My name's Peter but my friends call me Pete. I am 18 years old but I failed two grades so I'm only a junior in high school. I've known for awhile that I've swung towards men. I have brown wavy hair, average body, and I am 6'2". Dug, my best friends father, isn't good looking but he has short dark hair, chubby body, a crooked front tooth, and is about 6'4". The story starts in the summer of 2014.

Dug and his wife Elly always got into fights. Some about taxes and some about just their kids but they were never shy to fight in front of their daughter Heleigh's friends. I was one of her newest friends but in their family they adopted, add friends to their family not real adoption, me rightaway so they mostly fought in front of family since they adopted me. Today was no different from every other day I spent in their home. Katherin, Haleigh's sister, and I were playing Minecraft on the xbox 360's they owned while Haleigh was on Roblox on the computer. I could hear the two of them fighting in the next room and this time it was about alot of different things.

"Haleigh can you tell them to keep it down we have guests here" Katherin asked

"Can't I'm just about to finish building" she yelled back

"Well then you should pay the bills" Elly screamed

"I am paying the bills what do you do you sit around and do nothing I would love to see you try to pay them without me" Dug screamed in response

"Fine then get out and go live somewhere else"

"Fine" and Dug stormed out of the house to the garage

"I'm going to the store" Elly grunted

All I could say was "Um what just happened"

"Did mom just kick out dad" Katherin asked astounded

"I think she did"

It was now reaching 5:00 pm when I had to go home and Elly was still not back.

"Do you guys know when your mom will be home I have to leave soon"

"Nope she probably won't be back for another few hours" Katherin responded "Your best bet is to ask dad"

I got off the couch and walked toward the garage. As I opened the door I saw Dug clearing up his things into cardboard boxes.

"Sir would you be willing to take me home" I asked nervously

"Uh, sure Pete let me just get my keys"

We walked toward the car and got in. I could smell old sweaty clothes in the back seat, Dug liked working out so he would just have clothes all over. My parents apartment was only 10 minutes away so it took us a little while.

"Sir are you actually moving out" I asked

"Uh yeah" he grunted "but I don't know where I'll go until things calm down"

"You could always stay with me I mean my parents are gone the whole summer and my brother is with my grandparents"

"That's very kind of you but..."

"Just stay with me until you find out what you will do" I interrupted

"Fine kid I'll come tomorrow morning"

"Okay" I said happily

After he got me home I started cleaning up. I washed and put away my clothes, vacuumed the floor, and cleaned everything else up. In the morning I woke up to a noise at the door I got out of bed and answered it.

"Good morning roomy" said Dug loudly

He came in and instantly plopped on the couch taking off his shoes.

"Hey just make yourself comfortable"


I went back to my room to grab some clothes because all I slept in was underwear. When I came back Dug had taken off his clothes except for underwear and socks. I stared at his chubby but muscular body then at all the hair on him. I sat down and watched tv with him. Day after day passed and Dug made this his home more and more. He started with eating everything, then leaving clothes such as socks; underwear; and everything else around, and finally the most resent he was using the bathroom with the door open. To me all of this was sexy I could get glimpses here and there and jack off to him. I finally had a plan to get him to have sex with me. On the ninth day I put my plan into action. Dug had just came from working out and was sweaty. He sat on the couch after taking his pants off to reveal my favorite red bikini briefs. I sat down next to him and pet phase one into motion.

"Dug you know how I consider you as a father right"

"Yeah what about it"

"Well my parents never gave me the talk and I was hoping you would"

"Uh, okay what do you want to know"

"Everything" I replied

"Well sex is the art of self and others physical pleasure and if you are having sex use a condom for protection nothing else if you are just masturbating make sure you do it in privacy unless you want others seeing"

"Sir what does a mans penis look like I've only seen mine"

"Well cant you use a computer or something for that"

"You don't really see everthing on a computer though"

"Well I'll show you mine then" he pulled down his briefs to reveal his 11" long and 5" wide cock and mine was only 8" long and 2" wide

"Wow you said something about masturbation how do you do that" I asked hoping he wouldn't think it was a dumb question

"Well son you take a bottle of lube put a little on your cock and start rubbing your penis" he explained while showing me how to

"Like this" I said grabbing his cock and doing it to him

"Ohhh yeah that's it" he moaned

I did this to him for a little while longer before licking the head of his massive cock. I licked the head then went down as far as I could which was about 3" because of it's size.

"Yeah boy suck my cock" he said

I started playing with his nipples. He moaned harder. Then I took my right middle finger and put it up his exposed ass. I went in and out while I went up and down. He lifted my head and kissed me. I felt warm butterflies inside of me and just didn't want to stop. He was breathing hard on my breath while he took my shirt and pants off. All I was left in were black knee high socks and what suprised him was his old swety pee stained white bikini breifs.

"So you planned this huh"


We kept kissing as I put a third finger up his ass. He finally told me to grab a condom from his bag and fuck his longing ass. Before I went in I waited for approval and when I got it I swooped in. I fucked him like a maniac when I finally finished inside of him he was wimpering. Then I leaned on the couch and let him fuck me in doggy position when he was done he licked all the cum out of my ass. The rest of the afternoon until dinner at 5:00 we sixty nined eachother.




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