Brad Davis moved into the neighborhood just before we started our sophomore year of high school. We were both fifteen at the time and I met him down at the neighborhood park.

Brad was quiet and very withdrawn when we met, but there was something about him that made me want him as a friend. He was slim and underweight for his height and age. I started talking to him and after several meetings he began to open up some.

I found out that his mother was dead and his father was an abusive alcoholic. he had been removed from his father's house by the Children's Protective Services (CPS) and placed in a foster home. There, the peoples birth son, didn't want him there and would pick fights then blame Brad for starting it.

He was moved to another where he was taken out after the father beat him for minor infractions of rules. he was then placed in his current foster home.

He began telling me that there were three other foster kids there and his foster parents would prepare dinner for themselves then feed the kids TV dinners.

I really felt sorry for him and talked to my parents about his situation.

"Son, we can report it but if the investigator doesn't see it and the kids don't say anything, it will only make it harder on Brad," my dad had said. they had met Brad and really liked him. he was very polite and courteous.

I began inviting Brad over for weekend stays where he could get decent meals and he and I would work out with my set of weights. Soon, he began to fill out and look more human.

It was during that sophomore year that we discovered that we both enjoyed seeing others guys nude. It was during one of his stay-overs when we 'caught' each other staring at each other's cocks. One thing led to another and we were soon sucking each other and swallowing, as well as kissing. By the end of the school year we were also performing anal sex on each other.

We would have sex at my house after school and go out on weekends to the woods and have sex there. We were doing it all to and with each other.

It wasn't long before Brad was spending more time at my house that his foster home. His foster parents didn't care.

One night at dinner, Brad told us that he had heard his foster parents say that they were glad he was out of the house and all that mattered to them was the monthly check they received for his care.

My dad went ballistic when he heard this. Looking at Brad he asked, "Do you think you could talk to the other kids and get them to be honest and tell the social worker what really goes on?"

"Maybe," he said.

Dad bought him a voice activated recorder and told him to keep it with him whenever his foster parents were around and record what they said.

He did and also talked to the other kids. they agreed and a plan was put in place.

After finding what time they fed the kids the TV dinners, Mom and Dad went to the social worker taking Brad with them. He told his story and dad played the tape of them saying they just wanted the money. The social worker agreed to make a surprise visit at dinner time. Brad made sure he was there that night.

To make it short, brad and the kids were removed from their care and welfare fraud charges were filed against the parents.

Mom and dad stepped up and said that they would like to have Brad live with us. They pointed out how his grades had gone from D's and F's to being on the honor role. Brad was asked if he wanted to stay with us and he said definitely. The social worker did admit that Brad had come out of his shell and was more like a normal teen. Dad even said he didn't want to be paid for taking care of Brad. After she agreed, we all went out to dinner to celebrate.

Brad and I considered ourselves brothers. We were inseparable.

During the summer between our junior and senior years of high school, Brad and I pledged our love for each other. We agreed to be lovers.

During that summer, we both took summer jobs doing yard work for a lawn company. One of our customers was U.S. Congressman Tom Wilkes.

One day as we broke for lunch, we began talking about college. We both wanted to attend and get a degree.

"Mark, your parents are paying for your college but being alone without parents, I'll have to try and work during school to get my degree and who knows how long that will take."

"We'll figure something out," I said.

Little did we know that the Congressman had overheard our conversation. Two weeks later, he came up to us and told us he had heard our conversation.

Then looking at Brad, he said, "Brad, I've checked you out. Yes, you have had some minor problems with the law but nothing serious. The last three years you have not been in any trouble and I found out it's all because of Mark and his family. You grades are excellent."

"Thank you, sir," he said.

"If you're willing to serve your country in the Army, I feel sure I can get you an appointment to West Point, all expenses paid. I can only make one request or I'd be trying to get you both in."

"Sir, Brad needs your help more than I do. get him in."

"You interested?" the congressman asked.

"Well, yes, I guess so."

The congressman took our address and later that week he visited to talk with our parents, with application in hand.

Near the end of our senior year, Brad got a letter that he had been accepted. We were all in tears. Brad even called the social worker.

We reached our eighteenth birthday, me first. Then on Brad's birthday, the social worker showed up and informed Brad that he was no longer under their jurisdiction and was free to go and do what ever he wanted.

"Mrs, Roberts, I have a home here if they will have me. Why should I leave when I love them so much?"

Mom began crying as dad said, "Brad, this is your home and we all love you. We all hope you'll stay."

"Thanks. This is the first real home I've ever had."

We graduated and six weeks later disaster struck. Both of my parents were killed in an auto accident. I was now on my own also.

Brad and I buried them, clinging to each other for support. Later, I found that not only had dad set up a college fund for me when I was born that would more than cover my education, but everything came to me. Not counting the house, their combined insurance policies totalled one million dollars. Plus, the had almost sixty thousand in savings.

Brad and I talked and I decided to attend college as close to West Point as possible. I found a small state college in nearby Connecticut. I sold the house and all the furnishings.

When Brad entered West Point, I rented an apartment near my college. We talked daily and had agreed that although we were lovers, during our separation, we were both free to find sex elsewhere. I knew I'd have more luck than he would.

When he could get time off, we'd meet half way between schools and spend the weekend together. he told me that he had met two other cadets that were also gay and they would sneak off to deserted spots on campus for sex. He even brought them with him a few times and sex was wild.

We survived and Brad had received his degree in Accounting and Finance. Mine was in Criminal Justice. I couldn't have been prouder when I heard them call 'Lt. Bradley Wayne Davis'.

His first assignment was at Ft. Sam Houston in San Antonio. We moved and got an apartment and I applied with the police department. I was hired and went to the academy, and was soon on patrol.

We knew that sooner or later,Brad would be sent to the middle east to fight. It came about a year after he arrived in San Antonio. He was given combat training and sent to Iraq. He was there for fourteen months before coming home. But,all too soon, he was sent back.

While he was gone, I had discovered another patrol officer that was gay. We would meet frequently and he had introduced me to a couple of firemen as well as a state cop, all gay.

He had been gone on his second deployment for seven months and I missed him more than ever. He had been promoted to Captain and I had this inner fear that something was going to go wrong.

One Saturday afternoon Tim and Cory, the two firemen were at the apartment watching a ball game with me when there was a knock at the door. I went to answer it and froze.

"Mr. Mark Lewis?" one guy in dress uniform asked.

"Yes,"I replied, my heart racing, knowing what they were going to say.

"Mr. Lewis, you've been listed as next of kin for Capt. Bradley Wayne Davis. I'm sorry to inform you that Capt. Davis is missing in action and presumed dead."

I held back my tears and asked what had happened.

"Their Humvee ran over a roadside bomb. There are three men unaccounted for. The others were all killed. If we get further news we'll be in touch."

I thanked them and shut the door. Tim and Cory had heard the news and came to me as I totally broke down.

"Mark, remember, they said he was missing not dead," Tim said as he held me.

My world had fallen apart. The love of my life was missing and presumed dead. I wanted to be alone.

Over the next few months, my friends would try to get me to go out but most of the time I refused. Not a day went by that I didn't cry. I missed him so much.

Then, one Saturday, Tim and Cory as well as Josh, the other patrol officer and Tony, the state cop, all showed up at my door and said I was going with them to spend an evening enjoying the Riverwalk and having dinner. I tried to refuse but it was no use.

Finally near eight, I said that if they didn't take me home I was calling a cab. Josh, the city cop, said he needed to make a phone call and excused himself. When he came back, he said, "One more drink, then we'll take you home." He had a strange look on his face.

We all had another drink before heading back to my apartment. They insisted on coming in as I unlocked the door. I wanted to be alone but it was no use.

They helped themselves to a beer as I sat in my chair. After they had all sat down and began chatting, I suddenly heard a voice from behind me ask, "May I join this party?"

I immediately recognized the voice, jumped up and turned. There facing me at the opening leading down the hallway, stood Brad, leaning on a cane.

I burst into tears and ran to him, hugging and kissing him wildly. When I finally regained my composure, I asked, "What happened? Where have you been? Why haven't you called me?"

"One question at a time," he said easing past me and greeting the others.

He continued as he sat down, "We were on patrol when we ran over a roadside bomb. Three of us were thrown out of the Humvee when it blew apart. The Taliban as approaching and some friendly Iraqis were close and took us to safety. They took care of us as best they could before turning us over to the Americans. We were treated then shipped out to Germany. My leg was in bad shape and they didn't think they would be able to save it."

"Why didn't you call me. I'd have flown over."

"That's why I didn't. There was nothing you could do and I didn't want you to endanger your job. The army wanted to call and let you know but I forbid it. When I was released and knew when I would be here I called Josh and set this all up. I wanted to surprise you."

Turning to Josh, I said, "You mother fucker! I'll get even with you somehow."

Then turning back to Brad I asked, "How is the leg?"

"They managed to save it but I'll have to use the cane from now on. I can stay in the Army if I want or take a disability discharge. I'm planning on staying in but I won't be going back to combat. I plan to do my twenty and retiring."

We visited and all had another beer before the guys said, "We're going to leave and let you two have some time together. Welcome back, Brad."

They left and I asked Brad how long he would be home. He said thirty days then he was being assigned back here at Ft. Sam Houston.

"Well, Monday I'm going in and putting in my request for my three weeks vacation. But for now, I just want to hold you."

"i sat next to him wrapping him in my arms and resting my head on his shoulders.

"I've missed you so much, baby," he said.

"I've been in a living hell since I got word you were missing. I don't know if I can forgive you for not calling and letting me know you were alive."

"I'm sorry, baby. I'm really surprised Josh didn't let it slip."

"He didn't and I'm going to kill him for not saying anything.

"Well enough of that," he said. "Sit up."

I did and he stood up and said, "If you still want me, I'll be in bed waiting."

"Want you?" I asked rushing past him to the bed. by the time he got there I was already half undressed. When I was nude, he looked at me and said, "You're even hotter than when I left."

I wanted to help him undress but knew that he was extremely independent and wouldn't let me.

Soon we were in bed, kissing passionately before going into a hot sixty nine. After the sixty-nine, we cuddled and talked and later lovingly fucked each other.

Sunday, we stayed nude and had sex frequently. His leg was badly scared but I considered it beautiful.

Monday when I went in for patrol I put in for my three eeks vacation. The sergeant told me that in order to take it all at once I needed the approval of the chief. I set up an appointment with him for after my patrol.

When we met he asked why I wanted it all at once.

"Chief, as I'm sure you know, my brother was listed as missing in action. Well, he got home Saturday. I thought we'd take a vacation and relax for a while."

"Mark, you say he's your brother but you have different last names. Would you explain that."

"He has been a foster child since his teens. When i met him he was extremely withdrawn. he started spending time with me and came out of it."

I continued telling him all that had happened and how his foster parents were just in it for the money.

"When the services took him out of their home, my dad asked if he could live with us. We were like brothers. He's all I've got now."

"Mark, for some reason, I think there is more to it than what you're telling me. Is he more than just a brother to you?"

I didn't know what to say. I decided to tell him the truth.

"Yes, sir, he is. No one else knows this but he and I have been lovers since we were eighteen or so. We're both gay."

"I see," he said.

"If you want, I'll give my resignation right now."

"Calm down, Mark. I don't want your resignation. There is something that no one else around here knows and I'm trusting you to keep my secret. I'm gay also and have a partner, so I know exactly how you feel. I'm sure you and I aren't the only two on the force that are gay. Gays can serve just as well as straights can. My advice to you is to keep it secret. some of the officers are not very tolerant and if they know and you put out a call for officer needs assistance, they might not respond."

Shocked,I said, "Chief, I had no idea you were gay also."

"Well,I am, so give me that vacation request and let me approve it."

I did, and as he handed it back to me he said, "Give that brave soldier a kiss for me."

"Sir, why don't you stop by and give it to him yourself. I'm sure he'd appreciate it."

"You know, I just might do that. My partner and I will stop by tonight about seven if that's okay with you."

"Sure thing. See you then."

I left and had my vacation scheduled. It was to begin on the following Friday after my shift.

I got home and told Brad about my meeting with the Chief.

"Holy shit! He's gay also?"

"Yes. I told him to give you that kiss himself so don't be surprised when he does it."

The chief arrived at seven sharp and we greeted him and when I saw his partner I nearly shit. It was the head of the training academy.

After introductions, I said, "Chief, I think you have something to give Brad."

He shook Brad's hand and thanked him for his service then gave him a hot wet kiss on the lips. Then Capt. Booker did the same.

They stayed and had a beer and while there Capt. Booker said, "I wasn't totally sure about you in training but I suspected you might be part of the crowd. There are several others I think might be also."

We went on a two week cruise and had a great time. Our cabin steward showed no reaction when we requested that he convert the two twin beds into one king bed. He just smiled.

I never revealed the Chief's secret to Josh. Brad finished out his twenty years in the Army and retired. I served my twenty on the force and also retired. Here we were, both thirty nine and retired.

We bought a place in the Texas hill country an hour or so northwest of San Antonio and frequently had Tim, Cory, Josh, and Tony out to visit. After the chief passed away, I did finally tell Josh about him and Capt. Booker. He couldn't believe it.

We purchased a large tract of land and built a small motel on the lake and made it clothing optional and for members only. We say booked months in advance.

Brad still uses the cane some but has been able to do without it quite often. We still love each other deeply and I never let him out of my sight. Not because he might cheat which we both do at the lodge, but because I almost lost him once. I don't want to be without him again.




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