the story continues........ after the first cold beer owen my new best friend ( his my new friend coz he told me just like me he love,s televised violence! that means wrestling) any way i found out he was a really cool guy to be around i dint know how cool till i felt something wired my new friend- my new male friend was rubbing my leg in a very not so male to male kind of'way idint want to read to much of it coz for all i knew the bottle,s of beer must have been working a good one on me.. so i dint pay it no mind till onerther beer later and this time i was so sure it was not the beer demon dancing in my head, so i did what every straight dode would do if face,d with such a situation i asked him what he thought he was doing? he was like what' i asked him what was up with his hand feeling on me?? he told me he wanted me to screw him was like what? am not gay he said i dint have to be gay to get a hot willing ass to fuck he went on saying that if i was,nt a bit corious i would have have slap,d his hands away ages ago he did have a point you see since the very first bottle he was looking at me funny with hand on inner you know and it felt kind of hot and dangerous.. so i let it happen he undid my belt all the while at me it was so hot nad kinky the sametime wired i mean its a dude! then he started licking my dong' man it was hot have never felt anything like it before he then took all the way down!! good lord no girl can ever manage that.... he was doing this thing with his tonge sent waves of pleasure up and down my body... he did it for ten minutes.. then i come right in his mouth after swallowing all of my necter.. he offerd me one more beer and that marked the start of a verry hot friendship....more to come



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