."

He chuckled then said.

"You planned on getting lucky, huh?"

"I had eight years of Boy Scouts.   I am always prepared, but really, I only wanted to get away where I could sleep as best I could.   When I'm away from my home, I seldom sleep well.  Plus the hotel manager calls me about 15 times a day, less than half his calls are about the wedding.  He's kinda crushing on me, so I took a room across the street.   I didn't want an uninvited guest popping in on me.  Now in hindsight, it seems that it was a stroke of genius."

We both went to change from the suits into ordinary clothes then Christian came across the street to my room.  Inside as soon as the door closed his mouth was glued to mine.   We inched our way to the bed and eased ourselves down without breaking our kiss.  Once we pulled apart, we lay there fully clothed and just looked into each others eyes. Christian unbuttoned my board shorts and tugged off my tee shirt.

I heard his gasp when he saw my hairy chest. I've a thick mat of chestnut brown hair, very dense on my pecs and the treasure trail leading into my shorts. My arms, legs and even my butt are covered in soft brown curls.

"A handsome man with a hairy chest is a major weakness for me.  I love how it feels touching my body, it makes me know I'm with a man."

Christian sought out my nipples and tongued and bit at them as his hand slid down my abdomen and into my board shorts.  I had shed the jockstrap with the suit, Christian's hand went straight to my rock hard, drooling cock.

He raised his head from my nipple when his hand closed around my cock, he readjusted his grip, then looked down to verify that my cock was as fat as it felt in his hand. Looking back to me, he grinned and giving my cock a hard squeeze said.

"Oh Justin! Wow!  Are we gonna have some fun with this!"

No sooner than the words left his lips, he bent and took my cock as deep as he could from his position, then he moved his body to get between my legs and took my cock to the root this time.  I thought I would cum when he looked up to me, his beautiful face distorted with my cock stretching his lips and throat.

"Jeezus!  Oh Christian, no, not yet!  Please don't make me cum yet, come up here, I'm about to blow, come kiss me. Not yet, please not  yet, jeezus the way you make me feel is incredible, you're so beautiful. Mmm."

I grabbed his face as he moved back up to me, I drove my tongue deep into him.   Arms and legs wrapped about each other we tongue wrestled for hours it seemed.  There were moments when I thought we would meld into one person.   I've never made love nor felt love so intensely as I I did this night Christian.   This goes beyond raw lust, so far beyond any feeling I've ever had that I can't name it.

My hands roamed his slim frame, I felt each rib as my fingers passed over them, I found a ticklish spot when I put my lips on his jutting hip bone, he liked it but it was too sensitive to tolerate for very long for him. Sliding down his body, one hand held his hard, leaking erection, his cock wasn't as thick as mine but it was a good deal longer, with a good mouthful poking up above my fist.  I easily sucked him deep into my throat and ground my face hard against his pubis.  Christian moaned and thrashed his head about, his hands full of bedcovers as my throat muscles milked his cock.  His hands jerked my head away and he was gasping for breath.

"Not yet, no baby, this is too good, you're too good don't make me cum yet.  Oh Justin, you're incredible, come here to me, hold me, this is so fantastic."

Neither of us got much sleep but when I woke, Christian was spooned to my back, his arm around me and his hand on my chest, with both my hands covering his, holding him to me. I raised my leg to let his long hard cock lay between my thighs and pushed back against him, wanting us closer together.  I felt his lips on my neck give a little kiss as he stretched his body and hugged me tighter to him.   I must have died and gone to heaven. I've never felt so good, so safe and secure as I do at this moment. I know it already,  there's nothing I can do about it now, it's too late for me and I know how miserable I will be once he's gone.

I stirred as Christian was getting out of bed to go to the bathroom. When he came out I was sitting on the side of the bed, rubbing the sleep from my eyes. A huge smile spread across his handsome face.

"Good Morning Justin."

He said as he came to sit beside me. He put an arm around me and pulled me closer to him. I looked up into those Sapphire blue eyes and he leaned to me and gave me a closed mouth love peck.

"Need to brush first." He said.

I laid my head on his shoulder and put an arm around his waist.

'You are wonderful Christian.   Last night was, uh, I can't describe it, words like fantastic, earth shattering, just can't convey what you made me feel.  I hope we can do that again, and again."

"Somehow I don't think that will be a problem at all Justin, at least while I'm here."

A cold chill ran through me as his words 'while I'm here' hit home.

I opened my mouth but no words words would come, I just hugged him to me, tightly.

We sat like that, silent for at least five minutes, just holding on to each other, knowing that we had to part and soon.  Christian had to see his parents off to the airport and I am driving Ariel and Brian there later this afternoon, for their Honeymoon flight to the Tuscan region and Southern Italy by the Adriatic sea.

Christian rose first and started dressing to go back to his room across the street.  I found my shorts and tee on the floor and pulled them on. At the door we hugged and I took his face in my hands to kiss him.

"I haven't brushed" he said.

"I don't care, kiss me Christian, please kiss me. This is going to be a very long day I can tell."

When I shut the door behind him I leaned against it and thought I was going to cry.  I've had my share of gay sex but nothing nor anyone has ever moved me like Christian Browning did last night.  I know he'll be leaving for California in a few days and it already hurts, there will be three thousand miles between us, that's one hell of a commute!

I dressed and went to the Continental breakfast in the dining room then back to my room to pack and check out.  I was loading my car when Christian came running across the street.   I was surprised but he said he'd forgotten something in the room.  We went back to the room and as soon as the door shut he pulled me close and kissed me like we'd never get another chance. When we broke for air, we rested our foreheads together.

"Now that's better. I've been missing you all morning Justin."

He told me his folks were on their way to the airport and that he was in my care for now.   I mentioned that I had to drive Brian and Ariel to the airport and he said he'd go with me.

"I want to see the look on Brian's face when he hears that I'll be visiting with you for a week or so.  Ariel knows you're gay, right?"

"Oh yes, she's known it longer that I have she said when I told her."

"Do you think she'll be upset? I mean with you and I getting together."

"All that matters to her is that I'm happy; it shouldn't be hard for her to tell my mood with this goofy grin I have on my face when we're together."

"That goofy grins is one of my favorite things about you Justin, not to mention the soft spot I have for your big fat cock and hairy body. I'm crazy about your already."

"Promise?" I asked.

He grinned and hugged me to him...

"I promise." He gave me a long, sensuous toe curling kiss as proof that he meant what he said.    It was near the time to take the Bride and Groom to the Airport.  They were flying New York then on to Italy for one week in the Tuscan region, and a second week on the Adriatic sea. The brochures were incredible, I want to go to the Adriatic Sea on my honeymoon.

I phoned when the Limo arrived, my Mini would not hold their luggage let alone the four of us.  Brian broke into a huge grin when he saw that Christian was with me.

"Little Bro, you stayed to see us off?" Brian asked.

"Sure Bri, I'm going to spend some time here, see the sights and tour around seeing the the South through a future Architect's eyes.  Plus Justin and I are becoming good friends, we have a lot in common besides the two of you.  He's so cute and cuddly, I may take him home with me." Christian said to Brian.

Ariel spoke up.

"Justin! What are you doing? What's going on here?"

"WHOA!  Everybody take a deep breath. Christian is going to stay over and tour around the South.  He's interested in our Southern culture and the Architecture.   It's no big deal, if Christian and I develop a friendship that's strictly between him and me.  We just thought that it was fitting,  as your brothers, that we both see you off on your one time only Honeymoon!  We're both grown men and past the age where our conduct is any concern to anybody other than ourselves.  Now go have a wonderful time in Italy, we expect lots of pictures when you come home."

Ariel hugged me and told me to keep a ear and eye on Mom, then hugged Christian.  I stuck out my hand to Brian and he grabbed it and pulled me into a 'bro hug', he threw both arms around Christian and whispered something to him that made Christian choke up. Then they turned and went down the concourse to their flight gate.

On the way back to the limo, Christian was sniffling and coughing. Once we were in the car and on our way I asked what the problem is.

"Oh, no problem at all, Brian just told me he loves me and to go for it, meaning you.  He wants me to be happy too.   He's the only one in my family that truly cares about me."

"You're wrong there bub, your brother's brother-in-law thinks you hung the moon." I said.

Christian reached over and took my hand and held it until we were back at the hotel.  Once we exited from the Limo he looked over and said.

"I think my brother's brother-in-law is just about perfect for me." Christian said softly so only I could hear.

We found my car and rousted out my Mom, we finally found her in the hotel spa getting a massage and a facial of some exotic South African magic mud. She told me to take Christian on to Georgetown, she'd be fine driving the eight miles from the Hilton to her house in Ocala. It hit me then that my Mom was going to be alone now with Ariel married and living upstate in Gainesville. I told her that Christian and I would be exploring the northern part of the state and then the Georgia Coast as we made our way back to Georgetown.

We drove from the Hotel in Ocala down to St. Pete, to the outrageous Dali Museum, which Christian loved, then east to Orlando and Cinderella's Castle, from there we drove to Jacksonville and the U of N. Fla Student Union Bldg, and afterward, out to the beach for St. Paul's By The Sea Church. (our favorite of all we've seen so far.) We stopped for a well deserved break and a good nights sleep, well a few hours sleep anyway, I recharge quickly from sexual exhaustion.

We left early the next morning for Live Oak and Mandi's Chapel, then next up was U. of Florida's Bushman Center.  We ended the Florida tour in Tallahassee and FSU's Dodd Hall. We drove up to Thomasville Ga. where we ate an early dinner, then strolled through the Rose Gardens scattered throughout the city. Christian was amazed at the number of fantastic buildings we had seen in two days. We drove from Thomasville to Savannah and Christian saw more than he wanted of poor, rural Georgia.

No matter how many times you visit, Savannah is always a treat. We arrived in early afternoon and found the Forsyth Park Inn across the street from the park of the same name, with its famous Fountain that dates back to 1858 and styled after the Fountains of Paris. We went out to tour the Park, Christian's eyes were everywhere, taking in the beautiful gardens, and that magnificent fountain. He was completely amazed by the beauty and grace of the fountain as water shot high into the air and cascaded into the basins below.

It was nearing six o'clock in the afternoon, we were lucky today, there were nice cooling breezes that blew through often keeping the humidity low. When we started down the pathway was arched over by majestic oak trees, dripping with spanish moss, framing the fountain at the far end, Christian stopped in his tracks. When I looked, his mouth hang open and his eyes were like saucers.

"I've never seen anything so beautiful Justin, that is amazing. Soon he was snapping pictures and emailing them to Brian and Ariel, and friends back home in California."

The Historic District of Savannah is laid out in the style of the early to mid 1800's life in France.  A central green space, often with a fountain and  elaborate gardens with a neighborhood of elegant period homes surrounding the central green space or park. The Forsyth Park fountain is the largest and most elegant of all the park fountains in the city.

After several trips around the fountain, we found a place in the shade to sit and marvel at this glorious piece of art.   We sat on a park bench just in front of a row of majestic old homes, each with a story of its own. Then, like a hidden director somewhere gave a cue, we heard a piano play the first few notes of "Moonlight Sonata," Christian turned abruptly trying to see the source, I craned my neck and decided that it was coming from an open upstairs window on the house next door to the one we sat in front of.

I looked over to Christian and he had closed his eyes and sat listening to the music.   I put my hand on the bench between us, touching his and we sat there and enthralled by the music, caught up in the moment as Savannah cast her spell upon her visitors as only this city can do.  We let ourselves be lured by the magic of the moment; we were susceptible, caught up as we are in the thrill of finding and getting to know each other.  We revelled in the city, the music, the fountain and the web of romance and beauty woven by this Jewel of the South.  Sheer magic!   It was our own little moment in time, something that, no matter what becomes of us, together or not, neither of us would never forget this moment.

A very good piano player unknowingly played a serenade for two souls who were seeking that connection, that magic that sparks between lovers and bonds them together, a couple, each developing a shared commitment that defines them.   We sat there listening to the beautiful music and each hoping beyond hope that the man next to us was Him. The one.

Neither of us moved until the music stopped.   When it did, we both turned and clapped as loud as we could, Christian called out 'BRAVO, BRAVO' as we clapped.   A young teenaged boy peered out the window, when Christian waved, he quickly turned and disappeared into the house. Turning to me, Christian put an arm over my shoulder.

"That was pure magic, this city, this beautiful park, the music, you...its all combined to cast a spell over me and all of it is magnified because you are here sitting beside me. I'll treasure this memory all of my days Justin. It's Magic!

Like most all the visitors to Savannah, the city has beguiled us, pulled us in with her beauty and cast an unforgettable spell upon us. That afternoon set the mood for our stay in Savannah, I called for a dinner reservation at Noble Fare on the suggestion of our Hotel staff.  The food was delicious but pricey, all worth it because the ambiance was spot on perfect.   Warmed by good food and great wine we took a chilled bottle of Pinot Noir back to our room.  We drank our wine, we cuddled up on the sofa, talking and learning about each other.  When we rose to make our way to the bed,  Justin tuned the TV to a satellite music station, titled 'Love songs'.  Then as if that unseen director was hiding behind the drapes, it happened again.   Maurice Ravel's 'Bolero' started as we lay across the bed.  More Savannah magic.

I've no way to corroborate this statement but I imagine that many thousands have made love to Ravel's "Bolero." The captivating, hushed, almost imperceptible tympany beat which starts the piece then grows to become the pulse and lifeblood of the music, constant and growing in volume as it progresses.  Like the music we started sweet, slow and simple,  our hands and lips feeling and sensing the pleasures we were giving as we explored each other.

One by one the orchestral instruments added the repetitive, haunting melody to the insistent, building pulse of the timpani and strings. As the music builds so our passion builds, with each layering of instruments, repeating the melody as another instrument joined in.  The sound, like our passion builds and builds, until at last the full orchestra plays with increasing volume then Christian enters my body.

What started out as a whisper of timpani has become a roar of triumph, both musically and sexually, along with the music our bodies strive to match the wild, driving, incessant repetition of the musical rhythm which Christian matches stroke for stroke in my body.   We're locked together, sweating and both trying to merge our bodies into one.  Christian is a mad man lost to our lust and our love making, his frenzied penetration has transported me to sexual satisfaction like I've never known.  Wave after wave of sound, plunge after plunge of Christian's hard member into my body.  I feel it start, I know our orgasm is near but I don't, we  don't want this to end, it's all just too wonderful.

The rhythm of the music coincides with Christian's rhythm of the fuck. We're both there riding that crest, trying to grind ourselves together into one person.  Then suddenly, in a cacophony of instruments, Christian's body tenses rigid, his muscles and tendons straining,  he shouts out out my name above the music, then in one tremendously loud and discordant orchestral crash it's over.  My body is filled with his semen. The music has ended and so has our moment of passion.   Christian lies atop my semen covered torso.  There's nothing no sound but our gasping for breath.

I woke to the sound of laughter, at first it was just a giggle and a gentle shaking of the bed.   When I opened my eyes, Christian lay there smiling, he positively glowed, I hadn't seen him like this.   When he saw that I was awake he scooped me into his arms and a full body hug.

"What a night!   I never knew anything could feel like that.   You're going to have a hard time getting rid of me Justin Westlake.  I may kidnap you to California.   I will never want to be rid of you.  Ever!   Come Justin, let's shower and find us a huge breakfast.   We also need to find a music store and buy that CD from last night.  We will want to that again, and again."

At breakfast no words were needed. We both knew that this was it. He's the one. We mooned over each other like love starved teens, our feet and legs touching under the table. Back in the car I hatched a devious plan, I remembered Christian saying he was working on his Master's degree at the Academy of Art in San Francisco.  I decided to drive by the Savannah College of Art and Design (S.C.A.D to the locals.)   I hadn't mentioned the school and as we were driving down Bull Street Christian shouted.

"JUSTIN! Stop the car!"

I pulled over.

"What is it Christian, what's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong Justin, it's this school.   I have to go in, if they have a graduate degree program in Architecture this could be the answer I've been hoping for."

He ran across the street and disappeared into the administration building.   In about 15 minutes he came out, carrying brochures and walking slowly and looking dejected. I knew then that he didn't find what he wanted. When he got back into the car I mussed his hair and told him everything is okay and it would work out, somehow.

"I may have gotten the cart before the horse. Here I am working on transferring my studies from San Francisco to Savannah and I have even asked you if you want me here."

"WHAT!  Do I want you here?  Once I gain the nerve, my plan is to get on my knees and beg you to stay with me!   I've loved you since you gave me your handkerchief the night before the wedding.   I can transfer here or find a new company, I can finish my Master's here too.   All that matters is that we can be together.  Not at the same school but we'll be in the same bed together each night. YES I want you here.  Uh, I'm in love with you Christian."

He wrapped me in his arms and whispered in my ear.

"And I'm in love with you Justin, hopelessly, madly in love with you."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

A lot has happened since our magical stay in Savannah last summer. Christian returned california and to school in San Francisco.  When he mentioned the idea of moving to Savannah to finish school his parents became stubborn and refused to support him if he moved.   It was Brian that finally convinced their parents that the Savannah school was at least the equal of AASF and the tuition and housing would be miniscule compared to the rates charged in San Francisco. He told them that the change in Christian was remarkable.   Before meeting Justin, Christian seldom laughed or appeared to enjoy anything.  Now he makes the best of every day, he and Justin are a perfect match.

We both are working on our Masters Degrees, Christian is a full time student with the help of his parents, and I've found a new position with an International Aircraft manufacturing Company in Savannah and I'm going to school to finish my Masters degree at Georgia Southern University.  We are both still enthralled by this city and do our best to see and do everything we can while we're here. We know that we will more than likely be leaving when we finish our graduate classes.

Oddly, since our paring, Christian's parents have become caring, loving parents to their second son. He's always included in family functions with two round trip airline tickets to the important family events. His Mom and Dad have visited us twice in eight months and they now call frequently. He and I were both at a loss as to why the sudden and very welcomed change in them.   When we were in Ocala for my Mom's birthday, Ariel took me aside and told me about Brian reading the riot act to his Mom and Dad about the way that they have treated Christian for years.

"Oh Justin!   It was just awful, I've never heard anyone berate their parents like Brian did that day.  He ended the call by telling them that unless they changed their ways, they would have two son's who are estranged from them, and that it would be sad that his children would never know their paternal grandparents. I ran from the room crying when I heard him tell them that.

After our Honeymoon, Brian told me how Christian had been treated and it was all because the stood up and told them the truth, he's gay.  That's when they cut him off from the family.  They continued to pay for his schooling and support as long as he stayed away from them.  He would grudgingly be invited to family gatherings where his absence would cause shame to his parents, otherwise, the less he was seen the better for his parents."

"Jeez Ariel, I didn't know how bad it was.   Christian never spoke of them or their lack of regard for him, only that Brian was the only one who cared about him.  Now I understand why he dotes so on our Mom.  She truly spoils him with little treats she bakes, postcards of beautiful scenes she picks up, not necessarily of anywhere she's been, it just looks pretty to her and she knows Christian would appreciate the beauty of it." I told her.

"Holy cow! Ariel, it just hit me. Are you and Brian pregnant?"

She doubled over laughing...

"You always were the last to catch on to things, Uncle Justin."

"WOOHOO!   FANTASTIC! I'm gonna be an UNCLE!  When?  Do you know the sex yet? Ohmigod!  Does Mom know yet?" 

"Calm down little brother, we expect the baby in about seven months, a few days after Thanksgiving, no we don't want to know the sex of the baby. If it's a girl, she'll be named Natalia Noelle for our Mom and Brian's mom. If it's a boy he'll be named Jacob Alexander, for our Dad and for my brother."

We both teared up when she mentioned Dad.

We heard a car door shut and Mom, Brian and Christian all came in loaded down with packages.  From the looks of them, they've bought out every store on College Road from Paddock Mall down to Dillard's.   My Mom was absolutely glowing, she truly enjoyed Brian and Christian's company and loves them both as her own.  She's always introducing her boys to friends and acquaintances when they're out together.

Ariel and I have planned a little surprise for her birthday tonight. We're having dinner at Stella's Pantry, an icon in downtown Ocala.   We've reserved the banquet room and invited all of Mom's friends and Church buddies without her having a clue, she's been over the moon with all of us there with her for a long weekend.  We've arranged with the Restaurant to have the greeter tell us that all the tables are booked and if we don't mind, they could seat us in the banquet room.  We all agreed and when Mom walked in the door a chorus of Happy Birthday surprised her to tears.

Half an hour passed before we got her into her seat of honor at the head table. She had to hug and speak to everyone.   After we ate, she stood and tapped her glass with a spoon to get everyone's attention.  She thanking everyone for coming she introduces the four of us.  Ariel and Brian, her daughter and son-in-law and Justin and christian, her son and his partner.  She started to sit then remembered and stood again.

"I almost forgot the big news. We're having a baby she shouted. Ariel and Brian are expecting just after Thanksgiving."

There was applause and ooos and ahhs galore. Then Christian stood to share our news with Mom and her friends.

"Mama Noelle, as you know, Justin and I have finished our Master's Degree requirements and are leaving Savannah for our new home. We'll be moving to Dunedin, just north of Clearwater. Justin will be working with the City of Clearwater, and I'll be working with G2 Design in Tampa, Clearwater and St. Pete.  We'll rent for a while then find ourselves the perfect home."

We rented a Condo on a six month lease, it was expensive, but we knew we'd be buying a home soon.   We found our dream home quickly then had to wait for our lease to be nearly over before we could make our offer.  Somehow, I think that the home we wanted on Harbor Drive was destined to be ours.  Our hearts sank when we saw the first "Under Contract" banner across the for sale sign.  However, it wasn't our only heartbreak with our dream home.

After the first contract fell through a second "Under Contract" banner was pasted across the For Sale sign and again the contract failed.   We knew better than to let it happen a third time and Christian called his Grandparents and explained the situation and they gave him enough money to buy out the remaining three months on the Condo lease and we made our offer and it was accepted.  We could hardly believe our luck. We didn't have enough furniture to fill it as yet.  There are four bedrooms, three of them have an en suite bath, a great room with a wall of windows looking out to our back yard with an unobstructed view of the Gulf of Mexico, our own piece of Paradise.

Of course Christian saw how he wanted to remodel right away.  The wall of windows were to become french doors onto a patio with a pool to the side of the property to keep the view of the Gulf of Mexico the unobstructed, main attraction.  A sleeping porch was added to our bedroom and the rest of the house renovation was mostly just painting and furnishing. The kitchen had been redone with new appliances and granite counter tops prior to listing it for sale.  We both learned to do new things, like refinishing old, but good furniture, laying patio pavers, hanging and taping drywall, painting and installing countertops and cabinets.  

I was sitting at the kitchen counter having a Saturday morning coffee admiring the changes we had made in our home when I saw Christian standing in the backyard looking out over the vast expanse of water, he was wearing only his swim trunks, not much bigger than a Speedo but they did have a about an inch of leg to them.  Seeing his round little butt in those shorts,   I felt a surge of lust for him that was overwhelming, I went to the french doors and called to him to come help me in the guest room.  Once he was there I pounced on him and had him pinned on the bed as I devoured his lips and mouth with my own.

I let my lips and tongue cover every inch of him.  I stripped his swim trunks from his lean body and fell onto his crotch, sucking his testicles into my mouth and pulling them tight, stretching them until he groaned at the pleasure/pain I was causing.  I lightly bit at him with little love nips, letting my lips and tongue cover every inch of him.  I nuzzled his crotch with my nose, tongue and lips. Moving over I put my lips and tongue onto his hip bone, a hot spot for him that he can barely tolerate for any length of time. I pulled off just before he started begging me to stop. I pushed his legs up and made a dive, zeroing in on his wrinkled opening, I scored a bulls eye as Christian shouted my name.

My lips and tongue covered every inch of him, from his big sexy feet to his ears.  I lightly bit and kissed him, first on his knees, then the inside of his thighs. I nuzzled his crotch with my nose, tongue and lips. Moving over I put my lips and tongue onto his hip bone, a hot spot for him that he can barely tolerate for any length of time. I pulled off just before he started begging me to stop.

I pushed his legs up and made a dive, zeroing in on his wrinkled opening, I scored a bulls eye with my tongue as Christian yelped, then moaned in ecstasy as I rimmed and laved his fantastic butt. He loved my rimming him and it always got him ready to fuck me hard and long.  But today was different, with one hand I held his legs high as I aimed my cock at his wrinkled hole.  With one push I was in,  Christian's eyes went wide, then slammed shut as I started fucking his little butt,  Sa the surprize wore off, he began to to fuck back as I ground against him.  

"Ohmigod Justin!  I love that fat cock of yours, fuck me babe, pound my ass.  Show me how much you love me.  Fuck me hard baby!  Fucking him hard brought me to the brink and soon my tensed body was filling him with my cum.  I had taken in about three deep breaths when Christian flipped us and now I was on my back, legs spread wide as he knee walked up and put his long cock deep in my ass with one stroke.  Almost immediately, my cock was hard again as we fucked each other.

After a while we flipped and I rode his long cock trying to scratch that itch I have deep inside me for him and his cock.   I can't get enough of him inside me at times.  When I saw him wincing, I knew that it was time to change positions for our final push to our orgasm.   I lay on my back again, legs spread wide as he entered me and found his rhythm.  This is my favorite position, I can watch his handsome face as he makes love to me.   We kiss and grind together building up to our inevitable climax.  His face changes when he feels the semen rising from his testicles, at first it's like a little smirk, he knows he's about to make me even more crazy for him than I already am.  With each stroke his cock makes inside me, the nearer he gets us to orgasm.

I wish there was a way I could get a picture of his face at that moment when he freezes in position and surrenders to our orgasm, filling me with his love and a copious amount of his semen. There's a moment when we both reach that pinnacle, when neither of us breathes, the moment of ejaculation; we are each synced into the mutual orgasmic pleasure wracking our bodies and the sheer wonder of the orgasm of the brain, the mind fuck. The wonder of being in love with this person who has given me pleasure like no other I've ever known.

There's more ecstasy to come as we lie together, holding tight to each other, trying to hold onto the bliss of that moment of absolute love. Eventually we come back to earth, each time, more in love with each other than when we started. Each time I hear him whisper 'I love you, Justin' I know I'm the luckiest man in the world.

Now that we are settled into our new gorgeous home on the Gulf, we're hosting our families for a mini reunion over the Thanksgiving Holiday. Brian and Ariel are coming with their son Jacob, who will have his third birthday the day after Thanksgiving. Christian's parents and sister and mine and Ariel's Mom will all be here for the holiday.

Each time Christian and I are around little Jake we talk about adoption, and each time we put it off, selfishly wanting more time alone together.  IF this lust we have for each other ever wanes we may decide to adopt, but we're more than four years together now and my lust for him is even stronger that it was in the beginning. I can't speak for Christian but his desire has not lessened at all.

We spent a lot of time sprucing up the house and lawn for the coming 'family holiday' and were excited to have everyone coming to see our place.  Having both families come to us is very special to us, especially having the Brownings here.  Their show of acceptance of Christian and I means the world to both of us.   We're happy and content  professionally and personally. The luckiest two guys in the world.

The End.


Bill Hudley

[email protected]


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