It was Sunday afternoon and I was driving to my friend's house to pick up a book that he barrowed from me. When I arrived at his house I was nerve, I've always had a crush on his dad since I've first met him. 'Don't be nerve, Mr. Monroe is just a person,' I said to myself as I rang the doorbell. A few seconds later the door opened and there standing in front of me, shirtless, was Mr. Monroe. 'Chris, what brings you here? Jason already left for Outdoor Lab.' I stood there glaring at his muscular chest. 'Chris, are you alright.' I snapped back into reality and said, 'Jason barrowed a book from me a week ago and I was wondering if I can get it back?' Mr. Monroe stepped to the side, 'Come on in and you can look for it.' I entered the house and Mr. Monroe and I went upstairs. 'You can search threw his room and see if you can find it. If not, then you'll have to ask him went he get back,' Mr. Monroe said as he entered his room. I walked into Jason's room and started going threw every place he could of place the book. 10 minutes past and I finally found the book, and left Jason room. I walked down the hall to Mr. Monroe's room and opened the door.

Right as I opened the door, Mr. Monroe shot a load of cum onto his chest. 'Chris! Didn't parents teach you to knock?' Mr. Monroe yelled. I just stood there and staired at Mr. Monroe's gorgeous, 8-inch cock covered with cum. As I staired at his cock something came over me. I walking over to Mr. Monroe and climbed onto his bed. 'What the hell are you doing?' Mr. Monroe asked, but I didn't answer. I grabbed Mr. Monroe's cock and started sucking on it. 'What the HELL!' Mr. Monroe yelled, but I ignored him. I started sucking his cock harder and faster, sucking up the rest of his earlier load and couldn't wait to have more. 'Chris,' Mr. Monroe moaned with pleasure, 'What are you doing to me.' Still ignoring him, my hands started exploring his chest and twisted both of his harder nipples. 'Ohhhhhhhh!' Mr. Monroe moaned, 'That feels so fucking good.'

After sucking Mr. Monroe's cock harder and faster for a while, his body started to tremble. I started sucking his cock soft and slow when Mr. Monroe said, 'Chris! I'm going to cum!' Mr. Monroe yelled, 'Ahhhhhhhh.' With that Mr. Monroe's cock explode and I tasted more of his cum; his cum filled my mouth and I was forced to swallow it. I made sure that none of his cum dripped out of my mouth. Once Mr. Monroe stopped cumming and I swallow all his cum, I stopped sucking his cock and got off the bed. 'That blow-job was great, just don't tell anyone,' Mr. Monroe said. 'Why, I'm 18 years old,' I said as I started to strip. 'Now what are you doing?' Mr. Monroe asked, but I didn't answer. I climbed onto the bed again, and began to set on Mr. Monroe's 8-inch cock. I felt the head of his cock against my asshole. I knew that this was it; Mr. Monroe's cock was going to take my 'gay' virginity. 'Chris stop, you're my son's best friend,' Mr. Monroe demanded, but I stilled didn't listen. I pushed down on Mr. Monroe's cock and the head popped into my asshole. 'SHIT!' I screamed in pain. I waited a few seconds and I slowly sat down on Mr. Monroe's cock. Finally, after a few minutes Mr. Monroe's cock was all the way up my asshole.

'How does it fell?' Mr. Monroe asked with a smile. 'It hurts like Hell,' I answered. 'Don't worry, the pain will go away,' Mr. Monroe said with a smile. 'What you're into this?' I said. 'I was just surprised at first,' Mr. Monroe said as I slowly started bouncing up and down on his cock. 'Ya, you tight asshole feels so fucking good,' Mr. Monroe yelled in pleasure. After a while I got tried of bouncing, so I leaned forward and Mr. Monroe and I started making out. Mr. Monroe thrust his hips up and down and continued to fuck me. 10 minutes have passed and Mr. Monroe and I changed position. Mr. Monroe was fucking me missionary style. 'Ya! Mr. Monroe fuck my ass as hard as you can,' I said. 'Chris, call me Mike,' Mr. Monroe said. 'Mike fuck my ass as hard as you can,' I said. 'That's my boy!' Mike said. Mike started fucking my ass hard and fast and I said something that I never thought would come out of my mouth, 'Mike, fuck me with that cock and fill my asshole with the cum that made my best friend.' Mike lead over and gave me a huge kiss and said, 'If you say so.' 10 minutes have passed and Mike started fucking me slower and softer. 'I'm going to cum!' Mike yelled. 'Fill me with that cum that made my best friend,' I said. 'Here it comes Chris,' Mike said as I felt his cum enter my asshole. Mike leaned over and the two of us started making out.

Mike and I stayed in that position for and hour. We talked, made out, and every so often fucked me softly. Finally we got up and got dress and walked down stairs. 'Chris, don't tell anyone what we did,' Mike said softly. 'I wont, I promises, so can we do this tomorrow?' I asked. 'I don't know,' Mike said. 'I don't have school tomorrow because it's a teacher's day,' I said. Mike stood there for a minute then answered, 'If you don't have school tomorrow, why don't you stay,' Mike said, 'Do you parent know that Jason left for Outdoor Lab?' I took my phone out of my pocket and said, 'No they don't.' I called my parents and told them I was staying the night a Jason's house and hung up. 'I'm staying the night!' I said with excitement as Mike and I went back up stairs and stripped.

'Since you gave me a blow-job, I'm going to give you won; since I fucked you, you're going to fuck me,' Mike said as we stripped and climbed on the bed. I laid on my back and Mike laid on his stomach between my legs. 'Suck my cock, Mike!' I demanded and Mike shoved my cock into his mouth. 'Ohhhhhhhh!' I moaned. Mike did the same thing to me as I did to him. He was sucking my cock hard and faster and as I soon began to tremble. When I started trembling Mike started to suck my cock soft and slow. 'Mike, I'm about to cum,' I yelled but it was too late. My cock exploded and filled Mike's mouth with teenage cum. 'Umm!' That was delicious,' Mike said as he got up and laid beside me and kissed me. 'That was amazing, I've never had a blow-job before,' I said. 'Well are you ready to have a tight asshole around your cock,' Mike said. 'I thought you've been fucked,' I asked. 'Ya! But I haven't been fucked in about a mouth, so it's tight' Mike said. Mike got on top of me and slowly began to set down on my cock. As the head of my cock toughed his asshole I started to cum. 'Shit!' Mike said as he quickly shoved the head of my cock up is asshole, and quickly lowed himself down the cock until my cock was all the way up his asshole. I was still cumming as Mike started to bounce up and down on my cock. 'Dam Chris! How big his your cock?' Mike asked in pain. 'About 10 inches. Why?' I said. 'Because, I didn't think you fucking me would be this painful.' Mike continued to bounce up and down on my cock. After a while we change positions and I was now fucking Mike doggy style. I leaned over and started making out. After we left, we when our seperate paths. We never spock of having sex, never had sex again, or talked about the night we had sex. It was like it never happened.


Jeph Lyons

[email protected]


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