Mouthful of cum

I had a friend named Bobby Joe when I was a teen that I'd known for some time. When we were alone we would rub each other's cock through our pants until we were both real fucking hard and horny. This might go on for half an hour or more until eventually we'd unzip each other pants and mutually jack each other until we got our rocks off.

This went on for all through our senior year until one time while we were doing it, Bobby Joe asked, "Have you ever thought about sucking a cock?"

I had sucked on cocks a couple of times back in my childhood but had never admitted it to him, nor had I sucked one to completion. So I fibbed a little and said, "Yeah, I guess so."

Cautiously Bobby Joe asked, "Do you want to suck mine?"

And of course I did but I was also really nervous about it. Bobby Joe sensed this and to ease my mind told me, "If you do I won't tell anyone."

I still hesitated for a while as he continued to urge me to suck him. Finally and literally shaking like a leaf, I brought my face down close to his very large and hard cock. And I do mean that he had an extremely big cock, probably still larger than any of the many cocks I've sucked off since. I don't think that 9 inches would be an exaggeration and it was also very, very thick.

Anyway, even after bringing my mouth down very close to his dickhead, I still hesitated as that special aroma of a cock in heat filled my nostrils.

Giving me a little top on the top of the head, he said, "Come on...put your mouth over it."

As if there were anything else I could do at that point anyway, I finally opened wide and let his giant cockhead slip between my lips and into my mouth. I just held it there for a little while and cautiously licked around on it a little.

"Take some more," he told me.

I tried but never did get very much than maybe 5-inches of his length in my mouth because his immense girth had my mouth fully stretched. And of course I was still quite the novice.

Placing his hand on my head, he guided my mouth up and down his shaft until the head bumped the back of my throat. He knew I could take no more so he told me, "Start sucking."

I don't know how long it lasted but I'm sure not over a few minutes, Bobby Joe being a horny teenager. As he got close, he asked, "Can I cum in your mouth?"

Again the thought made me nervous. But it was also something that I'd fantasized about for a long time so I took my mouth off long enough to say, "Okay," and went back to bobbing my mouth up and down his fat shaft. I wasn't quite sure what to expect but I figured it wouldn't be much longer, especially when he grabbed the sides of my head and started roughly working his hard cock in and out of my mouth. "Squeeze my balls and suck it faster," Bobby Joe muttered.

I realized maybe a couple of seconds or so before he cummed that he was getting ready to. He started moaning, "Oh god, oh god," over and over and of course, his back arched forcing more cock into my mouth. And then I felt his balls contract in my hand just as his cock convulsed and his giant cum load shot rapid fire into my already stuffed mouth.

I gagged from the shock of it and a lot of cum ran out of the corners of my mouth. I probably didn't swallow much and wasn't sure at first if I liked it or not. It wasn't terrible though. It had an acrid peppery taste and it kind of burned my tongue as I swallowed it. I think the biggest thing to accept was where it's coming from...out of another guy's balls.

But as the taste lingered in my mouth while Bobby Joe put his monster cock back in his pants, I knew I wanted more. I knew I was a cocksucker and I didn't care. I knew that I would always need cocks to suck and cum to drink from then on.

The end...



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