How I discovered my homosexuality. Well, I can't remember the moment

precisely for it happened a very long time ago. As a young manI was

apparently straight. I'd had a crush or two on girls although I was

extremely shy to do anything about it. I'd masturbate to fantasies

with girls or movie stars and I enjoyed looking at Playboy magazines.

Then one time I came across a deck of porn cards where, for the first

time I saw the hard stuff; voluptuous women having sex with huge

cocked men in every conceivable position. It was with these cards that

I noticed that although the women were very appealing to me so were

the men fucking them. I was getting turned on by their big cocks. On

close-up penetration shots I started wondering what the women were

feeling as opposed to what the guys were feeling, especially on the

anal sex photos. I remember the women's lustful expressions with the

huge cocks buried deep up their asses and I started to imagine what it

would feel like to be in their place. After all, their anuses weren't

any different from mine.

To satisfy my curiosity I began experimenting. One day while taking a

bath I began to explore my anus. I slowly inserted my wet finger into

my tight hole and discovered delightful new sensations. It was warm

and silky inside and ... It felt so good!

With my finger stuck deep inside my ass I jacked off and came pretty

quickly as I stimulated myself from both ends. I felt my anus tighten

progressively as I neared the climax until I exploded with the most

intense orgasm I'd ever felt. Now I could understand the women in the

porno cards. From that day on, I masturbated using the double

stimulation I'd discovered. And the fantasies to which I'd jack-off

now involved being fucked instead of fucking.

During this time I also discovered my fancy for women's underwear. I

stole a couple of panties from my sister and during my now lengthy

showers I'd put them on and looking at myself in the mirror I'd

fantasize even more. My big round butt looked so sexy in the red

bikini panties. It was so arousing that in seconds my penis would be

as hard as a bat, and oozing pre-cum. I would imagine myself standing

like this in front of guys just waiting to be taken. In time I

substituted my finger with a candle as an improvised dildo. The

sensations of fullness it provided me with were so delicious. I'd

masturbate up to three times per session. I would lie on the bathroom

carpet with my legs propped up on the bathtub, pumping my ass with the

candle until I'd explode shooting warm sperm all over my chest.

Sometimes a squirt or two would land on my face, giving me a taste of

my own juices. Again, the photos of women licking sperm off big cocks

came to my mind. Oh! I really wished I could taste another man's dick

but that wouldn't happen for a long time yet.

I didn't loose my 'anal virginity' until I was about 19 years old. It

happened on a late warm summer afternoon. I was hitch hiking on a road

outside Washington D.C. when a VW pulled over and took me in. The

driver was a tall well dressed man in his late thirties. He was pretty

good looking. He had olive skin with Middle Eastern features and was

wearing a very appealing cologne. We drove along for a while just

talking about trivialities until suddenly, without any warning, he

placed his big hand on my thigh. I just froze as a rush of adrenalin

shot through my entire body and focused in my groin. I didn't know

what to do. I momentarily glanced at him and then I just kept my eyes

on the road ahead. Sensing no negative reaction from my part he softly

caressed my thigh telling me how sexy I looked in my tight, low cut

jeans that were in fashion back then in the early seventies. Without

any delay, he went for my cock which was now fully erect and throbbing

with desire. He started caressing and squeezing my bulge letting go

momentarily every now and then to change gears. At a traffic light he

told me to unzip my jeans as he was doing to his pants. I obediently

complied while I peeked at the package he was pulling out from his

zipper. It... was...big. It wasn't fully erect yet, but it was getting

there fast. It was a long, dark brown shaft crowned with a purple-pink

head. Some foreskin still covered its head until he peeled it back to

show me the head in full splendor. This penis was much larger than

anything I'd ever seen at the school showers. I must have been staring

at it so that I didn't notice we were on our way again.

'Go ahead and hold it' he said as his hand went through my opened fly

to feel my penis. 'Hey, you're packing quite some meat there' he lied.

I must be honest for I know my dick is smaller than average at just 5

in. But I appreciated the compliment and shyly put my hand around his

now hardened shaft. It was like a dream. I had never touched another

man's penis and it felt great. I could barely wrap my fingers around

it. It was surprisingly hard and soft at the same time as I stroked

and squeezed its length. We stroked each other's penises for some time

until we somehow ended up at some picnic area of a park. Being the

middle of the week, the place was deserted. He killed the engine and

for a moment we just sat there feeling each other. I couldn't take my

eyes off the dick I had in my hand. Precum was oozing from the tip

making its head shiny and slippery. Then he slid his seat back and

told me to go ahead and put it in my mouth. Hesitating for a few

seconds I obediently bent over and awkwardly slid the head of his dick

into my mouth. For the first time in my life tasting and smelling

another man's penis. I must say it tastes much better than a pussy. As

soon as I wrapped my lips around his dick I heard him ahh with delight

and another sample of his precum oozed into my mouth. 'Just leave it

in your mouth' he said. 'I don't want to come just yet'. By this time

he had his hand down the back of my jeans and had started to explore

my tight hole. Lubricating his finger with saliva and rotating it

around my anus he slowly introduced his finger into me. I loved it! I

couldn't believe what was happening. Here I was with a man's penis

throbbing in my mouth while simultaneously being finger fucked. He

kept telling me what a beautiful ass I had and with his free hand he

began to stroke my long hair gently pushing me head down on his penis.

I could only go down so far without gagging and being kind enough to

notice my inexperience, he told me to just enjoy sucking on the head

and licking the length of his shaft. I gladly followed his

instructions to the letter and relaxed to enjoy my first cock;

slurping the head like a lollipop and licking the entire penis I held

in my hand. With his index finger deep in my ass he explored my rectum

massaging my prostrate and hot innards. Making me hotter by the

minute. 'You like my cock, don't you?' he said. I replied with a

'umm, humm' without taking his cock out of my mouth.

How would you like that cock inside your cute little ass?

When I heard this proposition I froze. Things were happening so fast

and being this my first, I was totally confused and a little bit


'I really want to fuck you... to make love to you... make you feel like

you've never felt before' He whispered softly in my ear.

Letting go of his delicious manhood I sat upright and told him I had

never done this before and explained to him all my fears. To this he

put his arm around my shoulder and very sweetly kissed me on the lips

reassuring me that he would never hurt me. That he would coach me

along and be gentle. With my hand still holding his cock and my heart

racing, I agreed. 'You're gonna love it!' he said. 'Wait here just a

sec.' And he got out of the car. I just sat there trembling with a

mixture of excitement, fear and lust as I watched him open the trunk

and pull out a blanket. He opened the door on my side and invited me

out. 'Here?' I asked. He told me not to worry. Nobody came to this

park on weekdays. So I stepped out and followed him to the right

fender of the VW where he had spread the blanket. He coached me to

bend over the fender and hood, and he slowly pulled my jeans and

underwear down. My heart was pounding so hard that it felt like it was

stuck in my throat. He began to caress my buttocks complimenting me on

how soft, round and big my ass was. Then he poured some lubricant on

my crack and smeared a good amount on his penis. Following this he

stuck his finger back into my tight hole. First one finger then two

all the way up to the knuckles, coaching me on how to relax my

sphincter. Truly enough I relaxed and with my fears all but gone I

began to enjoy again his exploration of my butt. During all this time

he kept up his soothing words until he pulled out his fingers and

grabbed his throbbing cock and began sliding it along my wet crack. I

could feel its head spreading my buttocks apart, pressing on my anus

and then sliding up my crack. He did this several times, each time

pressing a little harder on my entrance. I was dying with anticipation

and desire feeling his cock rub past my hole. Finally the moment I'd

been waiting for all my life came. He pressed his manhood against my

wet anus and began pushing in. I could feel the head pressing hard at

my opening, dilating it slowly. Then the pain started and quickly

increased. It really hurt and I started having second thoughts about

all this. I could recall from having his cock in my mouth that it got

thicker a little past the head then suddenly I felt my tight anus

ripping at the pressure of the invading penis, sending waves of pain

through me. 'It hurts, it hurts too much' I cried. 'Please stop, I

can't do this' But this didn't stop him from pushing his rod further

into me. 'I can't, please stop' I insisted on the verge of tears. It

felt like I was being rammed up my ass with a baseball bat. He finally

stopped and whispered to my ear the old lie... 'It'll be just be the

tip. Don't worry the pain will go away I promise' And he really

stopped for a moment, pulling back just a bit to reenter my ass again,

each time a little further into my hot and moist interior. He reached

forward and grabbed my penis which by this time it had almost

disappeared like a frightened turtle. With a little lubricant still in

his hand, he stroked at my penis bringing it back to life. The pain

was quickly subsiding as pushed his penis into me a little bit further

with each stroke. 'Ahh, you're so tight and hot' he said 'And I can

see you're loving it too' And he was so right. I was feeling

sensations I had never imagined in all my fantasies. His penis sliding

into my ass, expanding my rectum and filling me up deliciously. On the

out stroke he would come out up to the head producing a suction effect

inside me and, as my anus was just beginning to close he would push

his dick back inside my hot ass. I had a full erection by now and his

rhythm was slowly increasing. There was practically no pain as total

ecstasy invaded every cell in my body. My anus was by now dilating

painlessly as he pumped my ass. I could hear him panting and grunting

in pleasure as he was nearing his climax. We were both panting for

air, our bodies fused into one. Finally, after a long time, he reached

his point of no return and rammed his throbbing member deep inside my

silky, hot ass and stopped all movement. 'Uhhh, uhhh, Ahhhh!' I heard

him blurt out as he shot his load into me. As there was no movement, I

could feel his thick penis pulsating inside my rectum as he

ejaculated. Hot jets of his sperm bathed and filled my insides. These

sensations soon brought me to orgasm. My anus clamped hard around his

still throbbing penis, squeezing the last of his load and finally

contracting uncontrollably as I exploded with the most intense orgasm

I'd ever felt in my life. 'Yeah, come baby, that's it, come' he said

as he felt my hole contract spasmodically around his penis. I shot my

cum all over the blanket in quantities I never imagined I could

produce. I felt dizzy from hyperventilation and my knees buckled for a

moment. It was wonderful! We remained as we were for a while, catching

our breaths, his cock growing soft inside my ass. He then kissed the

back of my neck and slowly pulled out of me. Some of his warm sperm

leaked out of my anus and dribbled down my inner thighs, so I

tightened my hole to keep it inside me. I wanted to keep his juices in

me for as long as I could. I'd finally lost my virginity. To this day

I can't understand how heterosexuals can willingly miss out on these

incredible pleasures.



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