The incident with Abe took place about a year ago on a Saturday night after Drew and I celebrated our joint 19th birthdays. But first let me give you the background of our two families.

Our families have lived next to each other for 25 years and we have always been close friends as we shared meals, picnics and our parents attended our sport activities both at school and the summer programs.

Abe and his wife have five grown boys with Drew being the youngest who had just turned 19 at the time of this story.

My name is Jon and I have one older brother. My parents are close to the same age as Abe and his wife.

Drew and I attended the same schools from kindergarten through high school. We had just finished our freshman year of college and celebrated our join 19th birthday when this story took place. On this given Saturday, our parents had put on a huge birthday party at their local country club for us.

Drew and I were closeted Gay lovers. As teenagers, we had discussed sex often but only kissed until the night of our 18th birthday. That evening we gave each other a hot blowjob. Soon we were having regular sexual encounters giving each other blowjobs and fucking like dogs in heat. As true raging hormone youth, we usually had sex four or five times a week. As roommates in college, we sometimes had sex in the morning and again at night.

Drew and I were often confused as twins. We both are 5' and 9" tall, weight a slim 155 pounds, sandy blond hair, deep blue eyes and both were members of the varsity wrestling team in high school. As college freshmen, we switched to the college swim team giving us both a swimmers build.

We have used our many wrestling moves for very unique and hot fucking positions. Our sex has always been most erotic. We both have big cut 8-inch cocks, thick shafts and over sized balls making for very hot sex.


After the big 19th birthday bash for Drew and me, I had gone home around 7 PM to prepare for a summer job interview the next day. Both my family and Drew's family went to a movie except for Abe who had stayed home. Around 7:15 PM, I received a phone call from Abe.

"Hello, this is Jon."

"Hi Jon, this is Drew's Dad, Abe. The family has gone to the movies and I need to have a talk with you. Can you come over for a few minutes?"

Oh hell, I was wondering if Abe had found out about Drew and my fucking around.

"Yes, sir, I can come over now. What is it all about?"

"Jon, I will tell you when you get here. We need to have a serious talk."

Oh shit, it sounded bad. I bet Drew and I were in real trouble.

I knocked on the door. Abe answered and asked me to come in. He looked very serious and also nervous. My hands were clammy and I was sweating from my neck down.

"Jon, have a seat. I need to talk with you about my son and you."

Oh Shit, I felt light headed. I might faint.

"Yes, sir, I hope my best friend is not in any trouble?"

"Well Jon, that depends on you. A few days ago, I came home early and instead of coming into the house, I went to the back yard and began watering the flower garden. You and Drew were in his bedroom and you did not think anyone was home. You were making lots of loud sexy sounds. In fact, I heard you say: 'Oh Hell, buddy fuck me harder, drive that big cock deep into my man pussy. Come in my ass.' Then Drew yelled: 'Fuck, yea, take all my cock, you bitch. I am going to blast a huge load into your girlie pussy.' You see the secret is out. How long have you two been fucking around?"

I turned blood red and I wanted to run out of the house and get away from Abe. But I was trapped and I had to face the music.

"Well Sir, you now know our secret. Drew is my best friend and fuck buddy. I love him. We have been fucking ever since our 18th birthdays. You see, Drew and I are both Gay and he is the best fuck ever. I lust after him ever day. Are we in trouble? Are you going to tell on us?"

"Well Jon, that depends on you. There is a way for me to let this be our secret."

"Oh Sir, yes please tell me what I need to do."

"Jon, this will be a shock to you. As you know, I am a 48-year-old married man with a wife and five sons. My sex life with my wife is almost non-existent. I am lucky if we have sex once a month and she hates doing blowjobs. When I heard you and Drew having very erotic hot sex, I could not believe what happened to me. My cock got hard in an instant and I began lusting after your body. I was jealous of Drew's good fortunate to fuck you. I had to go the bathroom and jerk off until I shot one of the biggest loads of my life thinking of you sucking my cock. I want to fuck you."

Abe, a red haired and hazel-eyed stud, was looking so hot as he starred into my watering eyes. He had taken great care of his body by working out each day. I could not believe how turned on I was becoming looking at this hot Daddy. I developed an immediate guilty feeling but I could not stop the heat in my crotch. My cock began growing to a full erection. I wanted this hot Daddy to fuck my pulsating ass right then.

"Oh my god, you want to fuck me, Sir. You are so turned on. Look at that huge bulge in your pants."

"Look at your own crotch, Jon. You are as hard as a stone."

"Yes, Sir. I want you to fuck me if you promise not to tell and that this will be a one time thing. I would die if Drew found out."

"You bet Jon. It would be a disaster if our families found out. Just one fuck with you and never again."

We went to the guest bedroom, locked the door and took off all our clothes. Abe was a gorgeous 6' tall rock ribbed slim Daddy. WOW, his cock was at least 9-inches with a thick shaft and low hanging balls. H was bigger than Drew where it really counted (his cock was huge). He had very light fuzzy red pubic hair and a hairless pink big ass. We both weer dripping precum from our cock heads. The heat in the room was almost more than I could bare.

Abe had prepared with a big bottle of lube and some colored condoms.

Daddy took charge. He grabbed me and placed me on the king-sized bed on my back. He got on top of me and began a long series of rough humping as our cocks slide over each other and wet our crotches with precum semen. Daddy parted my lips with his tongue and began to French kiss his sons' fuck buddy. Our kissing became soppy and hot. We were making lots of sounds as we grunted and moaned with pleasure. We continued to hump and kiss for some 10 minutes as we drooled all over each other. We had become drenched in sweat, salvia and precum. Daddy was getting just what he had lusted after for days.

Daddy Abe slowly licked and kissed his way down my sweaty body. He sucked hard on my now rock hard nipples. He even bit them in a soft way. Next he grabbed the base of my red hot cock, rubbed his hand up and down my throbbing cock shaft. He began to slowly swallow my eager cock until he was deep throating me. He began to speed up his sucking of my cock causing me to empty more precum down his throat.

"Oh my god, Daddy, your mouth on my cock feels so good. Suck me, faster and faster. Let me come in your mouth. Oh Fuck, Oh Shit, you are a great cocksucker. I cannot believe this is your first time to suck cock."

Abe came off my cock long enough to say: "No, this is not my first time sucking cock. When I was in college, my frat brother, best friend and roommate use to suck one another when we were very horny which was often. But I have not sicked cock since college. You cock taste so great."

As Daddy went back down on my hard cock, I said: "Daddy, you have not forgotten how to suck cock. You know what it feels like to get your cock sucked. Fuck , yea. Oh Hell, this is fucking great. Oh my god, here I come. Take my load down that hot throat. Pull off or I will dump my seed in your hot mouth. Shit, here it comes"

Daddy used his hot big lips to clamp down hard on my cock as I released a huge load of hot jizz down his waiting throat. When I was spent, Daddy pulled off and began kissing me so we shared the cum taste.

Daddy's cock was bouncing up and down needing action. I grabbed his cock and felt what seemed like a hot poker. He was so overcome with lust that he lifted my body up and laid me down on my stomach on the bed. He quickly lubed my pulsating pink bubble ass, lubed his cock, put on a red condom, lubed the condom, spread my legs far apart, fingered my asshole and thrust his huge cock deep into my experienced young ass that had hosted Drew's cock many times.

Daddy showed no mercy, as we had to finish before the movie ended and the family came home. He drove t the base of his cock as he filled me with his hot cock. He started pulling his cock out and going back in over and over. My ass was filled to the brim with this huge python. It felt like a baseball bat had invaded my ass. But I loved it. He repeated this rough fucking rhythm over and over. I was crazy with lust for this giant cock. He used his strong hips and legs to fuck me raw. He knew how to fuck me from fucking his wife's pussy. WOW, it felt great

"Oh Daddy, I love your cock. It is so big and hot I feel it in my guts. I am so wet."

"Yes, you little bitch. Do you like my cock as much as Drew's boner? Tell me you like my cock as much or more."

"Oh Yea, Daddy, I love both your cocks. Fuck me.".

I felt his cock swell, drive deep inside me one more time, and he held it there as he busted a huge load of his semen into the condom. When he was spent, he pulled out, took off the condom and fed me his leaking cum cock. It tasted great.

We showered, dressed and I left for home. As I walked up my parents drive way, his family drove in and waved at me. We had just missed getting caught.

In about 30 minutes Drew called me and asked me to take a drive with him. We went to one of our favorite parking spots. I could see that Drew was as horny as usual.

"Hey, Jon, let me suck your cock hard and then you fuck me."

"Drew baby, let me suck that cock and then you fuck me. My cock is pretty tired tonight."

I sucked my buddies cock thinking about what I had just done with his Dad as I compared their cocks in my mind.

Drew bent me over the back seat and gave me a hard pounding until he dumped his sweet seed in my guts. I love Drew fucking me.

As we drove back home, I felt guilty but very satisfied. I love Drew and he is my real fuck buddy. No more Daddy cock.



Naughty Eric


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