This here is my dressing room. Most of the bitches who work here are jealous because I get a dressing room all to my lonesome, but those bitches need to realize that Sugga Walz has been the headliner at this club since before some of them were even shot out their daddy's dicks.

Oh did I make you blush, you gotta excuse me baby, and Sugga does tend to have a nasty mouth. Been cussing since I was a youngin; bout the same amount of time I've been wearing women's clothes. Don't get me wrong, I ain't one of those confused tranny bitches crying about they was born in the wrong body. I just always thought that they made better looking clothes for women. I also always loved to entertain, mix all that with being gay and what the fuck else was there for me to be in this world but a drag queen. And I am a fierce one. You saw some of them busted bitches they allowed on stage before me. Somebody oughta call the law on some of those heifers. Baby, no tea no shade, but the fate white one's been doing drag for 12 years; tell me why her big ass don't know how to beat her face by now. Tragic! And these bitches wonder why I'm still headlining.

I see you're staring at my picture baby. He is phine, or should I say was. He's been gone about five years now. A little young rough neck that my old ass had no business fucking with, so naturally I did. His name was Emanuel, but I called him Man, cause baby he was all man. He was nothing like the little sissy boys I'd gotten used to. Those guys looked hard as hell, but soon as I got them home they was begging me to put them in drag; and baby I have never been into kai kai.

Man was different. I didn't even meet him in the club. I met him at the bank where I was cashing one of my hefty checks. As smooth as you please this sexy assed blatino boy walked up o me and asked me for my phone number. At first I thought he was fooled because let me tell ya baby Miss Sugga was serving fish. I had on my platinum bob wig, a Christian Dior black mini dress and a pair of silver Christian Louboutin red soled stilettos. My face was beat to the mother fucken max right down to my shimmering lip gloss.

"Young man," I whispered to him not wanting to embarrass the pretty young thang. "I think you might be a bit confused by what you see."

"Naw, I know you got a dick." He whispered back. "It won't even matter once you see mine." Needless to say, I gave old boy the digits and we exchanged names. Now again I must state that my old ass had no business having the slightest bit of interest in one so young and tender, but he walked and talked like he had something mighty big betwixt his legs and my old bones were aching , aching child for a good dick down.

I know you're probably thinking that we hooked up that night and he tore my ass out the frame; right. Wrong baby; I didn't even see or hear from him again for almost a month. And what a miserable month it was, because I swore that I wouldn't fuck anyone else until I'd had a roll in the hay with Emanuel. Child I was so fucking horny I'd literally wake up at night gnashing my teeth and in a cold sweat, but I wouldn't even finger myself because I was determined that I was going to be fucked by the sexy blatino boy from the bank.

Just when I was at my wit's end and was so damn horny I woulda fucked the devil in hell, Emanuel called my phone. Child my asshole damn near turned to water when he told me how he'd been locked up for almost a month on a probation violation and that he was staying at the motel on 21st street. Honey, I did something that night Miss Sugga had never done before or since; I left the club without doing my closing number.

When I got to his motel, room 69, no joke, he only had on a pair of grey sweat pants and a pair of white footie socks. His chest and abs were ripped like a mutha fucka. He'd grown a little stubble on his face that only served to enhance his sexiness. He didn't waste no time feeling on my ass.

"Goddamn it is real.' He said with the excitement of a child opening a toy on Christmas day. His hands found their way into my panties and all over my ass. My ass hadn't been groped like that since I was sixteen, and believe me, Boo, that was a looooong time ago. He started kissing me all around my neck while he continued to run his hands all up and down and around my smooth supple ass.

He became more and more aroused as his hands explored my ass, and child let me tell ya, what was protruding in the front of those sweat pants would have made a male horse romp and stomp with jealousy. I stepped out of my skirt and panties so that he could have full access to it, also hoping that he would take off those sweat pants because I wanted to see him fully naked mighty bad. I would have to wait, because he threw me across his weed and Newport smelling bed, spread my legs apart and began to eat my ass like it was the last Krispy Kreme doughnut. His tongue was so thick and so damn deep; it was like having a dick up in me. Speaking of dicks; my own had come alive. Quiet as its kept baby, Miss Sugga has a monster cock, and though I don't use it, encounters like that one often makes it come alive. I was so fucken hard from this pretty little boy tongue fucking the shit out of me. I erupted spraying my chest and stomach.

"Good." He smiled. "I can use that for lube cause I'm finna go balls deep in this sweet mussy. Mussy, child that word sounded so fucken sexy coming out of his mouth, especially since he had the slight southern drawl. He stepped out of those sweat pants and Oh My Fucken God! It was so damn hard and shiny it looked varnished. The boy's dick was a good eleven inches, and believe me; Miss Sugga has lived long enough and had enough dick to be able to tell a man's size without having to bust out a ruler. Equally impressive was the thickness. He was about 8 inches thick. I wanted to suck it so bad, but he was ready to smash and after the way he'd licked my mussy and made me spill my milk, there was no way I could delay him any longer. He scooped the cum from my chest and stomach with the edge of his right hand and lubed his veined beast with it. I got into the doggy style position, because that's what most guys like but he quickly maneuvered me back onto my back with my legs up.

"I told you I was going balls deep." He reminded me. Goddamn, I had no idea his thuggish ass meant he would do it in the first thrust. Child miss Sugga went all out Banshee up in that place. That period of celibacy had me tight as a drum and his sudden ram rod was more than a girl could bear out the gate. If he's heard my scream, it didn't faze him. Mr. Emanuel was almost in a trance; he groped my ass and continued to push his cock all up in my guts. It could have been a disastrous experience, if I didn't have years of cock working on my side. I knew oh to well how to slow down a speeding train. You need to listen real well to this part baby because you may find yourself in the situation Miss Sugga was in. The first thing I did was gained control by tightening my ass muscles around his dick. I clamped it so tight it restricted his ability to move in and out. The next thing I did was maneuver him onto his back and me on top. Slowly I eased up my grip, keeping it tight, but not as vise like as before, Slowly, I began to work myself on his dick, forcing him to mimic my rhythm. Once he understood that slow and steady was going to win the race, the pleasure began for both of us. When he was back on top he pumped at a more reasonable pace. His dick was so big there was no way to avoid feeling pain, but it was a good pain, because once the boy acted like he had some since, he did a mighty decent job of laying pipe. And when he'd finally become just too much for me to take, I finished him off by sucking his ginormous dick. The taste of my own ass and cum, mixed with the gaminess of his probably hadn't been bathed in a minute cock damn near sent me over the edge and I sucked his dick like it was the last freeze pop on a summer day. His dick got harder...harder... until he went full out banshee up in there as he shot his load all over my face and chest. Goddamn his nut tasted good.

I would like to tell you that a whirlwind romance ensued after that, but it didn't. Truth be told we never saw or spoke to each other again. The very next day he got hit by a car and killed trying to run from the police. Sad.

Oh, you want to know how I got his picture. I'm a drag queen baby, you know we steal shit. Soon as he fell asleep I went through his wallet. Poor baby ain't have nothing but some pictures of his family, this picture and an ID. I took this picture and I'm damn glad I did, because though he wasn't the absolute best fuck I'd ever had, he was pretty damn close, and since I don't remember what the best looked like , it's good to have an image of the one who came close.

I can't say that I love him. I didn't really know him, but me and my mussy will never forget him. Maybe that doe make him the best.

Anyway, child, just watch who you hang with and watch how you carry or burry a bone in this place. Miss Sugga's done told you a lot and I don't expect to hear it back out none of these bitches' mouths. Run along now, Miss Sugga's got to do her makeup, and I absolutely do not share my makeup tips. Good luck tonight baby, and have a good first show.



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