I wake up around 7 AM and following my morning routine, I go to the door for the newspaper but it is not there. I brew my morning coffee, have breakfast and take a shower. At 8 AM I hear the doorbell, it is my 18-year-old paperboy, Derek. He is a real cutie with curly light brown hair hanging over his forehead and down to the bottom of his neck as well as covering his ears. He has dark blue eyes, weighs around 150 pounds, stands five feet and 8 inches, constant smile, slim build as a cross-country runner, perfect teeth and a big package showing underneath his running shorts.

I am a 34-year-old golf instructor at the local country club. My name is Calvin. I am a dark haired and brown eyed athlete (successful amateur golf participant in tournaments in the four-state region). I weigh 165 pounds; 5 feet and 10 inches tall; slim and trim body; clean shaven except for a slim or narrow trail of beard just under my chin that runs from ear to ear as well as a small trail running from my chin up to my lower lip; and above average cock measuring 8 inches when totally hard with large balls, thick shaft and large cock head.

"Calvin, good morning. I am sorry that I am late with your paper but the cross-country morning practice went late today. We high school seniors also had to stay for a group photo. I am a little thirsty. May I come in for a drink of water?"

"Of course, Derek. I will get you a bottle of ice cold water. Come here and sit down and rest while I have another cup of coffee."

I am really surprised when Derek pulls up a dinning room chair very close to me and locks his sparkling eyes on my face and eyes. OMG, my gaydar is set off. In less than a minute, I feel Derek's leg begin to rub up against my hard leg. I do not move away but rather press back against his youthful leg. My move encourages Derek to begin rubbing his leg harder and harder against my body.

My cock is growing rapidly toward a full erection. I look down and see that Derek's cock is pushing up against his shorts and I can see his big balls through the bottom opening of his cross country shorts. This high school stud is certainly coming on to me. I am almost in a haze. His manly odors from the cross-country workout are intoxicating.

When Derek notices my hard on, he makes his next move. He takes his hand and places it on my hot inner thigh and begins moving it slowly up to my crotch until he is rubbing the head of my cock through my pants. I reciprocate by going for his huge cock. His cock is pushing up and out of the elastic band of his shorts thus giving me the chance to begin rubbing his red hot leaking cock head.

I have never been hornier and I cannot believe my good luck. I am going to have the chance to have hot sex with this incredibly hot 18-year-old hormone crazy fucking young athlete. The chance to have young meat.

Derek breaks the silence. "Calvin, I have been hot for you ever since I started delivering your paper three months ago. I love the way you as an older man swings your hips and ass when you are driving the gold ball. I have watched you for hours on the gold course. Your body is awesome. I have this fantasy of making love to an older man."

"WOW, Derek, I do not know what to say. My fantasy is to fuck a young stud like you. I guess we are a perfect match for a fucking good time. You make me horny as hell. I bet you can fuck for hours and come several times with that youthful body and raging hormones. I remember how often I masturbated each day when I was your age. Do you have any fuck buddies?"

"Oh, yes, Calvin. I have fucked and been fucked by several of my athletic buddies on not only the cross-country team but also the wrestling and baseball teams. All my fuck buddies are either 18 or 19 years of age. I have had sex with a total of eight horny buddies: three from the cross- country team, three wrestlers and two baseball players. We have lots of horny guys on our high school teams always ready to get it on. Maybe I will bring some of the guys by for you to fuck. I want to have sex with you as an older and experienced Gay fucker. You can teach me some new techniques. My buddies just want to bang, get their nuts off quick and go to the mall. It is always a quickie. I want you to take your time with me."

"Derek, wow, you make me feel like a stud. I hope I can keep up with your youthful staying power. I have never been more hungry to fuck."

"Calvin, the word around town is that you are a hell of a great fuck. I have heard that you really known how to use that big cock of yours to set a guy's ass on fire. Also I have been told by some of your fuck buddies that you suck a mean cock---a fucking wild mind blowing cock sucking job. Will you give me the hottest sucking and fucking experience of my early life. I am about to come just thinking about you fucking me."

"Derek, come with me to my large round sunken bathtub that has powerful jets and join me in a sexy bubble bath. I am horny as hell and we will make love."

We undress each other. WOW, Derek's cross-country body is as hot as I had imagined---gorgeous, awesome and steamy hot. As his cock is growing to his full 9-inch erection, I am as hard as a diamond drill. He has tight large balls and a very thick cock shaft with a big mushroom head.

As the bath water is running, Derek takes his hot wet tongue and begins licking and kissing my short trimmed beard under my chin. He uses his spit to totally wet my sexy very thin line of beard. He then moves to my lips and plants soft kisses on my burning lips. I take hold of his raging stiff cock and start jerking the monstrous cock. This causes Derek to plunge his wet sharp tongue deep into my throat as we engage in a very sloppy series of deep kisses.

"Calvin, your sexy slim trim of dark beard across your under chin is driving me crazy. What a sexy look you have with the rest of your face so smooth and well shaven. I am in total heat."

The bath water is now ready for us. Derek gets in the water resting his head and shoulders on the soft headrest at the top of the tub. His cock is standing at full attention with the head bobbing up and down above the bubbles. I jump in and on top of his body and begin to kiss him as our bodies intermingle. Our cocks are sliding across each others' soaked bodies with the sweet performed bubble bath. We are humping under the water that is creating a very wet, slick and erotic humping feeling and sensation. We work hard not to come.

After about 30 minutes of this steamy time in the water, we get out and dry each other off. I take Derek by the hand and walk him to my balcony over looking the courtyard that is hidden from the public by a row of trees. It is a beautiful morning for making love.

I lie down flat on my back on the balcony sofa with my cock standing straight up.

"Derek, I know you want to experience my reputation as a great cocksucker and have my cock up your non-virgin experienced bubbled pink ass. But first get down on your knees and in front of me and suck my leaking cock.I can smell indelibly a huge supply of testosterone from your young body. Lick and suck your daddy. It has been years since I have had an 18-year-old stud suck my cock. I am hot for your young body and mouth."

Derek is now wild with lust as he places his tongue on the tip of my dick. He gives my cock head a long series of kisses and licks up and down my cock shaft making it totally wet from his spit. He begins to slowly but soon rapidly move all the way down to the base of my cock as he deep throats my red hot cock. At the same time, he is using his hand to fondle my balls and also insert a finger up my ass. I am on fire with pleasure and chills are running up and down my spine.

"OMG, Derek, you are a terrific cocksucker. Oh, Baby, Oh Fuck, Oh Shit, please suck me and make me wild to devour you. Oh, Mmmmm, your mouth on my cock feels so good. Yes, suck me, suck me, baby."

Derek wildly sucks my cock and fingers my ass for at least 4 minutes until I am about to come. I make him stop.

"Calvin, it is your turn to blow me. Show me that famous cock sucking technique. Give me my best blowjob ever. I want you to suck me."

I place Derek on the sofa on his back and I begin my famous routine as a cock sucker. I spit on his blood filled huge cock; use my hands to rub the head of and shaft of his swollen cock until it is soaked with spit; take my mouth and kiss ever inch from the head to the base of the cock; swirl my tongue around the cock head several times; slide my tongue up and down all sides of the hard cock shaft; grab the base of his cock and swallow his entire cock with one plunge; hold the entire cock deep in my mouth for 30 seconds without moving as I clamp down hard on this monstrous tool; and finally I begin a blowjob by moving all the way off and back down the entire leaking cock over and over. I suck his cock for at least ten minutes.

"Hell, Calvin, Daddy, you are the world's best cock sucker. Oh, Fuck, Oh Fuck, it feels so good. Suck me, suck me, do not stop. Oh shit, Oh Yea, Oh Fuck, OMG, I can not stop. Here comes my warm load of cum. It is too late to stop. Oh, it feels so good. Eat my semen; I love your mouth. Keep sucking me until I am drained of ever drop. Milk me dry. OH, Shit."

I try to swallow ever drop of this young studs fountain of sweet thick sticky cum. The load is so large that I am gagging from the flood going down my throat. I keep sucking Derek's cock until he is completely dry and spent.

I kiss Derek with wet sloppy tongue exchanges and say: WOW, Derek, you gave me the biggest load of jizz I have ever had. It was delicious. Your reservoir of cum must be huge."

"Daddy, I have a reputation of shooting humongous loads of my seed each time and I reproduce a new supply really quick. I am one horny 18-year-old fucker. Please fuck my ass with that gorgeous huge cock. Give it all to me."

We go to my bedroom and I place Derek on his stomach on the bed. I spread his beautiful young smooth legs far apart, I lube his ass, lube my hard cock, finger his opening pulsating ass, rim his pink ass crack,and slowly inch by inch enter his eager ass. I use my hard cock to press against his prostate and ass walls making him crazy for my cock. I plunge deep into his inner gut. I move in and out and repeat the fucking piston motion over and over. I fuck him hard and fast for awhile and then slow down and then speed up. I fuck him for at least 20 minutes changing speeds and motion.

"Oh, Daddy, Oh, Daddy, fuck me. Oh, I love your cock. Go deep."

"Oh, Baby, you young stud, here I come. Take all my semen in your man pussy. OMG, your ass feels so great. Oh, shit, Oh fuck, take it all Baby."

Derek is so turned on that he yells: "OMG, OH FUCK, this is the best fuck ever. OMG, Daddy, I am coming again. Here I come on the bed. Oh Shit. I have dumped a huge load on your bed sheets. Mmmmmm, Hell Yes."

I pull out and watch as my cum starts flowing out of his man pussy. I lick his ass, turn him over and use my hand to collect his cum and we share the taste of both our hot sticky cum.

"Calvin, Daddy, I love the way your sucked and fucked me. You are the best ever. Can we do this again later this week?"

"Derek, you young stud, of course we can. And you might share my fucking powers with your buddies. They might want to experience my cock. Just bring my paper by at night, if you wish, and we can suck cock and fuck. Next time you might want to fuck my big ass. You are becoming my favorite fuck buddy."



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