I hated the fact that I was moving...but dad had a new job so there was no other choice. But that was the best thing that could happen to me there was this guy in school who I couldn't take my eyes off.He just kept getting hotter and hotter..I was never gay but for some reason I fell in love with him.He was all I could think of day and night.

The day began normally..I woke up at 8 and went straight off to school......It was my first day there since I had moved into town.I walked past the gates nervously and felt that everyone was staring at me.As i entered I asked this guy to help me out with all the first day shit.....and got pretty friendly with him...his name was Timmy.After showing me to my locker he introduced me to his friends Alice,Max,Tia,Jake and Sam...the minute I saw Sam my mouth dropped...he was like a god but all i could say was hi and gave him a smile.Just then the bell rang and it was time for my first class.....Biology.As we entered I was asked to introduce myself after that we were asked to pick partners.Alice picked Timmy and Tia picked Jake.Timmy told me to pick Sam.....and you didn't need to tell me twice.I sat next to him and told him I was sorry about earlier cuz I couldn't say anything but hi.HE giggled and said 'no problem'.To my surprise as we spoke he started shifting closer and closer to me until his leg touched mine..that sent a shock wave through my spine.After class I broke away from the group to use the restroom.What i didn't know was that Sam was following me.I went in and peed.Just as i was about to leave Sam entered and before I could say anything he kissed me.We kissed for about 5 minutes before either of us could say anything.Then he broke the kiss and said 'i'mm sorry but I just couldn't help it'.Before he could say anything more I kissed him again.Then I said 'no problem' and we went to his house after school and threw ourselves on the couch and made out no one was at home his parents were at work.We kissed and at the same time started taking each others clothes off.Boy did he look hot muscular not bulging but still muscular.When we were down to only our boxers Sam broke the kiss and started making his way down kissing my chest,nipples and my belly button.Then through the slit in my boxers he slid my foreskin back and started licking my 10' dick all the way till my ball savoring it,bathing it in his saliva.He just kept sucking and sucking occassionally jacking it with his hand till i came,I yelled 'i'mm gonna cum'and he just sucked harder and i came like never before over his face and hand.He just licked every drop even the ones on my body.Then I returned the favor,I threw his boxers across the hall and started sucking all 11 inches of his meat,it did take him long to cum....he came without warning,I just drank it all,well most of it.From that day we became best friends.Weeks passed by since I moved in and Sam and my love only grew stronger and stronger.It was friday and I had no plans just waiting for Sam to call.My phone rang it was Sam,I answered he said 'hey wanna come over tonight and watch a movie with me'...that was code language for parent aren't gonna be there fuck me tonight. I said'I'mm on my way'.I was so excited.





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