Mark and I were invited to Rusty and Andy's place to watch a movie last night. Those two are so happy together and it makes me happy that it worked out, especially for Rusty. He's a bit different now than when he was single. He's way mellower, a bit less boy crazy, and he seems so much more secure.

There were hours and hours he spent in my chair getting inked and talking about how he was destined to be alone for the rest of his life, picking up one night stands and how he'd never find a truly rewarding relationship. With Andy now, he looks so at ease in their new apartment and so comfortable with Andy.

Andy kept going over and kissing him and I loved seeing it. They are so hot together it was making me a bit aroused, actually. Especially when they held their lips together for an extra minute or two and Andy was on his lap. Mark looked at me and smiled. He knew it was turning me on and he winked at me.

I finally said, 'Andy, um, did you want us to leave?'

Rusty blushed and Andy said, 'Well of course not. Sorry. Unless you enjoy watching it.'

I felt my face go hot. 'Admit it, Steve!' Andy said.

'All right - you two are pretty hot.' Mark said, '...and, Steve?'

'And it was turning me on watching you kiss, I'll admit it.'

Andy said 'So what are you going to do about it?'

I'd never been in a conversation like this before. I sort of clammed up.

Finally Andy said, 'It's ok - it always makes me hard when I see you two kiss.'

I said, 'Rusty, you've been pretty quiet over there? What about you?'

'Um, well, yeah, you guys are hot - you know that. I told you I was mad that you never told me you were gay years ago because I would have wanted to take you out on a date!'

'So what are we to do with all this information, people?' Mark said.

'Hey, as the newbie over here, this is getting a little over the top for me,' I said. I felt like I was sweating even though I wasn't.

'Well, at least going home will be fun,' Andy said. 'But...there could be other things to do with that information.'

I was finally a little bold, 'Well, don't think I'd be open to doing anything unorthodox!' I couldn't believe that Mark wasn't even saying anything! So was I being talked into something? Everyone was so quiet.

Rusty looked over at me, 'What were you going to suggest, Andy?' He smiled at him.

'Well, who's to say we couldn't watch each other?' he left that hanging out there... It didn't surprise me that he said it, it just surprised me that everyone was quiet about it!

Mark smiled and looked down. Rusty looked at Andy and looked like he was hiding a smile. Andy looked at me. Apparently I was the only one who was perhaps not into this idea. Actually, I had never thought about it. I always thought that when Ron and Andy were together that they would try to get us into something if they got us up to their house in Malibu. Maybe it was actually Andy who wanted that?

Andy broke the silence, 'C'mon, Steve, I already know what your cock looks like, so it's only Mark I've never seen.' Everyone laughed but me.

'Why are you all into doing this? Talk me into it, then.'

Rusty piped up - 'Well, it could be fun for something to do. And pretty hot to watch.'

Mark, who I really least expected to want to do this (But I guess I was wrong!) said 'Just fun, because we can. But if you're really uncomfortable I won't.'

'So I get to be the spoilsport if I don't want to? And you'll all think I'm lame? Did you two plan on this?'

Rusty said, 'No, Steve, not at all. It's all Andy, I guess - I'd just be game if you would be.'

I said, 'Wouldn't this make us want to swap and then be pretty much cheating on each other?'

'Are you implying that you'd want to sleep with me again? Or Rusty?' Andy said with a grin.

'I'm going outside for a minute,' I said. I just had to get out of there.

Mark ran out after me. 'We don't need to do this, hon. After he brought it up I thought maybe we could for

fun, but if you're uncomfortable, no way.'

I looked at him, 'What's the downside? I'd be worried you'd want to do something else. What's going to come from this afterwards? What if you think Andy seems like an extra hot lover - are you going to wonder what it's like with him? What about Rusty? He's admitted that he's always had a crush on me. What if he hits on me? Or are you thinking you'd want to swap just for sex?'

'Did I say that?' he said.

'No, but you might be thinking it! Have you done this ever?'

'Sure, I have. I'm sure Rusty has. And I would definitely say that Andy has.'

'But I haven't.'

'Well, I'm not going to talk you into it. Let's go inside,' and he took my hand.

The other two were sort of silent when we walked in. Rusty completely changed the subject. 'Do you want a snack? Want to watch another film?'

I knew I was being the lame one - it was an interesting idea. I guess I was scared. I thought, if we did this and then everyone wanted to swap, what happens to these solid relationships? Isn't it cheating? What if I were the one that would want to do it, after seeing Rusty's cock and him fucking Andy? I've already had my hands on most of his body from tattooing him.

'Need another beer? Or something else?' Andy asked, pretending we were off the topic already.

'Game rules,' I said. 'What are they?'

Mark smiled. 'Just watching. Maybe it would be simultaneous, maybe not.'

Rusty smiled. 'Yeah, we could watch you guys, then you could watch us.'

'Of course if I get off too much watching you two then you'd just have to wait a few minutes before I could go for another round,' Andy added.

'Who said we'd be first?' I said.

Everyone else kind of shrugged. I can't believe I was in the middle of considering this. I guess I'd taken it too far so I couldn't back out then. The idea was entirely exciting but I was still worried about the other stuff.

'Okay, let me ask this. I asked Mark this outside and I don't think I got an answer. So we do this, then what. What if Andy really wants Mark, or any other combination? Doesn't this break our rules of monogamy? Aren't we all cheating on each other? Because you know this is going to come up afterwards. We'll still be thinking of each other and what they did and what they have and what it would be like, etc.' I said.

'I hadn't thought about that, actually,' said Andy. He looked over at Rusty.

'Didn't you just end a relationship you had outside your last relationship?' I couldn't resist.

'Steve! That was entirely different - you know that. That was way more than sex,' Andy looked a little pissed.

'Rusty - what about you?' I said.

'Well, I hadn't thought about it either. I don't know. I did that once with a guy I was seeing and his two friends, but I didn't love him or want to be with him forever or anything. He was just for fucking, really.'

'Fuck! Let's come to an agreement on this, then! I don't want stuff to happen that we haven't settled on and then people are mad at each other ,' I was getting so confused.

'So what do YOU think, Steve?' Rusty asked.

He really got me. 'Um, well, I don't know what to say. I love Mark more than anything. I wouldn't ever want to put that in jeopardy. And if he said he'd do it, will I feel horrible?'

'So will you?' Rusty pressed on.

'Steve,' said Mark. 'Let's talk about sex, rather than relationships.' Was this my husband talking?

'Well, sex is part of it, for me - I didn't know there was a difference.'

'There is and there isn't. There's the sex you have with your lover that's full of passion and that means something and there's the sex you have to fuck someone because you want to feel good. You've been there at least a few times, right?' Andy posed.

'Tell me, Andy, you wouldn't feel differently about me if I had my dick in Rusty's ass?' I decided to be blunt.

'Who says I'd be on the bottom?' Rusty laughed and Andy punched his arm playfully. Mark laughed at that one and I even started to laugh for a moment there.

'No, I wouldn't - maybe because I've been with you already,' Andy said.

'Ohh,' Rusty said, 'so you're wondering if Andy would feel that way because he'd want YOU in his ass?' he was having a lot of fun with this. I admit I was glad to see him so relaxed and sure of himself but I was still freaking out.

'Fuck, we've been talking about this for an hour now - are we going to have some fun at all?' Mark said. My Mark said that! I looked at him bewildered.

'I meant the watching, honey,' he said.

'I think I'd need to get high to do this,' I finally said.

'Coming up!' said Andy and he went to get some weed.

I looked at Mark. 'Are you sure we're doing this?'

'I don't think it will be a big deal, sweetie.'

I really couldn't believe I was heading down this path. I will admit that I've been attracted to Rusty all the time I worked on him. When I was doing his stomach and chest it was hard not be hard the whole time, having my gloved hands all over him. And that was before I was out.

So we sat down and started smoking some pot and while we smoked Mark was rubbing my shoulders trying to relax me a bit and it helped along with the fact that I was getting a great buzz on already. Andy always had intense shit. Mark whispered in my ear 'this will be fun, you'll love it.'

About ten or so minutes later we were all getting pretty stoned. I tend to get less inhibited when I'm high, plus I had a couple of beers. Andy stood up and said, 'anyone coming back here with me?' and Rusty grabbed him and Mark grabbed my hand and we all walked back to their bedroom. I was so high that I didn't care what was happening at that moment, although I had a tinge of paranoia and wondered if they all planned this beforehand.

Andy pushed Rusty back onto their bed and straddled him and started kissing him pretty furiously. Mark sat down on the other side of the bed and held out his hand to me. I went over and he made me sit down and he started kissing me. Seeing Andy and Rusty seriously making out was already turning me on, and Mark, too, I could tell. I could already see that it would be hard not to resist just playing along instead of just watching, so I followed Mark's lead.

Andy kept kissing Rusty and then started biting his neck and Rusty was moaning slightly and I was ready to watch. Mark stopped kissing me but put his hand on my crotch and started gently squeezing me. I was in a 'deer in the headlights' mode and couldn't take my eyes off them. They were all over each other. Andy took off his t-shirt and lifted Rusty's off his head and he leaned up slightly to take it off.

Now Andy started kissing his chest and pulling on his nipple rings a little. Seeing him do that and looking at all the ink I put on that body was starting to make me get pretty hard. Andy lay on top of Rusty and continued kissing him and he was grinding his pelvis into Rusty's and I just couldn't stop watching. He climbed off Rusty and started unbuttoning his pants and Rusty's jeans and I couldn't move. Mark was getting a kick out of watching me watch them; I looked over at him and he smiled and kissed me.

Andy took his pants off and he had on boxer briefs and he had a huge cock and it was sitting in there, mere feet away from me, bulging like crazy in his shorts. He took Rusty's jeans off and he, too, was rock solid and had the same kind of shorts on him. He has fantastic legs. I've only gotten to work on the lower parts of them so far, but I knew already that it would be hard to concentrate on his thighs because they were so fantastic from all the walking he does all day and the running he does.

Andy looked over at us and said 'you ok, Steve?' I couldn't speak but I nodded and Mark laughed a little. Andy straddled Rusty and was sitting on the upper part of his chest and I knew there was no turning back on this - I was going to witness two of my closest friends fucking soon. I felt excited, paranoid, high, interested, embarrassed, confused. Mark was smiling and he was holding me and kissing my neck and biting my earlobes. So Andy was up there and he was reaching behind him to grab Rusty's hard cock on the outside of his shorts and Rusty moaned a bit louder. Rusty reached inside Andy's shorts and Andy moaned just a little.

'Get those fucking shorts off,' he said to Andy. Andy climbed off and took off his shorts and there it was, Andy's big, thick, beautiful cock. The cock I had on two occasions in 1989 which were my first and second gay sexual experiences. It was truly magnificent. He climbed back on top of Rusty's chest. Rusty propped himself up a little bit and immediately started sucking Andy's cock. I was already losing it. Andy was moaning a bit, and it reminded me that Rusty has his tongue pierced and I thought about how that might feel, having that tongue stud running up the underside of your shaft and it made me shiver a bit inside.

Rusty was giving Andy a thorough going over and at first he was squeezing Andy's incredible cute little ass and then he started playing with him, putting his fingers around his asshole and let Andy fuck his mouth for awhile. My heart was starting to beat a little faster. Andy was having fun, fucking Rusty's mouth and looking at me periodically and smiling. All I could do was look up and stare at him in disbelief. Mark was still holding me and rubbing my shoulders. Then he took his cock out of Rusty's mouth and turned around on him and Andy took Rusty's shorts off and I had to gasp at the size of Rusty's cock - so much so that they both looked at me and Mark squeezed my shoulders a bit. Fuck! So Andy started stroking Rusty's hard cock. He sort of went up on his knees and Rusty started tonguing Andy's ass and I gasped again and I couldn't help but grab my own crotch and shift some things around so I wouldn't burst out of my own jeans.

Andy was moaning a lot and leaned down so he could start sucking Rusty's cock while Rusty continued tonguing Andy's ass. I didn't have that great a view of that, but I imagined Rusty putting his tongue in Andy's hole and the tongue stud hitting somewhere, anywhere, and feeling extra great. Andy closed his eyes briefly and moaned up towards the ceiling and this whole scene was so fucking hot - I wanted to be in it. I didn't think I would but I really wanted to. I really wanted Rusty; his body was so fucking hot, with all my tattoos and his incredible physique and that fucking cock! God damn.

So Andy kept sucking Rusty and then sat up and said 'fuck me' and Rusty sat up and got out a condom and some lube and Andy lay down where Rusty was and Rusty was on his knees between Andy's legs, with his huge hard cock sticking straight out in front of him. He put the condom on and some lube and while he was stroking himself he looked over at me briefly and caught my eye and I felt my face grow hot and he smiled just the hint of a coy smile. He put a little lube on Andy's ass and played with him just a little more, putting his fingers in there and reaching down with his other hand and stroked Andy a little bit. Then he took Andy's legs and lifted them up a bit and he entered Andy's ass with that cock and I gasped again and they looked at me. God, I'm so lame.

I watched as Rusty started working Andy's ass with his cock, thrusting in and out pretty slowly and moaning. Andy started stroking himself a bit more while he looked in Rusty's eyes and they smiled at each other. Then Rusty leaned down over Andy's chest and cradled Andy's head in his arms and I heard him say 'I love you so much' to Andy and Andy said 'I love you too, Rusty,' and he started working his hips a bit but still laying on top of Andy and it was the first opportunity I had to see Rusty's incredibly hot ass. I was absolutely out of my head watching this scene and Mark knew it. He was kissing my neck again and whispering stuff to me like 'is that what you want me to do to you? I can't wait to feel my cock inside you' and stuff like that. I was almost dizzy at the whole thing - my friends fucking in front of me and me getting off on it, my lover telling me he's going to do the same to me, we were all on their bed, I was getting really turned on watching Rusty, I was stoned, it was almost too much.

Rusty started thrusting a bit harder now but then he stopped and said to Andy 'let's get up' and Andy went up on all fours and Rusty started fucking him from behind. Rusty leaned over his back and started stroking Andy while he was pounding Andy's ass and they were both moaning a bit louder now. After a few minutes more, Andy started saying, 'fuck, I'm going to come - keep fucking me with that big cock of yours - don't stop - fuck me harder, pound it into me' and that made Rusty throw his head back and start banging into Andy's ass really hard and they both started moaning really loudly and Andy came first, ejaculating all over his own chest and his face and the bed and that made Rusty start coming and he grabbed Andy's hips and held him tight and slammed into him one more time and moaning really loud 'oh god andy fuck oh god this is so good your ass is so fucking awesome' and then he pumped into Andy a few more times and finished. Andy went on his back and Rusty fell on top of him and they kissed and held each other and were totally spent and still hot as ever.

Holy fuck! I was totally mute at that point and staring at the both of them and Rusty rolled off Andy and said 'Steve, are you okay?' and he touched my leg and I jumped. The three of them laughed and Mark kissed me.

'Did you have fun, sweetie? I did and I know they did!'

Andy sat up, 'Was it what you hoped it would be?'

I nodded and swallowed. Rusty laid back down and pulled Andy over under his arm and kissed him some more.

'I think I want a drink and maybe some more pot before your show starts.' Andy said and they put their shorts on and we went back out to the living room. I still couldn't really talk.

'What's wrong, sweetie? Too intense?' Mark whispered.

'Um, well, just hot, I guess,' I managed to get out. I looked over at Rusty and he was staring at me with this strange look. I couldn't really figure out what it was in his eyes. He didn't blink. Andy went to get some beers and Mark got up to go to the bathroom. Rusty got up at that moment and came over to me and kneeled down by my chair.

'I saw you watching me the whole time, did it turn you on?'

I nodded and swallowed again.

'I wish we would have had that chance, Steve,' and he squeezed my thigh.

I stared at him and didn't know what to say.

'I can't wait to see what I've missed,' and he got up to go help Andy in the kitchen. Fuck! I couldn't stop thinking of that ass and that cock on that body that I've spent so many hours on. And what he just said to me!

We hung out a little more and talked- well, they talked, I listened. Still a little out of it I sat and took in everything and I all of a sudden started thinking about them watching us and Rusty wanting me and how extra confusing this would get if anything else happened.

Mark said to me, 'let's go - I'm going a little nuts wanting to get at you.'

Without saying anything, he led me back to the bedroom. Andy was already in there, changing sheets (how thoughtful) and Rusty followed behind me and I could even feel him behind me. He and Andy were still just in shorts.

Mark led me over to the bed and he sat down and positioned me in front of him while I was still standing there and he got up on his knees and started feeling me under my shirt and his hands doing that always start to get me going. He pinched my nipples and then put his arms around my back, still inside my shirt and pulled me on top of him.

He started kissing me and sucking on my tongue and squeezing my ass and then I started biting his neck and kissing him and I rolled him over on top of me and he started grinding his pelvis into me and moaned softly. He rolled off me and grabbed at the bottom of my shirt to pull it off and as soon as it was off Rusty said 'God damn, Steve, your arms look so hot,' and Andy nodded his head and Mark took off his own shirt and started kissing my chest and biting my nipples and I had my arms around him while he was on top of me and Rusty said something again about my arms around Mark and I glanced over and saw that they were both getting hard sitting there looking at us.

Mark started moving down my chest and sat between my legs to unclasp my trousers, which were making a pretty huge tent about now. He pulled them off and there I was, huge and hard in my boxers in front of two of my close friends, who were eagerly watching. All of a sudden, though, I didn't really care and I flipped Mark on his back and started taking off his pants and got him down to his boxers and I climbed on top of him and started biting his neck and grinding my pelvis into his and running my tongue down the sides of his chest and holding his hands above his head while I did that and he was getting off on that and then I started stroking him through his boxers and he was moaning.

He rolled me off to my side and took my boxers off and now I was completely nude in front of my friends with a raging hard on. Rusty stared at my cock and I knew what he was thinking and it made me twitch just a bit, which I think he saw and he sort of smiled briefly. Mark took his own boxers off and he positioned himself by my mouth and we started sucking each other at the same time and I heard Andy sort of moan/sigh and Rusty said 'damn, that's hot,' and Mark was squeezing my balls while he sucked my cock and I did the same and it was getting more and more intense by the moment.

Mark stopped and he got me up on my knees and he went behind me and started working on my ass with his tongue and I was stroking myself and I had my eyes closed and was moaning and enjoying it and I heard Rusty say, 'fuck you have a gorgeous ass' and I wondered if I had said that about him what Mark would have said, but Andy agreed with him.

Mark kept tonguing my ass pretty furiously and then started putting his fingers in me and it made me moan even more.

He flipped me over and said 'can I fuck you right now?' and I nodded, then remembering my friends watching us. I started stroking myself while Mark lubed up and I heard Andy say 'ohhh bareback, damn that's awesome' and Rusty saying 'yeah' and Mark got up in front of me and parted my legs and plowed into my ass and I felt so fucking great and I groaned and my eyes watered a bit and Rusty said 'Fuckin' A Mark!' and Mark said 'I can't control myself with Steve' and he started thrusting into me really hard and he put my hand on my own cock and I started stroking myself but I happened to look over at Rusty and he caught my eyes and looked down at my cock and then looked back up at me and I thought about what it would be like for him to be blowing me at this moment, with that tongue stud and Mark inside my ass with his huge cock and just the thought of that put me over the edge and I yelled 'fuck, mark, shit, don't stop' and I felt the rolling wave of warmth first as he was pounding into my prostate really hard and I came really, really hard all over myself and moaned really loud and then Mark came right after that and I could feel it shoot all the way up into my ass and it was warm and wet and fucking awesome.

Mark pulled out and lay down next to me, panting. He leaned over and kissed me, pausing to clean my cum off me with his fingers, tasting each fingerful and kissing me.

Rusty said 'Damn that was so awesome.'

'Wow, Steve,' said Andy.

I immediately clammed up and felt really strange. Mark sat up like nothing and found his boxers. He put mine on top of my stomach. I got up and went into the bathroom without looking at anyone so I could clean up and came out and everyone was sitting on the bed in their underwear smiling at me. I felt hot and red and completely freaked out.

'Did you have a good time?' Rusty asked me, looking directly into my eyes with a smile.

'Yeah,' I said quietly and looked down.

'Honey, it was fun - just mellow out and go with it - I know you had fun,' Mark said, his arm around me.

'I think I want to go about now,' I said. I just needed to be out of there all of a sudden.

Mark kissed me and he went into the bathroom with his clothes. Andy smiled at me and kissed me on the top of the head and went out to the kitchen to get something to drink. That left me and Rusty.

He came closer to me and whispered, 'I know you were thinking about my mouth on your cock at that moment - I could read your face. I had to restrain myself from crawling over there,' and he backed up and smiled.

'Yeah, I did - you were right,' I said sort of bothered because he was right.

'Maybe someday,' he said.

I looked down and didn't answer. I felt like my relationships with these three had now changed and I needed time to process it all and talk to Mark about it. After I was back together with Mark, the thought of this kind of stuff never crossed my mind.

As we left we all exchanged hugs and we drove home. I didn't say a word. Mark kept trying to make some small talk and get me to laugh but it wasn't working.

'Are you upset that we did this? You seemed like you had a good time,' Mark said.

'Yeah, I'm upset and yeah, I had a good time,' I said while looking out the window.

'Upset about...?'

'Rusty.' I wasn't going to lie about it.

'How come?'

'It was really awkward for me, We're good friends, he was the only one who I'd never been with and he was flirting with me. He's always flirted with me but now it's different.'

'He is very into you, I can tell. I guess I'm glad you and I were already together when you came out or I might never have been lucky enough to be with you and marry you.'

'What would you do?' I asked him.

'Talk to him - take him out for a beer and talk about it. You've worked on him for so long now and you two are such close friends. Go out and talk about it. Don't be afraid.'

'I'm not afraid, well, yes, maybe a little, but...maybe I just need to get some sleep.'

---More to come ---



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