The freaking doorbell was ringing incessantly and whoever's at the door was clearly not taking a no for an answer. Ignoring my morning erection, I grabbed for the pajama bottoms off the floor and put it on quickly. As I trotted down the stairs, I noticed that no one was home and that there were pancakes on the kitchen table. I scoped one off and went to open the door.

A guy in some sort of postal uniform stood in front of me (no, not FedEx, how cliche is that?). He had shaggy-surfer like blonde hair; his cap sat askew on top of it, and was writing something on the clipboard he was holding. When he looked up from it, i noticed he had the most engaging hazel eyes and such thick lashes. He flashed me a blinding white smile. Phwoar! I almost choked on my pancake and I felt my erection coming back on.

'Good morning. I've got a package for a Mr. Tyler,' he said with a funny accent. I caught him eying my erection and as I took the mysterious package in hand, I asked him where he was from. 'South Africa,' he replied, still smiling.

'Well, ok then, thanks,' I said, holding up the package and shut the door. My mind was already undressing the cute blonde messenger guy and I was about to take my hard cock out when the doorbell rang again. It was him. 'Yeah?'

'You forgot to sign this.' He handed me the clipboard.

'Oh.' After I signed the necessary form, I watched him walked back to his delivery bicycle. What the hell, I thought, the worst he could do was to reject my offer. 'Hey,' I called out. 'Do you ah, um, want to have some pancakes?' Lame, I know. He checked the watch on his tanned wrist.

'Sure,' he called back. He locked his bike against my mailbox and grabbed his messenger bag with him. 'Thanks for inviting me in,' he said as he walked pass me and into my house. I don't know if he was just playing along with me of if they really do invite messenger boy in for breakfast in South Africa. 'Many Americans are so hostile. People are very friendly in Johannesburg.' So it was the latter. 'Oh, it's so rude of me. My name is Danny,' he said and held his hand out.

I shook it and said, 'I'm Tyler. Nice to meet you. So, how long have you been here, Danny?' Mmm, such strong fingers, I thought.

'About 10 months. I'm starting college here soon. And you?'

'I'm going away to college soon,' I said. He laughed a deep, throaty laugh. Gosh, how sexy. 'Here, help yourself.' I handed him a plate and a fork. 'What else have you been doing since you've been here?'

He ran his hands along his hair and pushed it back. Phwoar! 'Not much. Just this mail job for some pocket money,' he said in between chewing pancakes.

'You should try modeling. I'm surprised they haven't scouted you yet.'

'Yes. Many people tell me that. But I have no interest in that.'

'I'm sure this job you have right now pays shit though.'

Danny chuckled. 'You Americans are so frank. Actually, I give a mean massage but I have no connections here. Back home, I'm quite popular,' he said smugly. We laughed.

'Really? I mean seriously though?' I asked.

'Yeah. Here, I show you,' he said and got up from where he was sitting. He got behind me and asked me to relax. His hands felt warm yet cool at the same time as he rubbed my naked shoulder. After a while, he asked, 'Good?' I could only moaned in response. He stood in front of me and began massaging my temple. He was good alright. I leaned forward and kissed him full-on on the lips. He jumped back, appalled. 'No, no, no. I'm not gay. I wasn't coming on to you. I think I'd better go.'

I wasn't letting him go that easily. 'Hey, chill. Dude, no one's going to know. I won't tell anybody. I'll help you spread the words about your massage services and get customers, i know the people here. Don't worry.'

'Thanks, but I'm still not...' I clasped my hand around his head and kissed him again. He tried to pull away but I held him in place. Then, surprisingly, I felt his tongue replying to my own probing tongue. Yes!, I thought. Damn he tasted good; pancakes, syrup and saliva. I pushed him towards the couch where we kissed for quite sometime.

He had been riding around the neighborhood delivering mails and packages so he had this ripe, sexy smell of perspiration and a faint hint of his cologne on him. I unbuttoned his sweat-drenched shirt to find a tanned, hard, and toned body, lightly dusted with fine golden hairs. Danny took my hand and placed it on his crotch. Phwoar! I can feel his erection straining underneath his black uniform pants. I unbuckled his belt and pants, tossing it aside along with his shirt. What a sight! Danny in his tighty-whitey. Before he could stripped himself off, I plunged for his hands and held it above his head before lying on top of him. I licked his salty neck, hard nipples and buried my face in his warm armpits. Our cocks were rubbing against one another and I finally went down on him. His briefs was damp with sweat and as I pulled it down, Danny's hard penis plopped out, free at last, accompanied by thick patch of blonde curls and juicy balls.

I have never wanted to suck on a cock that much as of that moment. As I took the salty pinkish head in my mouth, Danny pulled on my hair and forced me to take him all in. I happily complied, sucking on his erection as his pre-cum flowed steadily. He was muttering something in his native language which sounded really exotic that I almost crushed his balls. He yelled, not in pain but in ecstasy as he shot his warm load in my mouth.

'I'm not sure how to do it,' Danny said after i asked him to suck me off. I pushed him down to his knees, and slide my penis into his open mouth, bit by bit. Seeing his mouth closing on my hard cock made me lose my control and he almost gagged. He was mumbling something to me with my cock in his mouth and it felt so good that I cum without warning. Danny spitted out as soon as I cum so I quickly held his mouth and told him to swallow some. 'That was disgusting!' he shouted and punched me on my shoulder.

When he bended over to wipe his mouth, i moved behind him and kissed his taut, sweaty butt. He was taken aback and turned around, flat on his butt. 'I really have to go now,' he said, reaching for his briefs. I went for it before he could reach it.

'Please, one more thing. Please?'

He hesitated. 'Okay, but I don't want you to do my ass,' Danny said.

We hugged. I ran my fingers along his back. This guy had back, I'm telling you, from all that riding. I inched my fingers slowly towards his butt. So firm! He pulled away. 'I won't fuck your ass, I promise,' I assured him. I managed to turn him around and I was kissing his butt, literally. I ran my tongue along his hole and felt him squirming, his cock getting hard once again. Danny was losing control. We switched positions. He carried me in his arms, pressed me up against the wall, and entered me with ragging passion.

Back down on the floor again, i sat on his hard cock, in full view, and I knew he wanted a show. So I squeezed hard on both his nipples, threw my head back in an apparent state of orgasmic euphoria, and started groaning like there was no tomorrow.

'Oh yeah,' he said. 'Oh yeah!'

'You are so big,' I tell him, in a panted whisper.

'You like it, don't you?' he asked.

'You are sooo good,' I said.

'You want me,' he said, endearingly, into my ear. 'You want me so much. Say it.'

'Oh yes,' I moaned, clawing my nails into his buttocks. 'Please don't stop!'

Then, as I felt he was reaching the final stretch, i moved into the Little Red Riding Hood routine. 'Oh Danny, what big arms you've got,' 'what big hands you've got,' 'what big --' That sort of thing. Big, big, big. And, judging by his expression (tongue pressed between his lips, eyes scrunched) he seemed to be enjoying the flattery. But of course, I save the best for last. I worked towards my own orgasm, and finally I grunted word by word, 'What. Big. Cock. You'

'Urgh!!!' Danny roared in ecstasy as he came. I collapsed back next to him and watched his sculpted chest raised and fell as he recovered from his orgasm. I move my head underneath his pits, and he placed his arm around me. 'That was good,' he said breathily.

After he washed and cleaned up, Danny gave me his number and told me to keep my promised. Waving goodbye, I went back to my comfy bed and fell into a deep, undisturbed sleep, and what just happened seemed like a good dream.



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