It was time for my upgrade, and I ended up going with the 6s, cause I like the size and features, and the A9 chip was most appealing. I was waiting for the pre-retiree bitch behind the counter to hurry up, cause I had to piss, and there was already a line forming. I kept makin eyes with this athletic dad-type with a beanie, and a trench coat on.

I'd seen this fucker come in the store, and browse around. He noticed me too, or maybe it was the dumb look on my mug, like I was takin him in like a tourist in times square. I fucked many older men in my time, but the way he carried himself, like he couldn't give two fucks if you liked him or not. It was fuckin arousing. I wanted his dick, and I didn't even know if he was packin.

I finished up with the broad, and casually made my way over to the cases. Thirty fuckin dollars for a hard case, I can get off amazon for less than half, what the fuck, really? So I'm pretending to care, and he keeps lookin over right? I casually mentioned how many choices there were, when it came to cases, and he's like, "yeah, I like options, but all I need is a place to put it you know?" I glanced up, and he was definitely giving me the indication, he knew he could put it anywhere in my body, and I'd give him overnight parking, swear to fuck.

So he tells me he's got a few minutes left, cause he's waiting for his data to transfer to his new phone, and he wants to pursue this conversation further. I wait a while, and we talk about the nicks, the taxes, and Hillary Clinton. We finish up our chat when this dude comes up with his phone, and hands it over. Yadda yadda, we're leaving the store. 

We walk a few blocks to starbucks and he says let's get a drink, and I'm like whatever, I just want to get laid, you know? So we go in, and find a spot near the back. Turns out, he's a photographer, from Boise, ID. Like, what the fuck is he doin here? He definitely gave off that city vibe, and I would never have guessed. He's stayin downtown, working on some projects in the city, and across the river. So I tell him he can come to my place, or we could check out his hotel. He's on the low, so we decide to go to my place.

Thank fuck no one was home, cause the last thing I needed was a bunch of douchefags checkin on who I'm fuckin, and tryin to get in his pants before I can even handle the merchandise. I show him around, and then we head upstairs, and I'm naked in a few seconds, sprawled out on my bed like an heiress with daddy issues. 

He's laughin at my boldness, and I tell him to hurry up and get naked, cause I wanna check it out. He pulls his beanie off, and swear to fuck, bald as a twink on top. He legit, has no hair anywhere on his head. I'd never been with a completely bald ass motherfucker before. He pulled his shirt off, and worked out of his jeans, and i'm checkin on his muscles like fuck. he's got trimmed body hair all over the place, except his shoulders, and back. His dick is beautiful. Thick, low hanging balls framing his pink shaft and dick head. 

He cuddled with me a bit, between my legs, kissing my neck and talking sweet to me. I guess it's what gets him in the mood. He didn't get hard for the longest fuckin time. I almost thought he was impotent, and was just about to give up hope, when he started coming to life. 

It got hard slowly, and worked its way up my stomach. I'd been hard the whole fuckin time, so this was just another party to the table. He got wet really quick too, leakin all over the place. i was so hot and bothered, I almost didn't wait for a condom, but swear to God, you can't trust anyone. 

So I interrupt our cuddlefest, and dig out a condom and some lube, although he didn't need much. He was in me in no time, moaning, and thrusting. I love how older men get their rocks off. They play it cool, but they grunt every other fuckin second, cause it's so rare of an occasion to be in a young tight asshole. He was soft with his thrusts, and smelled so fuckin good. He didn't work up a sweat, just played it cool, and casual. 

He knew he had a big dick, cause he'd occasionally ask if I was ok. I lay there, wishing he'd be the boss, and own my ass. I like it rough once it's in. I can't help it, I've become accustom to certain behaviors with these boss ass men in this town.

He wanted to switch positions, so I got on top, and rode his fuckin dick like a bullrider in the midwest. I lifted up, dropping myself down on him, hearing him grunt every time. "God damnit, you're gonna make me cum." That was kind of the point, cause as big and beautiful as his dick was, he was a boring fuck.

I dropped on him a few more times, and leaned back, thrusting up and down, so his dick was hitting all the right spots in me. He sat up, cupping his hands behind my back, but I was so close to cumming, I pushed his hands off, falling back on the bed, and jerked my ass up a couple times, letting myself cum all over the fuckin place. Fuck it felt good.

I felt my spurts hit random ass spots on my body. I even got some on my chin, not giving a fuck. My dick was twitchin and flopping all over the place, and his was too. I flipped a leg over, and lay on my side for a few seconds, enjoying the warmth the overcame me.

He rubbed my back a little, and I felt him poke his dick up against my ass for more. I turned around, and pulled off his condom, grabbing his dick for a few jerks. He seemed shocked, but quickly closed his eyes, and tilted his head back, with his mouth open a little. I added more lube, and worked the shaft and head. I used my other hand to cup and massage his balls. He was moaning and breathing heavier, and then all of a sudden, he started shooting his load up my arms, and thighs.

He was a fuckin thick loader. Swear to fuck, he came like a broken faucet, spraying a clear coat, with a little bit of white fillers here and there. It was warm, and smelly spunk. He had such a potent cum odor, my whole room filled with it. I kept jerking him til I felt his dick stop twitching. It started going soft almost immediately. He leaned forward, forcing me back on the bed, and lay between my legs. 

"I love after sex cuddling." His head was next to mine, with his lips on my shoulder, and his arms at my side. I raised my arms awkwardly, running my fingers up and down his sides. We lay like that for a long ass time. I was starting to lose feeling in my groin, so I patted his back, and he rolled off me, feeling the stickiness between our bodies. I needed a shower, but wanted to wait for him to go.

He just lay there, looking up at the ceiling, wanting to talk about how good it felt. I can appreciate his body and dick, but there was no connection. Fuck, there was nothing. There's never anything, what the fuck. I picked at the dried cum spots I could see on my body, while he talked about how long it had been since he was with anyone. He said city boys were always more sexual, and his last time was actually in the garment district, with one of the stock boys at a showroom on 7th Ave. 

He stopped talking, and I felt his eyes on me, looking over at meeting his with mine. "Thank you." I smiled, "you're welcome. You've got a nice dick." He laughed, "so I've heard." He sat up, looking around at the floor. He got off the bed, and got dressed. I lay there, watching him. Men are sexy when they're naked, but it's even hotter when they're getting dressed. 

He turned around, looking me over and smiling, before he opened the door. "Good luck with everything." "You too," he walked out, and down the stairs. I heard him leave, and shut the door. A second later Stephen popped his head in the door, "holy fuck, the whole upstairs smells like spunk you bitch." "You like it fucker." "The fuck I do, spray some shit or something, fuck." 

He sat on my bed, with his nose crinkled. "Like I've never smelled your spunk before?" "That's gotta be what's his fuck? You never stink." He ran a finger up my thigh, feeling some of the drying cum. "Is this you? Or him?" "I don't know, fuck I need a shower." He got up and reached out, helping me up. 

I grab my robe, and we go downstairs to the bathroom. He walks in behind me, and starts getting undressed. "Yo, you're showering?" "Yeah, why not?" He drops his boxers, and adjusts his hairy dick. Fuck, why not. He's close behind me, as I step in, pulling the shower curtain closed.

I'm Jagger, and I'm a sex addict.




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