My mom asked her brother, my Uncle Bill, a Sergeant in the Marines, to "inspect" the master bathroom I had been told to clean. They both smiled at her use of the military term "inspect."

He went up to the master bedroom and into the bathroom as I followed behind, somewhat annoyed at the implied criticism of my ability to do a menial task. He inspected the shower stall carefully, nodded his head, inspected the large bathtub as carefully, inspected the sink and mirrors, and smiled at me as though I had done a good job.

When we got to the toilet, he let out an audible gasp and froze. I looked down at the brown, wooden toilet seat and saw, to my mortification, a large glob of white semen gleaming in the brightly lit room. We both leaned in at the same time to peer into the toilet bowl.

Like white clouds floating in a small patch of sky, very large amounts of my semen were very clearly seen. I reached for the toilet flush knob, but my Marine uncle was quicker, grabbing my hand and saying, "Don't."

I froze in complete embarrassment.

"What a huge load, man," he said quietly yet sounding very impressed, turning his whole body towards my side and pressing against me. I felt his strong muscles rub me, but was amazed at the pressure of his bulging crotch at my hip. "Is he getting hard," I wondered.

He leaned down and picked up most of the semen glob on the toilet seat with his thumb and index finger and brought it to his nose while rolling it between his fingers. He breathed in deeply and then sighed with what seemed to me to be genuine pleasure.

"How old are you?" he asked in that quiet, almost secretive, voice, while sounding even more impressed.

"You know I just turned18 yesterday," I admitted shyly. "You came here for my birthday party, remember?"

"Oh, yeah. I came for your birthday party, man!" I thought for a moment that he was going to put the sperm to his lips, but he flushed the toilet. We both watched the semen swirl in the water and slide down out of sight.

He went to the sink and washed his hands. He was looking at me through the mirror. He smiled broadly.

"You were watching yourself in the mirror as you jacked off, weren't you." It wasn't a question.

I nodded, feeling embarrassed again.

"What a sight that must have been, and what a load you pumped out! How high did it sail up before it dove into the water?" he asked sounding very interested.

I relaxed, smiled at him, lifted my hand well above my head as I watched myself in the mirror, and said, "Mostly this high, Bill." (Until that moment I had called him only "Uncle Bill." He seemed to take no notice of my change in addressing him.)

"Amazing!" he sighed quietly, but I could hear that he was impressed. "Did you count the cum shots as you blasted off?" His voice seemed even more eager for my response.

I had the uncomfortable feeling that this was straying past acceptable limits, but I liked and admired him so much that I decided to be straightforward with him.

I nodded my head.

"How many?" he whispered, eager for my reply.

I hesitated, but then said, "12, but the big glob on the seat dripped out after I was through and had lowered the seat back down. I didn't notice it. I guess you could say 13."

"I can't tell you how impressed I am. Envious, too. I used to come like that when I was your age, but nowadays it only happens every once in a while. You're lucky! Keep it up!" He smiled broadly at me. "Now you're a man! I told you yesterday I'd give you my birthday present today. It's something special."

"What will it be?" I asked with great interest.

"I'm not saying, but, you know..." he flashed me a smile and pumped his hand in front of his fly in a jacking motion, saying, "...from now on I'll be thinking of you when I..." His fist kept pumping.

"You do it, too?" I asked in surprise.

"Fuck, man," he said with a grin, "all men do it! Don't worry about it."

My head was reeling at the thought of it.

"C'mon, lets wipe up the toilet seat, and get the fuck out of here."

I loved the way he was talking to me as an adult. I couldn't wait to learn what my birthday present would be.

Bill reported to my mom that I had passed inspection with flying colors. I withheld the urge to laugh out loud! Then I realized that I was very fortunate that it hadn't been my dad who discovered my semen. But then I had a follow-up thought: maybe dad would have reacted just like Bill did! I liked that thought.

* * * *

Late in the afternoon, Bill came up to me and said, "Come, take a ride with me." He flashed me a sexy smile, which implied that he had something up his sleeve. We went out to his car immediately.

"I'm going to take you where I was taken to the day after my 18th birthday," he told me as he headed the car out of town. We drove for about twenty minutes, when I saw a large shack-like building off to the left up ahead. A simple sign said "X-RATED." There were about a dozen cars in the parking lot, which he pulled into.

"Uh," I started, nervously, "what's this place?"

"C'mon, You'll love it!" he said as he urged me to get out of the car. He opened his door, but waited for me to open mine. I took a breath and went out to join him.

The first thing I noticed as we entered the building were the large, colored posters hanging all over. There were posters of naked women, but even more of naked men with big erections. I followed Bill around the room, glancing at books, magazines, DVDs, dildoes, condoms, and some things I didn't recognize, when I realized that we had made a full circle of the room and were back at the sales counter near the door.

"Let me have two dollars in tokens, please," Bill asked the clerk, handing him the money. He turned to me and, grinning, said, "Now we'll have some fun!"

"Is that guy of age?" the clerk asked nodding in my direction.

"Sure is. He's my nephew and he turned 18 yesterday," Bill said with a smile. "He needs to have his outlook expanded, so I brought him here, just as I was brought here the day after I turned 18. I loved it, and I know he will, too. He's a quick study."

The clerk grinned, looked and me and said, "Good luck, birthday boy! Enjoy yourself!" Bill and the clerk laughed, until Bill grabbed my elbow and led me through a curtain into a dimly-lit hallway lined with doors on both sides.

"If you need to take a leak, there's a toilet at the end of the hall," he whispered to me. "Come on, let's see if we can find a vacant room." He led me halfway down the hallway, grabbed a doorknob, seemed surprised when it opened, and ushered me into a small room with a TV screen and a chair. I looked around and saw a large hole in each side wall through which I saw flickering lights from TVs.

He dropped a token in a slot and a video started to play. A bright image, in full color, showed a large, muscular man fucking a slightly smaller guy in the ass!

"Holy Shit!" I said under my breath. I felt my cock lurch in response.

"Good movie, ain't it?" he whispered directly into my ear. It tickled and seemed very sexual. My cock was growing rapidly. "You gettin' a rod-on?" he asked quietly.

I looked at him. He looked aroused but I kept myself from looking at his crotch, even though I suspected he was getting an erection, too. "A rod-on?" I asked, dumbly.

"It's normal for a male to get a hardon while watching porn," he explained. He paused a bit and then said, very softly, but extremely erotically, "Like I'm getting."

I looked down at his cotch without thinking. The bulge in his jeans was breathtaking! I looked up and was sure I saw a very lustful expression on his face. I sucked in air and sighed, "Wow!" and as the thought occurred to me I asked, "Who brought you here?"

He smiled, looked like he was contemplating the answer, moved very close to me and whispered, "Your dad."

I blinked a couple of times trying to process that information.

"Does he know that you were taking me here today?" I asked in surprise.

"He gave me a 'thumbs up' as we left," he admitted, adding, "When we talked this plan over, he called it our family tradition!"

"Tradition," I repeated softly. "Gee, do you mean that someone took him here when he was 18?"

"Yup, and he loved it! He also said he was happy for me, because he knows how much fun we can have if we lighten up and enjoy the offerings. Look at the screen."

I turned and saw a tall, naked man standing there with his hard dick in the mouth of a bent over naked man who also sported a hard dick! I stared at the two of them for a moment, aware the I had reached full tumescence, and then looked at Bill. I'm sure my jaw dropped as I saw him grope his full, long, hard erection. He was enjoying this.

"You ever had your cock sucked like that?" he asked bluntly.

"No," I said meekly. I didn't want it to sound like a rejection of the idea. I felt precum leaking in my pants.

"Would you like a blow job, now?" he asked.

My eyebrows jumped up and he knew what my answer would be. "Sure! But who would do it."

"I would love to, if it's okay with you."

You would?" I asked in amazement.

"I am hoping that I could have the honor of giving you your first blow job !" he said earnestly.

"But I'm so horny right now, I think I'd shoot my load in your mouth," I warned.

"That's exactly what I want you to do!" he exclaimed with delight, but quietly. I could hear the pleasure in his voice. "I've been wanting to suck your cock and swallow your thick cum, ever since I saw your huge load in the toilet water, touched its creamy essence, smelled its enticing odor in the bathroom, while longing to taste it. Please let me!"

"How?" I asked, now thoroughly aroused.

"Let's get naked," he recommended, taking off his shirt.

In a flash we were both naked, both with unwavering, stiff erections, which were leaking precum, giving clear evidence of our lusty levels of mutual arousal.

"Do you want to try sucking my cock before I suck yours," he asked politely.

"Oh, please do me first," I implored, not fully realizing the implication that I would suck his cock next. "If I suck yours now, I'm certain I'd drop my load immediately, even before you could get it into your mouth. I am really that hot right now."

He smiled, leaned over, blowing warm air onto my tall standing shaft, then sliding his wet lips over my cockhead and drawing me into his oven-hot mouth. Instinct caused me to shove my cock into such memorable heat and such amazingly strong suction. He was sucking my cock! I zoomed into the most incredible orgasm of my young life!

He was swallowing and swallowing my creamy, thick cum for the longest time. But after I knew he had drunk down my complete load, I had to put my hand on his forehead and gently push him away. He knew exactly how I felt and he released me.

He straightened up, a look of astonishment on his face, a wisp of cum on his lower lip, and told me, "This was the best load I've ever swallowed!" His sincerity was palpable.

He embraced me, our naked bodies and hard cocks pressing together, and whispered into my ear, "That was incredible! I counted 20 cum blasts as you came! I didn't know that could be done! I'm vibrating with pleasure! I know I will drop my load if you only slide the tip of my erection into your sexy mouth! Do it! Do me, now!"

My orgasm left me reeling with aftershocks of bliss. His quite, earnest request to 'do' him broke down any hesitation, so I released him from my hug, leaned over like he had done, and watched as his mammoth cockhead slowly, memorably, neared my mouth! I opened to it. As it slid in and caressed my tongue, while pressing against the roof of my mouth, I knew, right then and there, that I was a natural-born cocksucker! I was doubly happy that my first cock was my loving uncle's! I sucked, hard. I allowed him to shove cock into me. I didn't gag. I absolutely loved what I was doing - sucking cock! The idea of it, the physical pleasure I was taking from it, increased by the knowledge that he was enjoying this as he stroked my back and head, reminded me, like when I have a great jack off session, that I was fully capable of a number of more orgasms in this lusty palace of cocksuckers. I felt more at home than at home.

I was confident that I could handle his orgasmic spurts of hot cum, but when the first spurt blasted into my mouth, filling it completely, and forcing me to swallow, I wondered if I could handle a full load. I handled it, but there was no way I could have counted the machinegun-rapid spurting sperm shots. They just kept coming and coming. It was such an incredible event that, ever since, I can reflect back on it while jacking off and effortlessly shoot a hot load.

Inevitably, he gently withdrew his spent cock. I kissed it as it left my mouth. He moaned with pleasure.

When I straightened up he kissed me on the lips, I could taste my cum on his lips, as he could taste his cum on mine. It was thrilling!

"Thank you," he whispered softly.

"And thank YOU," a voice came from the hole in the wall, surprising us. "That was a better sex scene than anything I've seen on these fuckin' videos. You guys are so sexy, and got me so hot, that I want shove my rigid cock through this Glory Hole and have you both suck it. Take a look. It's a good one!" With that, a very large, long cock was slipped through what I now knew was called a glory hole.

I looked at Bill. It seemed like his tongue was hanging out. When he looked at me, undoubtedly seeing the same expression on my face, he laughed out loud. "Do you want to try taking this huge thing, or should I give it a try?"

"You want to suck this guy's cock?" I asked in surprise.

"Sure! That's what we're here for - some down-and-out pud-pounding, cocksucking, ass-fucking fun! You and I just had a remarkably amazing go of it, which we will always remember, but lighten up! Have some fun with these guys. In fact, here's an idea, why don't you fuck me in the ass, while I suck this monster cock?"

Before I could recover from that surprising invitation, the voice through the glory hole said, "Great idea, dude! But, here, let me pull my cock back so the dude getting fucked can have me suck his cock. When your big cock starts pounding his prostate, he'll have the best orgasm a dude can have, really feeling it and shooting hard. Whadda ya say?"

"This guy has a very good point. I think we should go for it."

I was trying to keep up with this, but the one thing I knew was that I wanted to fuck Bill's ass, so I said, "Okay!"

Bill smiled at me with delight, turned to the glory hole and slipped his cock through. As an afterthought, he said, "Oh, here. Take this and use a little of the lube on your cock. Not too much. Just enough to help your big fuckin' dick slide easily into me." I took the small tube from his back-stretched hand and read the bright label, followed the instructions, and lubed my cock for the first time in my life. The thought of fucking Bill, and the erotic sensations caused by the lube, triggered an instant stiffening of my erection to almost painful hardness.

"Man! This guy knows how to suck cock!" Bill sighed. "Quick now, slip that monster cock of yours into me!" he urged.

The sensations of sliding my engorged cockhead in between Bill's hard, firm, muscular butt cheeks and pressing in to feel, for the first time, the tight ass portal of a willing man, astounded me! Once again, instinct drove me to hold my cockhead against his hole and wait for Bill's reaction. Slowly, almost imperceptibly at first, I sensed a relaxation of the flesh I was hoping to plow through. "Umm," both of us hummed as my firm pressure and his cooperation caused a small opening. "That's it," he moaned, "get it in, man! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!"

Until that very moment, I had been concerned for his comfort, not wanting to tear him a new asshole, but when he said 'fuck me hard,' I knew what he wanted and I gave it to him. My cockhead surged into his extreme heat! I loved it! I felt his ass tighten and clamp tightly behind the head of my cock, stopping the forward progress of my now extremely rigid cock.

"Relax a moment," he said. "You'll feel it when these amazing pleasures I'm enjoying with the head of your cock in me, cause me to loosen up. Then pound it home, Fucker!"

Calling me a Fucker surprised but delighted me. "Yeah," I thought, "I'm a fuckin' fucker! And I fuckin' LOVE it!" As that thought hit me, I felt the change he had told me about and easily half of my cock slid right in. It was an unbelievably erotic feeling, with gripping, moist tissues and a sensation like no other I had ever felt before! This was SO much better than jacking off! I felt a hard mass as my cockhead rubbed against it, and, simultaneously Bill pushed his hips against me trying to drive more cock into himself. "That's it, Fucker, you found my prostate! What a great feeling!" he sighed. Then he pulled away as he fucked his cock into the cocksucker on the other side of the glory hole, making me fear he wanted to have me pull out.

"Oh," I groaned, as I grabbed his body and pulled him back, fucking the remaining four and a half inches of my cock into him strongly, urgently. With him moving back and forth to fuck the cocksucker's mouth and to ride the length of my long tool, we fell into an impressive conjunction of bodies, giving and taking pleasure to the maximum degree.

"Oh, Jack, you are driving me to orgasm. I can't hold back! Uhh, here it is!" I felt one spasm on my cock after another and I knew he was shooting his load into the cocksucker.

"Me, too, man," I grunted, and soared into such an overwhelming orgasm that, at that moment, I knew what I would always want: man sex, ass-fucking and cocksucking!"

Drained, we both wound down from such bliss, and after a long time of savoring our mutual pleasure, we slowly uncoupled. Then we embraced. Words weren't needed. We were strong men and we both knew how wonderful an experience this was.

"Man, you really shot a heavy load," the cocksucker whispered through the glory hole.

"My friend," Bill whispered back to him, "thank you for offering to let me get a nut while our boy, here, fucked my ass. It was spectacular, and you are a first-class cocksucker."

"Thanks. Now, which one of you wants to suck my cock?"

Bill turned to me and admitted, "I'm tuckered out, man. I need a break Could you help him out?"

"Gee, I'd be happy to!" I said excitedly, amazed that he wanted me to suck the stranger's cock, but eager to do it. I watched the big thing come through the wall at me. I looked mouth-wateringly huge!

"While you're busy," Bill whispered, "I'm gonna go to the toilet and clean up. Lock the door after I'm gone. Your don't want a bunch of horny guys coming in and gang-banging you." He smiled. I thought: I don't? Why not?

When he was at the door, I asked in surprise, "Are you going out naked?"

"Sure. It's not too likely I'll run into anyone in the hall. They're all as busy as we are." He gave me a sexy grin and left. I locked the door.

The guy in the glory hole cleared his throat. "Dinner time," I said to myself as I leaned over to experience the thrill of sucking a stranger's cock through a glory hole.

His cock was even larger than Bill's but I didn't let that slow me down. I loved the feel of his large cockhead as it somewhat forcefully entering into my mouth. I sucked hard and felt the cock stiffen and expand to maximum size. It was a wonderful sensation to feel that expansion, making me fully aware of a number of things: my enjoyment from sucking this hard cock; the thrill of being in this place and knowing there were more cocks that might be available; the idea of sucking and fucking random guys; the feeling of euphoria the sense of sexual excitement produced! I was raised to a heightened level of horny pleasure!

I sucked and sucked his big cock, getting most of it into my mouth and, finally, into my throat without gagging.

The guy sighed and whispered, "Man, you can really suck cock!" He sounded very flattering and sincere. I was surprised, but delighted. He didn't realize that his was only the second cock I've sucked. My mouth was suddenly filled with his tasty cum, which I swallowed quickly to keep up with his heavily spurting semen.

"Do you need some head?" He asked.

"Um... head?" I responded.

I heard him chuckle knowingly. "It's another word for the act of sucking cock. You like giving head, so I thought you might like me to suck your cock."

"Naw, not right now," I said politely, "I wanna give it a rest for a while. I'll wait for my uncle to get back," I told him without really thinking about it.

"Fuck, that hunky dude is your uncle? Wow! What sexy guys! Do you two hit this place together often?" He sounded excited.

"Today is my first time here," I admitted. "It's a birthday present from him."

"Wow!" he exclaimed, again. "How old are you?"

"18," I whispered softly.

"Was this the first time you sucked cock?" he seemed eager to learn.

"Yeah," I said softly.

"Wow! Mine was, what, the second cock you sucked, after your uncle's? Outstanding! I want you to do it again, you do it so well! And you're so sexy! But you fucked his ass so good he popped quick. That wasn't the first time, was it?" I could hear that he was excited.

"Yeah, it was."

"Man, I was witness to a good-looking, strong, sexy, horny, teen stud losing his virginity. That gets me hard, and reminds me of my first times. Thanks for letting me know." I could tell that he was grateful that I was being so forthcoming.

"It was great. I liked sucking your cock. But what was your first time like? Was it here?" I asked out of curiosity.

"No," he answered honestly. "It was early in my first semester in college. I was 18, too. I was studying in the library, when I need to take a leak.

There were several guys at the urinal trough, so I went into a booth. I sat down and before I even noticed one, a guy shoved a great looking cock through the first glory hole I ever saw." He paused.

"This is the first one I've seen, too." I admitted. I'm sure I sounded happy.

"Exciting, isn't it!?" he sighed.

"Hell yes," I answered, glad to be talking with him about such erotic things. I hadn't looked through to see him, but his penis had personality enough for me. "So what did you do? Did you just go ahead and suck it?" This through-the-glory-hole conversation was getting me hot.

"No, the guys standing there peeing, and another guy in the third booth, caused me to be wary. But then someone called out, 'Come on you guys we gotta get to class.' Suddenly, I was alone with the guy whose cock I was drooling over. He whispered, 'Suck it, man, I know you'll like it. Suck it, and see if you like it as much as I do. Then I'll suck yours!' His cock was really pulsating, and having seen mine like that, so often, and so close to shooting off, I decided to try it. I slipped it into my mouth, sucked hard, and he spurted a big, hot load into me almost immediately. I loved it, and from then on, I've always wanted more. Lots more!" He paused, adding, "Do you?"

It took me only a split second to process his question and reply, "Lots more!"

"Good man! Now maybe you'd like to suck this again," and that monster cock came through the wall at me, thrilling me, making my mouth water, and, then, I began sucking it, and sucking hard!

There was a light rapping on the door. "Bill's back," I said to myself, and I released the cock in my mouth, saying, "Gotta open the door."

Bill came in with a shit-eating grin on his face, saw the cock standing tall through the glory hole and asked, "Didn't you finish him off, yet?" Bill's cock looked rather limp and used.

"I decided to go for seconds!" I said, feeling proud of myself.

"Geez! What have I released on the world? A genuine cock-loving cum addict!" he said laughing.

"He's that, alright! And a talented cocksucker, on top of it!" the voice of the erection owner whispered. "Now come on, man, finish me off!"

To my surprise, Bill eased me away and went down on that big cock, himself, slurping noisily.

"Whoa!" the man sighed, "This isn't the stud, it's the more experienced uncle! Yeah, man, suck my cock!"

Bill backed off, turned quickly to me, looking surprised, and asked, "You told him about me?"

I didn't know if he was mad at me or not, but I told him honestly that the word, "Uncle" had slipped out. "Sorry," I added.

"Don't be angry with this hot young guy," the man whispered. "That info really got me intensely hot! Right after he said it, I soared into orgasm and filled him with a huge load. Thanks for helping to introduce a great guy to our manly pleasures!"

"Dude, I'm not mad at you. I think it's wonderful that you gave this great cocksucker a thrill he'll never forget! The blow job he gave me showed talent and experience. I'm glad you got to give him two blow jobs!" Bill admitted.

"Well, only one and a half," the man say, sounding disappointed.

Bill laughed, backed away, and, motioning to the rigid cock, said, "Go ahead, man, finish him off!" I didn't hesitate. "Umm," the man moaned as I sucked with newfound eagerness.

"Take this one," a voice called from the other side of the room, as I figured another giant cock was being eased through to us.

"Ummm," I hummed in delight, happy that Bill would have a cock to suck, tool

Slurping sounds and moans of pleasure filled the room. I felt ready to cum as I sucked cock and sensed the presence of Bill across the room sucking cock at the other glory hole. Without warning, cum began shooting off into my mouth with one great blast after another. I heard Bill gulping down a load, too.

I stood, turned and watched Bill stand, wipe his mouth ,and smile at me.

"I'm gonna shoot," I said huskily. Bill stepped towards me.

"Oh, man, please, please, let me have it," the voice of the man who Bill had just sucked off pleaded. "I've watched you all along, and I really want you!"

"Always great to try a new cocksucker," Bill said with a smile, motioning for me to go to the new cocksucker.

"I'd rather have you take my load, Bill," I sighed sincerely, my throbbing erection advertising my arousal. "I love you, and I am so grateful you brought me here to this amazing place! Take it!" I offered softly.

We moved to the center of the room, our profiles to both glory holes so that both guys would have good viewing. Bill leaned over and gave me the best blow job, and I gave him my full load. He stood, we embraced, and he said, "Let's get out of here, Birthday Boy!"

* * * *

As I got into the car, I said an earnest, "WOW!"

He grinned.

"Thank you for the best birthday present I ever got or ever will get," I said sincerely.

"Oh, I don't know about that," he responded cagily. "There's tomorrow!"

"What will happen tomorrow?" I felt a boner showing interest.

"I'm taking you to get this car turned over to you as a gift."

I sucked in my breath, paused, and then laughed.

"Why is that funny?" he wanted to know.

"When you said, 'There's tomorrow,' I started to throw a boner thinking it would be something like today." I laughed again, and he joined in.

When we calmed down, he said quietly, "No, that will be the day after tomorrow!"

"Will we go back?" I asked eagerly, implying, of course, that sexy shack.

"No, I'm going to take you to a Gay Bathhouse in the city." He used the same tone as if we'd be going to a public park.

"Gay?" I managed to squeak out.

He smiled, if a bit sadly, and said frankly but gently, "That's who we are, Jack, or who we mainly are. I'm going to get married so I can have a son like you, and we want you to marry and have a son, in order for our Family Tradition to continue uninterrupted."

"Yeah, I can do that for the tradition," I said happily.

"Do me a favor," he said as I nodded, "when we get back, go up to your dad and give him a hug and say "Thank you" while getting your breath right into his nose."


"Yes. Let him get a good smell of yummy cum on your tongue. He'd really get a thrill from that. I'll do the same. It will make his day!"

"Okay," I agreed, wondering if this was really a good idea.

"But stay away from your mom until you've used some mouthwash!"

We both laughed merrily!


Jack Sofelot


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