“Mr. Haywood’s Awakening”

By, Max Ollsen

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It was 6am and Roderick Haywood was awake and ready for the day ahead. Staring out his kitchen window watching the sunrise, Rod started to reflect. It was the first day of his new life. His divorce was finally settled and he was newly single after 20 years of an uncomfortable marriage. His sons were even staying with their mother for the first two months of summer, leaving Rod a free house for the next couple weeks to make improvements and update his bachelor pad.

            Rod knew when he was 23 and married Maria it was never going to last. There was always something in his gut telling him not to do it. Every woman he ever dated his gut told him not to go through with it, but he was never sure why, just a fear of commitment he assumed.

            *Bing Bing*

            Rod saw his cellphone lighting up on the kitchen counter. He walked over and picked it up to see an unknown number.

            “Hello,” Rod answered the call, “this is Rod.”

            “Hey,” A flustered voice replied from the other end, “Sorry to call so early Mr. Haywood. This is Dean Mitchel, the contractor working on your home renovations.”

            “Oh, Dean!” Rod was surprised to get a call from Dean this early, “What’s up? Delay in our plans?”

            Dean sounded like he was getting more flustered over the phone, “Nope, uh, actually have an early opening for you. We thought we wouldn’t be able to start work until the end of the week, but we can be there as early as this afternoon now.”

            Rod was ecstatic, “That sounds great! I’ll get to clearing out the master bath and guest room.”

            “Sounds great!” Dean was sounding more flustered by the second, obviously multitasking with something on the other end, “And again, sorry for the early call.”

            “Not a problem,” Rod smiled, “I was up anyway.”

            “Well, my crew and I will see you in a few hours.” Dean said, “Have a good day.”

            “You t-” Rod replied, but Dean had hung up the phone before he could finish.

            Rod locked his phone and chuckled, he knew the Mr. Mitchel was a nice man, but didn’t realize how flustered he could get.

            Rod left his kitchen and made his way to the master bathroom to start clearing things out. He thought he had about six more days to work on cleaning it out, but now he had less than six hours.

            When he went to go clear off the sink counter he caught himself in the mirror. He really took in the view. For a man of 43 going on 44 he really was in nice shape. He admired his own chest, with a nice dusting of hair, as well as his not exactly abs, but nice stomach. He has a lightly visible “V” that plunged into his flannel pajama pants.

            “Single again,” Rod smiled into the mirror, seeing his own gray eyes light up, “Going to have to make this place nice for the ladies.”


            *Knock Knock*

            Rod has just finished clearing out the master bathroom when he heard a knock at the door. He made his way down the stairs and to the door to see Dean Mitchel and four men standing behind him. Dean was nothing much to look at. A short man, awkwardly built, didn’t do much to take care of himself.  

            “Hey,” Rod greeted, “Come on in!”

            “Thanks,” Dean replied, stepping over the threshold, and flipping through a folder with plans. “These are my men, one of them is running late though, don’t worry, he won’t be fully paid for the day.”

            “Oh, okay.” Rod didn’t really know what else to say.

            “I’ll show my men to the job.” Dean stated, making his way up the steps, and the four men followed him.

            Rod didn’t really know what else to do, should he offer them water, make some sandwiches, something?

            Instead of doing that, he made his way into his living room and decided to turn on the TV and see what games were on.

            After about 45 minutes, Dean and his men were still upstairs in the bathroom. He could hear them walking around, making plans, and moving things. He could also hear Dean on the phone with some other business people, loudly making deals.

            *Knock Knock*

            Rod had forgotten there was supposed to me a fifth man working. He got up from his sofa, and made his way to the front door.

            “Hey the-“ Rod answered the door, but lost himself for a moment.

            “Hi,” the construction worker at the door smiled, “Sorry I’m late. Been a rough day.”

            Rod was taken back and he didn’t know why. Standing there was a man he’d never met before, but he instantly wanted to know more about him. He was average height, but he had a nice build; broad shoulders, nice arms that stretched the short sleeves of his white work his, and a nice chest.

            “Oh, um,” Now Rod was a little flustered, and embarrassed, “It’s, uh, not a problem at all. Come on in.”

            Rod smiled, and allowed the late worker to enter.

            “I’m Fin by the way, it’s nice to meet you.” Fin gave Rod a handshake, “Its Mr. Haywood, correct?”

            “What? How did you know?” Rod was shocked this man knew his name.

            “Uh, Mr. Mitchel told all of us your name.” Fin chuckled, and pointed upstairs, able to hear Dean Mitchel obnoxiously on the phone.

            “Oh, right. Right. That makes sense.” Rod gave a dumb smile.

            Fin kept smiling and scanned the entryway and stairs, “Well, I’m already late, I should probably get to work. I have bills to pay.”

            Rod wanted to talk to Fin more, but he knew with Dean looming around it wasn’t the best idea.

            “Sounds good man,” Rod gave a halfhearted smiled, “And don’t worry about being late. It happens to all of us.”

            Fin gave a boyish smirk as he made his way up the stairs, “Thanks, Mr. Haywood.”

            Rod watched, memorized as Fin made his way up the stairs. He even caught himself captivated by the sight of Fin’s butt being hugged by his faded jeans.

            “Where the hell have you been?!” Rod heard Dean shouting from the second floor, “Get to work.”

            Hearing Dean snapped Rod back to reality. He couldn’t believe just how taken back he was by Fin. Never in his life had he looked at someone like that before, or had someone had that effect on him.

            “What the fuck?” Rod mumbled to himself as he went back to his living room to watch TV.

To be continued…

Hi everyone, it’s Max! I figured I’d give a quick introduction of myself. I’m a 21 year old college student pursuing a degree in Communication Studies with a minor in Professional Writing. I love to write and figured I’d start to publish some of my writing to get feedback from all of you. I do have a blog I update regularly, and on there you can find update from me on my work and personal life, as well as character profiles, and previews of upcoming chapters being released. Much like my writing, my blog features adult content.


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