I'm sitting in bed eating wheat toast and egg whites. Joe is naked, shaving in the bathroom mirror. I'm so amazed by that man. I watch him closely. Shaving seems almost an art form to him. He starts with a downward motion around his sideburns, and then goes to his upper lip. Then he shaves his chin, and saves his neck for last. He shaves every morning, but by the time he walks in the door in the evening, he has a stubbly face. It always tickles my thighs when he's going down on me, or rimming me. I do enjoy the bristles against my neck and cheeks though, when we're cuddling or making out. I giggle out loud, thinking about this morning. Joe turns with a smirk, and I wink.

I was dreaming about a cruise. Joe and I were in the pool, playing around and there was a large wave approaching. I closed my eyes, and it stopped. Then I felt Joe rubbing up against me, and I realized I was awake. I lean into him, and feel his warmth against me. He wraps his arms around me, pulling the sheets around with them. I slide my right foot up in between his hairy legs, feeling the tingle run up my body. He moans deeply in my ear, rubbing his stubbley face against the back of my neck.

"Good morning sexy."

"Good morning Joe."

I arch my back with a half stretch and my ass is greeted by his morning wood.

"Ooh, feels like someone's wide awake."

He moans again and slowly presses into me. I feel the head of his dick slide softly up my ass crack, and to the dip in my lower back, as the shaft harbors peacefully in between my cheeks. I contract my ass muscles instinctively, and he moans again. In his low, raspy morning voice, he whispers

"I had a dream about us in the mountains. We were in a cabin overlooking a valley, and I was making love to you on the porch, just us and mother nature..."

I feel his dick throb against me. My own dick is slowly hardening, thinking about us being naked outside. Vulnerable. Liable. It was erotic and intimidating. I would only do public sex if I could be underneath Joe, hidden from public view, and if there was a blanket involved.

I feel Joe tighten his grip, and the soft brush of his chest hair against my smooth back. He's kissing my shoulder, and running his hands up and down my chest. His arms flex on either side of me, and I feel secure and helpless at the same time. I go limp in this grasp, as he slowly turns us, so I'm face down, and he's grinding on top of me. He loosens his grip, propping his elbows on either side of me. I stretch my arms up under a pillow, resting my face in the softness. I sigh and arch my back, as Joe's lips move down my spine. He kisses along the ridge, and back up, gliding his hard dick deeper in between my cheeks. He hasn't trimmed his body hair in a couple weeks, and his bush has become a thick comfortable coating, against my smoothness. He reaches over, and pulls a bottle of lube from the bedside table, slowly dribbling some over his dick, in between my cheeks. He's pulling my left cheek, and dribbling lube down inside of me. I squirm slightly, and he quickly lets go, allowing the lube to warm against our skin. He continues to grind, as he adjusts his legs inbetween my thighs, pushing them apart. I pull the up, pressing my hardon into the pillowtop mattress, and giving Joe more access.

He's kissing up my spine again, and his shaft is sliding against my smooth opening. I contract and release against his shaft, and he moans.

"I feel you wanting me, I'll be inside soon boo."

I sigh, and bury my face in the pillow. He's teasing me...

After a few minutes of moans, and an occasional slurp from my lubed ass against his dick, Joe pulls at me, and I turn over onto my back. He's staring into my eyes, and I feel my face blush. He smiles on one side, and leans in, kissing me softly on the forehead, then working his way down the side of my face, taking an earlobe in his mouth and nibbling. Drives.Me.Crazy. His whiskered chine is aginst my jawline, and his perfect teeth are softly biting at my lobe. I can feel his breathing inside my ear and I giggle. He giggles too, in his deep morning voice. His chest hair is rubbing against me, and he props up on his elbows to look me in the eyes again. I reach up and run my hand through his curly chest hair. He flexes his chest and I run a finger down the center crease.

"Damn, those eyes."

He leans in and our lips meet. I slide my legs up, drawing him closer to me. I pull up at the waist, and his dick immediately falls into position under my balls. I slowly start grinding at the hips, massaging his dick with my ass. He lets out a sigh, and thrusts in, meeting my welcoming hole. He pokes a bit, and I open up. He's entering me slowly, and I tingle up through my stomach. My hands are at his back, and I feel every muscle flex, as he pushes deeper inside me. He's hitting my spot repeatedly, and I bury my face in his neck, moaning loudly. I smell the L'Occitane lemon soap we use in the shower, mixed with pheramones. He's so sexy. I feel myself getting closer and closerm he senses me building up, and slows his motions. He pulls out gently, and moves himself down, taking me in his mouth. He's sucking me softly, and gently, putting two fingers inside of me, and pressing upward, against my prostate. I moan, and put my hands in his hair, pulling and pushing at him. He presses firmly down with his fingers, and runs his tongue up under my shaft. I blow wildly inside of him. I'm thrusting my hips, and pulling his hair.

"Oh God Joe...Mmmmm Baby."

He finishes milking me, and moves his way back up my body, pushing his dick inside again. He throbs a little inside, and brushes his face against mine.

"I gonna put my babies in you Lex...I'm gonna cum inside."

I purr his name in his ear, and wrap my legs around his waist. He's quickening his speed, and grunting deeply in my ear. His breath is quickening against my skin, and he's starting to sweat a little. I pull the sheets, as they slide off, giving us air. He's moaning about wanting to cum so bad, and he's pulling my body close, with his arms around my back.

"Oooh Baby, I'm gonna cum...I'm gonna cum...I'm cumming boo."

I feel him release inside of me, his dick twitching and spasming, pushing his cum inside of my deepest spot. I nibble on his neck, and he moans. I feel his moist body flexing and breathing deeply against me. He slows his motions, and lays on top of me. I'm holding him, and running my fingers up and down his back. I run my left hand down his muscular back, and feel the hairs at his lower back. They're moist and flat against his skin. He props himself up, and we make out for almost a minute. His tongue running inside my mouth, playing at the back of my teeth. I bite playfully at his lip, and we both giggle. We stare in each other's eyes. He's whispering about how good it feels, and I'm telling him how big he is, and that I want him inside, always. He makes his dick jump inside me, and I moan. We've only an hour til we have to leave the apartment, so he slowly pulls out of me, a slight slurp escapes as he exits. We slide off the bed, and go to shower.



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