Muscle worship

It was Saturday morning. That means back day for me. 8am finds me already up and halfway through my routine.

I was 3 weeks out from a local bodybuilding competition, and I think for a 19 year old in the junior category, I got it nailed! All my muscles were peaking just as they should.

I was doing my final set of dips when someone occupies the leg raise machine beside me. He didn't really catch my attention yet, but another regular called out, 'Hey Ben, you alone today?'

'Nope, my bro is behind.'

My ears perked up. I glanced sideways and saw this hunk of a guy. He was wearing a sweater, covering most of his body as it was his leg day.

However, he wore shorts which showed off some nice muscle development.

Just when I finish my last reps, a splitting image of the hunk walks up and my pants immediately twitched! My gosh! Twin hunks! Both in identical attire, sweaters with some varsity name embroided on their shorts.

I headed over to the free weights and started to do some kickbacks when I noticed one of the twins, Ben, was checking me out! He was the slightly beefier of the pair, but still did not come close to me; they were on the leaner side.

At first, I thought maybe it's one of those envious stares that I get from straight men when they see my triceps definition. But even after some time, he was still looking at me from the corner of his eye while spotting for his brother. To test the waters of the situation, I looked directly at him and smiled. He immediately blushed and looked away. Boy, things are heating up in the gym!

While I was on my way to the showers after my routine, I saw Ben looking in my direction again and whispering to his brother, who then looked in my direction. I nodded politely towards them and continued walking, not bothering to see what developed since I was already freaking burnt from my workout.

I took off my tank once I was in the locker area, and started to pose in front of the mirror. Dang, I looked mightily fine! The striations are finally showing and I looked all set for the competition. As I took off my shorts and underwear, in strolls in the twins. I didn't know what they were up to, so I just went about with my business. I wasn't out to anyone so I didn't want to be caught cruising my local gym.

The warm water hit my ripped body with such relief. I sighed and went about washing when I noticed that my shadows were still there! They were peeking at me! Frankly, if my stalkers were any less cute, I would have called security.

Instead, I turned around, in my birthday suit, and said, 'Yes, how may I help you?'

They blushed. Together.

'Hey, I'm Ben and this is my brother Joe. We were just wondering if you could give us a couple of pointers to get us to your shape.'

I was speechless. Here I was in the nude, taking a shower, and this question was posed to me!

'Well, how about you let me finish up with my bath, then we'll talk over my protein shake ya?'

They nodded and left me in peace. Strange. It was not everyday that this situation presented itself, though I was far from naive. I think I know what they want.

Having changed and all, I walked towards the twins, who were sitting at the bench by the entrance.

'All done with your routine?' I asked.

'Yup, just waiting for you.' Ben replied.

'Ok, why don't you guys come up to my place just down the street. There

Isn't really anyone else to chat nearby.'

'Sure,' said Ben, apparently he was the mouth piece for this pair.

Once in my apartment, I dump my stuff down and got 3 packets of protein shake out of the fridge.

'So what do you guys want to ask me about? Is your brother mute or something?'

'No no, he is just very shy. We wanted some tips on how to gain mass.

Both of us are in the track team in school but we just felt like getting bigger, and we noticed you.' Ben said.

So we shared a couple of pointers and about ten minutes in, Joe opened his mouth!

'Actually, we...we're.. Into muscle worshipping...'

Whoa. My dick responded for me by twitching alive!

'Really? Have you guys done stuff like this before?'

'Nope, but when we saw you, we just wanted to feel those muscles!' Ben

took over again.

'Hm... So what are you guys waiting for? Let's get to my pad.'

One of my fantasies just came true! Being serviced by twins! I took off

my shirt and looked at them. Ben came over and cupped my left pec, which i

then flexed for him. He immediately moaned. I also noticed that his cock

was already rock hard in his shorts and it had to be of significant length

as i could see a nice bugle!

Joe came over. He was the shy one, but I became proactive and took his

hand and placed it on my other pec. From then on, both of them moved in


I got comfortable on the bed and they started feeling me all over. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment. Next thing you know, I felt a mouth nibbling through my shorts at my hard on! I reached down and caressed that head, not bothering to open my eyes.

I felt a tug, and helped them lift my hip off so that they could take off

My shorts. Soon, their tongue was freely exploring every muscle of my

body. All of us were moaning.

I opened my eyes and found Joe licking my 8' pole. He looked like he was in heaven! His other hand was pinching his nipple while Ben was fingering

his ass! What a hot sight!

Ben started rimming Joe. It was a scene I wouldn't miss for the world! To see twin hunks, lean and tanned, going at each other.

Then I found out why Ben was loosening Joe up for. Joe climbed on top of me and slid down my pole! I was caught off guard and cried out in pure

ecstasy! I was tired when I got home, and now, I was horny!

I grabbed Ben's ass and started chewing it. He moaned and pushed his ass

further into my face. He reached forward to kiss his brother and we formed

a sex triangle.

Soon, I asked them to get off me as I wanted to try something else. I

pushed Joe onto the bed and made Ben fuck him. Then I got behind Ben and

pushed my dickhead all the way into his boy pussy. He screamed in pain and

arched his back, but he couldn't get away as he just went deeper into his


I stayed in that position for a while, letting Ben get used to my massive

cock. And when i felt a backward pressure from Ben, I knew it was time for some hard action! I drew my dick almost all the way out before plunging all the way back in. Both Ben and Joe felt the motion and moaned in unison! I soon got into rhythm and in a way, i was fucking both of them at the same


Just then, I felt Ben's hole tightening up, squeezing my cock. He arch his back as he shot into his brother. From the sounds that were coming from

Joe, I could tell that he was cumming too. So I quicken my pace and pound

Ben's ass furiously. The scene before me was so hot, the sounds of twins

moaning and my hip slapping against ass cheeks was more then enough to send me into Orgasm land! With one last deep trust, I blasted into Ben. Then we collapsed into a heap of sweating, heaving muscle and cum.

Joe and Ben got off me and started to lick the sweat off my body,

Continue to worship all my muscles, even my pits.

'Let's shower together.' I suggested, grabbing them into the bathroom.



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