During law school, I met many hot men. I have been gay since my freshman year of college and loved nude body contact with other males and the sex that always accompanied it. I finally graduated law school and concentrated on studying for my board exams.

I had been hired by a prestigious firm to assist another lawyer while I prepared for my board exams. His name was Justin Baker. He was in his late twenties, just over six foot tall, and muscular. From looking at his hairy hands and arms, I assumed that his chest was hairy also, which turned me on.

Justin and I spent many evenings preparing for his cases. I did research and interviews for him but he handled the actual trials. We had quickly become good friends since we had a lot of things in common. Then while working on one particular case, we found that we had more in common than we thought.

We had were working late one Friday to prepare for a case beginning the following Monday. We were at the office and decided to order dinner delivered in. Justin called a nearby Chinese diner and placed the order. We decided to take a break while waiting on our food. As we waited, we began to clown around, casually wrestling and picking on each other.

While doing so my cock became rock hard and on the first time Justin's hand brushed against it, an electrical shock pulsed through me, and the look on his face startled me. Then, at one point, he grasped my hand and in clowning around he pulled my hand toward him making sure my hand brushed against his hard cock. The clowning around continued and before long, he had me in a hold and as we faced each other, our eyes met and held each others gaze.

Then to my shocked surprise, Justin leaned forward and pressed his lips to mine. The thought of resisting never crossed my mind, and when he offered his tongue, I immediately accepted it and offered mine. He released his hold, and as we kissed passionately, there was a knock on the doors to the reception room.

Our kiss ended and he went to the door to get our dinner. The kiss was never mentioned as we ate dinner, we only discussed the case. Then, after eating, we returned to the case and be almost midnight we felt that we were ready for trial.

Standing and stretching, Justin looked at me and said, "Well, partner, I think we're ready for Monday. What do you think?"

"I think so, too," I responded.

"Mark, I let you do most of the prep work to see how you'd do. I'm fucking proud of you. You pass your boards and I think you will be ready to go out on your own."

"Thanks, I appreciate that."

"Well, why don't we put this shit in order then go get a drink. We both could use one."

"Sounds good to me," I told him.

Once we had things in order, Justin looked at me and said, "Why don't we head to my place. If we drink too much we don't have to worry about it."

"I'll follow you."

We locked up the office and headed for the garage. I followed Justin to his condo and when we went in, he turned to me and said, "Make yourself at home."

Justin tossed his jacket on a chair along with his tie and his shirt. Under his shirt he wore a V-neck sleeveless tee shirt and I was right. It appeared that his chest was heavily coated in dark brown hair.

I did the same with my coat and tie, but kept my shirt on since I wore nothing under it. We had both kicked off our shoes, before Justin headed for the bar to prepare our drinks.

I plopped down on the sofa and when Justin brought our drinks he sat close to me. We sipped our drinks and went over the case ahead of us. At the end of the second drink, Justin was sitting even closer to me. He lifted his glass and drained it and after setting it on the coffee table, he leaned to me and we kissed again. My arms quickly went around his neck as I pulled him to me. Our tongues battles as we held each other.

Suddenly, I felt his hand on my cock working to open my slacks. I opened wide and gave him easy access. Once he had my slacks and briefs around my ankles, I quickly opened and lowered his.

He immediately removed my shirt as I pulled his over his head. As we returned to kissing we began stroking ach other hard hot cocks. Moments later we kicked off our pants and Justin suggested we go to his room. Once there, things heated up. We began alternating sucking each others cocks and eating each others ass before flipping into a hot sixty-nine. Before long we were feeding each other hot thick creamy loads. After swallowing our treat, we kissed and cuddled.

As we lay there, Justin looked toward me and said, "You do realize that it's going to be hard for me to not make advances at work."

"Same here," I replied. "But I'm sure we can manage a kiss at times."

"You better believe we will," he replied. After a while of holding other, he began to fondle my cock. It quickly began to stiffen. Once completely hard, he looked at me and said, "I want that up my ass."

He rolled onto his back and pulled up his legs and in an instant I was between those legs and beginning my insertion. Seconds, later I was balls deep in his hole and began to piston in and out. We both loved the pleasure we each were receiving.

After filling his ass with my hot load, I had him do the same to me. It had been a while since I had been fucked and it was feeling awesome. I knew I wanted him on a regular basis.

After gladly receiving his hot load, we kissed after which he said, "Why don't you stay with me this weekend?"

"I'd love that," I replied.

All day Saturday and Sunday we kissed suck and fucked each other. It was like if we stopped it would all disappear and we didn't want that to happen. However, I did manage to pull myself way late Sunday to return to my place and prepare for trial on Monday.

Over the next few weeks, we spend the day in curt and the nights and weekends in Justin's bed. We had sex at every opportunity. Justin helped me study for my board exams and I managed to pass them on my first try.

Then, I was assigned my first case which I won. To celebrate, Justin took me out to dinner. After dinner we returned to his place for an evening of hot sex.

Then that weekend, on Saturday morning, Justin called. He sounded upset when he said, "Mark, something's come up and I've got to see you. Be at my place at five this afternoon."

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Just be there."

TO BE CONTINUED..............



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