Hi, this is Han, the autor of 'Mister Gee'. I am now in a relationship with him and im happy, many things has happened recently after that event happened, since we both live in the same area near the school im going to, we decided to move in together, which i thought was great. We both share expenses and we dont argue alot. Im happy right now and i hope it stays that way for a very long time. I havent told my parents about my bisexuality, but i will do soon, i just need to muster up some courage. Me and 'Mister Gee' (lets call him Josh, he told me not to include his real name). Josh and I always have 'something and fun' to do everyday, so i guess our sex life is very active LOL.

Anyway, this story im gonna tell you happened on 13th/November/2010. Me and Josh are majoring in 16th Century History, hes better than me and i needed some tutoring so i can pass the external exams which is coming sometime soon. Josh always tries and help me with my assignments, but i still struggle, he suggested that I should speak to one of the professors in the campus. I did so myself, i need help desperately, i dont want to fail myself.

It was the morning of 13th/November and Josh was sprouting a huge boner when i woke up, so obviously i gave him a morning jerk-off, he cummed a lot and i didnt miss a drop, well thats my breakfast sorted! LOL!. Anyway, by 11am, i have arrived at the university campus and Josh told me that the teacher's name was Mr Rubble, I didnt know what he looked like so i asked around for some help and directions to where i can find him. Now, i have been told by one of the girls that i asked that Mr Rubble was very handsome, hes in his early 20s and hes apparently built like a Gymnast, i didnt believe it at first, but when i went to his office, there, he was, He looked like a freaking God, he wore tight t-shirt, jeans that looked like its gonna rip because of his huge tree trunk-like legs.

He was 6ft tall and very handsome and i mean VERY handsome, You can see through his white t-shirt and he had a washboard abs, i think it was an 8pack, my stomach jumped a bit when he said Hi to me, i was speechless, he look amazing. DAMN AMAZING.

Mr Rubble: Oh! Hey Han!

Me: uhh...Oh sorry Sir! Hi too!

Mr Rubble: now, ive been told that you need tutoring for history? I think you need help since your external exams are coming soon, i dont want you to fail that!

Me: Yeah sir, i need a serious tutoring sessions,i would be greatful if you help me sir. Also i could pay so i dont feel like him hassling you or something.

I felt kinda embarrass saying that to him, Throughout the conversation with this HANDSOME teacher, my crotch was beginning to hurt, i was having a huge boner. Thank god we were sitting down at that time and he didnt notice anything. I tried adjusting myself, but it didnt work since he kept speaking. But, i 'accidently' pushed my pencil off the table and it rolled under the table near his chair. Now i told him i dropped my pencil case and told him if he doesnt mind if i go under the table, he told me to do so and its fine.

I went under the table and OMG, he had the biggest bulge ive seen in my entire life (probably bigger than Josh's but i still love Josh LOL). I couldnt move for a minute, my mouth was drooling and i wanted to see his cock soo much. I forgot that i was supposed to get my pencil case, out of nowhere, Mr Rubble's head went under the table to check on me, He CAUGHT me staring on his awesome bulge.

Mr Rubble: Ahhh..So what are you staring at Han?

Me: uhh..sorry sir, i got distracted by something. Can i get my pencil case now?

Mr Rubble: Yeah sure go and get it.

After that, i stood up and sat back on the chair. Mr Rubble excused himself and he wanted to get a drink, as soon as he came back, i heard the lock of his door click. I had a big gulp, i think i know what was going to happen.

Mr Rubble: Now Han, i saw you staring at my bulge and do you like what you saw?

Me: Yeah sir, and im sorry i stared at it. I didnt mean to..

Mr Rubble: Dont worry Han, i like it when people pay attention to me, it makes me feel really horny.

I was shocked to what he said, he then came forward to me and whispered words in my ear.

Mr Rubble: How about you play with my bulge Han? Its all yours buddy.

Me: Sir, are you sure? I mean, no one will know about this right? and please dont tell my boyfriend, he will kill me.

Mr Rubble: No i wont say anything, its harsh.

His voice was very sexy, his breathe was soo warm it nearly sent me to sleep and the smell of the aftershave he was using felt very erotic. Without further a-do, i took off his tight shirt, and there he was, standing infront of me, nearly naked, his 8pack was awesome, it gave me that little jolt, i was very excited and he was smiling. I was licking his washboard abs and he was groaning softly which encouraged me to kiss and lick his abs harder. I then pulled down his tight jeans, He was wearing blue calvin klein boxers, OMFG. the bulge was soo big, the boxers looked liked its gonna rip! I stared at it for 2minutes, examining every single angle of his bulge.

Mr Rubble: Yeah, you like that Han? Ive been told i have a big bulge but they havent really seen whats inside that underwear hehehe.

He said it with a wink and smiling.

Me: Well Sir, i think they are damn right, you look very big sir and i dont think il be able to swallow your entire meat.

Mr Rubble: Dont worry, il help you with it.

Again, he winked. His winked was very erotic, and it made me hornier to the max. It felt like i was heaven!

I licked his boxers and he moaned softly. He was starting to leak of pre-cum and it tasted really sweet and kinda salty. I finally took of his underwear and his dick...OMFG it slapped my chin as soon as it went up, his dick was 9inches long, My mouth dropped in awe, HE WAS FUCKING HUNG LIKE A HORSE.

Mr Rubble: Hehehe now youve seen it, what do you think? Think you can hundle it?

Me: MY GOD sir, you have the biggest dick, and i will try my best to suck you off.

I started licking his balls, now, his balls were lowhangers, it looked like pair of lychees! It was huge! I was sucking and licking his balls for about 5mins and he then finally begged me to suck his cock.

I did, i sucked his awesome cock, the head of his cock was huge and it was bright red. His pre-cum kept coming out and it tasted very good. While sucking his dick, i finger fucked his manhole.

Mr Rubble: Fucking Hell Han, thats freaking amazing, i havent experience this before!

Me: Oh really? Well sir, i hope youre enjoying every single thrust of my fingers, (with a grin on my face.)

I was sucking him hard till there was no tomorrow, he was sending out load groans and i felt his balls tight up, his 8pack was tensing, this tells me that hes gonna blow soon. He told me that hes gonna blow and told me to keep sucking. He was pushing my head, i nearly gagged to death, it felt amazing though. After 5mins of further sucking, He dumped his cum inside my watering mouth, he was shooting his cum for about 10times. The cum was running through my throat, and i tasted every single drop. After that, he layed down on the sofa.

Mr Rubble: Hey Han, thanks for that, and by the way since weve already done this, i might aswell tell you, Im bi-curious and this is the first time ive done something with a guy, and that was GREAT, i mean FUCKING GREAT!

Me: Well sir, i really hoped you enjoyed it. And yeah, if you want, we can do this again and again, if you dont mind of course.

Mr Rubble: FUCK YEAH! Its awesome and i would like to do it again sometime! (He then winked again).

Me and Alan (his name) enjoyed our time together when he was tutoring me, He was very gentle to me and taught me every single detail that i needed. We havent done any fucking sessions, he would like to have it soon.

I told Josh about it and he was laughing, he didnt mind me doing it because i was honest to him and he still loved me. Of course i still love Josh more than Mr Rubble.

I called him Mr Rumbulge, you know why hehehhe :D

I hope you enjoyed this story, i will write another story once i have another tutoring sessions with him :D. Thank You.




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