I was happily married at this time to a wonderful sexy woman and my sex life was great except for one thing.  That one thing is that I love cock so much and I couldn't tell my wife.  In off the cuff conversations with her in the past talking about otherpeople, (I was feeling her out) she made it clear she could never be with a man that liked men.  So I knew I would always have to keep my cock loving side a secret from her.

I was working for a smaller company and my boss and I got along really well.  He and I not only were boss and employee but were friends as well.  We went out sometimes for beers and pool, played tennis together and he and his wife were at our house often for dinners.  But Doug and his wife got divorced and he went through some rough times.  During these times when I was jacking off, I had even fantasized about letting him fuck my wife, if only she would have agreed to soemthing like that.  Plus if she only knew how hot is cock was I think she would have agreed.  If only!  

Anyway, we had a party at our home one weekend and there was a pretty good amount of drinking and fun going on.  My wife even invited a few single women hoping Doug would like one of them andpossibly she could be a matchmaker without trying.  At the end of the evening, my wife Lisa told Doug he was in no shape to drive home and he was staying in our spare room.  Well Lisa was quite drunk also and I told her to head on to bed and that I would take care of getting Doug situated.  She looked at me and hugged me and told me she couldn't thank me enough because she was about to pass out herself. So Lisa went off to bed.

I took David downstairs to the spare bedroom off the family room and set him up with a blanket and made sure he had everything he needed to be comfortable.  I then went upstairs to check on Lisa and she was out in lala land.  So I grabbed Doug and I another beer and we and sat and watched a little TV for a while before we hit the sack.  The TV happened to be on the Playboy channel when we turned it on, making it rather obvious some guests were watching some porn during the party.  I certainly didn't care.  Drinking our beers I couldn't help but notice Doug was rubbing his crotch a little while a hot couple was banging on TV.  I had seen Doug's cock before in a locker room and he wasn't at all too shabby.  In fact he was packing a rather nice cock.  I remember when I saw it I had jacked off several times thinking about sucking him off but I was sure that would never happen.

Damn they are hot I said to him and he nodded his head in agreement.  Doug confided he hadn't had any since he and his wife split up and he was ready for some pussy.  He told me he got a number from one of the single girls Lisa invited and he was hoping things might work into a little more.  I told him that was great and maybe he was going to get lucky soon enough.

We booth stopped talking as we both became enthralled into what the couple on TV was doing.  The guy had this hot girls legs spread wide open and his huge cock was pounding her like mad.  I peeked over to Doug and he was pulling on his cock through his jeans a little more agressive now.  I asked Doug if he was going to be able to handle watching this without a woman present to take care of him. He just laughed. He told me he was probably going to end up jacking off before the night was out.  I laughed and told him there was plenty of tissues in his bathroom so not to worry there.

I was surprised to hear him say that but I figure it was the alcohol talking.  So I decided to myself I would somehow make sure the alcohol continued to talk some more.  I told Doug he was welcome to jack off right there and that it wouldn't bother me any.  I told him it was nothing I hadn't seen before.  Getting more and more brave, I told Doug that I had been in a circle jerk before where a few guys were together and we all jacked off standing in front of each other.  

Doug looked at me and simply replied with "Really?" I said hell yeah and asked him if he had ever done that before.  He told me he hadn't but he actually has fantasized about someone watching him jack off and it got him off in a big way.  I have no doubt the alcohol was making us both brave as hell now because Doug then pulled his cock out and he was rock hard.  He looked at me and started jacking himself slowly.  "Go for it buddy" I told him and he didn't stop.  But I took advantage of the situation and sort of slid a little closer to him.  Damn I was hard as hell now knowing I was now sitting beside my boss with his cock out and he was rubbing himself off.

After a minute or so I thought to myself, what the hell.  I told Doug to stop me if he didn't like what was getting ready to happen.  He looked at me and asked me what I meant.  I reached out and took his cock from his hand into mine and started rubbing his cock slowly.  His jaws dropped open and he couldn't say a word.  He leaned his head back and sighed out loudly.  Damn Danny.  What the fuck?  Damn!  I just kept on.  Danny man, what the hell are you doing.  I'm not like this man youneed to stop.  It was then I leaned over and took his cock into my mouth.

"OH SHIT DANNY!  NO!  Please man, I'm not like this. You need to stop.  Fuck man, what the hell are you doing?  Danny, no man no.  Shit Danny.  Oh fuck Danny, Oh My God dud you're crazy!"  I kept sucking his cock and I never felt his hands pushing me away.  However, I did begin to feel his hands on my head, beginning to guide me.  Then I heard the words I was waiting for.  "Oh Damn Danny, that feels so fucking good.  Damn Danny, I can't beleive you're doing this."  I was so weary f my wife hearing Doug but at the same time it excited me.  Of course later on I was grateful she didn't hear and I admonished myself for not being more careful.

I sucked his cock for I am guessing a good 5 minutes before I heard him begin his warnings.  "Danny, I'm gonna cum man.  I'm warning you man, I'm gonna shoot my load."  I kept sucking his cock and I felt his body tense, his cock began to throb and I grabbed his balls into my hand and started squeezing them.  Then it happened.  "OH MY GOD I'M CUMMING!  Fuck oh fuck oh fuck,,, Oh Damn!"  I didn't do anything but keep sucking as his cum sprayed into the back of my throat.  He shot the biggest load I had ever got from a man.  He was so full I almost couldn't swallow all of his salty cum.  But I managed not to miss a single drop.  When he had finished shooting his load, I kept sucking him softly, letting him realize I really loved sucking his cock for him.    

Finally I sat up and smiling at Doug I asked him if he was okay.  He told me he was flipping out a little but that I gave him the best blowjob he had ever got from anyone.  I quickly told him that he needn't worry about anything because I needed to be as discreet as he needed me to be and it wouldn't change a thing between him and myself.  I told Doug I was going to hit the sack and I would see him in the morning.  I looked at Doug and thanked him for letting me suck his cock.  I told him I had wanted to do that for so long.  I again reassured him I understood discretion and he didn't have a thing to worry about.  I then went on to bed and nodded off,,,,,, with a huge smile on my face I might add.

It couldn't have been an hour later when I felt my shoulder being shaken softly.  I woke up to see Doug standing there and whispering he needed to talk to me.  I figured he was upset and flipping out over me sucking his cock so I got up to go reassure him everything was okay.  I walked into the kitchen where Doug was standing.  "Danny, it's obvious you have done that before.  I need to tell you I am really surprised but I can't get it out of my head how good it felt.  I can't quit thinking about how much I loved what you did for me.  I mean I have never felt so amazing before as I did when you were sucking my cock.  Danny, I can't fucking sleep now."  I was just about to reassure him that things would be alright when he pulled his cock out and said, "Please man, do me again."  I looked at him and for some reason the words from my mouth were "You're kidding me."  He said he wasn't kidding me at all and that I had just given him the most amazing blow job he ever had.  He told me he couldn't get to sleep thinking about the way I sucked his cock.  "Please Danny' do me again.  You are fucking amazing."

I smiled and said follow me.  I led him downstairs to the bed he was staying in and laid him back on the bed. His cock was standing so erect and so hard and I sat there staring at it and admiring his beautiful cock.  This time I took my time.  I worked my mouth up and down the sides of it and then licked the underside of that magnificent piece off man meat.  Then I sucked each of his balls into my mouth and played with them with my tongue.  My hands ran up his firm stomach, under his shirt and up to his nipples where I pinched them lightly.  Doug quickly pulled his shirt of as I finally went down on him.  I took his entire cock into my mouth and it was hitting the back of my throat as I began to suck him with the passion of a true cock sucker.  

Doug was moaning and talking to me as I sucked his cock.  He was holding my head, trying to get me to suck him faster so he could cum again quickly.  Then I heard Doug ask me.  "Damn Danny, how do you know how to suck cock so fucking good?  Obviously you have done this a lot.  You are a cock sucker arent you Danny?  You love cock dont you.  Does Lisa know Danny?"  I stopped abruptly and told Doug Lisa had no idea and he told me he would keep my secret.  Doug told me he admitted that he thought Lisa was hot as hell and he was hoping she was going to somehow get involved.  I looked up at him and told him I wish she would because I would love to see her taking his cock.  I sucked him like mad at this point.  Faster and constantly swallowing him time and time again.  Then after about 15 minutes it happened again.  "Oh fuck Danny.  Oh shit man.  I'm gonna cum again man.  Oh fuck you are so fucking good. Damn what a cock sucker you are bitch."  I was so fucking turned on that he called me bitch and I was smiling so big.  I felt like I was his bitch right then.  So fucking hot.  "Oh hell Danny.  That turned you on.  You like being my bitch don't you?"  I mumbled, "Yes, yes, I'm your bitch, Boss!"  "Suck my cock bitch.  That's right, suck it good bitch boy.  Oh fuck Danny, Oh Fuck Danny I'm...... "  Just then he let lose yet another full load of salty cum and I made sure I swallowed every drop.  I didn't want to let a drop go astray.  I loved it so fucking much.  

Doug looked at me as his cock was going limp in my mouth.  "Damn Danny.  You are so fucking good at this."  I looked at Doug and said "Guess what man?  Just think  Now that you know that I like this so much, and rest assured I love your cock dude, any time you want a blow job, all you have to do is get me to a place where I can swallow your cock."  "Are you serious Danny?  You would do that.  Man, it is fucking awesome I will have my own personal cock sucker."  "Doug I will gladly suck your cock anytime you need me to."  Then he asked me the million dollar question.  "Will you ever expect me to do that to you?  Because I am telling you up front I don't thinkI can do that."  "Doug, don't worry man.  I just want to suck your cock whenever you will let me.  That's all.  I love my wife and can get laid anytime by her.  But getting a clean hot cock to suck is difficult."

Well yes, it happened a bunch of times and I do mean a bunch.  Doug was loving that he had his own personal cock sucking bitch.  I sucked him in the morning at various times, in the afternoon at various times and in the evening at various times.  I was loving life.  I got to suck cock a lot and Doug is one hot man.  It even seemed like at times it was a game for Doug.  Numerous times I sucked him while he was driving us down the road to see our next client.  But the best thing about it all was the fact I was actually getting paid to suck my bosses cock.

Later,things really got interesting but that is an entirely different story. 


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