I've been known to not be so lucky in relationships, but I never in my life planned for all this to go down the way it did.

Here's my story...

When I was 17 I was heavy into dating again and I had just started dating this girl named Shade, which had a very huge ass I might add. She basically fell for me after our first sexual encounter altho I wasn't soo wasn't known to be so sexual...u see back then I was type heavy weighing around 217ibs. I was pretty much a cute chubby popular boy in school, it was a great feeling to have someone in my arms again. There was only one issue with me..I craved to be taken by a man..most likely my biggest crush I have ever had since I was 17. His name was David and for some strange reason I knew he had a thing for me, but I deared not act on it ..knowing I might as well throw myself out to a pack of wolves..I just stayed to myself with my thoughts and mostly asked questions about him, hoping not to turn a awkward eye back at me. The more and more I craved David the more and more I wanted to finally let loose and explore that yearning for something more than just a virgina. I wanted a sweaty dick :-).

At that time there was this chat site on mobile phones called atomic dove, a chat I grew to learn more about gay boys my age and how to persue it ..being as tho I've never been with another boy before. I've met several characters I may call them, some phony in ways and some just wanting sex. Now at the time I was grieving a lost in my family and I was really looking for love..but the kind I can't get from a female..I wanted male companionship. So I wasn't in the mood for games I wanted real and I wanted it bad. Then as if it was meant to be ..I saw superx555 and I thought wow that's such a corny name, so I decided to write..HEY!!.

Just like opening a can of worms and not realizing u felt something squirming inside, I knew I felt danger but I also knew I felt oppurtunity. We talked and we talked for days and nights and months..I mean we talked like we were meant to be, getting to know each others likes and dislikes..he even liked the way I spoke in a very smooth low tone that would turn him on. I was falling in love with a boy I met online. Yes I've seen his pictures, but never in person. We always planned on how it would be when we met for the first time. I was a virgin and he was a virgin it just fits so lovely..or so I thought....

I started a new diet. NO BEEF. NO PORK...I started to excercise everyday, knowing that my parents wasn't much on the skinny side..I figured it would be a struggle so I struggled for two months until I reached 180ibs and just so happened to stay there. So it was finally happening I was getting to meet the man of my dreams, but nothing is as simple as they may seem u see he had a secret.

...for the life of me I can't understand how anyone would post personal things about themselves entering a relationship if u knew u was lying the whole time. Yes I found out he had a girlfriend, but wat I learned was that it was short lives and nothing serious and just a cover up to hide his true self...I thought to myself..hmmm hide from what if this is your first time..but again I was too in love. He broke it off with her as soon as I found out and we met the very next day.

It was like a dream come true we was tall, slim but muscular because he was on the track team at his school and he smelled soo good from his cologne I grew to love called "cool water". We would meet almost everyday in the freezing cold of decembers weather in the park on my side of town...we would kiss and kiss and fondle and kiss somemore..we would share stories until it was late, we both had school at the time we were both 18 by that time and both senoirs.

He finally invited me to his house altho he lived with his mom and younger brother, no one knew about us. So it kinda brought that high attentions up so we won't get caught in the act. My first time at his house ended up being my first time wit a boy.

We was home alone and we was taking pictures all night as he always like to do, and he thought hey how about I sit down on top of the dresser while you play with my thing...I guess he meant dick cause I was already over there in two seconds with his dick in my hands closing in on it with my mouth. I couldn't believe I was finally about to do it..I leaned in and a musky smell from his mid section flew up my nose, knowing he had been at track practice earlier and hadn't showered because I told him I have a thing for sweaty athletes. I began to put my hot mouth around it and all I heard was ...ahhhhh damn baby..he grabbed the back of my head and shoved it in deeper. Altho this was my first time giving head I was taking it like a pro.. slobbering down on his dick..up and down. I then grabbed it attempting to jerk his wet tool that I was wide eyed about..thought about how big it was, around 9 inches and curved alil made my mind go crazy...he was a stallion. He then grabbed me and pushed me on the bed..the nervousness made me think twice before I even expected it his tongue was in my ass. I didn't realize my legs was up because of all the excitement I just felt his long wet tongue licking and flicking my asshole as if it was the best thing he ever tasted. I let out soft moans inbetween gasps of air...I couldn't take it anymore I needed him inside me. I wanted his balls to slap against my ass, I wanted him at that very moment.

He asked me was I ready to take daddy dick..that just turned me on even more. I said daddy??...well can daddy work it like I'm his bitch!!..he just went crazy he grabbed the lube and started pouring it into his hand as he played with his dick I took some and played with my ass in front of him..letting him kno I was ready..but something seemed weird about him..he was too comfortable. He knew what he was doing and that made me wonder...my thought was diminished once he shoved not stuck but shoved all 9 inches in me..and I let out the most horrific scream until he grabben my mouth...he said shhh this will all be over in a few seconds..as he held my hips in place he moved his hips around in a circular motion. The pain slowly becam my pleasure as I felt something I never knew a boy could feel through his ass..every stroke and every slap against my ass had me going insane...I couldn't believe it felt so good..and I screamed out daddy!!..what the hell was I missing...ahhhhh..uuhhhhh...fuck me daddy..fuck me harder..I wanna feel every inch in me...he said in a very staggering tone...I'm cumin inside u, I said yes daddy please fuck me...after a few moment I felt the most warmest shot of liquid penetrate my walls as his body shook and collapse on me...I feel down in a sweat..and had to recover for our next session..because I knew we had to speak.

Look for part two coming soon.




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