My Black Friend 

My neighbor Dwayne is a good friend of mine. We often hang out, play basketball and watch football on Sundays. I’m married and my wife Michelle likes Dwayne so we all get along fine, but Dwayne and I are closer friends. Dwayne is thirty-four years old and is a big guy. He’s about six-foot three and weighs about two hundred and twenty-five pounds and very black. He used to play football in college and is still in great shape. 

I’m athletic but not as athletic as Dwayne. I’m white, forty years old, five foot eleven and weigh a hundred and eighty-five pounds. I guess back from his college days Dwayne has gotten use to having a masseuse come over to his house once a week and rubbing him down. Usually we time it just right after we play basketball, the masseuse arrives and I leave so Dwayne can relax and get his massage.

One particular day, just as we’d finished playing basketball Dwayne got a call on his cell phone.

“Damn, man the girl can’t make it tonight.”

“Sorry dude.”

“Shit James, I’ve been looking forward to it all day.”

“Oh well, I guess you’ll have to wait until next week.”

“Man that’s way too long. Hey what about you. Michelle says you give her wicked massages.”

“No way man, I only do my wife,” I explained.

“Come on.  What’s the big deal? A muscle is a muscle and I’ll pay you what I pay my masseuse.”

“How much do you pay?” I asked curiously.

“Seventy-five bucks,” Dwayne answered.

“Shit…for seventy-five bucks I’ll massage your ass.”

We both burst out laughing. Dwayne knew that I’d do anything for money. I followed Dwayne into his house and into the bedroom. 

“I don’t have a massage table. The girl always brings her own. I guess we can use the bed.”

“That’s fine.”

I watched Dwayne kicked off his Nikes, pulled his white t-shirt over his head. He hesitated for a second or two before he undid his jeans and let them drop to the floor before pulling them off completely. He was now standing there in his baggy boxers. Then he pulled his boxers down, now completely nude.  I’d never seen him completely nude so when Dwayne lowered his boxers, my jaw dropped. In front of me was the biggest cock I’d ever seen. I was hanging down a good 7 inches, completely soft. I could only imagine how big it got hard.

Dwayne lay down on the bed and I went into the bathroom and grabbed a bottle of baby oil. Pouring a little oil into my hand, I started to massage Dwayne’s back. I must have been doing a good job because as my fingers kneaded his muscles I could feel Dwayne’s body just totally relax under my touch.

“Damn man,” laughed Dwayne, “You’re doing a better job than my regular girl. I might have to start paying you every week to massage me.”

“Hey as long as you pay me I’ll massage you anytime you want.”

I grabbed more baby oil and started to massage Dwayne’s calves. As I knead his muscles I let my hands slide up and massage the back of his thighs. He’s so muscular that I was getting aroused massaging him. I couldn’t understand it, I’ve always been straight, but here I was getting aroused by another guy. 

“Okay man all done,” I said.

“What the fuck are you talking about? You haven’t massaged my Gluteus Maximums,” Dwayne said. 

“What the hell is that?” I asked.

“The biggest muscle on your body man, your ass,” he explained. 

“I ain’t massaging your ass,” I stammered indignantly.

“Then I ain’t paying you. My girl always massages my gluts. Damn man, don’t you know that’s always part of the deal. Besides what’s the fucking big deal? You’re not homo or anything you’re just massaging me.”
“Fine, but keep this between us, I feel funny doing this.”
“Don’t worry man, just you and me,” he said understandingly.
Then I poured a little oil on his ass and started rubbing it in. Even though I put up a big stink deep down I wanted to massage his ass. I put both my hands his big bubble butt let my fingers dig into his flesh. I rubbed them all over, even in between his butt crack. I felt Dwayne open his legs a little so I could let my hands slip further down his crack. I was getting hard playing with Dwayne’s ass.

Dwayne said, “Okay time for the front.”
Then Dwayne flipped over, his cock was still soft and hanging down. I poured oil on his chest and started to rub it in. I was rubbing Dwayne’s chest when I noticed his cock starting to grow. It was getting bigger and rising. Soon his cock was as hard as a rock and lying on his stomach. When I started to rub his stomach and I accidentally hit the top of his cock.

“Sorry man,” I said apologetically.

“Don’t worry about it. I always get hard when I get a massage.”

As I moved down to his legs, I saw Dwayne close his eyes. It gave me a perfect opportunity to take a good look at his cock. It was massive. It had grown to good 9-inches and as thick as my wrist. And what a beautiful mushroom head he had, I wanted to touch it. It was big, bold, black and beautiful and I wanted to feel it. 

When I started rubbing further up Dwayne’s thighs, he opened his legs for me. As I rubbed the inside of his legs, I accidentally brushed his balls and he left out a small moan.

”Okay dude all finished,” I said.

“Wait James, if you’ll massage my cock I’ll pay you an extra fifty bucks just like I do with the masseuse.”

“Shit man you can’t tell anyone.”

“I promise, I won’t,” said Dwayne soothingly.

I poured oil on the head of his cock and watched it dribble down the shaft. With one hand I lifted his cock off his stomach. It was so hard and hot. I saw Dwayne looking at my hand as I moved it up and down on his cock. I was so hard that stroking Dwayne’s magnificent cock got me extremely horny. 

As I stroked it, my mind compared it to my own. I always thought I had a decent cock about 7-inches but feeling Dwayne’s cock made me realize just how much bigger his was than mine. 

“Oh Man that feels good,” he moaned.

“Have to admit I’m enjoying it too. I’ve never seen a cock this big.”

“Why don’t you get a closer look?” Dwayne suggested.

“What do you mean?” I asked cautiously.

“Look I didn’t tell you before but I don’t pay that masseuse an extra 50 bucks, I pay her an extra 100 when she blew me.”

“Dude I can’t do that.” I’m saying as my hand moved up and down his shaft.

“Why not, look you’re already stroking it. What’s the difference if you just put it in your mouth?”

“There’s a big difference,” I stammered.

“Come on man, try it. Just lick the head and if you don’t like it stop,” he cajoled.

“If you ever tell anyone I did this I’ll kill you,” I warned.

“Okay… okay already try it,” Dwayne urged.

I bent down, flicked my tongue out and lightly licked the head. It was so strange to be licking a cock. I found I liked the feeling of his cock touching my lips, so I opened my mouth and let the head slide in. I also enjoyed the smooth, hard, spongy feeling of a hot wet cock in my mouth. I felt Dwayne’s hand on the back of my head and he pushed down until I had half of his cock in my mouth.

“Come on suck my cock James,” he said.

I was really getting into it by now. I was stroking the bottom part of his cock while I sucked the upper part. I loved the feel of his cock sliding in and out of my mouth, followed by hot smooth balls bouncing off my chin. Every aspect of a cock in my mouth or slapping me in the face is incredibly hot. I swirled my tongue around the head and could feel every vein around it. I felt Dwayne’s legs tighten I knew he was close to cumming so is started to pull my face away but he kept his hand on the back of my head, keeping his cock in my mouth. 

Suddenly Dwayne stiffened all over and cried, “I’m cumming.”

Then it happened, I felt the first wave of cum shoot into my mouth. I started to gag but Dwayne continued to shot gob after gob of hot cum into my mouth, every squirt making his body twitch in another spasm of joy. Holding my head Dwayne made me suck all the cum out oh his cock. He kept cumming, until he’d drained his balls inside my mouth.

“Man you’re a good cocksucker,” laughed Dwayne, “I loved cumming in your mouth.”

“Shit you son of a bitch, I didn’t want you to cum in my mouth,” I whined.

“Sorry dude, it felt too good to stop. Now get back down there and lick the rest of my cock. Lick it clean.”

“Fuck you, I ain’t doing it again,” I raved indignantly.

“Yes you are. You don’t know it yet but you’re now my slut. See that camera up there. I filmed the whole thing. How would you like that pretty wife of yours seeing it?”

“You asshole,” I almost yelled.

“Shut the fuck up, we both know you liked it. Now take your clothes off and lick my cock clean.”

Maybe I expected him to give me some privacy I don’t know. What I didn’t expect was for him to watch my every move. I slowly kicked off my loafers, and then I pulled the blue polo shirt over my head. The coolness of the room made my nipples tighten. I hesitated for a second or two. With Dwayne watching me with his arms folded behind his head, I unbutton and unzipped my jeans and let them drop to the floor before stepping out of them.

I was now standing by Dwayne’s bed in nothing but my baggy boxers which were tenting over my erect little cock; Oh my god, I had a raging erection.

Nervously I removed my boxers, letting my erection spring to attention. Even though I’d just my hands all over his naked body I felt really embarrassed when he saw my erection.

“You see I knew you liked it,” Dwayne chuckled as he tweeked the head of my stiff cock.

Embarrassed because Dwayne had spoken the truth, I got down on my knees beside the bed. And then I leaned down and took his sticky flaccid cock into my mouth and licked it all over. It was so different now, it was soft and spongy. Soon his cock started to grow. 

Dwayne was right, I loved sucking his cock…and I was his cock slave and we both knew it. 

I was doing a good job on his cock, when Dwayne reached down and pulled his cock out of my mouth.

”Get on the bed,” he ordered.


“Just do it.”

When I got on the bed beside him, Dwayne said, “Now sit on my cock. I’m going to fuck you.”

I knew better than to resist besides deep down I wanted him to fuck me. Trying not to think about it, I quickly threw my leg over Dwayne, straddling his body.  Using my hand I grasp his cock and guided it to my asshole.

Holding it between my butt checks, I let his dick head pierce my sphincter.

“Shit that fucking hurts,” I whimpered like a little girl getting her cherry busted. 

“Just relax the pain will go away.”

“Just don’t fucking move,” I wailed as Dwayne pressed the head of his cock further into me.  I could feel my asshole being stretch wider than ever before. I couldn't believe the feeling; it was different, exciting.

“Don’t worry,” said Dwayne as his cock disappear into my ass, “We’ll go slow. I plan to fuck you a lot more than just today so I want to make sure you enjoy it so next time you will be begging me to fuck you.”

Holding my hips, Dwayne started slowly moving me up and down on his big cock, letting it slide out to the head, and then dropping me back down on it again. We slowly moved into a rhythm, sliding up and down on his cock as he fucked me.

I relaxed as best as I could and Dwayne was right. After a while, the pain disappeared and was replaced with a sensation of feeling full. I lowered my ass a little more. More of his cock slipped in until I said, “Fuck it.”

I dropped my ass down hard and fast until I bottomed out and I could feel Dwayne’s entire cock inside my ass. 


“You like that huh,” laughed Dwayne.

“Oh god yes,” I panted, “I love the way your cock feels inside me.”

“I knew you would like it. From the moment we met, I knew that one day I was going to fuck you. Now you’re mine. Anytime and anywhere I want you, I’m going to fuck you.” 

“Oh god yes, I love your cock, fuck me good,” I pleaded as I bounced up and down on his cock and enjoying every minute of it. His cock was hitting my prostate, which was sending me through the roof.

Then without warning, Dwayne lifted my ass off his cock and got up off the bed. 

“Come here.”

I followed him across the room where he put my back against the wall and lifted me up. Then Dwayne grabbed my hips, and I cried out as he lowered me back down and entered me. My legs wrapped around his waits and my arms around his back, I held on for dear life as Dwayne pumped his cock in and out of me.

“OH baby, your ass feels good,” grunted Dwayne, “I’m going to enjoy fucking you in front of your wife.”

“OH shit I don’t care what you do,” I wailed wantonly, “I just want to feel your cum inside me.”

“Yes baby I am going to cum in you, and then we are going to go over to your house an I am going to fuck you in front of your wife,” Dwayne bragged, “And then I am going to fuck her too.”

“Oh yes fuck me.”

“Yes baby, and then after I fuck her I’m going to fuck you again,” Dwayne promised. “I’m going to turn the two of you into my personal fuck slaves.”

As Dwayne was talking, I was picturing his big cock fucking my wife and it sent me over the edge and I explode all over Dwayne’s stomach. He looks at me and smiled and then I felt his cock erupt inside my ass…his hot cum searing the inside of my bowels. 

“Oh yesssssssssssss cum in me,” in me I wailed like a little bitch.

For what seemed like an hour but was only a minute at most, Dwayne continued to spew more cum inside my ass. He lowered my feet to the floor but I was still impaled on his cock. 

“You like my cock in your ass don’t ya?” Dwayne laughed.

“Oh god yes I love it.”

Dwayne finally pulled out of my ass. Grabbing my hand, he pulled me into the shower. As the warm water cascades down on us, he pushed me down on my knees and said, “Clean my cock and blow me again. I want you to get all my cum out so when I go and fuck your wife I’ll last even longer. Now be a good boy and suck my dick.”

Looking down at me, grabbed my head guiding my mouth to his hard cock. I looked into his eyes as my lips engulfed his flaccid cock in my mouth. As it hardened, I could feel the creases and veins caress my lips as my mouth bobbed up and down his thick shaft. 

"Suck harder slut," Dwayne demanded as I noisily slurped on his salty shaft. The taste, the feel and the scent was incredible. I was consumed by the act. 

Laughing, Dwayne held my head tight and forced his dick down my throat until I had to fight my gag reflex…deep enough that my face turned red...deep enough that I could lick his balls.

"Suck me bitch," he yelled as his cock pumped into my mouth. 

I felt his balls tighten and I knew he was close. I was tense with anticipation. Grunting, he forced his cock deep into my throat as it started to spit. His thick cream filled my mouth as I gulped and swallowed his still huge load. 

Dwayne grunted and groaned as he cummed in my mouth. "Swallow it bitch," he demanded as gob after delicious gob of thick goo shot from his cock. 

I swallowed every drop of his salty cum and then pulled my mouth off his cock. "Thank you master," I panted.

Then we both got dressed and planned my wife Michelle’s seduction. But that is another story.

The end…



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