It had been a few weeks since I accidentally fucked my step dad. Since then I have jerked off a few times whilst he was in the shower or while watching him fuck my mom. Such a sweet ass. I wondered if I'd fuck him again.

I found out a couple weeks later. My mom was out on a business trip again. I had been watching some porn, try to relieve some tension but it wasn't cutting it. I quietly walk to my moms room and I see my step dad, asleep on top of the covers, nude. I quietly walk in, stripping out of my shorts.

My hard cock leaking pre as I lay behind him. I slowly rub my cock on his smooth ass. He quietly rolls onto his stomach, spreading his legs, raising his ass into the air. I smile knowing I made him my bitch. I get behind him and begin to slide in but I'm blocked by a butt plug.

I slowly remove it, he groans softly. I slide in slowly into his already lubed hole. He relinquishes a deep moan, gyrating his ass into me. I begin to pull out and push in slowly until I'm balls deep inside him. He moans louder, no one is home to hear us. He begs for more, so he gets more. 

I begin fucking him deeper, pulling almost all the way out and forcefully sliding back in. He grunts and whimpers like a good bitch. He raises his ass more as I begin to pound into him. Long, hard, fast powerful thrusts. The sweat between our bodies causing a loud slapping noise as my hips meet his ass. He yelps louder in lust.

I'm starting to sweat more as I try to hold back, enjoying his willingness. The bed groaning beneath us as theheadboard smacks against the wall. He cries out as he cums, not once touching himself. His ass clamps onto my cock, forcing me over the edge. I grunt loudly as a river of cum erupts from my loins.

Our bodies quiver as we come down from cloud nine. He tells me he hasn't came with my mom since I fucked him. How she usually cums but never letting him do so. I slowly pull out, still hard. He quickly rolls over, throwing me down on the bed and takes my cock deep down his throat.

I moan loudly, gripping his head by his hair as he sucks deep on my cock. He tells me between breaths that he's been practicing with my mom's dildos. He kisses my cock before sitting on it. This man is now wild with lust. He begins grinding, pivoting and bouncing on my cock from fast to slow, shallow to deep.

My eyes roll into the back of my head, I have never been rode like this before. My nuts start tingling as the pressure builds. I can see his cock turning purple, about to erupt. 

Just as I feel his ass tighten up, he jumps off, his cock erupting and his cum splattering against the wall behind me. At the same time, I unleash like a broken fountain. Rope after rope, each strand landing on his ass. I lay there, trying to catch my breath, surprised I'm still horny.

I sit up and throw him on his back. I raise his legs and quickly impale him once more. He latches his legs around my waist as I sit back on my feet, raising his ass up, arching his back. I lean back onto my hands and set my legs up so I'm on all 4s but in reverse. I start pounding his man cunt with all my pent up lust. 

The sound of our grunts and groans, my hips smacking his ass echo about the room. He yelps and cries for the abuse. God, how could this whore take such a fucking. He cums quickly, putting a vice grip on my cock. I spew my load deep inside his cunt. His ass still quivering, I pull out as another nut spews out, plastering his ass in a thick layer of creamy cum. 

I fall back, panting hard, his ass covered in cum and a thick river flowing from his ass. He quickly reinserts the butt plug and we head off to shower together. My dad is for sure my whore.



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