After my mother walked out on dad and I when I was ten, dad decided we needed a change so we could forget the past. He got a job in another town and we moved into a nice house in a small neatly kept neighborhood.

Most of the residents were older couples but there were a few younger families with kids my age.

The house we found was on a cul-de-sac and backed up to some woods. The day we moved in, Dad and I met one of our neighbors, Tom Watson and his son Greg. Greg was my age and we immediately hit it off. As our dads talked, Greg and I began tossing a football around.

It turned out that Greg's dad was only twenty-eight and when Greg was conceived, his mother wanted to get an abortion. Tom had refused and raised Greg on his own, with the help of his parents.

My dad was thirty but looked younger and told Tom about my mother walking out on us. Being single fathers, they immediately formed a bond also.

The four of us quickly became close and did a lot together. Greg and I were like brothers. If you saw one of us, you usually saw the other.

We went through high school together however afterward, I left and went to the state university three hours away on a scholarship, while Greg stayed in town and went to the local college.

About three weeks after classes started my freshman year, I decided to drive home and surprise Greg and dad.

Finding the house empty, I called dad's cell phone and told him I was home and asked where he was.

"Son, I'm out of town on business trying to land a new account. I wish you had called and let me know."

When I asked when he'd be back, he said not until Monday afternoon.

"Oh, okay. I'll just chill out and see what Greg's up to and come back next weekend and hang with you."

"Sounds good, son. Be careful on the highway."

"I will, dad. I love you."

"I love you too, son. See you next weekend."

"Sure thing," I replied.

Seeing Greg's car in their driveway, I decided to go over and see what he was up to. I knocked and waited.

Seconds later, Tom answered the door with just a towel around his waist.

"Hey, Mark. Come on in," he said, stepping aside.

"Thanks, Mr. Watson, I said. "Is Greg around?"

"No, he's not. He went camping with a couple of guys from school. And, please, start calling me Tom. I'm only thirty-six and being called 'Mister' makes me feel much older.

"Sure thing, Tom. It looks like I interrupted you so I guess I'll head back home," I said nervously.

"Nonsense. You're practically family. Stay a while. How's things at school?" he asked as we headed for the den.

"Good so far," I replied.

"Come on out to the patio. I was just about to hit the hot tub."

When we reached the patio, he stopped at the small fridge and said, "You going anywhere tonight?"

"Nah. Dad's gone and I ate dinner on the way home, so I'll just chill out."

"Well, if you promise me you won't go out in your car, I'll let you have a beer if you want it, or I have some sodas."

"I promise I won't leave so a beer would be great."

He got out two beers, handing me one and setting the other next to the hot tub. I sat down in a chair on the other side of the hot tub, and as I did, he was facing me and casually removed his towel. To my shocked surprise, he was completely naked and calmly stepped into the warm bubbling water.

"Ummm," he said as he sat down. Then,looking at me he said, "Mark, excuse my manners. Would you care to join me?"

"I don't have my trunks with me," I laughed.

Smiling, he said, "Well, as you can see they're not necessary. Just throw your clothes in the chair and climb in. The water is great."

I paused a second then took a big swallow of my beer. I had seen many guys nude in the showers in the dorm at school and not wanting to make him think I was offended, I stood and slowly removed my clothes.

Once nude, I stepped in as he looked at me and said, "Damn, I never realized just how well built you really are."

"Thanks. I work out a couple times a week," I replied, before swallowing more of my beer.

We talked about things in general and he soon got out to get us another beer. I couldn't help but notice that it appeared his cock had stiffened slightly.

So the evening went, talking and drinking. I had downed four beers and not being used to it, I was starting to get a slight buzz going.

Then he offered another.

"I better not," I said.

"Ah, just one more. I'll help you get home if you need it."

I agreed and he climbed out to get two more beers. His cock was even larger now. I was beginning to get nervous.

When he returned with the beer, this time he sat right next to me. Soon, I felt his knee pressing against me. Then, as he placed one hand on my upper thigh, he said, "You know, Mark, You are one good looking guy. Any steady girlfriends?"

"Not really. I date some but spend most of my time studying. I have to keep my grades up to maintain the scholarship."

"I understand," he said as he slid his hand closer to my crotch. As he did, My own cock began to stiffen.

He looked at me and asked, "You popping any of those girls? From what I saw when you got in, you have something very nice to give them."

"Not yet," I replied.

"Damn, son, you must be horny as hell," he said as he moved his hand against my hard cock. "I bet you stroke it every day, don't you? it's only normal for guys to do it."

With that, he closed hos fingers around my cock and began slowly stroking me.

"Tom, we really shouldn't be doing this," I said.

"Relax, no one has to know. I bet you and Greg have slipped off in the woods and stroked together."

"Oh, no sir," I said, lying.

Greg and I had gone off into the woods and stroked together but never did anything other than that.

"I figured you two had," he replied, then said, "Sit up on the side and let me see just what you got there. It feels real nice."

I nervously sat up on the side, revealing my rock hard cock to him.

"Damn, very nice. I wouldn't mind helping you get off if you'd let me."

"I don't know," I said but having someone else's hand around my cock did feel good.

"Come on. It will be our secret."

I took a deep breath and nodded. He smiled and began slowly stroking my cock. Seconds later, he moved over and got between my outstretched legs.

"Lean back and relax," he said.

I did as he slowly stroked my cock. As I began to relax, I suddenly felt warmth close around my cock. Looking down, I saw that he had half my cock buried in his mouth.

"What are you doing?" I asked partially sitting up.

Puling off my cock, he said, "Please, just lay back and enjoy it."

I did and he returned to sucking my cock. Indeed, I was enjoying it. It felt awesome.

Before long, I looked down and said, "You better stop. I'm about to shoot."

He didn't stop. He sucked more eagerly and when I shot my load, he collected it all in his mouth and I watched as he pulled off my cock and casually swallowed my load.

"How was that?" he asked. "Better than jerking off?"

"It was awesome," I said.

"Mark, was that the first time anyone ever sucked your cock?"

"Yes, it was."

"None of the girls you date ever did it to you just a little?"

"No, none," I replied.

"Well, if you enjoyed it, I'll be glad to do it for you anytime."

"I don't know. Maybe," I said. Then looking at him I asked, "Tom, does Greg know you do this?"

"Fuck no, and I don't want him to know. Please don't say anything to him."

"I won't, I promise."

He sat up next to me and as he sucked on my soft cock, he stroked his large cock to a massive climax. It was wild watching the dad of my best friend jerk off and shoot his load.

I soon said I should be going home and got out and dressed.

Once home, I began wondering if I would have let him do it if I hadn't had any beer. Then, for some reason unknown to me, I wondered what it would be like to do what he had done.

I soon went to bed but as I thought back over what had happened, my cock got hard again and i stroked myself to another climax.

The next morning shortly after I got up the hone rang. It was Tom.

"Mark, I know your dad is out of town, so why don't you come over and have some breakfast with me, please."

"Well, okay, I guess. I'll be over shortly."

"Thanks," he said. "The door will be unlocked. Just come on in. I'll be in the kitchen."

I hung up and wondered if he was feeling guilty, wanting to do it again, or wanted to apologize.

I dressed and went over, walking straight in. As he said, he was in the kitchen and pouring me a cup of coffee.

I was shocked to find him nude.

"I can see you weren't expecting to find me this way. I enjoy going nude when I can and figured since we had been nude together last night you wouldn't mind."

"No, I just wasn't expecting it."

"Mark, feel free to do the same if you want to," he said.

I just nodded. Conversation was casual as he prepared breakfast and we ate. Afterward, i helped him clean up before going into the den.

I decided I wanted to see if it was as good sober as it had been half drunk. I began stripping, tossing my clothes into a nearby chair.

"There is no chance of Greg walking in is there?"

"Oh, fuck no. I wouldn't be nude if there was. He's not coming back until late tomorrow afternoon."

Seconds later I was nude. Tom was sitting on the sofa and I walked over and sat about a foot from him. Moments later, my cock began to stiffen. As he watched, his did the same.

Soon, I was fully erect and said, "If you want to do it again, go ahead."

He smiled and reached over and grasped my hard cock then slowly leaned over and began sucking it. It did indeed feel just as good as the night before.

I glanced over his body and saw his hard cock. Nervously, I reached over his body and grasped it and slowly began stroking him. To my amazement, I liked the feel of his cock in my hand.

He soon brought me to a climax and again swallowed my load. As he sat back up, I returned to stroking his cock.

"You're hand feel good. I like it."

I smiled. "Is it okay to swallow cum?" I asked.

"Yea. It's nothing but protein."

I looked at his cock and made a decision. leaning over, I began sucking him. I heard him moan softly.

I wasn't the least bid disgusted by having his cock in my mouth. Moments later he said, "Mark, I'm getting close."

I continued sucking and seconds later his cock exploded into my mouth. I collected it all before pulling off and sitting up. I was savoring the taste and found it different yet tasty. Looking at him, I quickly swallowed.

"What made you do that?" he asked.

"Curiosity," I said.

"What did you think of it?"

"well, it was my first time. I thought I might be disgusted by it, but surprisingly, I kind of enjoyed it."

"Well, I certainly know I enjoyed it."

"Tom, this is all new to me as you know. What else do guys do together?"

"Rater than try to tell you, I'll let you see for yourself. Come with me."

He led me to his bedroom and told me to get comfortable on his bed. He unlocked a small cabinet and pulled out a DVD, then placed it in the player, before laying next to me.

The movie started and it showed two cowboys in a barn. First, there was kissing and fondling. Then sucking each other the licking each others ass, then fucking. Tom explained each process to me and said if I was interested, he would show me what each was like.

"Start at the beginning," I said, my curiosity aroused more that ever before.

He leaned over me and we began kissing and making out. then he kissed his way down my body to my crotch where he slowly raised my legs and began eating and licking my ass. He then sucked me off a second time. Afterward, there was more kissing, deep throat tongue kissing.

As we ended it, I then did the same to him. Sticking my tongue up his ass was erotic as hell to me. Soon, I was sucking a second load out of him. After swallowing his load, I asked about the fucking.

"I think it best if we go slow," he said.

I smiled and kissed him again. I loved kissing.

A short while later, he suggested the hot tub and together we went out both nude.

As we relaxed in the warm water, he asked, "Mark, why don't you spend the day here with me. Ask any questions you might have. And later if you want to, you can spend the night here and share my bed."

"I'll spend the day here for sure, but as far as tonight is concerned, I'll think about it."


We had a great day together and I asked when he started with guys. He said he had started with a buddy of his when he was fifteen and liked both men and women. He said, however, since his divorce, he mainly goes with women. When he goes out on what he calls a date, Greg thinks it's with a woman when it's actually to meet another guy at his place or a motel outside town.

Later we had some lunch and afterward, I asked if he like having a guys cock up his ass.

"Yes, very much. Sometimes if he's hitting my prostate just right, I'll have a climax without ever touching my cock."

"Tom, let me fuck you."

"Come on. I'd love that."

Back in his bed he lubed my cock and his ass. Laying on his back and pulling his legs up and exposing hos hole, he said, "It's all yours. Go for it."

I did and it was awesome. after i climaxed he said feeling me fire my load deep inside him was fantastic.

As we lay there, i told him I wanted him to fuck me. He explained that with me being a 'virgin' to anal sex, it would initially hurt like hell. I said I didn't care.

Soon, I was experiencing the worst pain I had ever experienced. However, as i adjusted, the pain gradually subsided and as he began fucking my ass pleasure took over. I was soon telling him to cum up my ass. As he fucked me, my own cock climaxed spontaneously. It was an awesome feeling. That brought him to his climax and the feeling of his cock shooting up me was unbelievable.

After he pulled out and we kissed, I told him I had decided to spend the night if he promised to fuck me again. He agreed only if I'd fuck him again.

Later that afternoon he showed me what a sixty-nine was like and I loved it. I knew that my sexual preference was quickly turning to men.

That night we fucked each other again, and it was as good as the first time. Then Sunday morning we had a sixty-nine before I headed home.

As I dressed to go home, he said, "When you're home on weekends, we;ll have to find some way to get together."

"Definitely," I said. "Well figure something out."

"Well, on some weekends when you don't come home, I can find an excuse to go out of town and I'll come to you and get a motel for the weekend."

"I'd like that," I said. Then as I started to leave, I stopped and turned to him and said, "Tom, thanks for showing me who I really am."

"You'd have found yourself sooner or later. At least it was before you ell in love and married."

"Very true," I said.

I returned home and straighten things up before heading back to campus.

The following weekend it was difficult to see Tom without hugging and kissing him, and grabbing his cock.

he did visit me a couple of weekends after that and it was awesome. We seldom left the motel room.

Greg called me one week and asked if I'd like to go camping with him and a couple of his buds. I said sure.

I left campus immediately after my last class on

Friday and drove home. Greg and his friends were aiding for me. After introductions, we headed for the campsite. I noticed that the three of them seemed to have a private joke going on and I was being left out.

We arrived and set up our two tents before preparing hot dogs over an open fire. Afterward, Greg suggested we go skinny dipping in the lake. We did and acted like little boys, dunking each other. Suddenly, Greg came up to me and I saw a strange look in his eyes. It was the same look his dad had when he was about to kiss me.

Greg leaned in quickly and as our lips met, he extended his tongue. I quickly grabbed his head and eagerly kissed him back. It totally caught him off guard.

As we kissed, his buds were in shock. After the kiss ended, Greg looked at me and said, "That wasn't your first time was it?"

"Nope, and not yours either," I replied as I reached underwater and groped his rock hard cock.

"Nope. You into doing more?" he asked.

"Bring it on," I replied.

His buddy's had come up to us and said, "I thought you said he was straight?"

"Fuck, I thought he was. This shocks me as much as it does you two."

"What's going on?" I asked.

"Mark," Greg began, "I've wanted to suck you for the last two years. At college, I met them and found out that they are lovers. I told them about wanting you and they helped me devise a plan to seduce you."

"Seduce me how?" I asked.

"Later, we had it planned to sit around the campfire all nude and they were going to start sucking each other. I was to say it looked hot and suggest we do it. The kiss wasn't planned but there was something in your eyes that made me do it."

"Well, let's go up by the campfire and you three can put your plan in action."

We did and soon Greg and I were in a sixty-nine as were his buddy's. Later we fucked each other.

Then after retiring to our tent, I asked Greg if his dad knew he was gay.

"Fuck no!" he exclaimed. "If he found out he'd probably kick me out of the house. He's fucking straight as a board."

"Really? That bad?"

"Oh, yea," Greg replied.

'If you only knew' I thought to myself.

The weekend was wild and Greg and I became even closer.

I was having sex with Greg every weekend I was home and with his dad on weekends when he visited me. As the saying goes, I was burning the candle at both ends.

This relationship continued throughout out college years. I got a job back home as did Greg. We soon became lovers, each living with our dad. This had to change.

We each decided to take the plunge and confess to our dads.

We got them together one Friday night and told them we needed to talk to them. They asked what about and we told them that we wanted to move out and get our own place.

When Tom asked why, Greg looked at him and said, "Because I'm gay and I love Mark."

Both dads were shocked and stared at us. Finally I looked at my dad and said, "I'm gay also and love Greg. We're lovers and have been getting together for sex since our sophomore year."

"Wow," Tom said. "I certainly didn't expect that."

"Neither did I," my dad added, looking at Tom.

Tom spoke up and said, "I guess now is the time to tell them."

"Tell us what?" I asked.

"Son,"dad began, "Tom and I are lovers also. We found out about each other one night about a year ago when we ran into each other at a gay bar."

"Holy shit," I said. "You're kidding us right?"

"Nope," Tom said as he reached over and took dad's hand in his and they kissed passionately.

After their kiss, we all talked. It was decided that Tom would move in with dad and i would move into Greg's house with him. We made the move that weekend and each couple began living their separate lives, each having company whenever we wanted.

Dad and Tom would come over and we'd all enjoy the hot tub together nude, but as hot and sexy as our dads were, we just couldn't have sex with our own dad. Neither Tom or I ever confess that we had been having sex together for years. It still remains our secret.

THE END.....




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