The blare of the alarm shocks me and wakes me up. I yawn and stretch and get out of bed and shut my alarm off. I walk into my bathroom and turn on the shower, I step in and when the water hits my skin I feel the warmth of the shower as it relaxes me and makes me zone out as I start to think well Ryne today is the day my first day of high school wonder what my first day would be like.

As the water starts to get chilly and zones me out of thought I start to clean my body and shampoo my hair when I'm done I turn off the shower and get my towel and dry myself off, I go to the mirror drying my hair and wipe my hand to clean my foggy mirror.

I start to look at myself in the mirror staring at my body and features, with my black short hair and brown eyes my full lips and dimples on my cheeks I'm five foot nine wishing to myself I was taller and my small but in shape little body. A typical twink I sigh to myself as I brush my teeth.

I walk back to my room as I go into my closet and decide what to wear today. I pick out my favorite skinny blue jeans and a black v neck t-shirt I got from guess and my new black converse. As I start to put my jeans on there is a knock on my door.

Hey bro you alive in there? Get your lazy butt up already. Ugh Kalvin go away I'm already getting ready. Whatever you say princess. I roll my eyes as I hear him walking downstairs, as I finish putting on my clothes on and finished fixing and straitening my hair then putting wax on my hair to stand it up in a straight spiky style.

I hear my phone ring I pick it up and get a text from my best friend Jackie we been friends since kindergarten and only two days apart needless to say we are very close. "Hey bestie ready for our first day of high school see you soon xoxo Jackie". As I put my cell phone in my pocket I grab my backpack and head downstairs.

As I walk down the stairs to the kitchen I see my mom and my dad as I say good morning and give my dad a hug and he hugs me back and says morning son and looks at his watch grabs his coffee and suitcase and heads out to work. Then my mom says good morning dear I reply morning mom as I grab a glass and pour me some orange juice. So dear are you ready for your first day of high school as my mother tries to keep her tears back, oh mom please don't I'm sorry dear it's just my little boy is growing up so fast as she hugs me.'

In the corner we here Kalvin say "mom you never hugged me like that when I went to high school my first time" I turn and stick my tongue out at Kalvin and he sticks his tongue out back to me. Oh dear you both know I love you equally my mother says and we both say yeah we know.

Well twerp Kalvin says we better get going or we will be late to school. I finish eating my breakfast and grab my backpack from the counter and we both say bye to our mom and head to Kalvin's car as he ignites the engine and we head off to school. After a ten minute drive, we pull into the school parking lot and I see a huge school with other students walking into the school as my brother turns off the car he looks at me and tells me well twerp we're here.

As we get off the car Kalvin gets called by one of his friends and he says later twerp and leaves me alone. I start to walk towards the school and take in what the next four years has in store for me with the big oak trees, with a water fountain in the middle, with glass windows and brick high school. With a green, black, and white sign that says welcome Fishman oh like that's original. Great! Looks like this sounds like a great day to be a freshman as I walk inside the school I head for the cafeteria and see all types of students from the jocks, the cheerleaders, the nerds, the emo's, and you get the point. As I look around I spot Jackie as she sees me and waves at me "hey Ryne over here" as I head towards Jackie she hugs me and says oh I missed you I haven't seen you in forever, umm Jackie I was with you yesterday shopping for school clothes. *Jackie- oh yeah I forgot and Jackie giggles. So Ryne what classes did you get? Oh Idk yet I haven't got my schedule yet.

*Jackie- oh well u get your schedules over there at the other side of the cafeteria where the teachers tables are at. Oh thanks Jackie be right back as I head to the table. I make my way to the table and start to look around the inside of the high school as I run into something hard and fall to the floor. Ouch!!! I say as I try to get up.

"Oh I'm sorry I wasn't looking where I was going"

"Sorry I wasn't looking where I was going either"

I look up and see a hand reaching for mine to pull me up as I do I see who I bumped into. Sorry about that I'm Corbin. It is okay it was my fault too I'm Ryne I say nervously as I put my hand behind my head.

No problem Corbin says and smiles and then walks a blonde girl who walks in between us and gives Corbin a kiss and he kisses her back. Awkward!!! Well I got to get going Corbin says as he wraps around the blond girls side and says I'll see you around.

Yeah see you around as Corbin and the blonde girl walks off.

I continue to walk to the teacher's table and see an older looking lady with glasses and say hi I'm Ryne Swift picking up my class schedule. Ahh Ryan Swift let's see here, As she looks for my schedule I turn my head and see Corbin hanging out with his jock friends and see the cheerleader holding Corbin as they kiss again I see Corbin look at me and I get so scared of me getting caught hoping he didn't see me. I turn my head back to the older lady. Ahh here it is thanks I say and take my class schedule. I start to look at my schedule oh man!!! Biology first period. How could this day get any worse?

As I make my way back towards Jackie she sees me reading my schedule and says "let me see what classes you got" And takes my class schedule oh bummer I have history first period but I have you for 3 of my other classes and lunch! Jackie smiles.

*Ryne - Oh hey Jackie um do you know that guy over there as I point to her and she sees Corbin.

*Jackie - Oh you mean Corbin Munroe?

Yeah, him.

*Jackie - um are you serious you don't know who Corbin is!!! Um, no I don't??? OOOO MMM GGGG Ryne, Corbin is a sophomore and one of the most hottest guys in this school with his six foot height and light brown hair and dreamy green eyes, his big muscles and six pack that shows in the tight shirt he always wears, and of course his gorgeous smile. He is so athletic too. So athletic that on his freshman year of high school he made the varsity football team and is the only person in this high school to ever be in the varsity team as a freshman.

Wow, I say impressed.

*Jackie - oh Jackie says in an annoying tone and that blond girl over there his girlfriend is named Stacy the head cheerleader on the varsity team. I heard she was with the quarterback on the varsity team last year but ever since Corbin got starting quarterback she dumped him and started talking to Corbin. To me she is just a user.

*Ryne - um how do you know so much about them? Um I'm a girl hello!!! Girl Code. I roll my eyes.

*Jackie- why do you like him???

*Ryne- huh oh um I say lost in response as I feel my face turning red. Just to let you guys know I came out to Jackie in 8th grade and is the only one that knows and she accepts me for who I am. When i was about to respond to her question.

[School bell rings]

*Jackie - well we should get going to class Jackie says

*Ryne - yeah we should, as me and Jackie start walking to our classes.

*Chapter Two coming soon!!!!




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