I heard the agonized howl through my front door. Like the complete asshole I've been lately, I opened the door to find out what had cause it. Luckily, it wasn't a psycho with an ax, it was a man at the end of his rope. He stared at me, fighting back tears, and just shook his head. I looked down. The table leg he had dropped was still on his foot. I went over, lifted it and moved it off. He croaked his thanks, looked away and wiped his eyes. 'Ever have one of those months?' he whispered. 'My lover dumps me, but keeps the apartment. I can't afford a moving company. I can't face my friends, who all warned me not to get involved with the bastard in the first place.' I made a soothing noise. 'Just hang on,' I said. 'Soon, you'll get to the phase I'm in...which is the 'what on earth did I ever see in him-thank heavens he's gone' phase.' (That was bullshit, but it was kind bullshit, and it earned me a smile. A very, very beautiful smile.)

I helped him move in. I spent a lot of time watching his shorts pull tight across his ass as he bent over. I watched the muscles of his arms and legs stand out like cords as he lifted things. I spent a lot of time picturing my cock in his beautiful mouth. He had thick, beautifully styled jet black hair and very dark blue eyes. The combination was intoxicating. My cock was hard, and quite visibly trying to push its way out of my jeans. I tried to ignore it, as I thought he was. I was wrong. When the last carton had been lugged in, he locked the door, walked to me and ran his fingers lightly over my bulge. His eyes glittered, and his lips trembled. 'Thank you,' he whispered. 'My ego was dying. He dumped me for somebody else. I caught them in our bed. I thought it was...me.' I raised his hand and kissed the tips of his fingers. 'I won't take advantage of you,' I said. Flame shot out of his eyes. 'Then I'll take advantage of you,' he said, and took my mouth with his tongue.

He hadn't been touched in a long time. Of that much I was certain. His ex-lover was the stupidest man on the fucking planet. I was certain of that, too. After he had thoroughly enjoyed my mouth, he took off my shirt and looked at my chest as if he was unwrapping the gift he had waited all his life for. I swear, my cock was so fucking hard it was clawing at the denim to get free. He fastened a mouth on my right nipple and sucked. I gasped and went up on my toes from the delighted shock. He stayed suctioned to me. (Couldn't get my asshole ex to do that no matter how much I begged.) He sucked it into a little pink bullet, then took my hand and put my fingers on it. I pulled and twisted it while he sucked the other into the same condition. Then turned the stimulation over to me. I stood, feeling like...shit, a king...playing with my nipples as he licked and nibbled his way down my chest. He tongue fucked my belly button, then slowly, painfully slowly, removed my jeans and briefs. He gave a delighted gasp when he saw my hardon, and I swear I almost fired my cum up his nose. He grinned up at me, a frank, honest 'shit, you're hot' grin that made me melt, and ooze out the tip of my now twitching cock. He delicately took my precum with the tip of his tongue, then put his head down and kissed my feet tenderly.

I'm going to die, I thought. I'm going to fucking die. He kissed, nibbled and licked his way up both my legs, put a couple of nips on my thighs, licked my hips, then bypassed my cock to lick my abdomen. I let out an agonized groan. He looked up at me, with wide innocent eyes. 'Oh,' he said. 'Did you want your cock sucked?' I've never met anybody who could laugh while his mouth was being furiously fucked before. I managed to pry my hands off the top of his head and put them behind my back so I wouldn't hurt him, because I couldn't stop my hips from thrusting at him with everything I had. He took it, his mouth locked tight around my cock, one hand caressing my balls, the other reaching around and fingering my ass. I howled like an animal as I came, filling his mouth with explosive spurts of cum. He sucked and swallowed every drop, his eyes smiling up at me. Shit, he was a happy little cocksucker.

Either I went to the floor or the floor came up to meet me. He put a pillow under my head, kissed my lips, got up, took off all his clothes and wandered around the apartment whistling. I watched his pale, slim body with pleasure. He was tight in all the right places and moved with grace. 'Studied dance,' he said without turning. 'Still do the exercises to tone.' I smiled at his confident reading of my thoughts. 'But you don't study anymore?' I asked. He pulled a bottle of red wine and two glasses out of a box with triumph. 'Nope,' he said cheerfully. 'Complete and total lack of talent. I love dancing but dancing doesn't love me.' He sat cross-legged beside me and worked on the cork, then let the wine breathe while he rested his chin on his hand and regarded me. I grinned and rolled toward him. In a graceful move, he scissored his legs in the air and brought them down on either side of my body. I licked and nibbled his thighs, then licked at his balls. I gently took one in my mouth and held it there, looking up at him. I felt the shudder pass through his body. The flames shot out of his eyes again as I took each ball and held it in my mouth for a minute before moving to the other. I put my tongue toward his cock, then stopped as an idea hit me. 'May I please suck your cock?' I asked politely. His back arched and he groaned as his body shook. When he lowered his face his eyes were dark. 'Beg me,' he said harshly.

I begged. I pleaded. I offered him anything. I told him I'd do anything...then enumerated the 'anythings' I would do...fucking, sucking, jacking off for his amusement. I would be his bitch, his whore, his slut, he could use me and toss me aside. I stopped when he started to cry. He just let the tears come. 'That bastard never let me play this role,' he said, his voice cracking. 'I order you to suck me.'

I took his cock in my mouth and serviced him. I was his submissive obedient slave, and he was my master...only master could do nothing more than tremble helplessly as his cock throbbed in my mouth. I pulled gently on his balls, sucking harder, keeping him at the edge until I realize his eyes were starting to roll back in his head. I released his balls, put my mouth fully down on his cock and growled, sending vibrations down the length of his rod. His eyes flew open and he howled as his cock erupted, pulsing straight down my throat. It kept flooding out of him, and I swallowed it all. He went over backwards, thankfully slamming his head down on a bag of towels. He started to shudder violently. I pulled him into my lap and held him, holding a wine glass to his lips and letting him sip.

I don't know how long we stayed like that, but it was so natural, so comfortable. I looked at his face. His eyes were closed, a smile played at his lips. I moved into the phase I'd hoped for at that second, wondering what the hell I'd ever seen in my ex-lover. The blue eyes opened slowly and the smile grew. 'You realize,' he said quietly, 'we're not done until you cum up my ass.' I reached under him and dug my fingers into his ass cheek. 'Mine,' I said. I spanked him. His eyes grew huge, and he melted back into the submissive role. 'Please,' he said. 'Let me pleasure you. Fuck me. Fuck me hard and nasty.'

I put him on his hands and knees on the floor, then pushed down on his back until he rested on his elbows, his tight ass jutting into the air. I crouched behind him and tongued his asshole until he was shaking so hard he almost fell over. He tried telling my something, but was completely incoherent. Finally, he pointed. I followed with my eyes, and saw the suitcase. I opened it, and found a tube of lubricant. I also found some silk bikini briefs. I tossed him the briefs and the landed on his head. He looked at me, waiting. I smiled, knelt behind him and lubricated my finger. 'I'm going to slick up this little hole and fuck it,' I said. 'I'm going go fuck it hard. When I tell you to, you take those nice silky panties of your and jack off with them. Do you understand?' He nodded.

I worked my finger in slowly, easily, letting him relax. He was still full of need, and trembled every time I thrust my finger deeper. I took my time, letting him build his desire until he was whimpering. I massaged his balls, and he felt so tight. He was so hard it probably hurt. I coated my cock and put the head against his little pink hole. I rubbed it there, then as slowly as I could, worked it in. He pushed back at me, gasping. I grabbed his hips and held him still as I fucked him as slowly as I could. He was in an agonizing state of arousal. Finally he snapped. 'Fuck me!' he screamed. 'Fuck me, damn you, you bastard! Fuck my ass hard!'

I...fucked...his...ass...hard. I held on to his hips and pounded my cock up his tight hole as hard as I could. My pelvis slammed into his soft ass and my balls smacked him. I fucked him hard enough to loosen his teeth. I held back my own orgasm as long as I could. Finally, I knew I'd crossed the line. 'Jack off your fucking cock now!' I howled at him. His hand grabbed the silky panties and used them to rub his cock. He couldn't have gotten off more than a few strokes when his back arched and he shoved back at me, his body rigid. I exploded in him, flooding him, the sensation lasting so long I thought I'd shatter. We somehow ended up in spoon fashion on the floor.

I helped him move again six months later. It was easier this time. He was only moving across the hall.


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