I went to my best friends house one day, and walked in to find that we would be the only ones home until 9 o'clock that night. We sat down on the couch and turned on the TV, to see if there was anything on. We started chatting about girls, and other things like that, and the topic got brought up about what people we liked.

My best friend is the only person that knows that I'm bisexual. I started talking about a couple of guys, and I started explaining how I had a fantasy about sucking someone's cock.

He was always very hesitant towards anything like oral and anal even with a girl. He asked me what it felt like to have your dick blown, and I replied that I didn't know. He asked me if I wanted to blow him, and I simply said yes.

I slid his boxers and shorts down to his ankles, and licked at his head tentatively. I went down to his balls and started licking and then sucked each one into my mouth at a time.

He moaned and I went back up to his head, and then started to go down his 7 inch dick. my nose brushed his bush and i pulled off for a second to catch my breath.

I started bobbing up and down on his cock for a minute or so, listening to his breathing get heavier, and then slowed down. 

I pulled off and licked the head, and then opened the piss slit and pushed in just a little with my tongue. He moaned even louder. I started sucking again, this time slower. He started to hit me with more strength and his balls stopped slapping my face. He whispered that he was close, and I pulled off and licked his balls. I grabbed them ever so lightly with my teeth and pulled. this elicited an excited gasp from him, and I moved back up to his cock and started moving even faster.

He started panting louder, and then started spasming. He let out three strong blasts of cum that hit my throat and then let out five more that hit my tongue. I swallowed and then sucked the last of his cum out of his cock and then cleaned it off until it went limp. He pulledmout and thanked me. I thanked him and then we went about our normal routines. 



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