I'm not exactly sure how old he is, probably 35, older than me.

I was cruising craigslist for a mouth or ass to safe fuck when I came across his ad. I emailed him which I got a quick reaponse. We plan to meet that night. I show up in my work pants and a sweater, it's 2 hours before I have to be at work, yes, I work graveyard shift. 

He answers the door in a sleeveless, open sweater and shorts. We go into his room and strips, I come in to find a sexy smooth bottom in a jock strap. Sexy as fuck and instant boner. I start rubbing his ass and teasing him with my cock. He asks me to rim him. I'm hesitant after hearing about STD's but I try anyway. 

So I dive in, face first to a completely clean inside and out man pussy, slobbering and spitting on it. Having this cute ass on my face is driving me nuts. I go around where he sucks on me to lube me up. I get back between his legs where I alternate between tongue fucking him and teasing him with my cock.

He finally begs me to fuck him, I forget about the condom I brought and just slide in. I fuck him for a few minutes befor pulling out and tongue fucking that pussy some more. I finally slide back in, leaning over his slim athletic figure and begin fucking him. At the same time he is clamping his ass on my cock while riding me in rhythm to my thrusts. 

As I start to cum, I shoot a couple ropes into his ass, pull out and three more shoot onto his ass. I slide back in and fuck him till I go soft. I pull out and see this sexy man on his back, smiling. I think and want to fuck his pussy again, never came like that before with any other guy who has blown me or I fucked with a condom.

And for your information, yes, I am STD free.



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