I unlock the door myself and walk straight into the house. I would feel awkward knocking even with everything that has happened. The hallway that could double as an art gallery guides my way to the end of it and to Lockie. He's sitting on the couch gazing out the windows into the backyard. I am struck with surprise at his beauty. I had known he was beautiful even before but now, with the sunlight resting delicately on his face, lighting up his beautiful green eyes, I am left wanting.

While staring seemingly endlessly, he catches me out of the corner of his eye and quickly but calmly stands up. He stares at me. Differently to how he use to stare at me; or maybe I'm different? He doesn't say anything and neither do I. I guess we both just don't know what to say.

When he called me yesterday, after my exhilarating fantasy moment, I would have said yes to absolutely anything he asked. And when he asked if I could come over the next day I accepted the gracious invitation at once. We organised a time and he hung up on a casual "see you tomorrow." When I realised what I had agreed to, I freaked out. I couldn't get back to sleep until the early hours of the morning. I went and got a haircut this morning and bought a new shirt to wear. I was like a preppy little school girl getting ready to go on her first big date. This was my best friend!

Now here, I'm thinking that I should have thought more about what I wanted to say to him instead of prettying myself up. But we continue to stare at each other. His gaze is steady where mine is wavering. I multitask between staring at the ground and stealing glances toward him until he finally breaks the silence.

"You got your haircut," he says in a surely voice. The confident tone of his voice makes me feel weak and I know the wanting in my body is roaring to be released.

"Ah y-yeah." I am humiliated by my stuttering. I have turned into a mess with the tone of his words. It's a wonder what any other part of him could do to me.

"It looks good." He smiles politely staring me directly in the eyes. Where had the scared little boy that I protected in school gone? This was a man, a strong man, a man who knows what he wants and that could easily get it. I can't help the blush that creeps across my face and he notices. At first he looks at me with wonder.

"You're blushing!" He says in disbelief. "You're blushing!" He says again losing a small part of his calm composure as he takes in the sight in front of him.

"No I'm not Lockie. Don't be stupid." I turn my face away from him trying to hide my face. It's no use though and three long strides he is over to me in a second, grabbing my face in his two paint stained hands and making me look at him.

"I don't think I have ever seen you blush before." He whispers in wonder. His handsome face is so close to mine. I begin to feel a slight movement in my jeans, no doubt brought on by the small amount of contact between his hands and my heated cheeks. The urge to kiss him is so overwhelming and I'm only just resisting, just hanging on. He can read the anguish on my face and looks at me with curiosity.

"What are you fighting inside yourself?" Whispering in a sweet sexy voice, he leans his head against mine. I take in a sudden breath at the touch of his face against mine and slowly release it, unsure and wobbly. After a measurable amount of time, I tell him.

"We are best friends. We have to be best friends. I need to be your friend always and... and if we are more than best friends then maybe sometime we could fight and you won't be here. And I need you... I need you forever." I push out the words, babbling my feelings, with closed eyes and almost teary. I can't bear to look at him. He now knows my secret fear. I don't want to lose him. That's what it comes down to. I could be gay or I could be straight. It doesn't matter; all it comes down to is that I want him forever in my life and this risk could ruin everything. He is quiet for a few moments until he speaks, husky and loving.

"We are always going to be best friends Will. But I want more. I want all of you to be mine. I don't want to share you. I refuse to share you." The words tumble out of his mouth fast. He takes a few quick breathes and I'm relieved to witness his slight slip in self-control. Now I know I'm not the only one that's falling apart.

"You are everything to me Will." Now calmer, he whispers this so softly I can only just hear him. "Are you most worried about losing us? Is that why you're acting like this?" His voice is so sweet it hurts and I nod my head to his questions. His long dark hair falls around us as I move his head with my own.

"You will always have me Will. One way or another, I'm yours." Opening my eyes, I see him staring back at me with a slight twinkle of hope. I put my hands either side of his face and smooth his dark hair back behind his ears. Staring clearly at his face now, I read the expression of love. It's so obvious. It's been there all the time, I just never noticed before. This man loves me. All of me.

And I love him. And I'm willing to risk it.

With that thought and my eyes on his, I move my lips toward his slowly. I can feel his sweet breath on me for a second before our lips touch. The softness of his lips and the spark of our touch is overwhelming and I draw back slightly in surprise at the enormity of feeling I had in the moment.

He looks up at me with a plethora of emotions on his face. I can see the wanting in his eyes before a hand latches on to the back of my neck sending me crashing towards Lockie.

Our lips are together again as his hands move from the back of my head and the base of my neck, quite quickly down my back to slip into the top of my pants. I am moaning under his lips, latching on to his shoulders as if my life depended on it. I feel his bare hands on the cheeks of my ass and as his mouth leaves my own to lightly nip its way down my neck, I can feel myself panting for breath under this slight reverie.

I can feel his hardness now, grinding against my own through our pants. His hands guide our grinding motion and I can feel his moans against my neck. I want his lips back on mine now. Quickly, I take his face from my neck and pull him up to my face, planting my lips on his. He gasps at the surprise of my sudden efforts but again catches himself and takes charge. His hands move to my sides and the feel of his body on mine, so close, is forcing me back in a slow movement towards the wall behind me. I hit the wall with a small thud and gasp at the pleasure of his body flush up against me. He then forces his leg in between mine and I can feel the rubbing of it between my legs. The painful constriction of my hardness is getting unbearable at this point and before I can voice my needs, I feel his hand rubbing me through my pants. Our kiss breaks as he watches the effect he has on me. I moan and I tremble. He undoes the button and zipper and still watching my fact. He sees me gasp and struggle under his hold. He pulls down my boxer briefs and, still watching my face, wraps his hand around my enlarged shaft and begins to stroke. Long stokes, slow and even. He slowly bends down onto his knees, looking up at me and licks the head of my member. I am frozen, panting of breathlessness and want. Soon his mouth begins to sink onto the seven inches in front of him till they can no longer be seen. He watches me writhe, shiver, gasp and moan. His bobbing motions become faster and faster and my breathing becomes more and more erratic. I scream and cry and my emotions over take me. I feel the building drawing me out and I know that soon I will have my release. Among my ecstasy I feel the trailing of his hands; previously resting on the back thighs, slide up onto my ass. This hands drift over my cheeks before I feel them spreading and the pressure of a finger against my puckering hole. Slowly the pressure, the pleasure, builds and with a pop, his finger moves in me. Searching me, I continue my chorus of sounds until suddenly I am struck with an undreamt of feeling. The pressure of his finger, it hit something. I lose track of time in this delightful dream world and the building motion comes to an almighty head. Screaming his name over and over again, spurt after spurt of cum gushes out of me. I am in heaven and I'm in hell. I want this feeling to last forever but I know it won't so I savour it. I glorify it.

I sink to the ground slowly as my legs tremble and give way. My arms and legs become entangled with Lockie's' and I am gradually coming back to the real world. My eyes reluctantly drift open.

"Oh my god, I'm sorry." I get up and flutter around the room. "I'm so sorry!"

"It's ok, Will. It's ok." He catches me and wraps me up in his arms. I look at his face, shiny, cum drench. His hair covered with many small white globs. He smiles and licks the side of his mouth. "It's really ok."



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