I joined the army at eighteen and after having being assigned to an Army camp in Hampshire I started my basic trianing. It was during our lectures that i found myself sitting next to a hunky guy whose nickname was'Duke.' It wasn't until our rd lecture that I fet his thigh brush against mine. I returned the pressure and we both got hard. As soon as the lecture was over we went to the toilt and just had a wank together. As I started getting close he wrapped his strong hand around my prick and I did the same to him and we both shot our cream together. The very next morning just before reveill'e he came and woke me up, sporting a very stiff cock. I immediately got hard and joined him in the toilets. He sank to his knees and gave my very first blow job. As I got close to shooting he grabbed my butt and forced my cock deep into his throat. I blasted my thick creamy cum into his eager mouth. He was begging me to return the favour and i nervously knelt down and took his 7' dick into my mouth. Gosh he smelt so musky. I eased the foreskin off the head of his swollen cock and my nostrils flared open as I inhaled his divine scent.



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