Just in time to arrive before my Birthday I ordered the wonderful Wahl clipper which shaves your head down to the skin without any problems with long thick hair. I planned a real good masturbation party for the evening before and exactly at midnight I wanted to welcome my Birthday with a clean shaved head again. My hair had grown again for a while and reached down to my collar.

The new clipper arrived the day before I wanted to have my fun and I had bought already some black colour to dye my grey hair. Around eight o'clock in the evening I then stood naked in front of the bathroom mirror and had the dye colour prepared already.

I started applying the colour on my head and immediately my cock and balls got hard. I used one hand to jerk off and the other continued with the colour. When all colour was on my head I worked it though thoroughly with a brush and then I watched my new hair colour developing jacking off now with both hands. When I felt my orgasm coming I turned round and with a loud scream of joy I shot my sperm through the bathroom against the tiles above the bath.

Now I filled the bath with water and while it was filling I put my black leather coat and my black leather gloves on. Dressed like that I went into the bath and kneeled down at one end. I dived under completely and my coat and gloves got soaked in water. Coming up again I felt the wet leather on my skin and the black water from my wet hair was running down my face. I went trough my wet hair with my gloved hands shampooed it and made it stand away from my head in all directions. Then I dived under again and finally I rinsed my hair with the hand shower.

Then I touched my whole body all over with my hands and my long black hair was looking really wild and was longing for being shaved off now. I was still on my knees and took the clipper in one hand and my dick in the other and started to shave the sides of my head and moving my cock. I saw my long wet hair falling on my leather coated body and into the water which made my penis crazy.

I bowed down forward a bit and shaved from my beck upwards all my hair from the back of my head until only a wonderful black Mohawk was left which ran from my forehead to my neck. With such a wonderful Mohawk there was no way to avoid jacking off again which I did not refuse to do. This time I caught my sperm with my hands and rubbed it into my Mohawk and the shaved parts of my head.

Now it was time to dive under again and then kill the Mohawk. I took a pair of scissors and made my hair stand up straight and my cock did the same. I took it in one hand again and let him feel the leather glove. With my other hand I started to cut the Mohawk shorter and shorter until it was only about an inch long. Then I took the clipper again and shaved it completely off. As my last hair was falling my dick shot another load of sperm into the water.

I relaxed a bit now lying on my back in the bath and watching my long hair swimming around me in the water. When I got on my knees again my coat and body were covered with my long hair and now the grand final was to come. I covered my head with shaving cream and took my Mach3 razor to shave my head clean. I shaved against the grain and that made my penis rise again and when I had shaved my head completely bald I dived under again and had my next orgasm with my head under water.

Now I only had to make sure that my head was shaved really clean. I took my leather gloves off and controlled every part of my head and here and there I used the razor again to make the skin of my head really smooth. When that all was perfect I stood under the shower and rinsed all my hair off from my coat and body. I had my gloves on again and exactly at midnight I had my Birthday orgasm under the shower and again I shot my sperm against the tiles where it ran down into the bath.

But before it completely came down to the water I licked it off from the tiles and swallowed that special Birthday cocktail. Birthdays like that don't make me feel getting older and I'm looking forward to my next private Birthday party.



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